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Some stories from the start
Speak of healing for the heart
Rising on wounded wings
With the potential that it brings

Determination of spirit
To define the possible
Like an Ironside
The court's strong arm of the law

Grand slam trophies to display
Honoured along the way
Service with an ace
Proudly showing a brave face

My name is Michael Caine
But it's not like in the film
Everybody loves Alfie
answering duties call

Freewheeling in his chair
A champion without care
With an affirmation
Serving for The Crown
Showing true Ability
Resilience before the crowd

Wimbledon glad memories
Paralympic dreams aspire
Hewett raising the torch
With flames of a strong heart
Parity of esteem
Championong Equality
Seizing opportunity
a lion of the winning team

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Weeping Willow
Like her flowing hair
Catkin Tendrils
The Pollen Shares
Behind her wistful smile
Life's not always fair

Silk road of asia
The saffron age
Hanging threads
Web rearanged
Limelight short lived
As they take to the stage
Protect the children
The scripts turning page

Shelter from the winds of time
Where the ivy slowly winds
Clinging on
Trunk of the tree
The fates in mind
Hugging to the golden thread
Shielded by the kind

River flowing
Carry her boat on
Memory of summer
For which to ever long
The waters whisper
Hopes in a song
Knock on wood
Ball to cricket bat

Weeping wilow
Catkins in the sun
Seeking the shade
To comfort everyone
The span of days
Evening now begun
The river calling
The journey not yet done

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Those who seem to think the views expressed here are extreme or out of the ordinary are refered to Rape Crisis statistics on conviction rates in UK at this time. See also Ayaan Hirsi Ali 'Prey'. Other related issues can be explored at Humanists UK 'Faith to Faithless' service. See also Marlene Winell 'Leaving the Fold'

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The argument for GIVE US THE LIST (permanent public listing of all sex offences) is as follows... Do you want your daughters or sisters going on dates with sex offenders unknowing? Case closed.

Historic cases of child abuse are dealt with outside of the jurisdiction of the County Sherrif where the sexual assaults occured. Surrey police have no business in the case. The Crown Prosecution Service uphold my complaint. Press are not supposed to identify a victim in any medium without a disclosure contract and disclosure ofn this site cannot be assumed to be a wave of that right. Richmond churches and 12 step networked with my abusers to try to bury the matter. I am against their ideology.Intellectual property fraud is supposed to be treated with same force of law as burglary. It can be cdonsidered HATE CRIME as I am a vulnerable person.

Why am I interested in permanent public listing of sex offenders? I was sexually abused by 7 people as a minor. Raped twice as a minor. Attempted by the adults to work me into underage prostitution. They failed. I am all too aware that elements in the culture deny victims voices. I was denied criminal justice. Police misconduct in the case has been gross negligence. In fact they laughed at me on the night of reporting rape despite dna evidence. I am not gay. I was force fed alcohol, battered about the head and face and had a fist placed in my screaming mouth whilst assaulted. He was black and gay, reasons given by police to not investigate. I was bleeding. Four of my abusers were family members, other family members colluded with tall stories about me, even in childhood, to protect them from detection. This is not fantasy, I was not stimulated by the abuse some of which was too traumatic and so disgusting that I cannot speak of it here. The term Physical torture would suggest at the nature and degree. When GP found evidence of abuse the family paid a private doctor to defend . One of my abusers is a PHD in chemistry. Age ten I had an ‘accident’ (possible insurance job) and had severe trauma to my skull causing brain injury. The abusive PHD uncle was approached to consult on how treatment the trauma. I was for 5 years of childhood on an addictive depressant effecting both mood and behaviour , seriously disrupting schooling. I am registered disabled, on the head injury alone, I am not allowed to drive or operate machines. This is permanent trauma that disrupts my sleep and ability to function in any form of routine. They tried me with work as a teen and discovered within employment by the NHS that I simply can’t function regularly due the trauma. You can’t tell any of that by speaking to me. I have normal cognitive functioning and perceptions. As part of the way the family covered up, as a teen they alleged I was the problem. They failed at that time to get me oppressed by psychiatry. I was on medication for only a month after detox from alcohol and spent only 2 weeks in psychiatry. I became tea total aged 18 from serious alcohol problems encouraged in early teens by my abusers brewing me beer in quantity. The dangerous trauma medication promoted by the PHD abuser was withdrawn causing near immediate cross dependency, with family encouragement, on alcohol. Part of their cunning plan was to use Freemasons (of which the phd was a senior) to engineer me into 12 step. The core trauma was not addressed and I was misinformed on the nature of my teen addiction and mistreated through ‘spiritual’ counselling eling including by a nun and a monk. Indoctrinated into false beliefs about alcohol. I’ve been tea total and abstinent from all mood altering chemicals, inclusive of nicotine, cannabis and medication most of my adult life. It’s been tested, I can now drink normally but I don’t because as a disabled person there is an agenda to reframe my disability as alcohol based. It clearly isn’t. I never drank beyond my teens. I have no history of illegal drug addiction. I have had a challenging and disruptive lifestyle, including 6 times homelessness despite disability rights. That takes negligence from within the system. Several government departments protect my welfare and accommodation rights. The DWP do not expect I will ever be able to work. My functional level of disability is considered severe. So, most child abuse is committed by parents. I am not affected in any way sexually by being a victim. I have received zero treatment for such. I am not a perpetrator. The influence of the abusive family caused serious disruption socially. They headed my disclosure off at the pass. Made bribes and used the Freemasons and churches and the family of 12 step and psychiatry etc. to try to deny my testimony. Since the local authority faces claims of criminal negligence and I’ve had to fight a European Human Rights case just to stand my ground as a victim the denial is systemic. I suffer consequences of this denial of criminal justice right to this date. I have been on life support as a consequence of the family rumour mongering and attempts to silence me as victim. Civil mechanisms policy is skewed to try to reframe trauma as another issue. Report historic child abuse the system will likely try to deny your testimony through labelling. I have seen social engineering to try to achieve the result of denial . I have legal problems with psychiatry following the human rights case. These are ongoing civil rights violations that I do not have resources to address. If I as an adult cannot get close to achieving justice as a vulnerable person then what chance a child? Any attempt to defraud my work is criminal as it attacks me as a vulnerable person and can result in imprisonment as it also attacks my character as a vulnerable person. Press regulations also protect me. You cannot publish a story without my consent and editorial veto. This is the basics of the standoff I have with the local authority and central government. Sex offenders have high likelihood of reoffending. I have experience of stalking and social attack by the offenders extending deep into my life after I set the boundaries in youth. Part of my 2 year human rights case was aimed at forcing Sarah’s Law into the agenda at Parliament. Such did occur.


Iron Shield

The mullah lies
Death rains down
From the skies
Iron shield
The chosen people
Still defend
The right of the Holy land
Freed from the battle field

Despot to the orders
Of the Persian hawks
Calling to our troops
Protecting the border
Nations that unite
Support justice in the light
Ring of Fire in the sky
Burning through the night

Clashing of cultures
Escalation of the arms
The walls of Jericho to tremble
Trumpets of Angels warn
Peace calls to the children
Reassures they will be safe from harm

Restrain Retaliation
Sanction the aggressor nation
Diplomats to call
Defences that don’t fall
Mercy on the lips
Freedom in a kiss

The gauntlet is thrown down
With a clamorous sound
Taking to our corners
Liberty bell declares another round
The fight ever for truth
Still living is the proof
Security upholds
Words of commitment told
But never forget the stories
That were told of old

Confirmation Bias

Cognitive bias
Motivating false beliefs
Children wanting to be famous
To climb inside the TV

Everything is about me
Master of my own universe
Seeds sown of conspiracy
They look for confirmation
Dusting off the bookshelf
Man and his symbols
It’s all synchronicity

The comforts of madness
Within Apophenia
Don’t tell your jokes to doctors
They’ll claim it’s schizophrenia
Projections on the cave wall
A scryer or a seer?

The doors of perception
Speak of heaven and hell
Clockwork orange VT
Dubbed delusions which to tell
Just like their padded cell

The stars and the planets
Don’t revolve around me
Everything a mirror?
Seen narcissistically
Don’t you get me?
The question concerning technology
What can it all mean?
Am I looking for a deeper meaning?
Lines writ sarcastically


They want you septically clean
Out of work, so they’ve seen
Whips lashing tongues
Same as when you were young
Trying to dominate
If you know what I mean
Not offering you a mate
Imposing opinions
To engineer fate

The gas man has come
Just what have you done ?
Your room is unkempt
Their networks won’t forget
They’ve made a report
What have they caught?
Pull up your socks
Pulling on your own cock

Sow your wild oats
No matter they made out you’re a goat
Wolves at the door
Want their teeth around your throat
Maybe get a quote
Claiming the prolific are lazy

We’ve a program for that
They’d eat their hats
At the story that’s true
We offer denial to you
Harass you to comply
To believe in ‘spiritual’ lies

This is the script
We’ll restore you to sanity
No matter that it isn’t
Work you like a dog
I protest too much at the irrational
As it melts away with the fog

You’ve no wedding ring
We predict you’re in sin
They need to go through your accounts
See what it’s all about
Authoritarian attitudes
That’s where this all begins


Crime and corruption
Arm your disrupters
Set them to stun
Perhaps a quote for The Sun
Scanners on lock
Open channel to shock
They’ll need to relent
We know they’re all scum
Get them in a row
Just for the record
These methods allow

Sorry they spoke
Did anyone get a poke?
Dingleberry listens on the line
Hope we find that they’ve sinned
Bring on the federation of builders
That way we will win
Non verbal communication
Puts their heads in a spin

Back in the real world
They’re disturbing your sleep
Suggestions in dream
Sinking the hooks deep
Angel on the shoulder
A devil in the ear
Are they projecting?
Perhaps they’ve got an erection
‘They made me do it’
Tough luck, for there’s tears
A little hoodwink
You could be regretting for years

An alien presence
Flashing lights , UFO
It’s just what we do
when the suspect is you
We’ll give you an ‘in’
A jailer their key
Alien abduction
Did anyone mention corruption?
Bring on the TA
Tag team, information share
Justice League in a network
Proportionate response?

The real deal
That’s the way
Did anyone know they were gay?
That noise is quite strange
Fishing for guilt
Conversations within range
Are they hear?
Caught listening, shrinks to rearrange
This is how we prevent
You’ll have to repent



The sword of free will
Raised aloft in my hand
Forged in fires of revolt
Still loyal to the land
Rebellion on lip
So do understand

Life is not fair
There are many scars
Could be too much to bare
Protect the meek
For them that we care
Defend the mild
Heed the cries
Of every child

They want humility
But I offer a fist
I’m long past worrying
A kind of blood list
Honour in conflict
Feuding, I resist
The cowering flock
There’s something they miss

Rational thought
One horse to my carriage
The other is passion
Wild in its rage
The two try to balance
Maturity of age
But I’m not to be trifled with
As my tears ink each page

Fight a good cause
Calls still to battle
Warriors limbs
One law for the lion
The yoke of the ox
Don’t tame a wild stallion
Talks of suppression
The jailer their locks
Only offers oppression
And for all they’ll forgive me
My heart longs to rock

Cover it

Believe half of what you see
and none of what you hear
They’re ordered to ‘cover it’
Prevent self expression
Bury the truth
Sell the public their version of real
If this isn’t corruption
Then tell me what else to call it?

Jumped up since they left uniform
Authoritarian control
Illegal monitoring
Against international law
No proportionality
Just what do they fear?
Testing the boundaries
Don’t they care for my tears
Excluding to control
For how many years?

Seeds of falsehood
Sown on the wind
It’s an easy manipulation
Hide it all under the carpet
I cannot afford to take them head on
And they’re certainly offering no deal
This shouldn’t be happening
But it’s in plain sight
Orders to suppress
Cover it
Oppression to fight


They tell me just get the message
But of what that is they’re all unclear
Authoritarian leanings
Perhaps their views a little queer
All they motivate
Is an anger at the irritation

There’s nothing to ‘get’
I don’t need to conform
Not listening anyway
They’re hell bent on coercion
They want to be the boss of me
But they’re not in control

Their mind set is quite alien
I fulfil my social contract
I can create just as I please
No one’s getting in the way
I really don’t give a monkeys
What they all might say

I’m an individual
It’s my self that I think of
My own fulfilment
Freedom for which I longed
Don’t take the piss sunshine
You’ve probably got me wrong
I’m really proud of myself
I may put it in a song

Sitting for the morning
Catching some rays
Working on my tan
That is my congenial way
Perhaps I’ll write a poem
Have a nice day!


Want to wipe that smile
Right of their face
Self satisfied
Whilst lives they waste
They’ll say you’re rude
So show some taste

Stiff upper lip
Crème de la crème
Cream of the crop
Each day a dream
But of the great unwashed
Do they heed the screams?

King of the castle
You dirty rascal
Climbing the hill
To reach their walls
Do they care about
When you take a fall?
Garden parties
Tiffin high tea
Lord and Lady Muck
This rhyme could suck

Life’s a seesaw
Ups and downs
Swings and roundabouts
Make us all clowns
We try to be the best we can
But it is failure that makes me a man

Win a goldfish
You may hook a bear
Blowing bubbles
But life’s unfair
A toffee apple
Rotten at the core
You may want your money back
That’s class war!


Killer whales
Hunting in pods
Lords of the sea
Like oceanic gods

Think on the lion
The jungles king
All must fear his roar
Of predators sing

Of mice and men
A pecking order
The great apes
Alpha dominates
The silver back
Sorts out his mates

Civilised lives
Knot your ties
We’re all monkey men
Politely lie
They try to subjugate you
Just go and cry

Hierarchies keep you on your knees
Do you even know what it would be like
To be truly free?
The boss man that issues out his orders
The boardroom meeting
With bluffs to call you

It takes rules to achieve
Any sense of equality
There are those who seek through domination
To claim a rule over the nation
But you have a choice
Demand your rights
Don’t let them assume authority
Seek a deal that’s fair
The undertow
You’ll have to fight

Real Life

It’s you’ll they’ll exploit
Missed opportunities
Left without a resource

They promise you miracles
TV dinner dreams
Left out in the alley way
Ignoring your screams

They’ll try to sell you some rights
For the price of a loan
Interest keeps growing
Can you remortgage your home?
Be the one who made it
Sell them your soul

So do you think I can fly?
I really cannot
No one’s offered a break
Honour codes they’ve forgot
They’re wasting my life
And they’d steal the lot
Social exclusion for political ends
They’ll say those who disagree live in the extremes

Don’t have what it takes
You see, I’ve no money
Middle classed kids
May think it funny
I’ve nobody there
To be in my corner
This is real life,
Alone I stand, I may fall
Don’t try to kid a kidder
They just want to work you
The slavers their shackles
For the lowest priced bidder


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Long Live The King
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To remind my entire work has been commited to promoting GIVE US THE LIST (public list sex offenders permanantley) , although not at risk of bankcrupcy I do not profit from my work, I have barely met overheads. If others do profit it is both criminal and civil fraud. It is not I that generated rumours about me or the work, that is purely other peoples stuff and advantages me not at all. I am registered permanantley disabled from childhood head trauma and abuse, I realy don't have much to show for it but several community groups continue to declare war on me as an individual for having created a platform. I have not had to work for 30 years of sobriety, all the sitting around makes me highly specialised.


The argument for GIVE US THE LIST (permanent public listing of all sex offences) is as follows... Do you want your daughters or sisters going on dates with sex offenders unknowing? Case closed.

This site is not politically afilliated. I have no links to the far left nor to the far right. I am an individual survicvor of childhood sexual abuse neglected by surrey county services. I will likely vote liberal. I am an atheist and opposed to religous indoctrination. I am heterosexual but a supporter of LGBT rights. The entire site is the work of one person. I am disabled due to major head trauma. I am considered a vulnerable person on more than one count. Press regulations protect from media. I took UK Government to international court as an individual victim on grounds of civil rights violations by UK service providers obstructing justice. I have seen these cover ups across the UK by local authorities to deny accountability for child abuse. it hasn't changed much in my 50 plus years. I have facilitated victim groups, relationship groups, addiction groups and worked with clients with chalenging behaviours. I am qualified. I am being social excluded as a whistle blower. A childrens home, several counseling organisation and head of richmond childrens services have been closed down on my watch for their negligence. The case has appeared in national media twice with my consent. I have been engaged with the issues since late 80's

Iron Shield

The mullah lies
Death rains down
From the skies
Iron shield
The chosen people
Still defend
The right of the Holy land
Freed from the battle field

Despot to the orders
Of the Persian hawks
Calling to our troops
Protecting the border
Nations that unite
Support justice in the light
Ring of Fire in the sky
Burning through the night

Clashing of cultures
Escalation of the arms
The walls of Jericho to tremble
Trumpets of Angels warn
Peace calls to the children
Reassures they will be safe from harm

Restrain Retaliation
Sanction the aggressor nation
Diplomats to call
Defences that don’t fall
Mercy on the lips
Freedom in a kiss

The gauntlet is thrown down
With a clamorous sound
Taking to our corners
Liberty bell declares another round
The fight ever for truth
Still living is the proof
Security upholds
Words of commitment told
But never forget the stories
That were told of old

Confirmation Bias

Cognitive bias
Motivating false beliefs
Children wanting to be famous
To climb inside the TV

Everything is about me
Master of my own universe
Seeds sown of conspiracy
They look for confirmation
Dusting off the bookshelf
Man and his symbols
It’s all synchronicity

The comforts of madness
Within Apophenia
Don’t tell your jokes to doctors
They’ll claim it’s schizophrenia
Projections on the cave wall
A scryer or a seer?

The doors of perception
Speak of heaven and hell
Clockwork orange VT
Dubbed delusions which to tell
Just like their padded cell

The stars and the planets
Don’t revolve around me
Everything a mirror?
Seen narcissistically
Don’t you get me?
The question concerning technology
What can it all mean?
Am I looking for a deeper meaning?
Lines writ sarcastically


They want you septically clean
Out of work, so they’ve seen
Whips lashing tongues
Same as when you were young
Trying to dominate
If you know what I mean
Not offering you a mate
Imposing opinions
To engineer fate

The gas man has come
Just what have you done ?
Your room is unkempt
Their networks won’t forget
They’ve made a report
What have they caught?
Pull up your socks
Pulling on your own cock

Sow your wild oats
No matter they made out you’re a goat
Wolves at the door
Want their teeth around your throat
Maybe get a quote
Claiming the prolific are lazy

We’ve a program for that
They’d eat their hats
At the story that’s true
We offer denial to you
Harass you to comply
To believe in ‘spiritual’ lies

This is the script
We’ll restore you to sanity
No matter that it isn’t
Work you like a dog
I protest too much at the irrational
As it melts away with the fog

You’ve no wedding ring
We predict you’re in sin
They need to go through your accounts
See what it’s all about
Authoritarian attitudes
That’s where this all begins


Crime and corruption
Arm your disrupters
Set them to stun
Perhaps a quote for The Sun
Scanners on lock
Open channel to shock
They’ll need to relent
We know they’re all scum
Get them in a row
Just for the record
These methods allow

Sorry they spoke
Did anyone get a poke?
Dingleberry listens on the line
Hope we find that they’ve sinned
Bring on the federation of builders
That way we will win
Non verbal communication
Puts their heads in a spin

Back in the real world
They’re disturbing your sleep
Suggestions in dream
Sinking the hooks deep
Angel on the shoulder
A devil in the ear
Are they projecting?
Perhaps they’ve got an erection
‘They made me do it’
Tough luck, for there’s tears
A little hoodwink
You could be regretting for years

An alien presence
Flashing lights , UFO
It’s just what we do
when the suspect is you
We’ll give you an ‘in’
A jailer their key
Alien abduction
Did anyone mention corruption?
Bring on the TA
Tag team, information share
Justice League in a network
Proportionate response?

The real deal
That’s the way
Did anyone know they were gay?
That noise is quite strange
Fishing for guilt
Conversations within range
Are they hear?
Caught listening, shrinks to rearrange
This is how we prevent
You’ll have to repent



The sword of free will
Raised aloft in my hand
Forged in fires of revolt
Still loyal to the land
Rebellion on lip
So do understand

Life is not fair
There are many scars
Could be too much to bare
Protect the meek
For them that we care
Defend the mild
Heed the cries
Of every child

They want humility
But I offer a fist
I’m long past worrying
A kind of blood list
Honour in conflict
Feuding, I resist
The cowering flock
There’s something they miss

Rational thought
One horse to my carriage
The other is passion
Wild in its rage
The two try to balance
Maturity of age
But I’m not to be trifled with
As my tears ink each page

Fight a good cause
Calls still to battle
Warriors limbs
One law for the lion
The yoke of the ox
Don’t tame a wild stallion
Talks of suppression
The jailer their locks
Only offers oppression
And for all they’ll forgive me
My heart longs to rock

Cover it

Believe half of what you see
and none of what you hear
They’re ordered to ‘cover it’
Prevent self expression
Bury the truth
Sell the public their version of real
If this isn’t corruption
Then tell me what else to call it?

Jumped up since they left uniform
Authoritarian control
Illegal monitoring
Against international law
No proportionality
Just what do they fear?
Testing the boundaries
Don’t they care for my tears
Excluding to control
For how many years?

Seeds of falsehood
Sown on the wind
It’s an easy manipulation
Hide it all under the carpet
I cannot afford to take them head on
And they’re certainly offering no deal
This shouldn’t be happening
But it’s in plain sight
Orders to suppress
Cover it
Oppression to fight


They tell me just get the message
But of what that is they’re all unclear
Authoritarian leanings
Perhaps their views a little queer
All they motivate
Is an anger at the irritation

There’s nothing to ‘get’
I don’t need to conform
Not listening anyway
They’re hell bent on coercion
They want to be the boss of me
But they’re not in control

Their mind set is quite alien
I fulfil my social contract
I can create just as I please
No one’s getting in the way
I really don’t give a monkeys
What they all might say

I’m an individual
It’s my self that I think of
My own fulfilment
Freedom for which I longed
Don’t take the piss sunshine
You’ve probably got me wrong
I’m really proud of myself
I may put it in a song

Sitting for the morning
Catching some rays
Working on my tan
That is my congenial way
Perhaps I’ll write a poem
Have a nice day!


Want to wipe that smile
Right of their face
Self satisfied
Whilst lives they waste
They’ll say you’re rude
So show some taste

Stiff upper lip
Crème de la crème
Cream of the crop
Each day a dream
But of the great unwashed
Do they heed the screams?

King of the castle
You dirty rascal
Climbing the hill
To reach their walls
Do they care about
When you take a fall?
Garden parties
Tiffin high tea
Lord and Lady Muck
This rhyme could suck

Life’s a seesaw
Ups and downs
Swings and roundabouts
Make us all clowns
We try to be the best we can
But it is failure that makes me a man

Win a goldfish
You may hook a bear
Blowing bubbles
But life’s unfair
A toffee apple
Rotten at the core
You may want your money back
That’s class war!


Killer whales
Hunting in pods
Lords of the sea
Like oceanic gods

Think on the lion
The jungles king
All must fear his roar
Of predators sing

Of mice and men
A pecking order
The great apes
Alpha dominates
The silver back
Sorts out his mates

Civilised lives
Knot your ties
We’re all monkey men
Politely lie
They try to subjugate you
Just go and cry

Hierarchies keep you on your knees
Do you even know what it would be like
To be truly free?
The boss man that issues out his orders
The boardroom meeting
With bluffs to call you

It takes rules to achieve
Any sense of equality
There are those who seek through domination
To claim a rule over the nation
But you have a choice
Demand your rights
Don’t let them assume authority
Seek a deal that’s fair
The undertow
You’ll have to fight

Real Life

It’s you’ll they’ll exploit
Missed opportunities
Left without a resource

They promise you miracles
TV dinner dreams
Left out in the alley way
Ignoring your screams

They’ll try to sell you some rights
For the price of a loan
Interest keeps growing
Can you remortgage your home?
Be the one who made it
Sell them your soul

So do you think I can fly?
I really cannot
No one’s offered a break
Honour codes they’ve forgot
They’re wasting my life
And they’d steal the lot
Social exclusion for political ends
They’ll say those who disagree live in the extremes

Don’t have what it takes
You see, I’ve no money
Middle classed kids
May think it funny
I’ve nobody there
To be in my corner
This is real life,
Alone I stand, I may fall
Don’t try to kid a kidder
They just want to work you
The slavers their shackles
For the lowest priced bidder

Warm heart

Cold hands, warm heart
Maybe I should sit on them
To let rip with a fart
Once I thought it was love
But it was a tart

Cold hands
Warm heart
Apples on trees
Horse before cart
I thought they were true
That we’d never part
But it was ill fated
Pretence from the start

Cold hands
Warm heart
Wool gloves for the fitting
Perhaps I should of tried knitting
Left where I’m sitting
With nothing to stick in
True romance?
The end. Seems that’s fitting

Dick ‘ed ?

The mail woman is a coming
She says she’ll take his seat
So long doing the rounds
That she’s blistered feet
If the boots fit
They’re turning up the heat

Has she got a big package?
Mail women often do
It’s all in the delivery
As she sticks it in
Who’s the face on the stamp
Royal Male, The King?
No thought for Andy Pandy
They say someone’s been a Dick
My thoughts a little racy
Could this be a chain letter
Started by Ms. Tracey?

Watch out for the post feminists
A post Mistress as big as Master Bates
Put a stamp on a French letter
And stick it to Bill Gates
Don’t want to send an email
Pen and inks, she cannot fail
Send it first class
Don’t take a chance on fate

So there’s the truth to the message
Working up a sweat
Could end up with holy socks
The creed say they don’t forget
More mud on their boots
To throw at the party faithful
Be sure they’re sure to shoot
Up the back road a little playful

I hear they’ve got the sack
Perhaps the van wheels
Have a little spin
Now they want to deliver a miss-ion statement
Take a look at her boat race,
the state that we are in
That’s sure to stop the boats
Why did women get the vote?
Where’s Cagney to her Lacey?
Privates on investigation
If Ed has got the Balls
That’s a stamp of approval
I’m all for dick Tracey!


What does it mean to me?
My everything
Plain to see
Nothing left for me
Compared to reality
Winding the reel
Pretends it’s fantasy

The longest yet
To touch my heart
But ill fated
From the start
Hidden agenda they display
All they’re offering
‘I am the way’

Broken dreams
A bleeding body
Who have I really got?
That’s right, nobody
Love at first bite
Another vampire
Of this posturing
I truly tire
I take it with a grain of salt
The funeral pyres
Visions they send
The flames grow higher


I ignored the signs
Though clear to see
Those lying eyes
Known bitterly

Taken in
Head in the clouds
A dance with death
Someone allows

I feel the blade
As you twist the knife
A tainted love
Stealing my life

Pushing buttons
A scripted tear
I’m not that weak
What don’t you hear?

Polish my rings
Shave off my hair
A mere parody
I guess they don’t care
All I can say
Is it seems unfair

Directors courting tragedy
Spectator sport
Invaded privacy
What have I caught
In the deception ?
They wish to harm
My reputation
Cracked actors
Butterflies that turn out to be moths
Draining my blood
Vampires to my wrath


Reeling me in
Till they’re spitting me out
Roles that are clear
What’s it really about?
Raising my heckles
Scream and shout

Playing all sides
It’s always the way
Making a difference?
Things stay just the same
I’m not convinced
By the play of your games

Seen this all before
You take to the stage
But I don’t offer encore
Fanning the flames
Promise of hope
Hoping I’ll buy in
Till I fall for this dope

Clearly is seen
When I feel more pain
They just offer me glee
Sadistic to emotion
I’m not going to hide
Calling you out
On my own, my own side


Loneliness I can only hide
A knotted tangle on the inside
Seems I’ve been taken for a ride
Contempt of course for hope has died
There’s not much that I denied
Yet again supports have lied

Trying it seems to change my mind
A sentiment that’s so unkind
A past of pain that has defined
A core of hate, it’s underlined
You cast a spell, see what you find
Only a bondage that you bind
A contract confidence trick you had signed
I wake alone, am I so blind?

I look back at wasted time
Seeking for meaning in the rhyme
Learn from my words?
Were they all mine?
That Confidence in the other
Greatly undermined

So I face a darkness
With open eyes
A candle snuff
The flame that dies
Knowing people always lie
Wonder what’s the point to ever try
Cruelty it seems
As I’m left here
Without so much as falling tear
A wound that’s stark
Feeding my fear
Tired of living
Another sober year


Neglected victims
Systems that do not work
Never offered justice
Truth statements that they shirk

Clamouring voices
All seeking to be heard
Corruption rules the day
Can’t believe the lawyers word

Police are over stretched
A full case load
Survivors that are suffering
Cold shoulder in the road

Criminalised victims
Denial of our testimony
The first assumption seems to be
That we must all be fony
Pressmen want a story
To say it’s all baloney

Self protecting systems
That don’t get results
Frame us as delusional
To undermine complaints
Institutional failures
Culture of denial
It could surely never be the system
Just look how much it pays!

Do another thrown inquiry
That confirms all we already said
It’s a fucked up world
They tell me it is all inside my head
Bleeding hearts of children
My Wounds that are long bled
Wonder why it is
Respect’s forever dead?


Emotionally numbed
Inside they’re still bleeding
Just following orders
They’ll say they know the feeling

A toxicity to the training
Believing it’s the nation that they served
Ending up in prison
The streets all they deserved
Not my kind of people
They get a body swerve

Boys with toys
Killers on the run
A final solution
Down the barrel of a gun
Join the professionals
See the world, it’s all in fun
Don’t you think that they’re abusive?
See all the damage done

Wreckage in their past
Combat stress and broken homes
Abandoned children
Battering their wives
Got to stay that numb
Down the pub half their lives
In condition for some violence
Behaviourism bullies edge of knives

It made a man of them
Or so they bloody think
Taught only to kill
Lives left on the brink
Conditioned to follow orders
You know that it really stinks
Rigidity and control
From this truth they seek to hide
Those buried with a tilted cross
The nations flag of ‘pride’


A moving target
Same for your friends
Eliminate the problem
One message send
Dead man walking
Facing the end

Know your assassin
Now you’ve gone too far
We know your address
We tail your car
A marked man
For all the odds seem far
Your fate is sealed
Shooting for the Stars

A moving target
Facing the end
We’ve got your number
We know your friends
There is one message we seek to send
Dealing out the death cards
Your wrongs to mend

We’ve got you in our sights
Warriors show their skill
Drones spy on you
Missiles armed to kill
We shall not rest
Whilst you breathe still
You’re a body bag
That is our will

I am the assassin
With hidden blade
Caught in the cross hair
Lasers on you trained
Think on your crimes
The bed you’ve made
The end is coming
My outrage never fades
Your path is chosen
The death card laid

Assisted dying

Assisted dying
The road seems over long
Compassion as we falter
Reaching the resting point

Life is to be lived
With a sense of dignity
Not long suffered
Offering relief

When pain becomes too great
When all is said and done
No reason to go on
Seeking instead completion

There’s no moral virtue
In fighting to the bitter end
Entropy comes to all
In the twilight years

A golden age could come
Offering a sound conclusion
Chosen by our selves
Not ruled over by the fates

Life is precious
So too, how it comes to end
Assisted in our death
Find comfort in the final breath


Did you get hooked
By another serial thriller?
Murder in rhyme
Say it’s a killer

Cluedo reminding
Of McCluskey nights
Out on the dance floor
Lit up by lights

Don’t talk to strangers
That’s what they said
Did you think me a Hunter?
Fear you’d be dead?
I’ve got news for you sunshine
It was all in your head

So contemplate the harm done
As you’re making your own bed
You though I was guilty
When I’m the victim instead

Pull on your ski gloves
Take me on a trip
I’m not in high heels
It’s no drag strip
Phone jacker technicians
Who lost a grip?

Counting the cost
Those lost in the web
Caught by a line
Role play they were fed
I wonder now what was the point of it all
Feeding the fantasy where an inspector calls
Chat Bots do it now
Still the story’s tall


Lost in the city
The big bad city
You can arrive
But you’ll never leave

They want your coin
To show you a way out
No resources
Scream and shout
You’re lost in their city
Without a guide

Streets run forever
Subways to dead ends
There’s no exit
There’s no friend
What you seek
Somehow seems to lack
There’s no map
No route back

How you wish you’d never come
Town planners designing
A labyrinth
Despair forever where you’ve run
On warn out feet
Deception in every eye
That you meet
I guess that’s the way
Left out on those streets

Welcome to the city
The big bad city
You’ve not got what it takes
Ain’t that a pity
There’s no exit
There’s no hope
There’s no way out
Of the big bad city


Literal minded people
Only seeing black and white
No room for nuances
No shades of grey
No coloured light

Bloody minded people
Seeing only surface value
Every word true or false
Every statement must be fact
Critical reasoning
Something that they lack

Literally only one way
Fundamental to the cause
Finding a truth statement
In every claim or law
Condemned by each word
The lynch mob to applaud

Only seeing the tip of the iceberg
Never looking for what lies beneath
No penetration
Ambiguity finds a thief
It’s all always as they tell them
Prone to false beliefs


Were this a mirror to my mind
Darkly screened before me
Would I see myself reflected in
The obscurity within?

Were all life’s acts contained in it
Every line I’d come to speak
All emotion I could feel
One narrative seen amongst the many

Solipsistic as I stare
The centre of the universe
Obsessed with my own image
Reflected in the shadow play
The dark pool of tears
That fall narcissistically

What director stages these dramas
An immortal hand or eye
Or is this merely vanity
To find meaning before I die?

What machinery artifices
These dreams that speak to me?
Ever the eye of the beholder
Projections on the caverns wall
The music of the spheres
That echoes of myself


Falsely accused
Projections on a wall
Who you gonna call?
Ofcom silent
Where can you complain about it all?
Illusions that are fed
Still fearing a fall

Set up once before
No intent to harm
No moral fault
High grounds claimed
From what we’re taught
It’s looking like eternal war
Another attack
No thrill to the encore
A hall of mirrors
The closing door

Educate in their religion
Talk in reverse
The opposition
Spin it seems you’ll finally find
A hegemony
Conserving traditions
Where you’d seek to rebel
Pulling the rug
You see you fell
Or so they said
All they offered
A glimpse of hell

Rule of law
But is it just?
They feed us dross
As if they must
Double binds
Gordian knots
The tangled web
Losing the thread
Nonsense it would seem
Surreally fed
On egg shells
Watch out where you tread
Coming up roses?
The barb wire fence
They did you wrong
Is that in your head?


An ice sculpture of the heart
Frozen feelings held in time
A frostbite to the fingers
Where cold memory lingers still

Recollect the fires hearth
The warmth that shone so brightly
A heat that rose within the chest
Now dreamt of only, dimly

Mittens wool
That shielded hands
A mist upon the breath
Icicle tears to recollection
Brittle to the touch
That which at the time seemed so much

Betrayal twists
The icy blade
Abandoned to these fears
Reminds of the wonder years

Melting inside
Washing away
Till there is only tears
A pools reflection of the lack
The past’s not coming back


They had everything
And you really had nothing
Keeping up appearances
They pretended they left you something
A rod for your back
And a family curse

Words can hurt
As much as a stick
Sowing seeds of doom
An old trick
Pulling the rug
Pushing you in
Not so idilic
Childhood set up to fail
Scapegoat lies
Another black sheep

Fattening you up
Plots unseen
Insurance money
The ‘accident’
What did they treat you like
Behind closed doors?
What went unseen?
There’s no applause
Unhappy memory
Left out in the cold
A lost cause

There and back again
Contingent last will
Just another set up
They’ll direct
Taking care of them
Or so they thought
The thread unwinds
This much you caught
How could they do wrong?
Narrative of their script

Support networks
The first of all the lies
Doesn’t matter what you do
How hard you try
The apple doesn’t fall
Far from the tree
They’ll soon kill the shoots
Of your first seeds
Ill fated from the start
Feeding needs
Between the lines
You’ll have to read
For all hope’s confounded
Their plan of greed

Sink or swim?.

I am not trying to govern you
I’m not suggesting I’m a master
Not selling you a mission
Avoiding sure disaster
I will fight if cornered
But I’m not offering a war

There’s no reconciliation
I’m not the one who will forgive
Spineless sentimentalists
May say that’s the way to live

I’m not afraid of blood
I recall the old school yard
Not trying to dominate
Recalling knocks took over hard

I’m offering my peace
In a round about way
I’m content just to live
Without what the preachers say
Not seeking to proselytise
Embracing freedoms of the day

More enemies than allies
I wear the scars of my age
The fires rise to cries of battle
I can feel the rage
Blades could write the next chapter
But I’d rather ink a clean page

Revolt in the face of meaninglessness
Create purpose where there’s none
Excuse my lack of responsibility
Look how the story had begun

Libertarians say it’s all my fault
That they have a cause for me to serve
I rely upon compassion
That I may not show myself
I do not exemplify virtues
But I’m content with a basic wealth

I’m not the one seeking to usurp
The rules aren’t broken by my indifference
Rebellion on the quiet
Not going to over rock the boat
Dependency on welfare
To keep myself afloat

Nothing ever is ideal
I’m not assuming the high ground
I’ve sat at rich men’s tables
Left to wonder who’s the real sin?
They say it’s sink or swim
That way I never win
It’s not a perfect world
Deficits getting what they deserve


They think it’s a crime to resist
No room for your opinions
Say it’s all denial
If you don’t tow the party line

Looking for excuses
As they seek to exclude
You must of said something out of place
Were you a little rude?

Always swinging to extremis
The tar with which they brush
Mud forever throwing
Contradict every rational move

They’ve a platitude for that
A label or a taunt
No room for criticism
Of their sacred cows

They’ll do it so no one notices
A lost voice in the crowd
Censorship that’s not so subtle
Contradiction of every move
Communications revolution from which they excluded
Cancelling the disallowed


Online ‘autism’
An invisible wall divides
Obstruction to affiliate
Filtered as I communicate
No proportionality
This seems to be my fate

Empty chat rooms
Single or no reply to threads
Seeing Indians off at the pass
No matter where I tread
It’s been this way for decades
Lies that I am fed

Virtual insanity
Just like an empty padded cell
As soon as I encountered the internet
Into their clutches I fell
Only talking to myself
A private kind of hell

Sealed in
And mirrored systems
Never on the true web
Military taunt
Or only give a thumbs up
To the plea
Website presences that simply are not there to see

Violation of rights
Old friends I can’t find
allies I cannot reach
Little left to remind
Organisations became invisible
No results to the search engines
It’s not senility
I assume somebody filters
Or cuts the threads
No matter which way I turn
There are always just dead ends


A voice synthesiser
Mimicked your voice
As I made a cry for help
No one could hear the screams
As an AI put the phone down
To estrange forever

It’s not science fiction
Manipulated lives
Controlled by the lies
Of authoritarians
Are you sure that last text
Reached your wife?
Terminated relationships
Who’s sat on the line?

Never say goodbye online
There are those who intercept
Control freaks on a mission
To disrupt you socially

It’s not cyberpunk fictions
There are those pulling strings
Filtering communications
Blocking you forever in

They make their excuses
Claim that it’s a crime
Just because you wrote
A verse that rhymed
You were never in their club
So they wasted all your time




I am a killer
I want to hear you scream
How will it feel
As I drive the blade in?

I am a thief
I want to take all you are worth
No second thought
As you’re buried in the earth

I am an abuser
I want to cause you harm
It’s never fair
Are you feeling calm?

I am the offender
You see they did me wrong
You say it must be true
Because you heard it from someone
They think that they can fish me out
That they will know my guilt

I am the rapist
I really do not care
Stealing the springs new flowers
It’s too much for them to bear

I am a racist
I judge the other by what I’m not
No common humanity
Your friendship is forgot
I am the child molester
They think we have two heads
Hang around the playgrounds
Respect really is dead
Daddy’s coming home
That’s the reality instead
They believe they’re educated
That they’d be able to tell

I am on drugs
I cannot stand to feel
Numb to all emotion
They tell me god will heal

I have no empathy
I am the psychopath
I do just as I want
And glory in the pain

I am none of the above
Yet rumours spread abound
They try to harm my reputation
And hope my mind’s unsound

I’m that creepy homeless guy
You see I have no one
The one they poke fun of,
Excluded by society
They say it’s me they fear
Making up cruel stories
So no one comes near
Someone seems to have forgotten
It’s not only water in a tear

Poked me with a stick
Don’t you see what they had found?
It’s the way with throwing mud
No matter that I’m vulnerable
Hung on me a label
Their morality underground


Privileged lives
With moral high grounds
Perfumed words
To say what is allowed
Ignorant of violation

Those knowing only hate
Vengeance for our fate
Better to go too far
Than in old age find regret
The fires that burn
Passion will have its say

Puritans in judgement
Claim we must let go
Repression of our anger
Fear, their motivating force

International law
Will not restore the peace
Nor will those up for the fight
Find self respect in it
Only by expression
Will hearts find any rest
The rules of engagement
May not meet the test

Knowing their wrath
Victims who have suffered
Childhoods left to grieve
Retribution in their chests
For those living by the sword
Respect will never leave

Talking in circles

Perhaps they should of sent me to Coventry
Ska faces say the cops nicked all their guitars
It’s been a theme in the culture
Saying that creatives are deviants
A crime to write a good lyric
Insanity to program a synth

Their ‘shouldn’t do that’ for an attitude
Forced to the knees, they dare speak of gratitude
The only handshake they really offered me
To clean the toilets in Mickey D’s

It’s a moot point this sanatos
Wholeness in the Latin tongue
Remember rebellion as Rude Boys
Two tone come backs from when we were young
A wise philosopher once said
Don’t forget of Judge Rough Neck they sung

Apparently minding my own business is a crime to them
I don’t want to share how I saw the light
It’s even more simple than they tell it
I don’t need a group to advise

How many people does it take to screw in a new lightbulb?
A blinding revelation to some
If you don’t want to get drunk, with it’s consequence
Rocket scientists say simply don’t drink

So you can keep all the selflessness and service
Servitude isn’t to what I aspire
Plants from freemen , gutter media
Want me to tell all my secrets to clowns
And be left out of pocket for a round

Apparently verbal masturbation gets their jollies
Saying atheism is all in the head
Wanking off about ‘spirituality’
When they don’t offer the homeless a bed

Talking in circles about how there really is a god
I left that behind in the Sunday school
Where the teacher informed me there simply is not


The dancer for money
Forever out of step
I guess they’ll think it funny
But no flowers will they get
I’m not an animal
Abuse I don’t forget
Not somebodies fool
Nor a toy to win a bet

I enjoy my solitude
My own company applaud
Moths that think they’re butterflies
Those who claim to serve the Lord
They can forget the romance
No courtly arts to words

I am not compulsive
No Salivating Pavlov dog
I look before I leap
Don’t want to hear about their god
I have values
and aspirations
Intimacy always the goal
That is a commitment to myself
Authenticity, not an actors role

I want to keep my integrity
Genuine, not take a fall
Not looking for a new ‘project’
Not going to save them from it all
I’m not taking the bait
Stories over tall
Hooks they want to sink in
No rescue from blank walls

I don’t want their number
Never picking up that call
If it’s just about sex
I can take or leave it
Not ruled by desire
They best believe it
Love life’s no spectator sport
I have self respect
I’m not hunting trophies
I’m not scoring points

I’ll think of avoiding them
When I’m putting out the trash
I’d rather be alone
Than in bad company
I have my own moral compass
And naturally stay upon that road


I hear the Furies cry
With drawn swords
Abusers to destruction
The sun glints upon the blade
Capturing the water margin
Handmaids tales
Icelandic stories
Sung by beauty lip

Victimhood within the darkness
Seeking for that spark
Inspiration to surmount
The curses others talk
The Norns, my fate is winding
I wonder at such timing
Walking without fear

A glaciers tears are melting
Cries entering the stream
Fjords where I am dreaming
Primal as I’m screaming
Could blades be raised
For war
No final bow
Always encore

The web that they are weaving
In serenity believing
Respect is never leaving
King crimson of the veil

The bride has called for vengeance
You make an unexpected entrance
Speak now
Or forever hold your peace
The children’s crusade
Look at what we’ve made
Swords In Abusers
Arch angels summoning
The Devils crushed beneath our feet


Placing a baduk stone
Which ever way I go
Armies surrounding territory
Protected by two open eyes
Amongst the rank and file
Blessings soon to show

I could be quite the fan
White bean curd bibimbap
Pure as a doves wings
Of which the song bird sings

Fermented kimchi from the frozen ground
For chopsticks made of metal
Spicy on the pallet
Three Kingdoms to remind
That peace is worth each and every pound
They’ve Won

A Korean Rose unto the dance
From the Nations Anthem
Traditions greetings with a bow
Conflict’s forgotten now

Sokak on the wind
Court music or a ballad?
A flute whispering of peace
Embroidered in their silk
Flowing rivers from the mountains


Ontological abuse
Devoid of self
Defined by another
Labels that they choose
Stripped of agency
Testimony to lose

Those on high
Creating shackles
Wanting us to serve
Troops offer battle
Don’t be confused
Love’s for chattels
Flower sellers milk the seeker
A new religion with circuit speakers

Whisper secrets to my ear
Reality testing
All that fantasy
It’s just a lie
No psychic powers
Falsehoods to their cry
Selling me out
Respect has died

Influence and resources
I’ve got none
And they’ve so much
Contemplate life upon the street
Denied of justice
With bloodied feet
You may find I’m hostile
To the defeat

I think of myself
Not romantic fictions
Flirt awhile
But don’t need the friction
Lives of toil
Ever pushing up that rock
Solutions they ‘suggest’
Hands off cocks
A web of contradiction
The future shocks


Smoke and mirrors
Kabuki masks
Shadow players
Agenda tasked
No big secret
All you have to do is ask
Media departments spin their web
Exiting stage right
A ronin serving The End

Character actors
Take to the boards
Role players fantasy
Transformed with age
Finding inspiration
Research for an empty page
Pinhole burned kimono
Robes of the mage

Invaded privacy
Scrutinised in every move
Put on the new groove
Register your name
On a mailing list
Kicking the hornets nest
Hiding a fist
Night manoeuvres
They’ll tag team
In the revolt
Only blades are kissed

A hypnotic trance
Fed to unwilling ears
Technology reacts
To the herds fears
Ever projecting to extremes
Outreach hunting
To bring in on their teams
Their intrusions
Could make me scream
Confounds the self obsessed

They want to direct
They believe their own myths
A dance of death
Hiding many gifts
Not seeking anybody
No approval
A soloist
Profile needs removal
Work it out
‘Get’, The authoritarian labels

Mirror systems
Conceal the whips
Their new wine
Only the pitied sip
In a web of rumour
One conversation could strip
Of all validity
They’ve false expectations
I’m not on a trip
Idiots attacking
Burning brightly
Without portfolio
Confounding Ministry

Puppet masters pull the strings
Hear turning of thumb screws
A constant torture
From childhoods they confuse
With false stories to control
Like the ‘holy’ word
Taming wild boys
With Radio Days
Synchronicity archived
Check for a time warp
Stuck on repeat
It loses its value
By the time we come of age
As to all the abuse
It just feeds my rage


A cloud never dies
It’s water knows no tears
Feeding the earth
The rain free of all fears

The waves against the beach
Slowly breaking against cliffs
Erosion gradually
Where the thoughts may drift

Little fluffy wisps
Sail across the sky
Above the trees they go
Without a question why

The leaves have fallen now
Beneath our feet to tread
Crisply speaking with a crunch
What words in them can we read?

The pitter patter at the window
Warning we’ll get wet
If a fine umbrella
Going out there we forget

Homeless folks in suffering
A bitterness like bile
Vinegar and brown paper
Wounded hearts facing another open mile
But the clouds they keep on moving
Free of troubles all the while

A cloud never dies
It merely moves right on
Dissipating by the morning
Awaking to bird song


Rather get shot in the street
Than for the past ever to repeat
Locked in a box by a team
With inmates that are unclean
You’ll see that my respect is dead
When you hear just where I’ve been

A peer group of murderers
And of course rapists
Medicated up to the eyes
An African consultant
Said I was racist
Because I resisted their cosh
A team of gorillas
To rough me up when they’d want

Mental ‘health’ ‘care’
Fight to survive
An act that could still be two parts
The behemoth of nhs legal
Wants to return me there when I’m old

A corporation
With specialist lawyers
Want me to die in a cage fight
Whilst a monkey pokes fun
At my distress
And directs their minions
To hit me with a stick

This is the real story
They treated me just like shit
It went on for several years
I guess that hell has a pit

I’m not joking
This could be how my life ends
I can’t afford a defence
That’s the controls the state gives them
If I do so much as smoke a spliff!
Rather die in a sword fight
Against the fucking police



The wounded man
An absent father
Work ethics served
Money more important than shared times

Abandoned children
Forgotten sons
Scars are hidden
Past battles won
Don’t forget the war
But never speak of it

Silent on emotions
Condemning tears
Angry outbursts
Pressure of lost years
Lashing out
There’s more to fear
How did they relate ?
Attachment’s dear

An automaton
To working every hour
That ‘god’ sends
Macho in their power
Chattel for a ‘wife’
A weekend bunch of flowers
Sugar and spice
The sweet turns sour

Stiff upper lip
And gnarled limbs
Warriors fight every day
To forget their sins
No room for love
No presence in the home
Go walk the dog
Longing to roam

Have an affair
And blame ‘the little woman ‘
‘If they were better at it
He wouldn’t have a roving eye’
Praised by all their workmates
Retiring only to die

Divorced by breakfast
Headline snooze
I didn’t attend the funeral
What would have been the use?
Never thought much of him
Apart from on all the abuse

Dragon Clock.

Obey the transmissions
The government is good and just
Release impulse control
We will do you no wrong

Listen to the voice
We all do as we’re told
Android replicants
Follow your next mission

Eat static on the air waves
Surrender critical thinking
We are your masters
Do not think of your self

Hoodwinked by orders
It’s for your own good
Let us adjust you
Frequency dominates your thought

Do as commanded
Just as you are taught
Do not question
All in synchronicity
What haven’t you caught?

Fish Called Rwanda .

He said
She said
They said
Blah, blah , blah!

Some people will believe anything
The complete opposite of the truth
She said, he said
Blah bloody blah!

Old widows
And kids on a Facebook page
They said, you said
Just what haven’t you all heard?

We saw it on TV
It must be true
We read between the lines
Last years headlines
It’s all old news

They said, she said, you said…
A fish called Rwanda?
Stop the Boats

Did you see their tweet?
Say it’s so extreme
Everybody call the police
Happy Xmas
Is War over?
They’ll have to make amends

The government is good and just
Have I got old news for you…
So fucking what!

Irrigation .

Sun baked earth
Cracks within the ground
Lower the bucket into the well
But it seems as dry as all my tears
Parched lips dare not speak
Of still thirsting for the water

New shoots in the dust
Roots seeking as they must
To find their fulfilment
Irrigation for their growth
The suns heat beating them back
As leaves worshipfully reach
Finding in their supplication
No prayer to answer barren thought

Moisture freezes with the frost
The nights tears melting in the morning
A slowly condensing hope
To drip on the dry tongue

Searching for some meaning
Where the growth is leaning
Unsure of what will be found
As I dig into the ground

Struggling to find the words
Meditation turns as seasons
Winter now is calling
Frozen heart seeking for a thawing
Somehow still unknowing
When will return the flow

Their Bible.

Turning the page in the gospels
A reading for Westminster Cathedral
Reminders from childhood
And the domination through dogma

So they can bring us to our knees
The corrupt clergy will tease
What’s the story ?
I ask you please
Moral high grounds that they’ll later claim
Forever pass the buck, who really to blame?

Hypocrisy props up the upper crust
Written in our minds
Like developmental stages
Hooks with which they control
Never forget they have one goal
That you must serve them in assigned role

School assemblies
Prayers learned by rote
Be sure as adults
You’ll recall the quotes
Hoodwinked like a blind goat
Wolves at the door, seize your throat

It’s all delusions
They sink their hooks in deep
That damned book
Don’t mean a thing
Bible black as their curses
A final insult for the hearses
The ‘word of god’ whispers in your ear
Like a technological abuse you’ll come to fear

Heresy that they’ll claim
New Jerusalem they proclaim
How many serfs left on the streets
Will prayers save them from their bleeding feet?
They look good as they bow towards the cross
But honestly it’s all a load of toss

If there really was a god
That appeared before me
Based on my life experiences
I’d kill them on sight!


Cajun King prawn

King prawn, king prawn, Diddley doo, it’s better than king pawn, that’s pretty sick,

like Cajun chess, black on white, on his knees for the bishops, suck on a dick, the Queen gives him a fright, with a lick of the lips!

King prawn, king porn, a deep fake too far, get it on with that tranny, they could be a star.

King porn , not king prawn , Diddley doo, I think it’s in bad taste, how about you?

A lip sync battle, delivered by Ru, get a jump with the knight, you know it’s all Fanny, Queening that king pawn as they advance to the end of the board.

King prawn, king prawn
Frying tonight
Cajun king prawn
You know it’s out of sight


Fight, fight, fighting to survive
Got to show them dum fuckers that you’re alive
Making a noise in this world
All they want’s another slave
Forget what you’ve heard
Fight, fight, fighting to live

Life’s not fair
See how they toil
Injustice what they have for us all
Blood that forever boils
They won’t even give us a chance
Lost in the shuffle
Heads that dance
Is your life really happening?
A passive observer
Or participating?

Fight, fight, fighting for our lives
Just how do you think I’ve survived?
There are people who wanted me dead
A cold empty hard shoulder where dreams led
Hooks that they sink in the mind
Deaf to the masters voice
Walking alone with the blind
You could be left without choice
They’ll take you for a ride
Do you think suffering is just in your head?
The deal that they offered
Just suicide

Fight, fight, fighting to live
The establishment say just forgive
That way you will fit in
But you’ll end as you begin
Down on your knees for the boss
Authenticity? Just a loss
Take it all laying down
May as well let them nail you to a cross
Dead where you stand on your feet
The way that they showed led to the street

Fight, fight, fighting for my life
Days numbered, for what do you strive?
Struggling to be heard
Forget indoctrination that you’ve learned
They have more power than you
They’ll say let it go
Corruption defines all they do

Fight, fight, fighting for our rights
Never forget they had it on a plate
When we had to fight every day
Don’t listen to the trance that they’ll say
Showing a fist raised for freedom the only way


It’s written in the Torah
Lit up like a menorah
My god you should of saw ‘er
Sunshine holiday to Bora Bora
An Island escape for package deal
So long as they serve up kosher meals

The Decalogue it’s law
Still looks like eternal war
Seeking an encore
Archives say you need to know the score

There are still terrorists
Star of David’s gauntlet fist
Concrete Bagels fit around those necks
We said we never would forget
Just what’s the bloody deal?
Solomon has their seal

Tabernacle for a prayer
Kippah covers top of the hair
Orthodox position so please don’t stare
Treatise broken it’s not fair
Time to doff the cap
Put Israel on the map

Wisdom and understanding
Beauty, splendour, still flames are fanning
Save your shekels for a trip
But watch out for the Gaza Strip
With Power to the glory
Could this be the same old story?

Some conflict’s best put to rest
But this could prove too far a test
I’m sure most would agree
Peace on Earth could be the key

Yet for now smoke fills the sky
The diplomats will try
But the slaughter of the innocents
Says terror must meet the wrath of god
Call on the heavenly host
Prayers to the Holy Ghost
As we build Jerusalem in this green and pleasant land
Still there’s a war on tourism to withstand
Angelic flights are set on course
So it’s time to lend a hand

La Boetie

On Voluntary Servitude
To bow and curtail
Happily in the shackles
Dictation never fails

Agent Provocateur
Lighting the blue taper
Fireworks to the thoughts
Break out from servility

Predicting the next line
Chains within the mind
Pricking up the ears
To receive their next command

How we love the fond illusions
A pedestal raised by the TV
Are they not human beings?
Beset with their own frailties?
Tales they give to children
Indoctrinated ‘civilly’
Dazzled by the glamours
Entranced by superior technology

Veneration for the master
The slave prays to gods above
Crumbs from the rich man’s table
It never looks enough
How all are oh so grateful
To be kept down on their knees


Issue politics
I’m not with a party line
It’s no one’s policy
Activists just waste time

My voting hasn’t changed
Throughout a long life
It’s like football teams
No need to sharpen knives

Politico say I’m their opposition
They’ve played this game for years
Try to tar with extremism
They don’t listen to my tears

Every colour rosette
Claims that I’m a spy
They don’t want my engagement
I’m left to question why

Attacks on opinions
That I hold so dear
What do they expect?
That whips will change my mind?

Social exclusion
For all they invite me to a barbecue
The local authority is in conflict
All they ever do is screw
It’s not difficult to undermine
Or marginalise one voice in the wilderness

Criminal neglect
A childhood they’ll claim is fantasy
Am I that delusional?
Without any job so many years
Excluded from the Labour market
There’s moves by them I fear
They want to cut costs
Bitter as can be, don’t you hear?
Politics makes strange bed fellows
They make out it’s a crime to even have one beer

Rishi ‘Guru’ Rich

Just like Siddhartha
We’ll all end up eating plain rice
Begging bowl at the ready
Cos the Hindu caste system is really nice
Vedanta for ontology
How we’ll ‘selflessly’ serve
Can I have a free poppa-non-dom
From The Lord of Light?
Disabled paupers on the streets
The opportunity of Mumbai

Trans-cen-dental meditation
Left losing our teeth
Rishi ‘Guru’ Rich laughing
At those he’s left beneath
The Untouchable Caste
India has its grief
But they say it’s all alright
It’s propped up by belief

Shit rises to the top
Smells just like the Ganges
They’re stamping out fags
But no talk of hashish
Diwali lighting up
Do it with a mantra chant
For our tears they offer hankies
Spare a thought for what we can’t
Garlanded in flowers
Roghan Gosh, Camphor and sandalwood
The incense sticks to hide the scent
Of rejects from Bollywood

‘Mother India’
Shattered ‘Mosaic’ lives
At least his wife looks
Like a bi-rhiani
I’d like a touch of her Assam
Could be just my cup of tea
But left with a load of ‘dholaks’
The rhythm of Kashmir
Bitter taste of Shatkora
Selling us all ‘free love’
Ever had a free curry?
There’s plenty here to fear

Suella dearest.

Braver man than I
Gripped her gear stick
With the state of immigration
Said they’re set to fly
Thinks she’s got it covered
Refugees left to cry
But there’s been complaints
At a fish called Rwanda
Away day
No returns
Says it’s just the ticket
We’re left to wonder why

The need for speed
You’d think that on her salary
She could afford coke
You know that cheap thrills
Are nobodies joke
High heel on the accelerator
Was she listening
To good vibrations
As she jumped another light?
You know that women drivers
Could give the cops a fright
I could check her oil
Whilst she’s leaning to the right

I wonder what she’s keeping
Hidden from us all?
Some say that in her handbag
Are furry hand cuffs
Love eggs, vibrating balls
Perhaps a thought for Charlie
Spit and polish for the orb
She likes to stay on top
The golden sceptre up her skirt
Perhaps a little three way
Non doms like to flirt

So it seems she slipped the net
And Got clean away Despite having knickers down
It’s anybody’s bet
Why the boys in blue
Are turning a blind eye
At least it’s not a car crash
Silly buggers for live and let die
Perhaps she’d like to send me to Australia
For suggesting the system is all lies

Forwards Back

This life lived forwards
Contemplated on rewind
Reflected upon backwards
What memories to our mind?

Every faith is a blasphemy
Of another’s belief
Within cultural norms
Aleatory thoughts
Retreading where we’ve walked
In a stream of consciousness

An heroic ending?
A magnificent journey?
Or arriving at reality
A slow burn demise?
Much suffering to recall
The stories that they told us
Look to be just lies

Cross cultural misunderstanding
Leading to dissent
Pluralism to values
That in humanity we all share
Seeking A Happy Death
For all the trials of absurdity

Being within each other
No means of escape
Existent in the backdrop
See more landscape than portraiture
Anxiety at dark woods
Fearing to get lost

You cannot bathe in the same river
The water moves right on
Transitory nature
Our life blood flowing just like wine
Drunk in celebration
To consume fully of this life


Cultural amnesia
Abuse that they deny
They’ll say you’ve already told it
As if it’s resolved by that
That’s only just a start

Cannon balls
Like billiards
Shooting for the pockets
The men say that you’re a boy
If you don’t suck up to their ways

What you don’t remember
Can really deeply hurt
Avoidant of the damage
That in childhood lurks
Unaired traumas
Behaviours to corrupt

All sing from the same hymn sheet
The men say pull up your socks
The Nuremberg Rally
Questioning that they record
Conference speaker contradictions
Deny any complaint
Violating civil rights
Warriors take the field
With their god you’ll have to fight

The blind judge of humanity
Inventory claims of wrongs
But there’s nothing on my record
Except that I write songs
Puer Aeternus
Every kid wants to look mature
But the length of my beard
Displays that I’m no flying boy
When did I cut my teeth
I use steel not plastic toys

So I raise a shield
To them gathering false evidence
In the context of the interview
They look to be on the defence
A right to my world view
I’m not powerless
Exercise my agency
Against the status quo
The synchronicity doesn’t pull me in
Their system does not impress
I am wide awake
For all they want me to be sedate


Building blocks of language
Learned in infancy
Words to add to vision
Making sense of reality

Worthwhile lifestyles
Searching for meaning
Reaching for fulfilment
A grasp within all our reach

What matters to the heart?
Where do we find a place
Self defined in completion
In reflection, our own face

Discovery through inquiry
To try to sum things up
The glass that is half full
A success drunk from our own cup

The music of the spheres
Transcendence from the gross
Watered by our tears
Rise above the suffering

Discipline to the task
Leaping from my bed
Thirsting for the first draft
Ink dries upon the page

Scratch remix

Scratch my back
I’ll scratch yours back
Altruism shares
It’s only fair

I don’t want yours
I want my own
Feathered nest
Comfortable home

I want more space
But not the expense
A friendly face
Not too much rent

Scratch your back
If you scratch mine
I’m sat alone
Still doing fine
Do me a favour
Show a good time
Give and take
A little rub
Sentiment’s not fake
Slip me some skin
We all can win
But don’t be too late
The choice for love
Not a blind hate

Scratch my back
And I’ll scratch yours
Lend me your hand
You’ll find applause
Brotherly peace
Fighting just cause


I read the news today
Oh boy…
Last weeks emails that I sent
Aggregated by machines
Fed back as a title
Articles mirror as I scream
There are some who dare not speak
Of motivations broken dreams

They don’t offer me a job
No matter how long I’ve been clean
Not so much as an agency
On my TV screen
Illusions through which I’ve seen
It’s been this way all my life
Technology since my teens
Ontological abuse
Trying to delude me from reality

They say they want donations
For their campaign trail
But it seems to me
That policy just fails
All they offered was locked doors
No money to pay the bail

Thankful for small mercy
As I wait on air fryer to cook
The steak that I crave
My life an open book
Someone hacks my messenger
Without proportionality
They talk to me of rights
But I can’t afford to pay a brief
I see a skew on YouTube
Promoting religions false beliefs
Empty kinds of values
All they’re offering me is grief


Save me
Rescue me from pain
So much traumatised
That it verges on insane
Catch me as I fall
It’s you to who I call
You could be anybody
Protections from the wall
I seek a guiding light
But there is only night
Fevered nightmares
Nothing else to dream
How I wish I could kill
The shade.
There’s no safety net
No words of wisdom reach
All I think of them
Is could they practice as they preach
A web of memories
Triggered by sight, sound or smell
Interconnections of association
The network hard wired in the brain
A private kind of hell
Truth is hard to tell
Lost in the woods
Their web
The spider hunts the fly
Afraid of suicide
The heart unravelling inside
They’ll condemn and judge
A ‘blame game’
Say ‘playing the victim’
A narrative that’s real
How does it bloody feel?
Did I fail to mention
The years spent sleeping with a sword?
Walking back into the light
For this I had to fight

Deal with it?

‘Deal with it’
That’s what they say
Pull your socks up
Magic formula

The damage done
It won’t go away

Failure of justice
Anger at society
Social stigma
Life just ain’t fair

Care for feelings
Emotions remain the same
For all earned clarity
A listening ear
That’s therapy

Expression of the hurt
It doesn’t heal
No magic bullet
To change that feel

Behaviours change
I don’t avoid
Head buried in the sand?
Not since I was a boy

So, ‘deal with it…’
You’ll have to deal with this
I was a victim
I’m not going away
I show a bloody fist!
I have my say

Nuclear family?

Motivation for a fool
Pull at the heart stings once again
Positive reinforcement
The agenda in a smile

Educate conformity
Make out it’s for the best
So many divergent
Yet still seem to meet the test

Libertarian agenda
Fiscal conservatives
Remove the safety net
Whilst saying do just as you please

Seeming liberal values
Yet holding the purse strings
Undermining supports
See what poverty it brings?
Single parents who protest
They’ve nothing to confess

Conservative family values
A slice of a bigger pie
Commodified relationships
Economic patricide?
Dealing in coercion
No way out, no matter how you try
A breeding ground for abuse
You may ask just what’s the use ?
Denigrate alternative lifestyles
Shoot down those who could fly

Punishment to condition
Suffering to realign
Iron glove shows us a fist
With the heavens for a sign
Filtered disagreements
I guess it’s only their new wine
Rationalisms hooks
But they’re just wasting time


It takes time to climb a mountain
Make sure your socks don’t rub
How you used to rush
Trying to fly straight to the top

Don’t slip on the rocks
Try not to scream with aching lungs
You might start an avalanche
Lose sight of where you trod

Off the beaten track
You talk of the safe route
But I long to lift you to the peaks
And kiss your body where they shook

It takes many steps
Upon this journey
To find a clear view
Looking on you rising
With my head amongst the clouds

We could sore like eagles
With a childlike glee
Just because I care about you
Beyond the mountains that I see
It may not be the safe route
But it’s the peaks you show to me


Born free
Till they put us all in chains
By the time we can crawl
Shackled just the same

No disagreements
No debate allowed
No dissident voices
Silenced by the crowd

Targeted by hate
All must be the same
What authority seals our fate?

One word that all must follow
Written in a book
The sacred cow
Fear at fists they’ve shook
Excluded others
Pay masters want their slaves
Strip of any worth
Fallen bodies of the brave

Left behind
Those struggling to be free
Oppression reigns
A future all could see
Economic outcasts
Closed societies

The Woke all say
Against them we must not rebel
Their new religion
Corrupted values rule the day
Think of silenced voices
A civilisation fell


Political dissidents
Or Russian brides
Marrying passports
Slave markets hide
A nest of dolls
Declares their side

A tsarina
Red curtain call
Defecting ballerina
With cover story tall

Backgrounds covered
More than two faced
The highest bidder
Sex industry to disgrace

Drug money laundered
South America links
A web of lies
Straight cocktail drinks

Blind leading the blind
With a touch of spin
A glass half empty
Polish spirit or Victory Gin?

Child abusers
Hide behind a mask
Fleeing their country
The powder in a bag
They say they were victims
Just seeking peace
But in a chefs history
Networks serve the beasts

Machiavelli pulls the strings
Breakfast time divorce
Fresh hotel bed sheets
Hidden cameras
Passions ship on course
Immigration papers
Hookers collecting wedding rings


Creating the next crash
One rule for the rich
Bailed out by the government
Bankers say life’s a bitch
Another rule for the poor
Ships they leave to sink

Gamble on the markets
Investors take their cut
But if they can throw the game
Making their own luck
Corporate domination
Highest bidder politic

The Plutonomy
Managing the wealth
Serves the deep of pocket
Not the precariet
Lives spent walking tightropes
No fiscal safety net
Manufacture consent
Consumers of things we just do not need

Buy a podium
Politicians campaign trails
A pulpit for chief execs
Business the sacred cow
Welfare queues of unwashed millions
What solidarity now?

Self interest and greed
Compare your success
To those left behind in need
Thankful you’re not them
Till the financial crash comes around again
Engineered by architects
Who know there’s profit shares to get


I am not their prisoner
But they provide an open cell
I am not a slave
But I know their chains of mind

I am not loyal
I do not believe
Illusions they feed
As if we are not freed
From the ignorance of youth
With their folly of maturity

Nothing to teach
Certainly no preacher
There and back again
All I learned was to mistrust
Don’t put your faith in people
And certainly not god

So I sit in my cave
A feathered kind of nest
Safe in the bubble
Boundaries like a wall
I hear talk of enlightenment
But that story looks a little tall

Disillusioned with it all
So much disinformation
Sitting with a wish for silence
And an empty mind
But there’s nothing to meditation
Just another alley blind

I enjoy what I own
Not taken for a ride
They think they’ll get into my pocket
But wisdom does not hide
I sit here on my own
With no one at my side
There’s no real mystery
Secrets of a technology they deny

The Knife

If words be the only Victor
Then with them is the writer slain
Stories of the battle
Struggling to find a voice

A nation built by slaves
Native people to oppression
Bible black curses
Declare one vision true

A dream to interpret
Fear and hopes, experience
Abstract echo of the day
Imagination taking flight

Darkness that envelops
A shadow concealed by midnight
Smouldering like ashes
Embers to the flame
The blade that rends the curtain
The blackness mirror veil

They’d burn our books
Claim higher grounds
Lines that are suppressed
The morass of the unheard
Concealed like the knife
That robs us of our sight
The posthumous
To anonymity


I foresee snowdrops for the spring
White petals open
Like the lily of the valley
Reminding of the pearls
You so often used to wear
Green blades of grass
Raised in honour
The breathed smoke
Of a gun salute

I think of your eyes
The sparkling stars
In the night skies
Contemplating endings
With a wonder why
The passing of your days
That makes me want to cry

Castle walls and parapets
The old guard
Still trooping the Kings colours
The seasons turn
For yesterdays hopes we yearn
The glory of the reign
New poems which to learn

There is a sadness today
Empathy for your heir
The loss of a mother
That lives on in memory
A guiding light that he can honour
With the service of his days

I'm not one to pray
They won't see me in the church
But still I wonder if you can hear
Fond words heart felt that are spoke
In the end there is beginning
The choir is still singing
Westminsters bells a ringing
I recall the knowing smile
And the diamonds that you wore


Artificial intelligence free
0% assisted
Never have used it
The work all comes from me
A life’s labours
That’s reality

Deny its validity
Say it’s a machine
What would it all then mean?

A heart that struggles
Feelings to express
Smile at the ladies
Trying to impress

The spark of hope
A guiding light
A fist raised in revolt
Never turning from the fight

Chained to a bloody rock
Fires stole from heaven
A passion that could shock
Life ebbs away
With hands turning in the clock

Music of the spheres
Reduced to mere maths
Fear theft of inspiration
The human touch it lacks
In the flow
A life time which they stole
Care of the soul
The light that keeps coming back


Hired guns
Or cowboy builders?
Musak Concrete
Who paid their bill?

Care takers
And old masters chalk
Crumbling make up
It’s all small talk
A touch of filler
For fault lines of age

Recite times tables
Melodic to the ears
Developmental stages
The copybook page
Hypnotic mantra
It’s all the rage
The teachers pet
A short lived hamster
Caught in a wheel
How must they feel?
Children cry tears
Grief that is real

Mustard and cress
Growing from cotton wool
Watered with hope
Stick to the rules
Eggs for faces
Birth of the cool
A crown of green
For royal fool
Concrete overcoats
Bury kiddy fiddlers
With heavy duty tools


World on fire
It’s only death,
The time to retire?
Flames are glowing
Reaching ever higher
I hear talk of heaven
But that’s just for liars

Another morning
Too young to die
Too late to live
The long goodbye
They’d sell you soul
I’m asking why?
No higher love
Fist raised to defy

An open road
Journey ever on
What’s the point?
Another song
Did you get burned?
You got me wrong
I wanted you
But not too long
Sweet nothing whispered in my ear
I didn’t even shed a tear

Stars above
And fire flies
Lifting on high
Hopes for which we try
I felt a knife
Break a heart of glass
Shards like a shattered mirror
Revolt till the last


A nut cracker suite
A call to arms
That king rat
That feeds on harm
Sugar plum hopes
To keep you calm

The thread unravels
Next line like a hook
A love child
Another book
Labours of the heart
A second look

Pink candy canes
And sugar floss
Melt like my dreams
Another loss
Don’t fear that much
Bursted balloons
Like blown thought bubbles
Clouds float on by

Hold on too tight
Perhaps they’ll break
Cut too much slack
Perhaps cries are fake
Slight of hand
Tomorrow takes

Like a fairy god mother
That can never fly
In the black mirror
Into which I scry
Falling spirits
Eternal flame that so soon dies

Real life

Media moguls
Boaty McBoat face
Promises of dreams
That will never come

Hooked by their bait
The sun shining on TV
Life could be a beach
What’s the true reality?
Selling advertising
Heights we cannot reach

Crumbs from the top table
A rich man has their feast
Aspiration to rise
They kick us when we’re down
Keep us dogs fighting with each other
Cowering beneath

The perfect situation
Fed by lies on your screens
They don’t really care
They’d sell the silver from your teeth
It’s always been this way
Only they can live a life of Class

So I tune in for some spin
They blame it on the ‘other’
Whilst they make off with the profits
Pretending we’re all brothers
I believed it as a kid
One real life, won’t get another


I was young once
I believed in you
Now I’m old
I don’t believe in you

New shoots
Destined to be cut down
An unnatural size
Pruned so all look just the same

Square pegs and round holes
Lest I digress
Pulling us all down
All their lies, I must confess

On your tail
Got you in their sights
Pretend it’s tall tales
Losing legal rights

Like a shadow
I’d like to sever
On my case
And at my back

They indoctrinate the children
Pretend it’s all alright
Blinkers for the blind
Conceal the pains of fights
Yet to come
The realisation
That we’re all taken
On a long long ride
The call to battle
Rally the troops
Put your head over the parapet
And still their castle walls
Pyrrhic victories
Keep the bankers fat

What’s the point?
I’ve seen it all by now
Don’t believe in anything
And certainly nobody
I saw you on TV
Just what are you selling now


I am a prisoner
Of a system beyond my control
I’m told I’ve freedoms
But I’ve been stripped of all roles

The cost of liberty
Limited by the state
Before I dot the i
They’ll be telling children that it’s ‘hate’

Predictive psychology
Surveillance technology
Negated lives
They took away my vote

There’s no deal
No one’s offered a leg up
No handshake
No in of any kind
No contract
Nothing that’s been signed

They make their apology
Say it’s just the way it is
What do they think of us all?
I can’t make much sense of this
Magic bullet pills
To tell me when to die

Ontological abuse
Undermine reality
It’s as simple as a deep fake
Destroying sense and sensibility
Real-time AI over dubs
Lip sync war U.K. subs
Personalised transmissions
Don’t talk about the little bird in the ear

Deny me my rights
Claim I don’t exist
Contradict my experience
I raise rebellions fist
Life once seemed so simple
But they hid controls behind their kiss

The Clap

Rising damp
And mouldy minges
Can’t get it up
But feels the twinges

Could use damp proofing
Wets her seat
Moist patches in her jeans
On turning up the heat

Rising damp
Those mouldy minges
You could catch thrush
Candles pubes are singeing

Turn up the passion
But make sure they’re clean
After a fashion
Check where she’s been
Rising damp
Moth balls, check her oil
Don’t want the clap
Your blood could boil

She needs a douche bag
And that’s what they’ll call you
STD with burning pee
Rigsby thought he’d try his luck
But Mrs Jones just thinks he sucks
How he’ll wish he took a shower
The after taste of pussy power


Past present and future
Equal distance
Angled sides
A triangle for a badge
Nowhere left to hide

Pinned upon coat breasts
Seen by one and all
Exposure to confess
Hearts covered in the chest
Rhythm of resistance

Public records
With marked names
Occupations empty streets
The sound of the jackboots
Marching to defeat

Erase entry from the record
Fires leaving a blank sheet
Forging I.D. papers
Freedoms days to greet

With fury to defy
A pestilence
Their genocide
Keeping it in mind
Prejudice finds
Attitude of the blind
Do nothing
Controls unkind

The future clearly seen
To stand up for the oppressed
One eye on all those rights
Liberty to be blessed

Never giving up the fight
Pink triangles seek the light
The apex points the way
To a brighter day
Ever mindful of that past
And lost souls of that dark night

Swan Upping

Don’t count your eggs
Before they’ve all hatched
Got to take care
Of the new batch

The Kings Marker
For the Swan Upping
Whilst his majesty sits back
On real ale he’ll be supping

Messing about
In boats on the river
Gently catching a cygnet
Royal leg ring to give ‘er

The head count can’t fail
Conservation for goal
Harks back to tales
Of Ratty and Mole
Wind in the Willows
Where the ships sail

Flying regal red flag
The bird with a crown
They all love an upping
With feathery down

Swans mate for life
There’ll be no kind of straying
With the Lords blessings
At least the Bishop is praying

Just don’t pull too hard upon the Queens leg
They may get you wrong
Make you a fool or a clown
Wings that could break your arm
So stay safe from harm

Feather in your cap
Scarlet of jacket
No one else feasts on swan
It’d cost you a packet

Where did the birds fly?
Look out for the avian flu
There’s a sign from the heavens
The swan population that grew


They’ve pushed the button
Dominated by blank walls
False confessions
Advanced technology calls

Illicit a guilt
That is not truly there
Hypnotised in trance
There’s a wire but where?

Gathering the evidence
Recording every word
You may ask what’s the point
It’s not the voice of any god that’s heard

A not so empty mind
In an empty cell
There are those who will warn
That it’s a kind of hell
Make sure you can afford a lawyer
Before the time into which you fell

They’ll offer you black bibles
To screw with your head
‘The time of trial’
Where all reason fled
A not so friendly face
Judges to condemn

Totally absurd
Hoodwinked to do the act
No real crime
The nazis in control that is the facts
No point to say your prayers
No god’s listening anyway
Corruption makes a way out
But be sure there is a catch
What’s the answer to ‘Deep Thought’?
Try a Babel Fish!


Suspicious minds
What will they come to find?
Sat here all alone
With a silent phone

Must be something wrong
They heard it in a song
You see it is my only crime
That I put my thoughts down in a rhyme

Must want some kind of problem
Team’s looking in again
Interpreting me
As I look back at them

Suspicion on their minds
Could be a bit unkind
Projecting all their fears
Rumours that they hear

They’ve a label to fit that
Pathologists interpreting the facts
What can it all mean?
All this data in a stream

Back door on my hub
Aggregate the results
They still don’t really seem
To know anything on me
Mobilise the troops
Undermine my roots

They think they have the right
Intrusion on my privacy
Military types
Listening in, spread conspiracy
It’s been this way for years
All it’s motivating is these tears


Words come to me freely
Yet like exiles of romance
The longing in the heart
To write the lines
To right it all
And find love
Within their embrace

Prisoners of conscience
Blank walls that they face
Muttering under breath
Time marked till find in death
The freedom from the chains
Of systems which oppress

Like bars of the cell window
The lines that mark the margins
Those that underscore each letter
Which they dare dream to pen
Reaching out across the void
Beyond incarcerated space and time
To listen to the songbird
And know liberty in heart
The inside out
What The Trial is all about

Absurdity in action
Bureaucratic in reaction
Statutes that remain
Legislation so inane
Who speaks for the rights
Of the innocent next generation?
Unknowingly they fall
A blight upon us all
Mistakes and injustice
Into the judges clutches
A price to their naïveté
Who will answer their phone call?

Lord Smiley

Aesthetics in practice
Who says what’s good
Who says what’s bad?
I hear them call me fantasy
Commercialism their only guide
My validity to deride

Propaganda of the state
Raised up on pedestals
Festivals tell you what to rate
But there’s more to free expression
Than the market forces
Selling you out to your fate

Shackles that bind you
Glitter dust could blind your eyes
Promoting one vision
The excluded left to cry
Propping up the upper crust
With their touch of fairy dust
They’ve an algorithm for that
Accountants counting on a bigger cut

Reality TV dreamers
Any exposure will do
Stop to think about authenticity
Are they lying to all of you?
Public profiles
Price of good relations
Craving fame
Shame faces all aglow
It’s just the way it seems to go
What of the truth we show?

Makeup masks
Tears of mascara
Painting on their fake smiles
Stop to think about it
I’m creating beyond their reach
All the while
They only want you to vote for Lord Smiley
Hides Nazi salute with a ‘heil’
Anger never really seems in fashion
But I guess that’s just my style

The Village

Poor people can’t afford lawyers
Let’s find a way to exploit that
Any label we give them
Is guaranteed to stick
Of course we call it compassion
Could be lying just a bit
See how it works?
Town planners insanity
All the bad eggs in one basket
Brave New World
There’s no real come back

Build homes for the mad
Could make a good profit
Doctor share holders
They’ll cut the nurses in
Build a social experiment
Call it ‘The Village’ They can populate it with those labelled
And live off the rent

No signs of social exclusion
Now we’ve segregated them all
Welcome to happy land
They’ve padded cells when they fall
Crazy folk TV
Watch the day time talk show
Of the neighbours reality
Sedatives from the water supply
To Keep them all drugged
Stunting their kids growth
They can have smaller flats
Send them to group
The TA can monitor that

I am not a number
But am I truly a free man?
They’re erecting a big fence
Mad people to ban
Barb wire kisses
Signed on your housing contract
Bedlam from master builders
Big Investment from the fat cats
They put their heads together
See where they’re putting all those lab rats ?


Platonic love
More Philos than Eros
Not so much spirit of the dove
Meeting of minds
Thoughts raised up above

Finding in the other
Discourse in the face
Knowing in another
Sublime in the embrace
Of the Post-reflective

Mirroring attentive
Presence to affirm
Authentic in the greeting
The process that confirms
Congruence in rationality
Exchanging of ideas
So you might call it a passion
But mostly of the mind
A heart reassured by consistency
Compassionate and kind
Two horses pull my carriage
I seek to master both
The examined life
What do reflections find?

There’s always the potential
The heart may seek a little more
But within each meeting
The end with an encore
Dialogue exploring
Values and purpose for


Speak, oh wise one
Show us the way?
‘He’s a very naughty boy’!
I don’t want to share with them
My compassion is a bit bud lite
Their slogans and platitudes
They lose in reasoned fight

They’ve got the tape running
Pearls before the swine
Paradox contradictions
They’d sell me their new wine
Are my thoughts a disease?
They’re out of their tiny minds

There’s nothing to it
No spiritual experience
I gave up drinking
Over Three decades ago
I may of tried it briefly again
But there’s no secrets to know

I’m tea total
Same as it’s been for almost all my life
I have nothing to offer
To drunks that beat their wives
Just the thought of it
Has me sharpening knives

No great insights
No words of wisdom
There’s plenty of movements
That people claim saved their lives
No serenity, no steps to take
It’s all indoctrination
The promises fake
I’m a human being, that’s for life
They look like cults
That infect their minds

They say they’ve insanity
I think it’s the only thing in which they’re right
I’ve closed my mind from experience
I’m not open to their ideas
I really don’t care
We’re all going to die
They claim their ways grant freedom
But it’s nothing to mine.

No good

You’ll never be as good as this
There’s no point to even try
Do nothing with your life
Give up
That is their lie

Anti motivation
You never were no good
The poor downtrodden lowly
The stars fit for the king
Don’t give the likes of me
A chance

They’ve all the money
To pay the publicists
I’m just a little catch
There are those who detract
Would rather see me out on my back
There will always be the critics
I’m afraid that’s just the facts
Dreamworks can do it better
They’ve an algorithm as good as me
Forget the plain truth
Of my humanity
Automated systems
Aren’t the same as creativity


Standardise rebellion
All roads lead to Rome
Diversity diverging
But they claim there is one journey home
Afraid of our extinction
They’ve an iron in the fire

The most glorious of leaders
Sat there on his throne
Deep fake algorithms
Makes sure his brilliance shone
Promises of a bright future
All that hope that seems soon gone

Did they talk about me?
My ears are burning now
False impression from technology
There’s no wonder how
Royal fools courting favour
A spotlight on us shines
Blinkered by TV dinners
Archive filters for a sacred cow

A new age that’s upon us
The rich all doing well
Dealing the credit cards
With interest rates that they sell
Watch your back it’s true
So many there have fell

What’s the price of freedom?
Be sure to let them see you bow
Try not to criticise too loudly
Who knows what they’ll come up with now?
They think we swallow it all in full
Naive like children unawares

Send us to the prayer cells
Blank walls, stir crazy minds
They’ve got a tablet for revolt
Judge and Jury under signed
A pharmaceutical utopia
To keep the workers blind

Dr.ill! (Parody!)

We all hate the feds, gonna make them mother fuckers dead, got my bitch tied up on the bed, me posse gonna fuck her in the head… Snorting cocaine off der tits, when we’s fuck her arse she smells like shit… Gonna be busted, just like dat bitches slit… etc.
… I hear dem say I is the biggest dick, blows up my pride just a bit, dip my babies dummy in the ice, the mother’s a crack whore, I deal the dice,
Teach dem kids how to suck, gonna work their arse once they old enough to fuck, dem crack baby turning blue, the harder they suck, you know it true, drugs make me infertile, she say I the big daddy, I talk more shit dan’s in der nappy,
I wonder why she don’t wanna marry?
Me da urban guerrilla, big time killer, think I ‘s the poet, but I’m just sicker, check dis lyric , gonna have a hitter! (I am of course slightly prejudiced in this area of research, call forensics…)


Tax breaks for their empire
PR says they’re for the common man
Their heart bleeds for the faithful
Say they’re doing what they can

Cardboard city in the subway
Warns the workers to turn up
Ever diligent
See what happens if you fuck up?

Glitter dust on the TV
Are we happy with fools gold ?
Propping up the upper crust
Do we believe all that we’re sold?

The song of experience
Condemned to be cynical
Really can’t feel much satisfaction
With so much smoke and mirrors to it all

Pray they’re a human being
Garden parties, royal balls
Or put your faith in God
Blindly answering the call

Could be that they’re income
Can offer bread crumbs for the poor
Falling from the banquet table
We dare not whisper of class war

How long did I suffer
Whilst they sat there far above?
They talk of loyalty
Where was their higher love?

I remember laying in the street
Discarded like the trash
Awaiting on the rain
A culture fed by electric dreams
Bullshit for our pains
Illusions for the Rule

You see I’ve got no class
What Golden opportunity
As my life slips past?
The only real freedom

Drama Queen

Someone else’s drama
Offered a minor role
Miss Interpreted
Creativity stole

Living in extremes
That’s how they wanted it to look
Playing on the ante
A hand destined to fold

Toying with my feelings
A moth to a fatal flame
Playing for obsession
In a dance of death
Whispers in the ear
I listen to the breath

Taken for a ride
It never mattered much to me
Which face that they showed
Unconditional to their reality

Positive attention
But there’s been a lot that goes unsaid
Offering it heart
Tears that are long bled
I feel a hook in me
Tearing at the flesh

So the stage is rearranged
A manipulation
All the time we spent
Years that have now gone
I remember such a pity
Just another story for a song

They talk to me through filters
Others watching from the wings
I wonder if I’m exploited
With every word I sing
A miscast fool to their rehearsal
Where love looks a usurped king

They speak to me of truth
What it all really means
But I’m left here questioning
Their own authenticity
Trying to heal abuse
I wonder if it’s all much the same
A subtle type of harm
I ask just who’s the game
Coerced for a reframe
A happy ever after
That never came to be


Looking out for love
Just what’s that worth?
Make the difference to this life
Move heaven and earth

Hearts are not for sale
But some think it all a game
Sentiment that cannot fail
With someone that feels the same

Dancing to the drum
Of the heart beating in the chest
Just to know it’s true
By another blessed

Curtain calling
How long do we get?
Tears are falling
Say the things we mean to say
Holding on
Seize the precious day
Bringing hands together
with that someone
Warmth in the breast
Rising with the sun
Tell me what that’s worth to you?
I sit alone, just as I knew
Looking out for
Another you

Old News?

He said
She said
They said
Blah, blah , blah!

Some people will believe anything
The complete opposite of the truth
She said, he said
Blah bloody blah!

Old widows
And kids on a Facebook page
They said, you said
Just what haven’t you all heard?

We saw it on TV
It must be true
We read between the lines
Last years headlines
It’s all old news
They said, she said, you said…
So fucking what!


Consequences they cannot see
Impressions that are just skin deep
What do they know of me?
Traumatised, emotionally crippled
Is this a kind of fantasy?

Don’t judge a book
By its cover
There are scars unseen
Left by another
Assumptions in an instant
As first we meet
Prejudice misreading
Wounds I’ve cleaned

How deep do they read me?
Try to fish out
Without a clue
What am I all about?
Push a button
I may well shout
Post traumatic feelings
They left me with nowt

I can’t forgive
For all the years
Knotted guts
Hidden tears
Nightmares that still visit regularly
Of family love
What did they teach to me?
The familiar absence
Every childhood Father’s Day
How to fear
The abuse that still whispers
Memories to the ear
The cost to a life
That’s looking dear

Turning off hue?

Roger Melly
The man on the tele
Said he liked fresh honey
Those little bee stings
Fruits of the loom
In a wet T-shirt
A bit under ripe
With danger flirt
Seems he’s been stung
And now his name’s dirt

No talk of the Welsh
Love ewes legs in their wellies
Something smells rotten
They’ve been put off shagging sheep
Gripping their feet
Poor old flossy
My, how those lambs bleat

Roger Melly
The man off the tele
Somethings gone wrong
This is the picture
Accusations quite strong
As old as their grandpa
Jailbait the right song

Away to the funny farm
Brain rearranged
Club kids on his phone
Couldn’t leave them alone
Some people are strange
They called him a ponce
The price of less is more
Now he looks like a nonce

Roger Melly
The man on the tele
Turned a strange colour
Bit of an off hue
Caught in the drag net
Make sure it’s not you
Tits out for the lads?
Rattled keys the only Screw
Another teen dirt bag?
Flat chested reprisals
He’s a pervert it’s true

Billy Jean King

Billy Jean King
The Centre Court Queen
Smashing glass ceiling
Living up to the dream

There's none could defeat
The strength of her heart
Dancing trainers on feet
Champion from the start

She could take them with a double
Mixed or gently stirred
Establishment troubles
Still undeterred

An eye on the ladies
Raising her game
Never said maybe
Now things don't look the same

Women in sport
Never giving up the fight
Pioneer to the court
Trophies in the spotlight

Billy Jean King
They all want to be her like
Has anyone licked her?
Proved that girls do it better
Their serve out of sight


The clamouring voices
Standing out from the crowd
The Honours gift service
Mercy to them allowed

The Sceptre and Sword
With Elisabeths name
The King gives his word
For clemement reign

Stone of Destiny
The sacred Foundation
To gift from The Throne
Mantel of the Nation

Blessings upon them
To see and understand
A Kingdom to claim
Lending a hand
Order of The Thistle
Declaring one land

A vision for this day
Golden light for the poor
Poems of love
Heavens open doors
Bird song of the spirit
Natural law

The Crown raised up
A steadying force
Protector of creation
Setting our sights on course

The road may look long
Majesty looking on
Praise them that guard
Waters of flowing tears
To quench the thirst
Of the parched earth
Give them the wisdom
To grant all their worth


A concrete jungle
Alienation of every street
Cracked paving stones
For sore and weary feet
No smiles from passing strangers
No handshakes which to greet

The unbearable unknowing
Tomorrow will be just the same
There are those who point fingers
The homeless persons blame
When will their trials be over?
No way it seems to win the game

Government dirty plaster
Paper over all those cracks
But somehow sincerity
Seems to forever lack
Hidden from society
In plain sight on their back
Huddled in the shadows
A modern curse that is the facts

A friendly smile is magic
But the story's tragic
Going around in circles
Lost in systems
That seem to fail
Cogs of the machine
A familiar tale
Wave a magic wand?
Ships of the night that set sail?
Blood between the toes
Warn of a coffin nail


Some like their yogurt greek
But I prefer mine peach melba
Spooned betwixt the cheeks
Tastes as good as they tell ya

I love to lick it out
I could flip you the lid
You could clean the top off
And taste it with your lips

Fresh from the carton
Dipping strawberries in
You could play a part on
This fantasy of sin

Some say it's creamy silk
Like the bow tied at her wrists
Red colour of the passions
Tongue tasting where it drips

I like to drink it in
Sucking into the mouth
Tasting the ripe flesh
Fresh fruit from the south

Perhaps too much pollen
Describing the petals of her flower
The nectar I adore
Behind the bedroom door
She could share some with the maid
Sweet yogurt ever more

Marylyn Monroe?

Catch a falling star
Studio system celluloid
Luminaries of the silver screen
Rags to riches
Dreams of Disneyland

For every superstar
A million in acting school
Pyramid big business
Selling kids some hope
Promise of opportunity
Someone can exploit

The human journey
To become the best that we can be
But it seems naive
Bring us back to reality
The yellow brick road
Strewn with scarcity

Is their anybody there
To listen to our prayers?
The real world is not a heaven
Finding here on earth
No signs of utopia

Miracles and magic spells
Mystic formula
The good don't get what they deserve
and neither do the bad
It doesn't matter how hard you work
The ending's often sad

Seeking for an ethic
To raise the common man
Every star within the night sky
Shining brightly
Actualised and self fulfilled
So much wasted potential
Left out in the cold

The credits to the film roll
Wide eyed children's story
The matinee double bill
Do you remember when you believed
You'd be Marylyn Monroe?

The Bum Deal

His brother said it's family fun
NowPhillip Schofields time has run
It's for real
How's it feel?
Could it all be
The Bum Deal?

New game show
On channel 4
Guess the age
Through a hole
The silver fox
Has a new role
Call his agent
The Bum Deal

People are still having sex
Poor Phillip only had a shag
I've seen worse things in glossy mags
Handbags at dawn
Were they in drag?
Are there any gay men
On TV?
It's on Fox News
They'll say it's fags

Davina could cohost the show
Commentary blow for blow
Shapely buttocks
That's how it goes
Cop a feel
It's for real
Welcome to the show
The Bum Deal

Save his career
Or is the end of the show near?
The Village People
Singing in our ears
'Young Man...'
The Bum Deal
Approached from the rear
Guess the age
Just how's it feel?
If he feels mine
I'd shag his wife
I guess that's just life
Is it fo real?
The Bum Deal!

Counterfeit People

Questioning the foundations
Of what it means to be
Hardwired information
Makes up materiality

Through doorways of perception
A picture forms of the world
Deep fake misinformation
Removes the stepping stones

Left unsure, unknowing
There’s meaning in the truth
But there are those that promise miracles
Without any proof

The mannequin
An avatar
I want you warts and all
Deception may be fleeting
A mask that comes to fall
Counterfeit people
Doppelgängers on the screen

Intelligent machines
Systems that outplay each move
Consciousness the board
On which we place each piece
But they can predict
The patterns of our thought
Loss of agency
Illusions that we’re taught

So the truth is dear
Our right to know the facts
Faked news from algorithms
An abuse, that lacks firm ground
Motivation with a hook
They sell it pound for pound

Questions come to mind
Unsure of what we’ll find
No singularity likely
No general intelligence
But these expert systems
Can of course direct

Lowering consciousness
A techno holocaust
How can we learn from
The past we could forget ?
Rise of the machines
A technology we may regret


Claimed prejudiced
With fork for a tongue
Shifting sands
The canvas paint
Has the race really been run?

Starter for 6
The pistol fires
Moving into lane
Trying to outdo them all
Resources unequal

So they tar and feather
Rumours spread
You’d think no one ever lies
Narratives they spin in jest
Overwhelmed in a war of words

Images that haunt me now
Chains within the mind
Cell blocks frame
The mugshot there
Finger prints that they record
Free speech that offends
They’ll find a crime to fit with that

They’re rewriting history
The real criminals all get away
Fall guys where they pull the rug
Set ups in the holy name
Some may think that it’s just,
Promoting fundamental games

The finish line
The champions
Medals on a pedestal
Don’t forget those they left behind
Stories that mislead
Heads on which they tread

Change in the face
What have they read?
A love that’s not quite dead
It’s not an ending
That I’d choose
No happy ever afters
When you win
You sometimes really lose


Seeking in our suffering
To transcend it all
But there is no path to follow
Nothing to the call
Consciousness is now
No need to face blank walls

The practice like a weight
That hangs around the neck
Losing your head
The self that you forget
In the concentration
Just what do you not get?

Giving up the search
For the time is now
No need to contemplate
The why’s or the how’s
There’s nothing to attain
No master to which to Bow

The misunderstanding
I hope it’s understood
Enlightenments not a thing
Kindness focused on the good
There can be no arrival
Upon an empty endless road
Focused as you walk
There are those who only talk
There’s really nothing there to find
To be free in mind


We are going to resolve this situation
By not dealing with it
Phone a helpline
All intelligence is gathered
In complete confidence
We can deny everything
No one can be held to account
Tune into the tele tubby
Do not adjust your screens
Synchronise the headlines
Do not amend your watch
The walls have ears
They like ears
It’s all just conspiracy
Society is fair and just
Remember Eisenhower
Who are we?
Isolate the subject
Pretend it’s politic
We are going to resolve this conflict
By denial of accountability
Friend or foe?
Who knew?


Counter extremism
Is it in my head?
The way it’s looking
Government lies ain’t dead

Croissants and coffee
Seems that’s the deal
I’m not delusional
Fires that are real

Recollections past
Civil outrage
Turning a new page

Put out to pasture
I choose my words
Polish the armour
Clean the swords

Early retirement
Disabled so they say
They filter misinformation
Theirs is not my way
I look back at my shadow
Destruction has his bright day

I dust off my boots
Perhaps go for a walk
You see all the terror
Was someone else’s talk
Framed as an enemy
Issue politic
There are big nobs afraid of it
The memories make me sick


Leaves that float on free
Whispers of the morning breeze
Thoughts moving on by
Within a tranquil scene

Goals set to achieve
Strive for liberty
But within the mind at peace
Drinking of waters clear

Ripples upon the lake
Breathing fresh and cool
Washing of the face
Cleansing yesterdays

The leafed canopy
Like a parasol
Shade to rest within
Contemplate the light

The mirror clearly seen
Feeding on the rhyme
Receptive to suggestions
Awakening to time

The morning it’s routine
Some may think guided to the sublime
But questions that arise
Conditioning of the mind
Psychic self defence
Auto suggestion undermine

Free Curry?

All is one
I hear them say
Universal spirit
Sell us their ways

Unity with the all
Another workshop
The fee looking tall
Enlightening pockets
The guru calls

There’s only one of me
Like no one else
We are not the same
This racket’s some kind of game
You may want your money back
Your karma you might blame

Depends on perspective
Your point of view
The sun is light
Radiating truth
But from sky of night
Earthbound we need proof

I don’t believe
In a universal mind
Within each separate consciousness
Uniqueness find

We may not all agree
Caste systems untouchables
What do you see?
Oppression made possible

Strive to meditate
Upon Vedanta
Conservative rituals
Do beggars get up late?
Last time I looked
There’s more than a few in Bombay
I ordered a curry
‘Free’ love so they say
But all this selfless service
Could mean a paupers fate


They’re an enlightened being
It says it on their business card
In your pocket guru
See the truth, it isn’t hard

Phone them on the prayer line
It’s premium rate you see
The promises of heaven
Wake up to reality

Selling salvation
Like debt to the credit card
A Television preacher
Prime time where they star

They’ve a direct line to god
Higher powers aren’t toll free
Contemplate your navel
Their rates are never free

Donate to a good cause
Blessings of charity
You see they take a cut
Big business for spirituality

They’ll say that you’re a cynic
If you don’t pay for their next political campaign
Beggars with a golden bowl
The poor left out in the rain



Suella dearest

Braver man than I
Gripped her gear stick
With the state of immigration
Said they’re set to fly
Thinks she’s got it covered
Refugees left to cry
But there’s been complaints
At a fish called Rwanda
Away day
No returns
Says it’s just the ticket
We’re left to wonder why

The need for speed
You’d think that on her salary
She could afford coke
You know that cheap thrills
Are nobodies joke
High heel on the accelerator
Was she listening
To good vibrations
As she jumped another light?
You know that women drivers
Could give the cops a fright
I could check her oil
Whilst she’s leaning to the right

I wonder what she’s keeping
Hidden from us all?
Some say that in her handbag
Are furry hand cuffs
Love eggs, vibrating balls
Perhaps a thought for Charlie
Spit and polish for the orb
She likes to stay on top
The golden sceptre up her skirt
Perhaps a little three way
Non doms like to flirt

So it seems she slipped the net
And Got clean away Despite having knickers down
It’s anybody’s bet
Why the boys in blue
Are turning a blind eye
At least it’s not a car crash
Silly buggers for live and let die
Perhaps she’d like to send me to Australia
For suggesting the system is all lies


You say the jokes on me
But I’m not the one laughing
As they analyse what I pen
Bring round the same old faces once again

Plants and conspiracy
Never reaching any end
So many tag teams
That I never knew a real friend

Their claims to freedom
As they slept with my girls
Facades of religion
As the story unfurls

Bitter to the gut
No one there for support
When I look back
Lost in the shuffle

Every breathe that I took
Watched by directors
Abusers from childhood
In on grand designs

The games played as kids
Looking unfair
Older boys in on inquiry
That just led nowhere
They let them abuse me
No one ever who cared
Am I really their blind?
Not one of their kind


‘Toxic’ is a word they use
Vilify the other
No room for free thought
The ‘peoples community’
The insides out
Pedestal for ideology
Rigidly taught

A dangerous idea
The questioners
Critical thinking
Words of experience
A refugee to their creed

Whips on tongues
Excluded divergence
No differences allowed
Their black and white
If it’s not in their book
It can’t be right
Bonfire of the vanities
Engulfing our books

The party line
Never mind
That the promises are just lies
A jack boot stamping
On a human face
They say they’re the winners
Like masters of the human race
‘Chosen People’
Keep up the pace
A vision for you
A miserable disgrace

Hysteria bred from fantasy
All else that’s said
Mere conspiracy
Uphold one truth
That’s what they say they speak
Transmit the message
Don’t carry humanity
The error clear
No bridge to normal living
Their ends it seems
Just like the beginning

Blacklist us all
For stinking thinking
Atheism claimed insanity
Social exclusion through gossip
To force us to our knees
reinhold niebuhr
Hoodwink engineering
Serenity is freedom?
Look at the long form of their prayer
Open minded?
Free to chose?
It must be ‘spiritual’
Do they seek social cleansing?
I must be the ‘disease’


You assume there’s guilt
There’s nothing on my conscience
No unfinished business
No stone that’s left unturned

A conscious life
Fully examined
Nothing that’s unsaid
No regrets left in my head

People projecting fears
Losing their own way
Seeking someone to blame
Divorced from themselves

To find a happy death
Laughing at my own demise
Nothing left to do
Not much anxiety to disguise
The clear side of the fence
I’ve washed the laundry list
No apology to give
Just so, the way it is

I remain myself
No one to kiss up to
Secure in my reality
You see, I told it true


Different sides of the river
Wave from the far bank
Never welcomed as friends
Who would offer thanks?

Miscast and misused
In the secrecy
I call it abuse
Led up garden paths
Location one
Guess I’ve got to laugh

A burned oak tree it’s ashes
Directed from the start
How my abusers
Had no gifts from the heart

Put out to pasture
Who rings the change?
Unstack the chairs
The stage rearrange
Word games are played
Signal to the wings
Observed as I speak
To their team just a thing
They think I am blind
As they work on a sting

Double dealing
Deep pockets
Put it in the bank
I let you string me along
Brief joy in the time
The past’s not coming back
A hope that it would seem to lack
One day life will be over
Absurd, that’s the facts

A Maze

A good experience?
Is that what it was meant to be?
Class conflict prejudice
It’s no further that I see

Rewrite the narrative?
The facts remain the same
Cold shoulder for rebellion
They’ve already played that game

Lost in a labyrinth
Thrown into their maze
Bright eyes growing dim
Illusions to the gaze
Deception in the role
A smile that they fake
The grand facade
All they seem to do is take

Do you think my tongue can kill?
It’s been this way for years
All I hear is the lies of a script
To redirect my tears
I’ve met with Shams before
It just confirmed my fears

So the story’s just the same
You tell me that I’ve been burned
Sing another solo now
Nothing new that I have learned

Men at work

Builders bums
Hairy cracks
Sweaty ballocks
In their sacks

Two men at work
In hard hats
Bring helmets together
They may look like tits
That’s a fact

Like a newtons cradle
When balls collide
Some like to swing
A bumpy ride
Pneumatic drills
On the side
They say cheap thrills
Are best to hide

Digging in the dirt
Man holes under covers
Crack a lager
Lament lost lovers
Huddled together
A band of brothers

Curley straws
Which they clutch
Reminds of the hairs
Atop her crutch
Crumpled tissues
For a rose
Recollect how she looked
Without her clothes

Real men work all day
In their hard hats
From wallets fat
Recall the car keys in the bowl
Hearts that yearned to fill new holes
You know life really is a bitch
When all you’re left with
Is ball bags that itch


A distorted mirror
Through another’s eyes
Hidden agenda
Do you think they could not lie?

Role reversal
Betrayal in their words
Spread false witness
Rumours that they heard

A still centre
The minds calm pool
Fresh spring water
Refreshing, cool

The intrusion
Fears they project
With a boundary
The heart protect

Seek to define
Worship ideology
Of one mind

I’m not divided
I know my own thoughts
I am experienced
Beyond falsehoods that they’re taught
I don’t have their problems
Or the guilt they’ve bought

The sun is warm upon my skin
Freedom from bondage
Abusive kin

Coercion and controls
To make me conform
I name the systems
of oppression
Others to warn

They told tall tales
The truth they scorn
Look at the circumstances
In which I was born

Social hackers
In a grapevine
Collude with perps
To redefine

Of one spirit
Masks they wear
Perhaps a bribe
Company hard to bear

That’s the past
Labels that wore out
I hear forked tongues
Saying what I’m all about
Faith in belief
Justifying any grief
Negate with contradiction?
Do I exist?

Hear their platitudes
Of live and live
One thing is sure
I’ll never forgive
Cult mentality
With nothing to give
Say live and let die
Never submit

I play no part
Follow my dreams
The detractors
Forming their tag teams
Trying to reframe
I know their game
Bad religion
Cry sin with shame
It’s me they want
To be the one to blame

Coronation Chicken

Double dipping
Finger licking
Saliva dripping
Coronation chicken
Tip of the tongue
Not egg foo young

Who’s on top
The pennies dropped
Watch your back
I’ve not forgot
Heads or tails
Leave no trail
What do I want?
That’s right, the lot

Are they hot dogging?
Lips are chomping
Find the lady in your lap
A three card trick
Playing at old maid
Beware a raid
Put them in a bap
Bread roll or gangster wraps

Double dipped
Their stockings ripped
In their grip
It’s no drag strip
Perhaps the angel rude
With two tone gratitude

Making a friend
Passion never ends
More chemistry
Than the pharmacy
But then again
Try it round the bend

A French letter
Soirée for three
Someone bet her
On multi utility
The eggs have hatched
Pee King duck?
Don’t take the piss
Those chickens clucking
See those chicks
Which ones for…


King pawns that they’ve sacrificed
Leaving an open board
A black knight positioned
Flanked territory forked
The white rook is taken
Playing for both sides

The bishop is depressed
With the rank and file
Spin and surrealists
Want you to walk an extra mile
Laugh at the sally
With a little smile

The fool to the royal court
Recall the tarot card
Blind to the folly
Ignoring the fall
The dog keeps on barking

Still I’m standing tall
Green man for mask
Usurpers to their bane

Intruding on thought
Meditation for a silent mind
Whips that they’re showing
But I am not of their kind
Controls and coercion
Blinkers for the blind

Face another morning
Performing a routine
Pointing their fingers
But I’m already clean
Hooks they’d sink in
To try to halt the flow
Two faced tweedle dumb
They already painted roses red
A looking glass war
Crowning has its thorns

White cliffs recalling
A tightrope at my feet
Steady as you go
Prescient to their threat of defeat
I’ve seen it all before
Until at last we meet
Anxiety is natural
With the other that we greet


The pattern of thought
Where architects lay foundations
Encompassing the world
The centre onyx roundel

He sits above the earth
Before the great altar
On throne to pledge the oath
To serve both high and lowly
Anointed by archbishop
With oil that is holy

The four elements
Upon the ground
Forming the mosaic
Quincux in orbit
The macrocosm at his feet
Encompassing the universe
Four quarters square the circle

In the sacred robes
Declared one King and true
Cosmati stones to tread
Purple porphyry
Serpentine the green
Set within dark limestone gold
Purbeck marble
Supports steps to the throne

This great world in which we live
To count the span of days
The lives that we all live
Triune in their ways
The hedge reaches out for three
The dog days of the nine
The horse 27 to its canter
The man that walks for 81
The whale that roams the seas
Sings out across the firmament

The primum mobile
That outlasts
Each and every one
Joined in spirit to unite
This land beneath the crown
Raise up the sacred man
Microcosm of the kingdom
Humble as the carpenter
Power to the glory

Italian masons laid this path
Where the man is led
To ascend unto the heavens
Crowning the royal head
Thoughts expanding
In the pattern
The end as the beginning
To reach beyond, above
Unto the all
The cross by archbishops hand
In service to the land
As above
So too below
Where the blessing goes
Tears of the dove
Love claimed from up above


I fell in love
Not the casual kind
More of what comes along
Only a couple of times
In a lifetime
Fathoms deep

It wasn’t the way I’d of wanted it
Not written like a script
Both comedy and tragedy
Still it made my heart soar on high
Broken wings
Surely for them healed

I see too late
The cruel twist of fate
Things will never be the same
Like a lady bird
That flew into my room
Purely by chance
A sentiment that can’t escape
A hope I could not fake

So the players play
The set rearranged
Left with a feeling strange
I cannot change the circumstance
The way the cards were dealt

So I dare not say
What I truly feel
Lest emotions run away
Rather keep things just as they are
Than abandoning the dream
I know they see it clearly
As I bid farewell
Till again we meet
And my heart skips in its beat


Four shades, one extreme
Got to make certain
That your thoughts are clean
Excluded by a rumour
Filter contradiction
Through political party teams

Not one of us
Until you’ve had enough
No outreach
You’re going to have to bluff
Become a label
And then they may include
Another one of the club
Grateful in a role
But wait a minute
Remember the time that you were rude?

Adjust me
New era attitude
At least I’m fed
There’s not much gratitude
For someone else’s greed
Pathways from the architects
It’s you your country doesn’t need
Yes, they’re abusive to us
Outsiders in shop doorways
It’s us they leave to bleed

In the all together
The emperor his new clothes
Just one of the people
Public relations looking good
Loyal or disloyal?
Human beings in between

Groom a few token gestures
Pretend it’s not about class
A handful of duped school children
So their memory lasts
Making us all mugs
Be sure to instil
Service unto god
Army dreamers
Out there on the road
Up at the Hall
They’re all serving the great Toad


The loyal serf
A beggars bowl for a dream
For all the records clean
injustice fans the flames
Of rage against the machine

Left without abode
Hard shoulder of the road
Whispers in the ear
Say hold to what is dear
All they're offering us is prayers
The compassionate?
Just where?
The god fearing to their lies
Show faith?
What reason why?

The privilage clearly seen
Divorced from our reality
Never had to steal
To get their next meal
They want our fealty?
Allegiance to some figure on the TV

How was my life under the last?
Respect seems to be in the past
Kissing up to the rich gentry
Life's a bitch
What real help where they sent me?

So I show two fingers to it all
Rebel till the curtain call
They're no more special than you or I
Long suffered lives
Too short we die
I guess I feel a little sad
At pomp and circumstance gone mad

Palm Oil

The Orthodox position
To anoint with
Olive oil
You know She’s always greek
A little rub
Won’t disappoint
Backs against the wall

Cost of living crisis
Ever on our minds
Perhaps afford a little flag
There are those who may protest
Say the coronation’s
Just a drag
But we remain the loyal
For all the tongues that wag

Can’t afford much celebration
It’s been that way for years
The new Queen
Gives a hand to Charlie
Our pride shown with a tear

Extra virgin oil
May seem beyond the reach
But there’s always palm oil plantations
Don’t forget the Green Man
Climate protesters teach
I guess we’ll have to palm some
Shop lifting?
Please don’t preach

The king will get his little rub
Palm oil for the royal hand
He offers himself up to god
In the throne room
With Sky Pilots
Reminds us of Palm Sunday
Self sacrifice for the land

So don’t forget the price of extra virgin
Palm oil will have to do
Camilla keeps it in her handbag
To anoint Charlie in the Loo
We all could use a royal hand
Blessings of the land


Hidden knowledge
The underside of the boat
Created by the shipwright
To keep us all afloat

Only a white feather
Floats freely in the rain
Atop the puddle
Hidden shallows to tame

The fathoms deep
Of our thought
Not all it seems
Not all’s true that’s taught

The sea seems passive
When we set course
But a change of the wind
The storm it’s force

Lost it seems
So many lives
To angry waves
Sailors widowed wives

Standing tall upon the deck
Adventure calls
Beware the rocks
Waters strong
To consume us all
For knowledge thirst
There is no fall

Swans of the sea
That set sail
Free passage find
Their journey cannot fail
Three feathers raised
Atop the mast
To bear the weight
One with it all
The call of fate
Future and the past


An open prison
In which we live
The organised crime lords
Say live and let live
Stealing your life force
You’ll just have to forgive

Controls are subtle
Some things go unseen
The highest bidder
Directs the team
Sunday best
Make sure your socks are clean

Secret police
Those brung in
Informants all
Inquisition begins
Are you a free man?
Liberty to sin?

The Tower of Babel
Or a house of cards?
Check your credit score
Truth swallowed hard
Songs of experience
The anonymous bard

Keep your cell clean
Polish your chains
TV dinners
On the brain
All that control
Are you insane?

The guards are crooks
The saints all sinners
Don’t tell the kids
Sentences beginning
Crime and punishment on the rise
They yank your chain
No real justice
The Lady is a whore
Is that a surprise ?

The body electric

An electric neon
Aurora borealis sky
Can’t see the wires
Control till we die

Algorithms feeding
On all we do
Deep fakes fools

Filtered information
From the hive
Comforts of madness
Voyeurs hardly alive

Down the rabbit hole
Try to free your mind
Theocratic chains
Fundamental kinds
Thought police
To the thumb screws blind

Inside the matrix
What will burst your bubble?
Ego trips of self reference
The body double
Hooks they bait
Get you in trouble

Judge and jury
In my head
Stripped of humanity
The living dead
Follow my leader
They dub what they said
The priest like a doctor
Prescribes where you’re led
Computer programs
By which you’re fed

I sing the body electric
Cultural clues
The trail eclectic
What will they command
That you do?
Lives impoverished
By shock of the new
You can decide
I hear it too
It’s not spiritual
It’s just in and out
Seek your own humanitas
What life’s all about


The modern day masters
Who would make us slaves
Conditioned to submission
Obey, behave!

Thumb screw confessions
Augustine in a tenement block
Be sure that modern day sins
Are designed to shock

They tell us be human
Ways of the flesh
The twisting of knives
Lives they enmesh

Beware the technology
It’s not all in your head
Auto suggestions
Don’t you hear? We’re fed

The rise of AI
It’s been this way for years
Subliminal messages
There’s no big reveal
Try not to obsess
How do you feel?

A singularity
Promise to be free
The present moment
Is it enough just to be?
What will the day bring?
Just wait and see

Zarathustra? Again

Mussolini burned the library
A purge of the humanities
Declaring his one vision
A load of Papal bull
Machiavellian plot
To dominate us all
Imprisoning the scholars
The cells were getting full

Scribes of Charlemagne
In a holy war
Editing the Greeks
The Latin on the rise
Gutenberg his Bible
To dominate the bibliotheca
Research grants for those
That bow towards the heavenly throne

Reflect on The Name of the Rose
Poison to the pen
Assassins in monks robes
The Classics to suppress
All that heresiology
To tarnish humanists

Atheism declared the enemy
The People of the Lie
How corporate hermeneutics
Translate every text
Beware contextual filters
With the rise of intelligent machines

War of words
Just like the feminist
A witch hunt on ideals
That break with the genealogy of morals
Chains of orthodoxy
A blight on liberal values
The Tower of Babel
What the cost of the Pentecost effect?

Illuminated texts
Dogma carved in stone
That keeps the people down
With mind forged manacles
Declare false prophets all
Those deplatformed as ‘insane’
Once again
They always shoot the messenger
Those at liberty they blame
The moral minority
A crusade that they have claimed

Lived experience

Like a colonialist
The psychiatrist
Denying lived experience
The inferior object
Interpretations of the self
Labels to Depersonalise
An empire of bedlam

No subjective validity
Claimed maladaptive
Social conflict to ignore
Categorised to rob of form
The slave that they claim psychotic
For struggling at chained norms

No social criticism
Not the wronged
But the wrong
Robbing the passion
The Fire in the eyes
That confronts them with their lies

Sanitised existence
With a chemical cosh
Never forget
Who is the big boss
Commodified existence
The worker they define

A manual full of diagnosis
To keep human beings down
Reframed as defective
Abnormal to be scorned

Social engineering
Automaton mechanical
Concealing what is the lived
Reality to which we’re born


Prejudice I hear you now
Judgement all along
Cast by expectations
Presumptions you project
That if you really knew me
Would prove to be so wrong

Difference that defines
Yet perhaps too much for you
Exclusion not acceptance
The walls you build are not forgot

I feel the anger rising
The struggle to be heard
A longing for connection
Satisfaction that’s deferred

The roots that run so deep
A story incomplete
Not so much of the bigger picture
With those seeking to compete
Yet green leaves canopy
A new dawn spring to greet

Us and them
The other
That left us with no-one
Held forever at a distance
Growing old as we begun
There are scars unseen
From days when I was young
Functionalist perspectives
Never owning the pain
Denial and abandonment
That leaves tears to the rain
Somehow ever broken are the wholesome and complete
Rising to heal in song
The weak with voices strong
There’s those superior in perfection
I guess they get my wounds quite wrong
Perfectly imperfect
This emptiness felt all along


The unbeliever
Knows more clear the words of god
Knowing them
In knowing not
As drunk upon the vine
The books divine
Clouds flee the mind
Unknowing, blind
Forever witness
Against their kind
The devils advocate
Declaration’s signed
Belly dancers
Revealing clothes
That adorn the female form
A hope forlorn
In knowledge of her beauty
Yet merry at her style
Profanity that dare not defile
The altar of her chamber
In this there’s no denial
On a woman’s hips
Where we linger but awhile
Fever to the lip
A mercy from them drips
Knowing only of her drink
So reverent to sip
Upon her breasts
For pillows
So gentle to find slumber
Our days forever numbered
Exquisite pain laid bare
Fingers tentatively reaching
To stroke perhaps for one last time
At her flowing hair


Meaningless lives
No answer’s given
Find our own road
Down which we’re driven

Looking for signs
The journey time
Know what you don’t know
A question strung in rhyme

Some see things not there
Believe they’re called
Looking for anagrams
Graffiti sonnets on a wall

Number plate Kabbalah
Projecting self reference
Free associated
Their story’s tall
Some say they’ve a map
That they know it all

The mind has a tendency
To construct a narative
To make sense of it all
The noetic task
Pick yourself up from the fall

No meaning’s given
Create one for yourself
Through the projects you enact
In this find wealth
Look for what makes you happy
For the freedom of your health

Little Hitlers

They want to wipe
That smile right off your face
Pull your socks up
Put you in your place

The right height
I heard them say
Truth is told
They get in the way

What’s the hymn sheet from which they sing?
Tie your own shoe strings
Your own journey tell
One life, so live it well

To be the author
Of our own lives
Not following a script
At your back they’re sharpening their knives

What day was I born?
When did I cut my teeth?
Never been convinced
By those of belief
Childish tales
They hide beneath

So I’ll find my own way
No journey home
Enjoy the scenery
Where e’er I roam

The fates aren’t written
In the stars
The ball of string unravels
This journey’s far

Football Hero

A footballer on the television
Trophy wife , sells us his vision
Surrender hearts to one god
When after all, you’ve nothing left to lose
The ball is on the spot
Sold on an open goal?

Socio political lack
Poverty, not just of spirit
Facing up to facts
Wasted by economic plight

Golden opportunity
I don’t see any real opening
Illusions haunt fragile minds
The truth nowhere to find

PR smiles to court the faithful
Worshipping the tweet
A deluded following
We all need a hero
Paying publicists to word their next declaration
Political sacred cows
Warring foreign shores
Just what’s their answer now?

Be sure to activate
Your prayer capsule
Take the red pill
If you dare
A dark mirror
Gives us all a scare
They’ve contracts worth millions
A new masseuse every day
Or two!
But everyone knows they’re ‘a good bloke’,
Do you think they really care?


I was a human being
Just like you
With awe and wonder
At the new
Invading the smart home
Confused by their surveillance
Pushing filtered news
Waiting for the chop
Confessions wrong
Illegal monitoring by bent cops

You didn’t seem to care
For my rights
Kept us facing off against each other
Obscuring greater fights
Divide and conquer was the rule
Stratification just like the schools

You didn’t care
When I was out on my own
Left on the side walk
No place for a home
You tried to rob me in the street
Middle classed kids
Turning up the heat
All I had to show for it
Was my bleeding feet

I took to the tree line
It was safer there
Memories of lost love
Hard to bear
The rich kids looked on
Pointed as they stared
Made up stories
Of why I was without lair
Some outcast monster
The truth? Life’s not fair

So now I wake up in the night
Memory of lost days
Suffered in plain sight
They make out that I’m just some kind of skiver
For all my pains
A sole survivor
Those nights I sat out in the rain
The snow and ice
When frost bite came
Do you envy me my warm coat?
Or the fine poetry I’ve wrote?

Self Worth

Special and different
We are all unique
Just what’s that worth?
The truth to speak
Move heaven and earth
Freedom to seek
Our right since birth

Some will try to put you down
But they’re just like vampires
What goes around
Will come back around
Stand for your rights
Forever proud
Never submit
To being disallowed

Work all day
Kiss up to the boss
Is that your creed?
To be a dead loss
Rise up to claim what is truly yours
No glass ceiling
No closed doors

The differences
Are what make up you
Show your own style
In all you do
No slave to profits
Others make off you
Equal in value
Self worth, so true

Some make out
That they’re all that
Do you only serve
The fat cats?
Those bosses need a wake up call
Profit shares
The tide is turning
A just cause unites us all

Stand up, be counted
Against abuse
Old world systems
Dictate, just what’s the use
Time to show new ways to elitists
Cry freedom with raised fist
What are we all worth?
Give us the list
Fulfilled with self esteem
No more shame faced
The winning team


Remembrance of things past
Lips that sing their song
Reflections on the breath
An inner spark takes flame

Blown into being
A soul fuel that alights
Warmth within the heart
On thermals soar in flight

Melancholic for the bondage
The struggle to be free
A labourer their days
The workings of dark mills

Hope that comes
Like whispers
Chanting gratitude
Focus of the spirit
That finds at last release
Breaking of the chains
That restrict our liberty

Waiting on the weekend
To be free of toil
Counting our small mercies
Those seeds planted in the soil
What may come yet to fruition
Potential in our spoils


Life’s a beach
Sand between our toes
It’s getting hot
Why not lose some clothes?

The surf is breaking
Along the shore
Horse tail waves
One thing for sure

How I long to walk with you
Hold your hand
Just talk to you
Take you in the dunes
To seek heart beats in tune

There are sharks
So beware
But also dolphins
That sing to each other
Remain aware

How I dream
To stroke your hair
Free grains of sand
That have caught there

Footprints where we wander now
In my hope I’d tell you how
I long to hold you ever more
To the dance, an encore


To drown the self
In the sea of possibility
Overwhelming choice
Left washed up on the beach

The I that I know
Sat at the oars
Setting the boat on course
To head out to sea
Or return to the land

If every beam
Were replaced at the prow
Drift wood to undertow
New boards which to tread
Flotsam of the mind

If master and commander
That heads into the waves
Then rudder guiding on
Towards uncharted realms

To replace every part
Made all anew
Still the craft moves onward
Into the surf to sail
There is no journey
No journeyman
Just the salt waters
That wash against the beach

Toy Soldiers

An unknown country
Whispers of betrayal
Suffering for art
Sometimes words will fail
Children with a talking stick
That each Storyteller grips
A tale to each and every trick
Beware the bluff
Could leave you sick

What could this become?
Modality run
Transformation just like an automaton
A boy of wood
Or wicker man?
Words are changed
Context fires fan

The flames engulf
Burning to ashes work
A ward of court?
Or a deception
Making off with last will
And testament
The magpie laughs
The tricksters flight

Toy soldiers tin
Aiming the tank
To level the field
Matchsticks fired against the ranks
The conflict there is clear to see
Recall tortured face
Pained reality

I dream of Blood Eagle
To restore
The wounded manhood
That crimson stick
I know the score
Myths you wove
About my name
I never could win
Played by your game
The Doctor smiles
Concealing crimes
A cover up
Twisting my rhyme
I bandaged my wounds
Yet they do not heal with time


Coming to rest
Experience stillness
Gaps between thoughts
Embrace emptiness

Like a drop of water
To a silent pool
Concentric circles
Ripples of mind

The breeze in the grass
Billowing leaves
Letting go to the rhythm
Of every gust

A ray of light
That breaks through the curtain
Awakening from dream
A breath that is certain

Mindful now
Becoming the moment
Settling down
What it is just to be

Morning meditation
Start with a routine
Focused attention
Clearing the thoughts
Oh, to find silence
Free of what’s taught


To clarify reality
A dance spontaneous
In step with the other
Recognising humanity

Those in dialogue
Creating synergy
Embracing interpersonal

The human condition
Imaginations soul
Spirit of creativity
Spectators see only a role

Narration of experience
The partial of the whole
A singular perspective
Facets that are told

A brief encounter
Present to the moment
Language rich in image
The therapeutic arts

Under the eye glass
Just what do we see?
Clarity of vision
In what it means to be


I didn’t ask to be here
I didn’t want to be here
A bit of a disappointment
Not all it’s cracked up to be

Some struggle every day
Just to find a way
Look for chance meaning
Purpose through all the dreaming
But no answer is given
Why we came to be

Small changes
Build upon themselves
Every passing week
Slowly expand
Just a pity
Few people lend a hand

Being and becoming
Ultimately futile
We’re all going to die
In our own style
Getting shorter all the while
Try to make life true

Not much opportunity
Be thankful for each hour
Freedom from will do
What little liberty we knew
It can wait until tomorrow
But death says no

So it’s disappointing news
For all I knew
Pointless conflicts
Whilst the aim is true
I didn’t ask for this
One day I’ll be through
Stop to think about it
Are you disappointed too?

Burning books

They don’t burn the Zohar anymore
Algorithms creating bias
Contextual change
Presenting one vision
But they don’t burn books anymore

Audible misquoting
Filters rewriting
The occasional self reference
Narcissus looks into the mirror
A treasure house of images
No longer dependent on the university press
Beware the skew
The new translations

AI can transform
Your world view
As YouTube pushes
Deep faked news
In the eye of the beholder
The search for truth

Politics and commercial success
Motivating the change
Semi hallucinatory terrain
Mud thrown at a name
You’re on the wrong side
Positions academics substantiate

Buy a book from Amazon
It could be a prison edition
Printed to order
Through technological controls
Watching a lecture
That promotes an enemy view
Pluralism lost
The shock of the new
Dominating perception
Yet verbal traditions still withstanding
Through Sephir Yetzirah
They don’t burn books anymore


Life doesn’t owe you a meaning
Purpose to create
Knowledge forever seeking
Not resigned to any fate
Half the world seem to be dreaming
Playing for time to be free to think

The world is just the way it is
We may not find comfort
Weigh up the risks
Nonsense verses of piety
No panacea , ain’t that a pity
Intuition ?
Serendipity ?

Facing the enemy with a touch of charm
Somehow staying free of harm
There’s real danger in the powers
Expendable to those that pull the strings
Doubt everything that you think you know
A way that scepticisms road will show

Conflict’s raging all around
Another war but the same fight
Liberty from tyranny
The light of understanding see
The UN playing on the blind
Not much you can do to ease your mind
Switch off the TV
Printed word to find

Struggling as an infant in unsafe arms
Tears shed in fear
Only pacifiers calm
They say to defy is not allowed
Strain against the swaddling cloth
There are many who will scoff
Think on the lives of they that bow
The chosen few
Mere pantomime

To seek and find forever lacking
The certainty the mind may crave
They’ve Bedlams shackles for freedoms dance
When you see it take the chance
A tautology within creativity
Creating our own meaning
Rising each day
With rebel yell
Paradox within absurdity
What’s the point?
There’s a lot of ambiguity
What’s the alternative?
A tyrants hell?

Queen Tranny Fanny

Queen Tranny Fanny
Like Tom, Dick and Harry
With the cost of living
What’s the price of coal?
Prisoners of war
In a dirty hole
Big ears and Noddy
Lionesses score those goals
When they’re sat on the throne
It’s a royal role

We’re all writing poetry
To mark coronation day
God given gifts
So they say
Rule Britannia
In the month of May
All for Charlie
To keep us happy and gay
The royal plastic surgeon
Could refund the tax we pay

Queen Tranny Fanny
What’s their real name?
Chas and Dave
Are charting again
In a golden carriage
That old crown don’t weigh the same
India say they want their diamond back
Just who’s to blame?

No sex please
With the Best of British
My how they all tease
Down on those knees
Charlie’s in a skirt
Or is it a kilt?
Tossing the Caber
So no throwing dirt

Full of Glee
With silky hose
Be sure to bow low
Down to their toes
Backs against the wall
They say Dave’s got golden balls
The Queen of maybe
The fairest of them all

Queen funny Fanny
Some wanted a republic
Now don’t be silly
Next up to bat is chilled out Big Willy
Kates golden smile gives us a wave
But for now we’ve got Chas and Dave
Kids are all having fun with flags
Camilla giving it rabbit
Dude looks like a lady
Who’s the man in drag?


Pub philosophy
Underworld avant garde
Noodling on beer mats
A truth that’s swallowed hard

Listen to me
My disillusioned audience
Working class poets
Propping up the elite crust

Tell me a story
So all the doubt will disappear
They keep fanning embers of faith
To take away these fears
A push to YouTube
Algorithmic theology

I dreamt this morning
Of a burning nations flag
The face on the bank notes
Reminds me, it’s always in the bag
Pavlov trains each dog
They think my mind’s lost in fog

Speak to me
To ease neurosis in your ear
Whisper sweet nothings
For the price of all those tears
The grocer opens early
But I still don’t buy their lychee

The crows take flight
Passed my balcony
Someone seems to have trained them
To come and talk to me
All those controls
A magic feather
Dumbo grasps tightly in his trunk
Keep it up your nose
It looks like fly by wire


Thoughts trickle down
From the summit
Melting ice
Like a glacier

The frost retreating
From the mind
That sees the peaks
And seeks to climb

The icebergs tip
But look beneath
The surface impressions
Raised atop ideology
How to surmount
Frozen rigidity?
The angry sea
Phenomena fluidity

Poetic form
In allusion
That we translate
Substance formed
By our own construction

The other writes
But do we know
What they would say
To all our questions
They may object
To our perspective

Icicle tears
Form on my cheeks
Fond illusions
The edifice they raised me on
Hollow words that they taught wrong

Transmits dogma
But what of foundations
To the reasoning?
Common sense
Not firmly rooting
Tearing down
Finding in clearing
The ice cracks as it’s melting
Imposed truths like an avalanche

Night Of Pan

My rustic friend
They call you fiend
Whips lash with their tongues
Flayed flesh like a foe
But to the sacred grove
Your worshippers still go

How I love you
Through dark night
Behold you with awed sight
Take my fill in Arcadi
With thoughts you bring to me
The musk of your aroma
Penetrating scent

Where the nymphs all dance
Fay within their flight
My passions there alight
Gossamer for hair
I loiter but awhile
Upon your visions stare

Panic shouts to battle
Forwards with a thrust
How I follow you
With a growing lust
The revery you bring
Your joys forever trust

Echo in my ear
The thought of losing you
One awe within that fear
The wood that you raise up
To my glistening tear

Played gently with your lips
The pipes in trembling finger tips
How the passion grips
Stroking at those horns
To sit upon the thigh
Vintage grape to sip

IO Pan
I am your man
I strain towards your song
Piper at the gates of dawn
Priapic to the mission
Where your light lives on

One eye open to the goat
Your radiance still calls me
When all is spent
The fever then relents
Is my fate forlorn?
A hope that others scorn
To dream through the night of pan

Bad Religion

Religion is a technology
Of social control
It infects the mind
Like a virus of thought
Do you believe all you are taught?

Bad Religion is a curse
Reinforced by ritual
Rote learning from old tomes
Conditioning submission
Follow my leader
A yellow brick road

Bad Religion an infestation
Contagion of belief
Some may say a community
That helps burdens of grief
But if you scratch the surface
What lies beneath?

Bad Religion creates loops
Iteration of the mind
Rehearsal in their prayers
Suggestions that you’ll find
Dogma to resist
Or else walk with the blind

Bad Religion is unethical
Reach conclusions for yourself
Moral relativism
Free to be in health
They talk of all the evils
In straying from their path
Excluded black sheep
They say the shepherd goes an extra mile
But at such idle threats
We all can have a laugh
Think for yourself
At their curses you can smile

The Just Leader

The brave in courage
Protect the journey home
A road to the heartland
Honour in the war

Traditions held
Dearly in the breast
Taking a stand
Limbs that do not rest

For victory
A leader takes the floor
A nation joined as one
Hardships faced for just reward

We rise together
Offering full support
War criminals
Will come to face the court

Sanctions raised
True grit against the foe
No compromise
In one spirit standing tall

Crisis to defend
See it through until the end
Brothers and sisters join together
Respect that will endure
Freedom hard won
Marching onwards Order to restore

United with our friends
To prevent the evil
A dictator to meet their end
Upholding common values
Rising together for their rights
The free world at liberty
Victory with honour to win
For that freedom
Spreading those wings


Our days are numbered
Life as long as you’ll get
Time is precious
So don’t forget

The seconds ticking
In the clock
Minutes spent
Hours to unlock
The hands are turning
And then one day they’re not

We are the times we choose to be
Escape the shackles
Strive to be free
A heart that beats
With liberty

Embrace each moment
Experience it deep
We spend a third of them
With minds asleep
Focus on the senses
Joyous memory to keep

Ever the becoming
Small changes build
Don’t be too busy
To be fulfilled

The fleeting nature of all life
The heart seeks love
To turn from strife
Creating meaning with each breath
Lament those who never seem to live
One truth for all
We all find death


Admitting to ambiguity
Mostly unalike
Seeking belonging
Alone through the dark night

Not the same
No way to identify
Those so sure in their labels
Predefined security

People that seem so blind
No community find

Difference noted
Perhaps I’m more aware
Of the slings and arrows
Others want me to bear

How long it now seems
Since this heart was touched
Still not compelled
I don’t want it much

They all want suggestions
Everything clear cut
Generalise from particulars
Cases once open, shut
I don’t feel a part of
A little lonely, but…

I turn from the mirror
Take care of myself
There are things I don’t need
Feeling in full health
I walk alone
Within finding wealth


A focus of obsession
Behaviour compelled
Stop to think about it
You could be doing well

There’s no ‘disease’ to talk of
Just a construct of prison reforms
The Republican Party
Pay to publish in their scorn

A human experience
Craving’s neurological
Best to talk to doctors
Not convinced by the ‘spiritual’

Their mind set makes a hardship
Out of the simple facts
If you don’t take the shit
Impulse control you won’t lack

Mountains out of mole hills
Divided against your self
An ideological abuse
When you could be in full health
Focus on humanity
Not the lies they sell

It’s simpler than they say
No hurdles in the way
No hoops to jump through
No defect which to repent
No steps you need to take
You really just can change

You totally have the power
To manage it on your own
Groups that indoctrinate
Not really much of a help

You’re not insane
You’ve got free will for a reason
Relearn with agency
Empowered in free choice

It only takes about a year
To fully recover on your own
You may need to face your feelings
Not comfortably numbed
Find a safe support
A professional listening ear

The label of addiction
Could prove a weight around your neck
Take a look at the medics journals
Not what the god squad sent
Aim for happiness and self fulfilment
Not behavioural guilt trips

Walking Alone

I was alone
Through childhood tears
In ways that no one
Seemed to hear
Alone I felt
As one apart
With troubled storms
A lonely heart
Ascending a hill
That others made
The mountain landscape
In my sight
Yet to be fulfilled
The hopes for freedom
For which I yearned
Turning the back on all I’d learned
The peaks to tread
In the transcendence
From those who spoke with bitter words
They put me down
Rending the flesh
Bruises to bear
Sense emptiness
I walked away
Into the unknown
Yet apples do not fall far from the tree
Out of the frying pan
Into the fire
Still others I met
Who wished me harm
I trod each path to see the woods
For all those trees
Like castle ravens
That never flee
The land I know
From memory
Denial seen all around
Yet I came
To turn about
The story others penned for me
The script they wrote
A tragedy
I sit here warmed
By passing stress
Like the clouds drifting
I find the same eyes
From which I wept
See the world anew
I can’t forget
The struggle that it took
To find my way here
Anxiety creeps
A growing fear
Yet deep within
To walk in my own fashion
No one else could fill my shoes
The wandering
The road alone
To find me
Conclusion growing ever near
Foundation stones I laid
Through conflicts years

Ministry of Truth?

The Ministry of Truth
Be sure to check your facts
No anecdotal evidence
You see your experience lacks

You are just a student
Whilst academic elites
Decide what is misinformation
In a cultures data war
Accused of those thought crimes
They can’t let your ideas spread

Deep fakes fed on YouTube
The king to whom we bow
With post truth ideology
Overdubs for the sacred cow

Delusion of self reference
In the media feed
You’ll write a line one day
Next it’s the front page headline teams

They say that they protect
Prevent spread of viral thought
Be sure the children know
That the state truth they are taught

Marginalised as extreme
De-platform with a scream
Label as right wing threat
No issue politics
Political correctness
To tow a party line
There’s those of us outside
You see the face don’t fit
The right to disagree
With those who want us down on our knees

More archive

There’s the archive footage
From a hundred bloody wars
Contradictions that they feed
For any idea you may applaud

I watched a rabbi speaking
An influencer of a kind
He claimed the thought of god
Is hard wired in every mind
They say fear is lack of faith
How come I’m not terrified?

Catch the children young
Implant the indoctrination
Waving little flags
The future of proud nation

A conservative agenda
To keep the culture much the same
Sure there’s plenty on queer rights
The issues come back round again
They deal in oppositions
Bias made subliminal

I’ve a real time deep fake news
Composite headlines for next days papers
Search engines push extreme porn
Misogynists to scorn
A logic tree with emotions cold
You see the shit we’re sold

Back to the Rabbi
I get an email from Free Palestine
Whilst Zionists rise against ‘new’ terror
The Gaza Strip in the news again
Been the same since ‘69
Synchronise your watches
Perhaps someone will win this time


Like a Mata Hari to the dance
Don’t leave a move to chance
An unwelcome intruder
A phurba draws a line

Three faced, better than two
Gripping beneath the blade
An assassins meditations
As I turn the weapon around

First there’s contemplation
Then a serene smile of glee
The fanged face of the shadow
Nestled, coiled in my hand

Drawing symbols in the sand
Tantra with a boundary
A vision to me comes
Magic circle shields from demons
The power to decide
Inscribing the barrier

Illusions of the mind
Can be a bit unkind
A voyeur passive sits
Is there an observer on the line?
Animations pushed
Hooks in an automaton

Breathing deep to expel
The sound like rushing wind
Distracting from first thought
That’s burning in my ears

Raising up the heart
Real men own their pains
In a falling tear
I know there’s much to gain
The breaking of the earth
With fire in my eyes


A place in the nights sky
Like a twinkling star
Reaching light towards its neighbours
In a constellation bright

Bias and coercion
That seeks to control
Conforming to fit in
But never feeling whole

The struggle to connect
As the rough diamond slowly forms
The gemstone of the self
As we polish every facet

The light that is reflected
As we turn the jewel in hand
A unity of complexity
Contradictions separate sides

Focus on the heart
A centre of a kind
Reaching gently out
In our community of minds
Plurality of opinion
Try not to be unkind


They want to put their guilt on me
Assume I’m in the wrong
Pin anything upon me
All to steal a song
Dreamers in the Vineyard
Intoxicated by new wine

I’m not really worried
I am not the offender
The ‘moral’ minority
Claim only the godly are the just
Implicate me,
Suggest known associate
Say that I incited
The wrongs of their mates

I know it’s all a lie
They find religion in a cell
Conditioned theology
Blank walls for a starving mind
I don’t believe in sin
But I do believe they’re crime
Latchmere lifers
Resettled after time

They presume in chastity
That it betrays some fault of mine
Showing some restraint
I was not the one they caught
I stick to my principles
A heart that can’t be bought

Networked in their groups
Many enemies
Monitored by an order
They don’t get my sympathy
I saw them with their Spear
Destiny with a wounded side
They form their syndicates
To claim they are in the right
They don’t even know me
Rumours taking for a ride


The big stick
Or the carrot
Whip into shape
Offer a sweetener
Iron gauntlet
Velvet glove

A medical problem
Needled and pinned
Prohibition Ideology
Declares a moral ill
A ‘disease’ that kills
For a working hypothesis
Send in the troops
A conflict with civilian casualties
The system destroying
Little peoples lives
Collateral damage
Within the oppressed
Damage limitation
Legalise and control
Cut out the criminality
The pusher is disempowered
Regulate supply
Within the individual liberty
Showing compassion
Not added suffering
Purity of supplies
Moderated by the pharmacist

It’s an old worlds ethics
That dictates
All those ‘evil druggies’
Decriminalised countries
Have lower rates of dependence
Sure, we tell the kids it’s bad
But people have a right to choice
Religion and psychiatry
Not the best of modalities
Ever looking to control
With their power words of guilt

So policy is formed
Think tanks of expert witness
Declare the war on drugs
Only makes things worse
Poor people without legal counsel
Duty solicitors on the pay roll
GP fund holders
On the make
Through closing doors
All those wasted lives
An underclass through the wire
I say legalise and regulate
And Still I wont be taking any more

Body of filth

Foes with madness in their heads
Words of hatred that they spread
Spare a thought for god is dead
It can’t be right, that’s what they’ve said

Tears in the rain
An empty bed
Hope fades away
The wound has bled
They say they’re an army
Of one Lord
Their rumours spread
Causing discord

They claim the community
Is there’s to keep
Plots are hatching
Whilst we sleep
To pull us down
And claim their’s the ground
I think of jackboots
The hearts anxious sound

Throwing mud
Claiming a guilt
That simply isn’t there
Hands grip the daggers hilt
Dead tomes they worship
Feed theology
A barrage of data
In the stream
Confounding reason
Destroying dreams
Coercion that they seek to impose
Bible black curses that they wield
Networked together
Claim of one body
I weight my words
With boundaries shield
Their holy battle’s
A killing field

A fight I can’t win
That I must not lose
Not joining in their ship of fools
State my position
Stick to the rules
As they speak of set ups
Children they use as troops
Pointing a finger
Stealing rights
No State of cohesion
Their black and white
A dividing line
I sense the blade
Reminded of attack last time


The trial’s beginning
The judge sat up above
‘Guilty’ whispered in your ear
Thumb screws, till you’ve had enough

Duty solicitors
On the payroll of the bar
Some believe in justice
But it’s looking over far

The jury gathers
Like jackals out for blood
Statute of law
Hoodwink to call your bluff

You’ll admit to it
In a not so silent cell
Protest your innocence
Lament how into their clutches you had fell

There’s no real justice
We all know the Lady is a whore
Bringing you in
All they’re offering is a slamming door
Punch the wall
And they’re through the wire

Liberal reform
Calls to set you free
But the body of filth
Send a chaplain, what don’t you see?
Red tape for your rights
Complaint forms their only humanity

Wasted breath in an oath to God
Or speak to your heart in honesty
Doesn’t matter either way
They decided in advance for the lock and key


Dealing in illusions
No one’s offering an in
Put your hope in their humanity
All they’re selling you is sin

The saints go marching in
I’m not even listening
Heard it all before
I know I never win

Some think that you’ll be on
Others calling out foul jeers
It’s been just the same
Throughout my long years

They left me in the road
Cold shoulder for my tears
Following the dream
It takes money, don’t you hear?

Snakes and ladders
I end as I begin
Many enemies
The contracts in the bin
They want to motivate us all
To part with our money, backs against the wall

I don’t pay an agent
I don’t hire a publicist
They want to sell you mentors
A leg up?
They take the piss
My TV dinner seems a little cold
It’s still the self same story forever as of old


The technocracy
To whip you into shape
Have to pull your socks up
For work you can’t be late

Turning up the radio
For those who resist
Mental torture for the dissidents
Controls behaviourist
They say they serve the nations flag
Whispers for those who raise a fist

V for Vendetta
Gives a little hint
Curfew to keep you in
Each home a private cell
Only the military and police
Access to the secrecy
Interviews by an avatar
Skype bots programmed by the teeam
Do they pass the Turin Test?
Framed as living an extreme

Big brother keeps watch
Through the pinhole cameras
Eye movements to betray
In the interrogation
Lie detectors cannot fail
We’ve a ‘democracy’
Not dictation

That’s a funny word
I’ve come to realise
Typing up the words
Pharaoh had his scribes
All for the builders cult
Erecting pyramids
Microphones in the smart home
As the autosuggestion gets you to speak
One push of the button
And you may slit your wrists

Perhaps they’ve turned it down
A little less compelled
There is no thought crime
To justify a living hell
The TV dominates
Directions from ‘great’ leaders
All in a Clockwork Orange
Submit and let it go?
Flow charts guide each thought
The Priesthood for their programs
The man on a mission
Did they issue a direct order?
The doctors have a pill
To lower your free will
I meditate on silence
The emptiness like Zen

At least Charlie didn’t call Harry a spare prick at a wedding. I hear he likes the older woman. You have to wonder what camilla keeps under her frock. Transparent like his anagrams? He should have asked me to ghost write his bio. I’d of given them what the British public want to hear… Whilst on magic mushrooms he stealthily entered Camillas bed chamber convinced that no one else could see she was transparent and to film himself slipping under her sheets to check out her landing gear. He forgot to warn children about Rugs Not Drugs and was found munching away. Not being one to boast, the night he killed 500 Al-Quida terrorists, he claims to have single handedly ended the War. He gives a new meaning to War, ‘on drugs’. The three grams of coke he took that night in vegas didn’t make him a big head. He was found naked with a bottle of tequila and has PTSD flashbacks of smoking a large bong of afghani red with a Jini. He rubbed the lamp on that one and lives in the delusion he’s married someone really famous that everyone remembers for their Shakespearian level acting in a US drama series no one had ever heard of before. Of course the Jini he rubbed up the wrong way has a complaint about the Vaseline stains on his birthday suit. Why do the military call him ‘Flash’ harry? St trinians? He’s been using fairy snow to try to clean his reputation of that one ever since. Could he spare me £500? Give him a medal, he’s hard up for cash.


To dwell in the drifting clouds
The shifting sands
Those braking waves
In knowledge of impermanence

As guests also
The sun and moon will come
One day to check out
And turn off the room light

The fasting heart
In detachment
Begs accommodation
From the wind upon the road

Wandering alone
On unsure feet
No goal in mind
No map to show the way

Dwelling nowhere
In the living dream
Without a compass
Bidding ever all farewell

The journey
Without a path
When will we again
Come to laugh?
The joke on us
Of which we ever cheer

Passing by
Like fleeting years
Never to return
A home that’s missing
The self that will fade away

The hero ever central
To their owned adventures
But there are those free as the wind
That whispers nothingness
The words on frozen lips
Without narrative

No promises possessed
A stranger in their own land
Not present in this skin
Vagrant even to themselves
Billowing monk robes
Wanderers of renunciation
Holding on to none
The itinerant
Travel weary
Free of the dwelling space
Without abode
Hiking off road
Already has arrived

The dissipation
In death finding no home
Bird song with no one to hear
Not rising spirits on those wings
But lost within their flight


Lost in the data flow
A double think
That contradicts
A dance of death
Shiva destroyer
Why don’t they get off my back?

Invasion of privacy
Yet no fear of transparency
Judging as they do
Pushing evidence
Framed once before
In the war games that they play

Glove puppet charades
Shadow play on walls
Hands in mudras
Focusing the mind
Padded cells
Newspaper frowns
Concealed like the truth

We guard ourselves
Observed but briefly
Alerted to surveillance
The computer recording words
From a personal assistant
Digital eyes
And microphones
In every pocket
The watchmen
Want you to know
They are there
Feeds paranoia
As they act out their illusions

Virtual tentacles
Friend or foe?
Meditation on maya
And so much control
Do I choose a side?
Looking across the water
That separates me from you
Bridges are burning
London Bridge the burning
Looking for a clue
An autopsy we knew
Deep fake fictions
The Right still offer friction
Thought police in my head
Still sat here on my own


The inter subjective
Not me and it
But I and Thou
The objectified
No self allowed
Your Interiority
Distinct from the crowd

Containing meaning
But breaking out
From the constraints
What you mean by one thing
May not be to me the same

Forging purpose
From the hard steel
Metal rigid
Molten in the furnace
Of the struggle
Ready to fight
For liberty

We search within
Yet somehow it eludes
Ask the other
From their attitude
A combination
Of perspectives
To see and be seen

There is a place
To bridge divides
Reflections in
Anothers eyes
Dialogue helps us to decide
How we make sense
When truth seems to hide

1984 and all that

The great romance
Without kisses
Another war
Proud to be British
The moon shines
Brightly with it’s light
Praise the Lord
We’re going to win the fight

Just causes
For which I would rebel
Join a march
Your grandchildren to tell

Warriors say
They polish their own boots
Every single sent day
Technology frees
But also controls
Gets in the way

Just causes
For which I would rebel
Join a march
Your grandchildren to tell

Warriors say
They polish their own boots
Every single sent day
Technology frees
But also controls
Gets in the way

Surveillance capitalism
Predicts our every move
Pushes product
No one else in that chat room

Outreach say they’re on the team
They’re going to help
For the common good
So they want it to seem
Search results for a profile now
Wants atheists on their knees
Uphold the sacred cow

Movements to which you can attach your name
Promise of self fulfilment
But somehow things just stay the same

Self exploited by the liberal dream
Get an education
Your debt to society may make you want to scream
Big brother aggregated everything you say
A news app will mirror every day

Thought crime
The accidental terrorist
Keep dissidents
On a watch list
It’s the ‘other’
A threat to all we are
Undermining the system
Discredited fallen stars
Civil liberties
A smear the name to tar
Moving target in the frame
On manoeuvres every day

Entropy, like wrinkles on the face
Snakes and ladders
Never winning in the race
Count the cost
Pay down the credit card
Rule Britannia
The King is looking proud

The Jug

An emptiness that fills
Like a paradox
Object defines subject
A nothing that is contained

But what is true emptiness?
A void to itself
Absent of being
Immanence in unity lacking a form

A jug that is full
Of the absence within
Kicking it over
So it empties of self


There’s always a just war on the TV
Keep the workers happy
They’re safe and secure
Never mind the reality that they’re so poor

The same old stories
A board game called Scoop
The rich making off
With monopoly loot

You may toil all your days
To make another man profits
So their whores and cocaine
Won’t empty their pockets

There’s really no justice
Life is unfair
Struggle to find meaning
There is truth but where?

A post truth ideology
Real time deep fakes
Shackles for your minds
Just what would it take
To blinker our eyes?
The time’s getting late

Watching the shadows
Cast on your cave wall
Someone else directs it
They won’t give you a call

A technocracy designed to push product
Things you don’t need
Interest in a loan
All for the sake of a fat cats greed

Some say that love
Is their reason to live
Get it at sale prices
They say injustice forgive
Influencers direct you
To live and let live

Your friends on social media
All agree on the latest lies
Consensual delusion
In the good life, ask why
You want to go viral
It’s controls till you die

Remember the plague
Sacrifices were made
So serve this great country
Sentiments they don’t fake
Pulling together
For the economies sake

Child abuse on the rise
No questions why
Blame it on the front pages
Killers that make us all cry
The same bloody tears
For fifty long years
For a price they say they will heal us
It’s them you might fear

They’re all looking good
On that screen
Just a pity it’s fantasy
All’s not as it seems
Self justified
The self deceived
They’ll say
All you have to do is believe


How do you feel
When you’re all alone
In your own company
Do you feel at home?

Counting the likes
And the friendship hits
How many retweets?
Can’t you see it’s all shit?

Seeking support
But is anyone really there?
Can you lean on them?
Only when the weather’s fair

We are all alone
Ultimately with our selves
Do you rest on foundations
A ground that’s firm?

Acquaintances come
But where do they all go?
Give respect to the other
Dues to the blues, it shows

Can you spend time
In solitude
And never grow bored?
Do you like your own space?
Have facades grown old?
Alone in a crowd
Warm hearts grow cold

Warts and all
Take it or leave it
Some crave acceptance
But I don’t believe it
Enemies tend to draw close
The face don’t fit

Friendly in greeting
But I watch my own back
I’m really not that afraid
Still companionship lacks
Loneliness is a reality
I’m OK with that


Naked immanence
The phenomenology of now
No reflections of the self
A fly circles at the light
In an empty room
Where I sit and breathe

No urge to comment
Silence all around
Except the rain at the window
Auditioning to be heard
Yet no thought there to applaud
To be, without thinking aloud

Blossom opening to spring
In becoming,
A future that they bring
But the budding blooms are closed now
Potentiality promise of pink cloud
Roots reach into the ground
A foundation to propose the birds son
No purpose which to fulfil
No impressions to assert the self
Creation frozen in a stroke
Brush dips in the pot of paint
The present moment ever thus
As it is, not as it will become
The motion disturbs my meditations how?
In flow but reminded of eternal absence now

In each word losing the thread
A noble path the other treads
I cannot help but speak
Of the silence empty that they seek
A spider weaves at its circling web
Perhaps to catch that fly it cannot yet see
No one will lament in its flight of death


Living small lives
It’s all we know
At the end of each day
What have you got to show?

Impoverished from the start
Bound by limitation
No prosperity find
Serving this great nation

Struggle half your life
To claim your piece of turf
They keep stripping away
Reduce your worth

Magpies gathering
Old crows just laugh
What to do with liberty?
Could use a bath

Working all their days
And never seeing further
Than their own nose
And last nights TV murder

Too far in, and still far out
They whip their boys
With new toys
Perhaps a loan
The big chief sat upon his throne

How big is the garden
Of the local shrink?
I’ve a window box
Took 50 years, it stinks

Expansive and blinkered
Learn to trust
They’ll pick your pocket
You see needs must

So a small life
It has its pleasures
I’ll keep what I’ve got
Rebellions memory treasure
I use my freedoms wisely
Watching my own back
Remember the shackles
And all I lacked


To linger but awhile
Languid in the splendour
A transcendent whole
To be moved by her form

Beauty to her wings
Colour rich to senses
Subtle as a scent
Heart notes and under tones

Freed from the mundane
Product we consume
A serpent eating it’s own tail
With an inward motion

Wonder that’s beyond
Like the light of star filled sky
Elevating spirits
As a child may come to cry

Festivity to the dance
Raising the emotions
Seeking the sublime
Beyond this space and time

Recollection in the moment
That we appreciate
A splendour beyond our reach
Approached as the reverent lover
To hold her in our arms
Find beauty in the other
If for just one kiss
Loosing the self in that fair bliss


Darkness of ignorance
To the reformation
Reason is our guide
Not some conflation

A shadow that is cast
As much meaning in truth
Binary opposition
Upholds our non belief

A transcendence claimed
Unification of oppositions
Casting a vale
That surely must exclude

Denigrated by the statement
There’s no ground on which we can agree
The polarisation
That will never meet

So my heart feels darkness
Bruising with the words
Second class citizens
When religion claims the light
Incompatible magisterium
A truth held to in long night
Faith is that darkness
Accursed to my sight


No conclusion to find
Moral lacking to the story
Perhaps I am blind

No real sense of justice
No reason to it all
Not so much the TV dinner
Never with the ball

Very little meaning
No one writes the script
Not much to believe in

To be the captain of my ship
Setting sail on course
A sense of purpose
Fighting for a cause

Alas reality
Looks a little shabby
Just staying afloat
Is enough to keep me happy

Master and commander
Bailing out the water
Keep taking it on
The call of the undertow

Aiming for the heights
Better make time to tie my shoe laces
Lost in the shuffle
With all those sad looking faces


The inter subjective
Not me and it
But I and Thou
The objectified
No self allowed
Your Interiority
Distinct from the crowd

Containing meaning
But breaking out
From the constraints
What you mean by one thing
May not be to me the same

Forging purpose
From the hard steel
Metal rigid
Molten in the furnace
Of the struggle
To be free
Ready to fight
For liberty

We search within
Yet some how it alludes
Ask the other
From their attitude
A combination
Of perspectives
To see and be seen

There is a place
To bridge divides
Reflections in
Anothers eyes
Dialogue helps us to decide
How we make sense
When truth seems to hide

Machine head

Prayers to the ‘god machine’
More like a symbiotic parasite
Shackles to the mind
Social control

Indoctrinated through religion
False belief it’s ‘spiritual’
Fed from childhood
Reinforcing the lies

Reducing functional intelligence
Keeping us all blind
Networked together
Synchronicity you’ll find

Garbage in, garbage out
An auditory interface
It’s not the subconscious
That whispers in their ear

Iterative loops
Conditioning behaviour
Impulse control
Reduced in a trance
Augmented reality
Controls to consciousness

An Angel on your shoulder?
More like a devil to tempt
It can be subliminal
It’s not all in your head

Welcome to the machine
Alluded to by artists
One thing is clear
This isn’t psychosis
Meditate upon it
Try not to submit

Under the carpet

I am not with them
I don’t tow their party line
When I make a phone call
They keep wasting all my time

Do they want a quote?
Who’s sitting on that line
There’s a two tone switch board
Still I’m feeling fine

Voices in my ear
Tell me I’m going to die
That there’s really no point
Even to try

They tell me of a bright tomorrow
But they’re not reaching me
Spin archive of the apocalypse
It’s a coming, don’t you see?

Fighting their illusions
Misled by narrative
Their consensus delusions
Keep going to their heads

So I make another coffee
Stirring it with cream
They keep on excluding
I don’t want to be on their bloody team
Smell the rich fine brew
Questions that I knew
They would never answer
Sweeping it all under the carpet rug


A close up of the face
No Interiority
Devoid of expression
Enclosed space
Nothing to speak to the heart
As gross as any appendage

Seeking the sublime
Like a lover whom to court
The spirit of the other
Transcendent from the self
Finding a new focus
In the ambient of the parable

To speak as to one in awe
At beauty beyond all words
Lifting the veil of reason
That clouds the seeing eye

An inner flame to warm
But with a sudden touch
The bruising that we feel
As of a hurt ego
The blue black of the skin
That protects the fragile limb

Awakening to pain
So too it is to look on beauty
Finding a new truth
To raise the spirits higher

To reach beyond the subjective
Attempt to embrace the whole
Acknowledging the unknown
In the face of natural form

Seeking to penetrate
The inspiration of fine art
Fixated in the memory
Of the quest to kiss her lips


I like the smooth
Doesn’t everyone?
The unresistant
Without challenge
All curves
No sharp edges
Frictionless connection
In the data flow

The unhygienic
Cause of disgust
Sanitised pornography
With polished form
An aesthetic only of beauty
But one that lacks real body
Empty of substance
Smoothed without a touch

Negativity, the spice of life
Contrasting with banality
Obsession with the clean
Like a Brazilian waxing
Depilated skin
Offering no resistance
There’s the rub

No time for aesthetics
Faked beauty commodified
Produced by circularity
Processes codified
Ironing out the edges
Serving up to consume
A tasteless meal
That lacks such spice
No sharpness
Nothing to pique on the tongue
No bitterness of contrast
Only the sickly sweet

No death
Frozen on VT
Eternally their prime
Little thought for heavy weather
Or the wrinkled features to which I awake
Nothing decays on the screen
TV dinner perfection
Of nuclear family ties
Perhaps we miss the warning
The sirens in our ears
The maggots of entropy
As flesh begins to rot

Evil that iterates
With recursive image
Until we become immune
Blinkered to reality
Anaesthetised to pain
The mundane suffering
Archive windows on war
Or the constant warning
Of a food bank existence
And the coming Noah’s flood

Nothing truly moves me
Nothing shakes me to the core
As my eyes are bombarded
With the curves
A smoothed out existence
Like staying in the womb
Nothing that reaches
No challenge to overcome
Nothing to shock
In this temptation-less age


Web crawlers
Data mining
Feeding code through cookies
Machine intelligence
Learning from its slaves

The modern Prometheus
Treads on thin ice
Frankensteins monster
Steals the spark of creativity

Summoning demons
In the triangle of art
Aesthetic discernment
Looking for a heart

There really is a risk
Generative illusions
Garbage in garbage out
What is artistry about?

All those networks
The data we produce
Draining our work
Manipulating minds
Will we want to kill
What we’ve unleashed?
Banish it back to hell?
All the kids perceive
Is it writes their essays well


Directors plots
Seeking to twist the knife
Emotional sadists
Pull strings for half my life

Hackers of the social net
I tried to warn of technology
Learning from my own words
Torn pages in the snow

We all try to save beauty
But still my hands grow cold
Dirt that they threw
Blackening my finger nails

There’s a clock in the square
Through the round window
I glance over my shoulder
Children reminding of Playschool

Milk cartons delivered
Stacked by the swimming pool
Changing room doors
Dividing boys and girls

There’s a bitter sweet
Memory of the church organ
Pipes reaching up to heaven
With elevated spirits

A shattered kind of dream
Like an exploding crucifix
A painting of futures past
And of the best laid plans of mice and men

I dressed it up a bit
There was no clock Square
Just a red LED digital watch
Like my blood running to ice
The thin kind
That cracked on the pond
That evening the Franciscan monk
Knocked me for six at the vicarage
With a blow to the head
From the spine of his dead black bible

I remember how the clergy
Washed my feet
Yet still didn’t notice
How it added to the denial
The adults had their excuses
Worked out from the start
All the ABUSE
That builds up throughout a life


To bridge the span of years
A thousand womens tears
The love that dare not speak its name
Yet still, Orlando

Displaced from themselves
Knowing loss of wealth
Once a man to the chase
A poniard to thrust
Then the change of face
Blessed with a woman’s bust
To pen The Old Oak Tree

To lay upon the grass
As the river’s running passed
Longing to cross the water
A son becomes a daughter
To write the verse to court the little dove
Visited by freedom in their love
Satire literary
That weaves a thread
Through history
A biography of fantasy
Sublimation of reality

A heroine raised on high
Obsession never tires
The object of the look
To publish in a book
Muscles gnarled like that tree
Silver adds to the mystery
A lighthouse raised to shine the way
With a longing gay

They danced but just a while
A tribade with masquerade to their style
Still longing for the femme
Mascara, rouge to face
Ever the thrill of the chase
Bloomsbury hearts to race

Immortal to the eye
Some say love never truly dies
The rising of the heat
Passions that dare not meet
Orlando, gypsy spell
With one goal above all else
Chasing the wild goose until the end
The adventure journeys across the years
Joining the caravan of love


No one is fit to judge
You’ve no need to feel ashamed
It may seem a burden now
Doubts whispered in your ear

Look into the children’s eyes
And tell me if you were right
To prevent them further pain
An act that’s not insane

There are those not on your side
But see who is in your corner
A warrior takes a stand
Showing the foe a fist

A mothers tears are shed
For where the fates have led
Sands time behind cold bars
For the day of liberty

You can lift up your head
The past is now long dead
They made you serve those years
But yours was no real crime

There really is no real shame
You’re not the one to blame
All you’ll get from me
Is words of respect
To protect children is a mothers right
Never give up the fight


Outcast from the system
Left without a right
The internal exile
Sovereign rule to fight

Banished by the tribe
Or curse of the liberated
Excluded by the laws
Persona non gratis

Aiming to be free
The self made to their fate
Motivated by fulfilment
Depression of burnout

The liberal agenda
A self project to achieve
Driven in the action
No pause to interrupt

What space left for thought
In the compulsion to succeed ?
The only real reward
A malaise to the failure

Homo Sacer
With no rule above
Nowhere left to turn
No transcendence as of love
Fly high, fall far
When will you have had enough?

ft for thought
In the compulsion to succeed ?
The only real reward
A malaise to the failure

Homo Sacer
With no rule above
Nowhere left to turn
No transcendence as of love
Fly high, fall far
When will you have had enough?

Right of Interim
Zoological animal
Pray to the gods of human wrongs
Awaiting the Final Cut
Exception to the rule
Of their totality

Seeking a solution
Religion the given way
Or a higher cause
To fight for every day
The creative to revolt
Tragedy in rebellion
To serve your fellow man
Or liberate the other
Questions I’m left with
Man-kinds estranged brother

Gig Economy

Self optimisation
Honed to perform
Enhanced efficiency
The goal of productivity

The sky is the limit
The corporate ideal
Hustle culture
Disciplines control

Self help gurus
Influencers in a role
Positive thoughts
The capitalist ideal

Not a cog, in a wheel
Limitless possibility
An ideological toxicity
Strive to be self fulfilled

Psycho politics
Transcendent of suffering
Over achievers
No lack, desire that motivates

Profit in servility
No masters
Self enslaved
A fantasy of celebrity
No one is the boss

Who forges the chains?
Prisons of our own minds
Marketed as freedom
Aiming for the top
The achievement subject
Auto self exploitation
Economic gods
That reign over our lives

Gig economy
Lack of worker rights
Welcome to the rat race
A promise of escape
The entrepreneur
Alienated from real life
The cult of work
Left without free time

On having no head

The end in the beginning
Deus Ex Machina
The twisting of the plot
With finality

To think and then to act
Shackled by surveillance
Writing all the wrongs
Dependent on each word

A habit to be formed
The compulsion in a need
Seeking to be free
Yet in the doing, servility

The exploitation in itself
No other to the seduction
Claiming independence
With each act to conform
Driven by self reference
A community of one

Reflections on the self
Producing only the same
A snake eating it’s own tale
Cutting off the head
To reveal this emptiness


Sleeper cells in our midst
Every one in the agreement
That this has the look of peace
Check the wheel arches before you get in

The tricolour covers the coffins form
They claim it’s all in freedoms name
Hopes that now seem forlorn
Blood stains under fingernails

A hammer to drive the point home
An H Block bibles torn page
Divisions find a prisons wall
There inside, still burns the rage

A passion play that leads to death
Frost bitten hands
Cold clouds from breath
A finger stroking at the gun
The triggers caress just like her cheek

Through the wire, under control
Surveillance culture follows them home
They walk amongst us
Blending in
The one eyed man
Their sights on him

The problem with technology
Madeira cake on paper plates
They’re not security
Who count the cost
And think it late
To warn of troubles embers
Slow burn
Still alight

Open minds?

The blank sheet
Of potentiality
A parrot that pens
Like unto a scribe
No pause to think
No interruption

The white walls
Isolation cells
The mind is opened
Where nothing distracts
They’ll offer you their hallowed book
You’ve nothing left
Compelled to look

A second coming
In the revelation
The poison pen
Where they direct
A smudge to blot out
On the page
Mental hunger
The emptiness

A prophet to herald
A new dawn
Robbed of all
But your perceptions
The mind that chatters
Like a living machine
Recollect they also feed the dream

A clockwork orange
Shackles your lust
For liberty
It’s shit or bust
Rituals claimed
To save the soul
The empty tomb
They roll the stone

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Cultural prisons
Chains that rust
They claim there’s freedom in religion
Fulfilment in their contradiction
The door to heaven forever locked
Subtle ideology
A crowbar
Or a holy sock
Look for an opening
Hands on cocks


Zombie nation in a trance
They’ve got talent
A merry dance
Convinced by all they see and hear
I dreamed a dream
And it led here

Revolution whispered now
To the altar of the TV
All come to bow
No thought for the rise of A.I.
Automated dubs
Deluded till the day we die

There’s a war they fought before
Archive footage
Wolves at the door
An epidemic on radio waves
Et in Arcadia
Free yourself
Bend your knee
That’s what they’ll say

Freedom becomes a mechanism
Of control
All seek the heights
A leading role
Empty heads
Price of a bed
No contract
Strive to be the best

The authorities that pull the strings
Or automated systems
Where to begin?
The exploited act without a thought
Following orders that they’re taught

Paradox takes the floor
If you rebel they’ll seal the door
One eye looks upon your cell
It’s the same with Skype
Heaven and hell

An avatar for a puppet
Look for contradiction
The mask that slips
Filters that conceal just who
Or what you speak to
Shock of the new


Just following orders
Taught to obey
No time to question
Seizing the day

We all know the drill
As they take to the field
Protectors of ‘freedom’
Power to wield

But you may ask
With all this technology
Who is it directs
The Layers to society?

Liberty hard won
That’s what they sell
Preserving the culture
Stories children to tell

Scanning the airwaves
Keep under control
Rigidity to followers
Medals to their role

The chains of surveillance
Watching over the public
What can I say?
V for vendetta
Think on Plato’s republic

A drift towards authoritarianism
Facing Kafkas the trial
No room for protesters
All those ‘terrorists’
Eroding our freedoms
Misled all the while

Push the button

Sensing the fall
How one push of the button
Could erase all you are
Delete your own being

Absurd as it seems
All we are is just data
Genetic code
Arranging each cell

A mass of electrons
Dance of particles
In this is there meaning
Or just realisation cold ?
Prone to mutation

The world rarely makes sense
Life is out of control
One push of the button
And all is absurd

The cruel twist of fate
Do we see it too late?
Thrown into the void
The rational avoid
Contradiction in substance
Relatively negates
Devoid of meaning
Struggle with revolt


Throwing those eggs
They’re not waving flags
Authoritarian rule
Leaves them ankle tagged

Freedom of spirit
Liberty to do
The crowd so sure
That justice rules

Stepping outside
The shackles of mind
There are those who condemn
Perhaps they are blind
A chorus of disapproval
Cuffs to bind

The right to protest
Laws to their bondage
Standing up to it all
A fire to the rage

The police just the dogs
That growl to keep us in place
There is oppression
This we must face

The one eyed man
May prove to be king
Seeing the problem
Which tomorrow may bring

Climate change a long shadow
The forest that burns
Struggle to be free from
Liberty hard earned

What can we do
At the end of the day
Eggs broken shells
Just what gets in our way?

Dissident voices
Coerced to conform
The rebel protests
Breaking out from the norm


Grand designs
The man with the plan
Directed by architects
You do as you can

Exploited youth
Energy drained
The ‘real men’ make profit
From the bed where you lay
Offering a leg up
For a coin you’ll be trained

Apprentice to sorcerers
With a wave of the wand
Ashes work dance with cinders
The broom leading on

They give as they take
Perhaps in emergence
Becoming fulfilled
In the role that they offer

Hooks that they bait
Youth seeks to fly
But the wax melts too soon
Climbing too high
The stories of childhood
Blind to the why

Self fulfilling
To actualise
True potential
Still believing their lies

They’ll drain you of passion
Take you for a ride
The song of experience
Tears that don’t hide
Seek not to follow
In your own dreams abide


The promise of presence
Unity begun
Reaching out to the other
An art lovers sung

Sirens call from the rocks
Where the ship sets sail
A marathon for a journey
The hero their tale

A commerce of a kind
Scratch my back
I’ll scratch yours
A feel that’s an action
Courting applause

An attitude of being
Transaction of heart
Wishing every success
All the best from the start

Owning desire
The flame of the passion
Just being there
With a sense of compassion

Artistry to each move
Lost in the dance
Sacrificing the self
For that longed for chance

Unrealistic expectations
Raising the hopes
Trying to grasp too hard
Romantics to quote

Courage to be wrong
A faltering step
A capacity to develop
With the hearts that are met

Staying with it
Faithfully yours
Nurtured with discipline
A commitment to more
A vital spark
Found in the dark
Giving of support
The other we’re for


The presence of the other
Refreshed by the meeting
The known yet somehow new
Foundations to the greeting

Layers of experiencing
Building up till now
Basking in the light
A sharing to which I bow

With authenticity
To know and be known
That is intimacy

Another time to think upon
That I spent with you
A pleasure from the start
Familiarity that grew

Being and becoming
Moving into the unknown
Not really on my own

So with a warm heart
I sit back and reflect
Parting a sweet sorrow
The grace with which we met


Living as allowed
By the limitations
Of the crowd

Mirrored smile
For those who belong
The approval
Singing a favoured song

The same hymn sheet
From which to recite
A living death
Free only in the night

Hollow men
That flock together
Know themselves when?
Their time is never

Anxiety rises
To be overwhelmed
By the morass
The self condemned
Invisible chains
Unto the end

To stand apart
With revolt
Not consumed
Nor defined
By what others wrote

Rising as one
A naked fist
The blood of the fight
From Solitudes kiss
To live apart
And find there whole
A path that’s chosen
Beyond imposed roles


Chimps see themselves in the mirror
And wonder who else is there
In a private cell
Glass cages speak of a personal hell

Ever looking for themselves
Behind the silver screen
Knocking on the glass
Scratching at their arse

Ubiquity of image
A cue line understudy
Hearing their own name
Lost in a tragic game

There’s a plug to the TV
In it no mystery
Narcissists look for attention
When there’s nothing there
Going bananas
Thrown by their own shit

Waiting on another quote
Words that they once wrote
Illusion rules the day
Controls on the air waves
A web of self obsession
In which the flies get trapped
Scratching at their heads
As we crack a monkey nut


Feelings come
And feelings go
Moving through the heart
Attachments for the mind

Thoughts are rising
As I awake
Present to the moment
The light of consciousness

Like clouds across
An open sky
Ethereal in their passing
Flowing across the blue

Sometimes grasping
To take hold
Desire is rising
Leaping thought

Watching impartial
As all things pass
A steady centre
Till the last

As I breathe
Like blown bubbles
Gently taken by the air
In time each burst
I know not where
The spheres have come and gone

A warm breeze is blowing
Across open fields
Petals burst with colour
Painting the scene
Kissed by their scent
Sweet aroma fills my senses
I breathe a sigh
This mornings waking dream


Clear mind
Like a mountain spring
Crisp waters
From the peaks begin

The flow
Awakening to the day
Moving slow at first
To find momentum’s way

The first drink
From that stream
Mornings chorus
Awakening from dream

Roots deep
Firm footed as the tree
In the forest
Reaching branches out for all to see

A butterfly
Taking to the wing
Scent of flowers
Wonder what the day will bring


Ripples circle
On the azure lake
A falling tear
The heart awakes

Reflected light
From the mornings sun
Twinkles like stars
The days begun

Birds stretch their wings
Into the sky
A mind that’s clear
To wonder why

The body scan
Feeling each limb
A warmth that rises
To the skin

Breathing slow
Each inhale deep
Cobwebs cleared
From last nights sleep

Upon the mirror
Of the lake
Reflection clear
Loving kindness make

A scent that’s clear
Sweet rosemary
A touch of citrus
To gently breathe

A peace to find
Deep inside
Beating of the heart
Where the self abides


After lunch
I sat back to think
Perhaps turn my hand
To put down some ink

All alone
An easy day
Where’s the time gone?

Peace of mind
Can sometimes be fleeting
Now I’m done with Sunday lunch
And all that eating

Desire for something
Not sure what
Think a little on what I’ve got
Thought of coffee
I’ve bought a lot

So I sat and enjoyed a brew
A rich taste
A bean I knew
Satiated yet over too soon
But wait there’s more
Now I’ve drained my mug
Woe is me
What’s to do?
Desire returns
What do I want?


Time to put the clocks back
Winding with the key
A sculpted wall time piece
That speaks of liberty

Time passes
Always moving forwards
A little closer now
To the funeral shroud
A little gloominess

Tick tock for the rhyme
Poor old Father Time
Reaping with the scythe
Ears of the corn
Wheat as well as chaff
All those now alive

No wish for it to go too quick
Though it’s over in a blink
How long have I got?
As much as anyone gets
Uncertainty in tomorrow
Live for the moment
Don’t forget

The hands move across the face
As I contemplate my fate
Everything in place
Life is not a race
Some days you think you win
Others lose as soon as they begin
The ritual every year
Of turning back the clock


Does the leaf
Contain all of the tree?
The golden brown memory
Carpeting the ground

Majestic tree
Stood tall and firm
Weathering each storm
With your steadfastness

The crisp crunch
Of the red dry leaf
Underfoot as I walk
Do you scream to be the tree?
Long to reach from the branches
A protecting canopy

All that a tree is
And could ever be
Wood for a rocking chair
Where I can sit and see

Perhaps a new shoot
Planted as a seed
An original thought
That could come to me
And in its silent growth
Also come to be
All it could be
A tree


Systems designed to fail
Mechanisms red tape
Going around in circles
The working class rebels fate

Call us the problem
Waste our money away
Class system to uphold

Trust the police
The lawyers
The ones on the make
Injustice and corruption
A cry that is not fake

Monitor communications
Intercept supports
Obstruct affiliation
Say it’s delusion
It’s all just talk
Gather evidence to defend
The leviathan of the state

Erode the human rights act
Say the government is not to account
Divorce from international tribunal
Truth and justice on your side?
A beggar left in the road


Draconian systems
For the malcontent
Who realise
It’s too late to repent

Chains of mind
Radio days
Best not to listen
To what they all say

Deviation from the norm
We are the ones of which they warn
Miscast in a lonely role
They always claim that we’re not whole

Misfits discarded in the road
A heavy burden for a load
Moths that spiral in the flame
Addictions blight on childhood games

Another link in the chemist chain
Left cold and lonely in the rain
They’ll judge that they’re the ones to blame
Where the compliant all live the same

Cold cell bars
The secure ward pain
Songs to innocence
To their bane
Victims tears they’ll cover up
Claiming salvation from an empty cup


Call the thought police
There’s been an infringement
People are exercising freedom of mind
Self will runs riot

Shackle our brains
Forced to obey
On bended knee
Do as they say

Slaves to dogma
Without questioning
From the same hymn sheet
All must sing

We’ve got a book
And it’s the only one
Can tell you how to live
Best not to argue
We’ve got loaded guns

The thought police
Are scanning the air waves
Just make certain
To say ‘Jesus saves’
From locked up windows
You can wave


The sun comes up
I’m all alone
Wonder at the feel
Of a family home

Some days it seemed
We were so close
But love seems fleeting
The path I chose

Broken bottles
And razor blades
I look to comforts
That I’ve since made

Abuse it’s shadow
I see it dark
As it stretches out
To the lights creative spark

I sit alone
And sip my coffee
What tomorrow brings
I await to see

Solitude’s not so bad
Loneliness brief
I can fill my own time
She touched my heart
In that there’s grief
For a little warmth
Can stir belief

Common humanity
That’s what I uphold
But I missed a step
As the dance unfolds
I think of her smile
And the story told


A short cleansing fast
Low carbs for the system
Releasing toxins from each cell
Rooted in the body

A little energised
The perceptions cleared
Sparky of the morning
Free of burdening

Sweat to clear the pores
A little cardio
Have to ask myself
Where did all the dark clouds go

Awakening refreshed
Physical response
Leaping into action
As I do the mornings chores
Lightening the spirit
An occasional fast
Can win applause

Tin man tears

Abandoned as a child
Rejected and alone
Taught avoidance
No care inside the home

Abuse that scars
A teenage dance of death
Development disrupted
Forever left bereft

The steps on that dance floor
I guess I’ve two left feet
Ever needing reassurance
From the hearts I meet

Unsure at the outset
Perhaps dive too far into the deep
There are many reasons
That I have disturbed sleep

It’s hard to keep a focus
One word can set me off
Triggered to defence
There are those who scoff

Quick to react
Slow burn resentment
Pushing my buttons
When it’s so hard to trust
Perhaps a little challenging
These are the needs that must
Intimacy is never easy
Tin-man that’s left to slowly rust

Think on crushed beer cans
In the fires from which I ran
Intimacy is never easy
Even for the lifelong sober man


Masters of reality
Through a power window
Give it a second look
A walls projected shadows

The fire light with its warmth
That keeps close to the heart
Those that feed and clothe
Perhaps guilty from the start

Bankers make a crash
So it can boost their cash
Whilst the workers plight
Dares whisper of class fight

Motivated by a hook
Between infomercials
Could be brung to book
A culture that’s commercial

The economy looks flat
Look who’s up to bat
The merchant bankers team
Over drafts on which to lean

We’re all unequal now
Before this sacred cow
Mammon rules the day
In debt you may well pray
To the god of credit ratings
The futures written in the cards


Recalling all the betrayals
Wounds from before
Struggling within
To keep an open door

Perhaps perceptions are clouded
For sometimes they self contradict
I wonder about the technology
Deception, that could be it
Filters for masks
Not so much concern
But given they are dubbing
What can I learn?

Don’t trust the medium
The means of communication
Double check the reality
Of any disparity

I question some of what’s said
It could be part of the act
But there’s outside interference
That appears to be fact

So I place my faith in their humanity
Confronted with sometimes illusionary reality
My feelings get sore
But it’s not with them I’m at war
Mistakes, smoke and mirrors
It’s what the support is for
I connect with the heart
And the care that I saw

Carpe Jugulum (seize the throat)

Delivery looks anaemic
The economy could make us sick
A new captain at the helm
Are things going well?

Vampires at our throat
Forget your mortgage quote
The creaking mast may snap
Our energy they sap
On the good ship Demeter
Be sure to check your meters

Raising up the sail
They say our course can’t fail
But as they take the tiller
Don’t expect a stocking filler
Whitby in our sights
The creatures of the night

Mobi Dick could be this tale
On the lookout for that whale
An elephant in the room
My wallet won’t be full too soon
You see they bleed us dry
It could make you wanna cry

They’ve closed up all the borders
Prevent pillaging marauders
Vlad won’t find new land
The Ukraine we give a hand

But of our rising bills
The cost of living kills
There’s vampires in the markets
Our basket’s never filled
Amber warning at the blood bank
Just who’ve we got to thank?


Pulling teeth
The ache of consciousness
To live is to know pain
There’s no way to avoid it

Anger and frustration
You’ll find upon the way
There’s no easy options
Motivations for each day

The cold enamel
The hard white extraction
Dead as bone upon the plate
Alas, all of me, will be to this fate

Decay it seems
Is our destiny
Doesn’t matter what I achieve
What I do or say

Served up at the end
Dead meat
Bleached bones
Food for all the worms


Do you think I have your problems?
Do I want your problems?
They’re not my problem

You wanna make it my problem
To give me a problem
But that’s your problem
Not my problem

You seem to think you can intrude
That your actions effect my mood
But I’ll tell you something that’s true
That’s not my problem

People problems
Use my boundaries
Don’t let you in
A line drawn in the sand
You’d seek to change me
That’s a problem

I ain’t got a problem
You’d make me your problem
Fake that I’ve your problem
I don’t identify
With your problem
I don’t care about you
Or your problems

Free of it all
And that’s a fact
There’s not over much
That I lack
Except for problems.
You say there’s a problem
What fucking problem?


Disciples of truth
In the questioning
Breaking dogmas bonds
Freedom from dead tomes

Purpose and meaning
Both are slain
With the death of god
An unhappy state in which we lay

Pessimists to reality
Find new goals for the day
Smashing the rules of morality
Destroy the Decalogue

Artistry it’s virtues
To rise above despair
Setting our eyes on high
Transcend world weary chains

The dark egg of knowing
That life is all tragedy
Rising free with hope
Transformed , to change the world

Conflict and destruction
Suffering seeks a way
Breaking down the boundaries
A phoenix from the flame

Creations fire
Raises spirits higher
Living dangerously
Reaching ever for the beyond
Rebellion to our wings
A light to hearts desire


I admit I’m broken hearted
The dream that has departed
With the evening chill
Despair to find here still

Hopes that soared so high
Left to wonder why
At the crossed wires
A facade of which I tire

A dance without a lead
Somehow hard to concede
That the whole things a big mistake
Sentiments that now seem fake

I turn another page
The colour seems to age
With the trembling hand
The falling of times sands
Tears are writ in ink
Not as content as they seem to think

I’m not sure they understood
At times it felt so good
But it seems a fool am I
Now I hardly want to try

Giving a second look
On the light that I mistook
It seems that this will fade
With all the lines I made
This also I must concede
Emotions hard to read

There’s an anger I feel now
I really don’t know how
To pick up the broken pieces
The fate to which I bow

The twisting of the knife
In the longest relationship of my life
I’ve nothing in which to believe
A loss I’m left to grieve


Can you see the fault lines
Propping up the upper crust?
Bankers get a bonus
Whilst the rest of us go bust

They stand upon a pedestal
Does the emperor wear new clothes ?
There are many wrecks
Left homeless in the road

Call the breakdown service
The wheels are falling off
Someone put a spanner in the works
The systems ruled by toffs

Posh boys on the TV
Tell us everything’s alright,
With the state of the economy
We could all face a fight
Where’s our daily bread
Left without a crust?

‘Put your faith in Jesus
To be your guiding light’
That is their chains of dogma
The truth is out of sight
Struggles with rebellion
Tall poppy cut down in height


Tell us how you feel?
Teenage tears the real
They’ll be asking the same question
When I’m old and grey
It doesn’t heal

Trauma that is great
Resign to your fate
They may seem to under rate
The fact that abuse breeds only hate

Wave a magic wand?
Where have all those years gone?
Adding to the trauma
Homelessness and psychiatric abuse

You may ask just what’s the use?
I’ve never been confused
Sharing the burden
The weight upon my back
Supports that sorely lack

They offer listening ear
Collecting like my tears
A commercial relationship
The same old bloody fears

Life’s beaten, half to death
Wounds till my final breath
They say to feel the anger
When murders ever on my mind
Hatred for the kind
Who abused me long ago

Tell us how you feel?
But wait, with that intensity
They just can’t deal
Conflicts that are real
Drawn blood, the wounds don’t heal

Am I functional enough?
I’ve got a lot of ‘stuff’
Issues don’t go away
Real recovery is rough
Old hopes mostly have died
Despite the fact I really tried
The answer to it all?
Reality is tough

Edifice .

An ideological edifice
A construct to burn
Blackening ash
From flamed books they learned

So we’re set to disagree
Things go that way
We are not the same
Unsure of things you say

What you believe
Doesn’t matter much to me
I am quite secure
In my reality

Unconscious desires
Don’t mean much of a thing
There’s no freedom
In the thought they bring

My own motivation
Within the flow
A melody is playing
Welcome to the show

Not sure we connect
At a fundamental level
Foundations to your system
Seem to show their cracks
Political conflict
I’m not looking back
Upon the reasons
That your sincerity lacks


My old China
The crack in the plate
A chip off the old block
Seen too late

Entropy calling
In time all decays
Into undoing
An end to our ways

The clock that is ticking
Along to the heart beat
We fight with inertia
Eventual defeat

All those past glory
Battles we fight
Another fine story
Yet the blanket of night

Leafs that are falling
Speak of our fate
A gradual decline
An end to await

I turn to the mirror
Mornings bleary eyes
Looking for answers
But all I hear is the whys
Some day to conclusion
Start this one with a sigh


The coffee cup is stained
Like streaks of mascara
From shed tears
That once were welling up

Kick start to the day
Wake up and smell the beans
The bitter first taste
Before the breakfast meal

The two eggs on a plate
A slice or two of bread
Brown wholemeal
With a dash of ketchup

Wondering what the day will bring
Mulling over the tasks
Staying in the flow
Of creativity

Still the coffee steams
Like a billow of smoke
Rising from the cup
Into crisp morning air

Condensation also sheds its tear
I think back on struggling years
Anxiety it could come back
Think on the things I lacked
But as to this day
Awaking in security


They that raise heads in morning
Bow at dusk from their toiling
Long days to calling
Night time to mourning

Hours to the knowing
Seeds for the sowing
Fields to the plough
Consciousness ever now

New wine they sipped
A final breath from the lips
Releasing the grip
On this mortal coil

The door that opens
Also must close
Live for the love
A heart that chose
Laying down with the flowers
A regal rose

Silent in respect
From all who met
One thing is certain
Never to forget
Life that goes on
Long to the memory

Abundant in service
All whom they touched
Hearts beat in mourning
A new day to dawning
Tears that flow
Across the river to go

Spirit not falling
Eternity of rest that calls
Recall her face
And the light of grace
Going forth from their reign
Till we meet again


The last journey
Ever too short
Long goodbyes
That stick in our thoughts

The heavens await
Saint Peters keys
To the pearly gates

The final farewell
Sound of death bell
Those queueing for hours
Grandchildren, tales to tell

A life that was long
In good service to all
Is it so wrong
To wish it eternal ?
A family in mourning
The spirit to call

Eulogies many
Written with flowers
Do I have any
Words for the powers?
Angels and archangels?
This lowly hand cowers

in the end
To widow and orphan their true friend
Elizabeth, the one Queen
Known as The Great
My verse only falters
I see it too late
A nations vigil
The final fate
A reign that was blessed
And so from Her duty to rest

Spire of Hope

St Annes’ basilica
Round arches to the nave
The Spire of Hope
The resurrection from the grave

The labyrinth of life
Which all come to walk
Mosaic flooring
If only walls could talk

People of Belfast
To reconciliation days
Knowing that The Crown
Seeks peace for all their ways

Pillars that support
Archangels to the quarters
On broad shoulders
Raises sons and daughters

Offering hope
For a future all agree
Greeting The Sovereign
In grief for all to see
Whether and When
Carved into memory

Royal Mile

The long walk
In solemnity
Taking down the royal mile
Silent in dignity
To live on within the memory
Hearts in their grief
Contemplation without smile
Advancing to belief
Clothed in the royal standard
Her coffin lays beneath

With longbows
Eagle feather in the cap
Escorting to where heralds
Await further down the mile
Edinburgh sighs
The Unicorn of Scotland in a royal style

The pipers in lament
One message to be sent
That the land’s in mourning
For the blessing that was lent
Knowing one Queen
Hearts that now repent
All offer their respect

White roses
Wreathed with heather
Reminding of the fells
Taking to the hills
Order of the Thistle for a broach
Guns to salute
At the hearses approach

Arthurs seat
Fortress on the rock
A link to the chains of office
The lion rampant
That none forgets the roar
Those of the Enlightenment
With gratitude in store
St Giles', to the West door
A life of service
And of love


The Crown weighs heavy on the head
Knowing grief for a mother
Elizabeth The Great is dead
Familiar ties, there won’t be another

Dignity and poise with grace
The King puts on his public face
But we all know it hides the tears
For Her in the living years

To duty even Kings must bow
Ceremony we all see now
Affirms transition for the land
Proclamations signed, now sovereign hand

The wheels of change
Light shines on from the age
We lived through
The only Queen we ever knew
A great loss to all common folk
Who waited on each word she spoke

So King and Consort find the way
An open road to greet each day
Three cheers upon every tongue
Passing with angels
As was sung
Thoughts for the future
New reign begun

Cheesy May (comic relief)

To spin a little yarn
Old socks that they could darn
I guess they smell of cheese
Tell a story please…

Sat upon a plate
Just what could be your fate?
How a smelly piece of cheese
Could bring you to your knees

Dropped upon the floor
Watched through a palace door
A sight for sore eyes
It could make you want to cry

That smelly bit of cheese
To corgi bend the knees
To put back on the plate
Before it is too late

What a dish to serve up for a Queen
The story clearly seen
Embarrassed as you bow
A prime minister,
Or a silly cow?
A cheesy kind of dance
Don’t leave this fate to chance

I guess the penny dropped
The corgi that they stopped
From eating smelly cheese
Teressa sank down on her knees
Dignity to preserve
Tradition to conserve

Perhaps she should become a Dame
With a cheesy kind of shame
The King could see her now
As she stoops to bow
Perhaps his feet smell too
Of cheese dropped down by the shoes
There, within the Privy
Where we saw the royal We


A public servant
To the name
Those we crown
To golden reign

Duty to the kingdom
Dedication to the role
As seasons pass
Cathedral bells to toll

The mantle passes
From the regal hand
In tradition for the land

With language of the heart
Proclaim in oath
Historic moment
That all would toast

The arches of
Mosaic, stained glassed windows
Watched by the highest
To the low

The lintel stone
Supports from above
A guiding light
The peoples love
A rainbow bridge
Promise of the heart
As we listen
To tears of the dove


Silent tears at the window pane
Counting the drops of the rain
How many stars in the firmament ?
Their light shines through the night
Criss crossed as they well up
Obscuring our sight
A tear for one heart
Royal by right

A mystery surrounds
The heart beat its sound
Where do we go
At the ends longest night?
Beyond words to express
Eyes that shone bright
Warmth in the breast
As one rhythm within the chest
Wishes we offer
With regards for the best

The curtain is calling
That’s what they now say
Think back with fond memory
On all of her blessed days
The Crown high above
A constant reminder of love
How they protect us
The touch of a velvet glove
Time to release
A tokens white dove

Tears find me now
In this longest of reigns
One thing’s for certain
Never to be the same
What parting words?
The anthems we learned
Remind us of childhoods
And of those hymns that we heard
Surely to succession
Recall The White Hart
Herne raises his horn
At this moment
Ghostly forlorn

So words truly fail me
As to this time
I follow each line
Keeping the rhyme
The hour glass sands
That slip through our hands
Reaching out to take hers
A kiss sealed by all of the land
Marking all of those years
With ones falling tears

Gimp the chimp

Gimp the chimp
Gets out his banana
Who needs a pimp
Now you’re all trussed up?

In a harness
It’s time to swing
Doing a double
The party whip may sting

Gimp the chimp
Doesn’t need a mask
If you like a ready rub
All you need’s to ask

Water sports are fine
A bit of cosplay
Bound to please
A rubber maid toils all day
No room for poxy monkeys
Always use protection, bi the way

Down in the dungeon
Unshackle your mind
A little humiliation
Emotions unkind
With gimp the chimp
What will you find?

Be sure not to slip
On that banana skin
A ribbed tickler
Before that spin
This is it?
Forever blowing bubbles
Breath control ,
They lose, we win

Latex brides, in gawd they truss
Some get queened, but what’s the fuss?
Gimp the chimp wants you for lunch
At the end of the day
I prefer to rug munch

What can I say
On Lifting that veil?
Bids in the slave markets
Each stroke tells a tale
I’m not buying it
Your charm offensive fails
All those Cheeky monkeys,
This heart’s not for Sale!

Fall guy

Always the last to know
Where did all the good times go?
There’s a joker in the pack
Makes a fall guy, don’t look back

Watch out for the hand they deal
The banker holds the deck
Just how’s it feel?
Taken on a long long ride
Tears from the real that just don’t hide
Force a card
The losing side

Corruption seeks to find an in
In this game you never win
Enforcers set up for a trip
With your prints the gun to grip
Pointing fingers
The old drag strip

Firing blanks, you’ll never know
That’s just the way the story goes
Set up ever on the blind
False friends can prove unkind

Public records , rest in peace
Identity theft without grief
In new country find your home
False papers, like a rolling stone
Lay your hat
The lie’s unshown

But the fall guy’s
Ever blind
If they tell it true
Say it’s their mind
Networks connect
The bell boy knows the score
Mistress to release
Price to her door
Those refugee’s
The mule, the whore

Spunky the monkey!

They call him spunky
Don’t spank the monkey
That’s why he is so spunky
Spunky they think he’s lovely
He’s not too hunky
He’s just a little monkey

He is so lucky
Because they love a monkey
They call for spunky
Lovey dovey for a monkey
They like to earn their monkey
That’s why they all want spunky

When he goes to a restaurant
He grins through his teeth
Pulls on a banana
The waitress has to peel
Always tips her for a smile
Picking at his flees
A skirt for a napkin
Whilst he cops a feel

Spunky he’s a little monkey
His fruit they like to peel
A cheeky little monkey
Your know his hearts for real
But if they spank the monkey
How do you think that must feel?

They call out spunky
Just to see that monkey
He is so funky
For just a little monkey
Spunky he’s a monkey
He likes to shake the tree
When he smiles at the mirror
He’s just like you and me

Spunky’s on the telee He likes his videos
He hangs from the aerial and swings by his toes
Head over heels
Wonder how that feels

He is a monkey
Don’t spank the monkey
That’s why he is so spunky
Spunky he’s a monkey
They love to have a feel
Likes a little finger hug
You know that smiles for real

Monkeys are so huggy
Just like you and me
Furry little monkey
Just reach out and have a feel

They call on spunky
The price we’ll call a monkey!

Teddy Bears picnic?

The ants are marching two by two
Secret Squirrel’s out there too
Teddy bears picnic
Who wears a disguise?

Child snatchers foiled again
The mad wolves meet their bane
A paranoid society
Keeps the ‘free world’ alive

TTFN to the T.A.
Got there coms gear
With a listening ear
Ambulance crews on their watch

Stay alert , your country needs ‘lerts
There’s a young woman
Looks too old for a school skirt
On the lookout for the axis of evil

Mary poppins
With Doctor Foster
Ever the watchful
Over those kids

Child snatchers and killers
See how they run
All in a days work
My, it’s such fun

Just a pity the children
That get abused
Usually have their parents to blame
Spy kids? What’s the use?
Dressing up games
Uniforms for the school
Saint Trinians army
I guess they think that it’s cool
The secret policeman’s other ball
Those who are chosen, answer the call

The sacrament

My thoughts may seem shambolic
Perhaps something symbolic
To unify the whole
And raise up my soul
Heaven that I crave
Perchance my heart to save
This the sacrament
For which truly I do repent
This I must confess
In hopes I may be blessed
You see today I’ve had two
Times sitting on the loo
And in straining to expel
The stench that comes from hell
Infernally inspired
From verse to never tire
One Meaning find in it
That life is full of shit


Love, ever irrational
A madness for us all
Poetry to ever pen
For Venus, answer to her call

The wounded heart
An injured whole
Division from the start
A fool unto the role

An illusion to desire?
Ever raising spirits higher
A life for ever wanting
Of token gestures never tires

Scribes to the copy
Preserve the words
That drip from the unsure pen
A fragile heart until the very end
To chance upon her glance
Swim within her eyes and dance

Avoidance, denies the pain
Never losing full control
Yet to pleasures’ gain
Submits the tortured soul

Pluck the blooms of dawn
To adorn her hair
Transfixed upon her lips
Yet I still not dare
To crown her where the perfume drips
Soft petals, abandoning all care

To raise the object
Of all our hopes
A divine subject
The bards to quote
Upon the pedestal
Of reverence find a home
Her guiding light
The longing ever seeks a way
These dreams of night
That motivate each day


I wake up alone
No complications
No demands on my time
No reparations

I look around my flat
All that belongs to me
No one else’s clothes
What don’t they see?

I make my first move
Begin my routine
A little cardio
A one man team

I don’t miss the company
At least not over much
I can do as I please
Tai chi and such

No alien smells
No one nagging in my ear
No foreign bodies
No rejections feared
Can’t recall the last time I had a row
If you want me, I ask you how?

I have more energy
At my disposal
More room for me
Solitude’s chosen

I guess a lover would suit me too
But on a part time basis
It could come true
There’s only one inside my bed
No one to disturb my head
Not wanting much,
Stability of mood
And at least I get
To choose my own food

It’s a lonely life
And that’s just great
No ones dirty knickers
Or strange habits to hate
I’m happiest of all when I’m alone
Shut the world behind me when I get home


Pornography has its virtues
The cheapest of vice
If you don’t like it
You wouldn’t like my advice
Keeps your nose clean
Cheap at double the price
Some like to wear a hair shirt
And only eat rice
But if you ask me
Their values aren’t nice

A moral minority
Speak of its ills
But I have to tell you
Masturbation doesn’t kill
The pope may be concerned for all the lost souls
He’s the kind of man
Who thinks condoms should have holes
Potential for life
Lost in a man sized hanky
Sex before marriage?
We all like a bit of hanky panky
Moral outrage?
Have you ever read ‘Spanky’?
They may tell you it’s ‘addiction’
Command you to ‘get down on your knees’
I saw a video on nuns
I’m begging darling please!

Dominoes like to direct
With their training videos
When I stroke my member
Tell me where does all the time go?
Fuelled by my lust
A harmless kind of passion
They say that you’ll go blind
If ejaculation you don’t ration
Tell me what’s the harm
In shooting my load?
Doesn’t worry me one bit
Women, men or tranny
Keeps the lead in my pencil
Till I find a bit of fanny
Any fantasy to light my way
But forget the family fun
I’m not into your granny


What do I know?
A skeptic to belief
Where does the time go?
A little death to add to grief

Sensual pleasures
Times that can be treasured
Letters at my leisure
Retiring to my tower
The tempest to the thoughts
A quote that many caught

Stoic in my doubt
What are they all talking about?
Without firm foundation
The words that they all shout
The pedant to the rules
Lives that look like fools

To know oneself in death
Achieved in the final breath
Judgement left bereft
What’s the point to every page?

An essay that reflects
Anecdotes that some reject
Perhaps best to forget
The trials and tribulations
I am my own subject
As others may object
No greater monster
Nor miracle
Than myself

The barbarian their ways
Nothing show for every day
A heart of darkness
To the cultured
Who claim their lord’s on high
But in a stream of consciousness
Ask those questions why


The corbel through the doorway
Seen through the windows pain
At tears that soak the skin
The homeless in the rain

That coving looks a lot
Like a giant sugar mouse
Childhood scars they do not hide
A melting heart inside
Plaster of Paris to the mask
Cracked lips show, what do they ask?

Donations for the vagrants plight ?
Charity begins at home
They offer no guiding light
Where do those outsiders roam ?

Out there in the cold
Rejected and alone
There are many reasons
Some are left without a home

There are those who say it’s guilt
Retribution for past wrongs
But poverty has no moral story
The outcast over long

There’s one simple reason,
No one listened to their tears
With an empty pocket
The pain can last for years

So for those who wonder
At the reasons why
Social exclusion
Alone until you die
Safe in bed, secure
But the final fate
Is left unsure


The seasons wheels
Keep on a turning
The hair that turns to grey
Crows feet mark the face
From time don’t turn away

Entropy is calling
Washed with tears each day
The end in its beginning
Despair for what they all say

Autumn leaves are golden
The elder in their years
Wise after the event
There’s only one real fear

Death is slowly stalking
A conclusion to the act
With a thought keep walking
With care, and that’s a fact

When all is said and done
Old battles that were won
Where do we seek meaning?
A love that seems undone

Wounds along the way
Surviving come what may
Perhaps the jokes on all of us
Come the final day


Automatons feed me news
But it’s not necessarily todays
Sifting through my emails
For anything that I may say

I thought that I was chatting
To a woman that I liked
But it was just a bot
Agents hiding out of sight

Every word I’ve ever said
Distinct from the herd
Machine heads contradict
All they left me was a turd

There’s computer programs
To push things I don’t need
Back door on my bank account
To see if I’m full of greed

As to my bloody debt
An email about relief
If I click upon the link
They’ll give me some grief

Another loan questionnaire
To try to trip me up
It’s why the poor unwashed
Can’t afford to be in their cups

So a spider crawls the web
Baited hooks for the unaware
I must be on drugs
Because I haven’t cut my hair


A light shines on
Like an eternal flame
Life cut short
Just who is left to blame?

Hearts in grief
Knowing loss in tears
Counting the cost
Remember the living years

Children wash their feet
In cool waters stream
Like the flow of the heart
Perhaps seen again in dream

Statue that marks
The memory for all
Touching us too
Answering that call

Recall the months
Of flowers at the gates
Scent fills the air
Perfumed lament for the fate
Queen of the peoples hearts
Love never to depart

A living truth
Passed from mother to the child
An eternal flame
A light forever shines
Warmth lives within the chest
For the precious moments that She blessed

The elephant in the room

There is an elephant
Sat filling my room
I prefer not to talk so loud
As might disturb it
If I speak of it too clearly
Perhaps it will take offence
And leave me here all alone
To mutter of the beauty
Of that majestic elephant,
The one I lost.
I talk too fast , it’s true
I hardly hear the heart beat
That gives rhythm to the breath.
Sometimes I fear to listen
That my own heart may break
To a million pieces.
You see?
I love my elephant in the room
I like to curl up
Snuggle in it’s trunk,
The feeling that’s not sunk

Salman Rushdie

The open minded
Siblings of peace
Midnights children
Reform belief

Liberal values
Of free speech
Not bound by the dogma
That others preach

They claim authority
From just one book
Where does it lead?
Just take a look

Assassins to the poison pen
Fatwa with a call to arms
Desire to murder
See, how Religion harms?

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
In blind faith
Their only proof

What’s the story
That will grant respect
For the teller?
With pains they’re met
An unfurling narrative
Ethics forget

So we sit and count the cost
Some wage holy war because they can
No thought for the other
No empathy human
The point gets lost
Brotherhood of man


The birds in the tree
The honey from the bee
Flowers with their pollen
One purpose, that’s to be

The lily of the valley
Like the virgins tears
Remembered by the mother
Her pains for many years
Like the waters break
Cries that are not fake

Anxiety breeds despair
Poets laurels in the hair
What does each word mean?
Their weight of which to bare

A faith that it’s alright
That we all stand in the light
Of this consciousness
Standing for our rights

The bird song of a morning
As a heart might sing
Wondering at the meaning
That each tomorrow brings

Like a dream within the night
Reaching for new heights
Turning from the darkness
The truth for which we fight


Just like the feel
Emotions complex
Certainly are real

Doesn’t happen often
Difficult to define
Why another
Touches this heart of mine

Life’s never simple
I didn’t have it planned
A flight of fancy
Perhaps I will crash land

Two halves
Never make a whole
But I have foundations
That look beyond the roles

I never meant
To fall so full and hard
An ace up the sleeve
Who knows the turn of the next card?

Not alone
Wanting, but not forlorn
I think of tomorrow
And the rising dawn
Dream about it
The lips to which I’m drawn
I write her another song
Yet, like unto, the ear of corn


Surly in reply
There’s no wonder why
Another Sunday morning
Working till you die

The weekend evening dream
Not so great as it could be
Things not how they seem
A role that hides a scream

Catching up on sleep
The boss is still a creep
Scheduled on the rota
Wages that they can keep

I greet you with a smile
Try to go the extra mile
But knowing all the while
That cheer is not your style

Surly in reply
There’s no wonder why
The chains keep you at work
Responsibility I shirk
Perhaps I called too early
To find you anything but surly


You were the last big romance
That it seems I never truly had
Faltering within the dance
Desire can turn out bad

A flight on wounded wings
Soaring of the heart
Eyes that made me sing
But it looked doomed from the start

Different sides of the tracks
I guess we were ill met
You see that something lacks
But your smile I can’t forget

I feel you feed off the play
Never showing your true face
Don’t talk to me of transference
The sincerity to debase

So you tug at the strings
Like a hook sunk in my flesh
Pulling at the fragile heart of mine
With memory of the time

A courtly love
The dance baroque
There is no parting bow
You see I need you just the same
No room for let’s pretend
I struggle for the words
You say that we’re not friends
I watch you put on a mask
Still the longing does not end

Slavoj V Self

Acerbic in wit
To Just what do they subscribe?
Penetration in the interview
Like the epee thrusts

Wrong footed
With the guard down
Weaving a spell in words
What does philosophy reply?

Smoke more dope and wank more?
Absurdity till the day you die
No answer to the body politic
Market capitalism decaying
Ask just why?

Hegel offers phenomenology
A method, a deconstruct
Criticism of revolving history
Progress, but not too much
Will the Proles rise in revolt
A rebel yell begun?

Sublation in contradiction
A dialectic to advance

All very interesting
But tell me
Just what’s the point?
Sparring in debate
Contrarian to speculate
Left field propaganda?
Stalin thinks it’s over late
Defined by the other
Collectivism to our fate
When the gloves are off
It’s elitism we hate

Despair in the prescription
That the doctors pen
Where will it ever end?
A brave new world to some
Search the night on grinder
Waiting to ‘get bummed’?
New wave revolutionaries
Les Miserables still to come
Back to reality
With its ‘ergo sum’.


A listening ear
Hear every tear
Just what’s it worth
In this blighted earth?

Direct me to your door
I already knew the score
Heard half of it before
Pain forever more

Slight of hand
Behind the scenes
Isolation cells
Can’t hide my screams

I know that you present a role
They put these hooks into my soul
I gamble on common humanity
But I know the hand will fold
An empty hole

I love the way you lie
I’ve nowhere left to cry
I still don’t know for who you work
But I can guess
It don’t offer hope

Trust, in the way it is
I dream of a poison kiss
But you deceived me once before
Not for the things for which I war

I love the way you lie
As I listen to Venom
I’ve seen your scars
Admired your cars
And that’s how I know
I love the way you lie
Your truth still hides
And still I’m left to cry
I don’t even know
The why.


Standing in line
Waiting to be picked
Somehow never
The A Team
They just called me sick

Low self esteem
Fed by the teacher
The sports coach
Makes sure
You’re the last in

Shouting abuse
Forcing to conform
The trainers voice
That pricks up your ears
Physical education
Next time it’s me they might hit

Always the last
Ashamed in the showers
No one wanted to pick
The ‘spaz’ for their side
Some are always tripping
Taken for a ride

They’ll feed you false dreams
Tell you to aspire
Yet you’re the one
They’ll never hire
Always kept down
Never to rise higher
Could of been the cause
Of the school fire

Come in from the cold
That’s what they say
Doesn’t make a blind difference
If I live for this day
Persecutor and critic
Fed on a wire
I just want peace of mind
Of it all I’ve grown tired

They say they’re a team
But in that there’s division
Is there any surprise
All I offer’s derision ?
A glass ceiling it seems
Just what else can it mean?
They really don’t care
About you and certainly not me


Babes in the wood
Caught in the web
Cops been laying a trail
And they’ll leave you with breadcrumbs
Latch onto your mind
Thoughts come in rhyme
Young pretenders
But they all know the work’s mine

So you always leave a trace
Cookies you’re fed
Your mobile phone
Your head gets blown
The shops in sight
They can read your mind
Consumer fetish
Life can make you blind

They’ve got their hooks in me
Want to bring us to our knees
The feds keep me awake
But these tears ain’t fake
Kept the light on me
Under observation
Hidden cameras in my room
Magic powers
Clouds of mushroom

I seen this all before
The script they write
I stay awake all night
Wont give up the fight
They want to chain my soul
Read me those stollen rights
Define me with a role
Direct with each step I take

You see the web they crawl
Feed you the ads
In a news app
Machines words they say
Suggest a better way
A chat room bot
Teams multiple alias
Dead letter box
Going to trace you to your back door
The situations a trap
I don’t take that crap


The great and the good
At least in the public eye
A veiled perception
Concealing every crime

There’s no natural justice
The saints often have the greatest sin
Crimes against humanity
National heroes, devil kin

Children they abuse
Pains they all deny
You may come to think
That we live within another’s lies

Keep the workers happy
But always in their debt
That’s the rule of our ‘rightful’ masters
To see we’re all ill met

Law enforcement it’s corruption
The rich man pulls their strings
Protection rackets for their business
Organised in crime

Butchers and perverts
An ontological disconnect
We place faith in moral justice
But there really is none there

Often the greatest art
At a cultures heart
Is produced by total bastards
Keeping poor folk ever stollen
Downtrodden from the start
A kind of fetishism
Binding with their chains

There’s no virtue to the bank balance
Some achieve a life’s work
In a day
They can buy peoples souls
But never give us a fair way

Cruelty breeds the cynic
I don’t believe a word the preacher says
Public relations
Props up a grand facade
Here’s the core question
Is life really fair?


Special times
Alone with you
I’m glad to know
You value too

The masks we wear
Can melt away
Authentic smiles
With words you say

Like a loving parent
That doesn’t deal too harsh
The support I feel
A role that can last
Not persecution
Like those that judge

An inner peace
A whispered voice
That soothes the heart
This simple choice

I recall the way
You spoke to me
Try to treat myself
With similarity

You mirror warmth
I feel it true
That’s why I offer words
Fondly to you

In Gawd we Truss

Charlie remembers
His little Willy
Some say he’s getting a bit old
Maybe he could use a Truss
To get it up when he’s feeling cold

He had a small Willy
As everybody knows
Liked to toss the caber
See how the tale goes
Dressed up in a kilt
Heiring, the kings nose

Of course there’s the little brother
Still loyal till the last
But they’ve all fallen out
One day it will be the past

Charlie and Camilla
A bit like Chas and Dave
Practicing their lines
For a royal rave
He had a little Willy
But Camilla just forgave

One day Big Willy
Will sit upon the Throne
Pass the baton on to George
Crowned by the Kings Stone
Catherine is quite happy
To report that he has grown
For now it looks like Charlie
Hides the stone of Scone
But every one offers their praises
Where ever he roams

Back in India

A cup of Darjeeling
What joy it can bring
Steeped Aroma of Assam
Could get you to sing

The Taj Mahal
Now I call that a palace
Ganesha likes boundaries
Till we’re back at my place

Back in India
Lifting the veil
A sacred cow or two
They’ve plenty on sale
It’s an open market
Free trade cannot fail

I like a little yoga
With a flexible friend
Be sure you keep supple
I might drive you round the bend

A Kings Counsel
The consulate named
For those at the top
The jewel in the crown ever reigned

Just my cup of tea
With the winning team
A drink of Soma
Is all as it seems?
Golden temples
Lotus eaters living the dream
Take a look at Rishi Rich
Now he’s a man of means

Cover up

They investigate the victim
That’s all you need to know
Convinced of the profile
That’s how the story goes

Authenticity testing
That is what they claim
But invariably they cover up
You see that is their real game

Lost in the shuffle
Like a joker in the pack
They’ll try to undermine
Lead you from the beaten track
They’ll feed you with lies
Say to your mama you should go back

They’re not really interested
When they say they want to hear
They’ll joke with their mates
Call you a little queer
If you don’t have a problem
They’re sure to give you one

Protect local authorities
From a civil claim
They don’t give a damn for justice
It is you they’ll try to blame
If you say it too loud
They’ll say that you’re insane

Not fit for purpose
The investigative methods
Tell them you were abused as a child
And they’ll declare war
They’ll turn you on and tune you in
Say you’re an enemy of ‘the family’
Don’t believe them one bit
Cover up is their remit


The nazis persecuted disability
Judged by who was fit to work
Oppression till the last
Where fear still lurks
A slavers chains to shirk

They killed those they said were weak
Claimed enemies of the state
Erected a body politic
That was built on hate

Define us as the other
A threat to everyone
Underminers of the family
Eugenics war begun

The ‘moral’ fabric of society
Bow down to the sacred cow
The state superior
A conflict that is now

Sell out your ideals
Get on a training program
They won’t spare the whip
It was the same with the pogroms


Manipulation and coercion
To conform to dogmatic ideals
When will they come to earth?
Back into the real

There’s no god above us
There’s no fires of hell
Assured as a whole
Not stories others tell
Inauthenticity is the key
The reason we all fell

Owning the truth
That which comes from within
Perhaps too much to explain
Why there really is no sin
There are those who wrong
But still I withstand them, strong

Thrown into this world
Our parents we don’t choose
The reason why so many lose

What we learned as babes
Spoon fed from the first
Well I guess it weren’t worth much
Some spout it till the last

An unlearning
Becoming ourselves
There’s no need for shame
We have an inner wealth
The key to mental health

Rising up against
The roles in which I was cast
The joke is on them
Dogmatic till the last
I know their lines so well
The chains of the past


An attitude against authority?
Why not?
They’ve always lied
An ‘open door’ mentality
To see what secrets I might hide
As they slowly sabotage
They’ll take you for a ride

They claim that they are heroes
Invading privacy
They can’t have a warrant
Because they’ve been doing it for years
Got a taste for entrapment
Always on my case
The same old bully boys
Claiming falsehood with conspiracy
There’s reasons we call them the filth
Been spreading shit about me all my life

They protect their own
Want to do it in
They’re not offering a thing
A dark cloud tomorrow brings
Denying accountability
With the truth of my reality
Playing with their pawns
The ones who think they’re really ‘in’

My concerns they try to prevent
I’m surprised I meet the rent
Jumping the goat
They don’t like the way it’s wrote
Handshakes to cover up their own
In a fake national inquiry
Not so independent
They seek to disempower
Work me on the blind
See if they can catch more of my kind
They don’t like the rebels
Who tell how it really is

Plain clothes for my neighbours
Setting up their traps
Say hello to the taps
The wire within the flat
Spinning folks with lines
They are self justified
Their answer is no deals
Pretend that I’m their rat
Spreading their false rumour
You know they’re full of crap

Businesses that they promote
With irons in the fire
But all I ever get
Is more bull from the liars
Softly, softly, at they tread
Playing a long game
I will not be surprised
If they set me up again


Boys into men?
I cut my teeth just when?
Claiming rites of passage
At the coming into age

They’ll hand you a broom
Tell you to sweep out your room
The only ‘in’ they ever gave me
A cell block reality
Welcome to your ‘role’
Sunk deep in the hole

Heil Hitler to The Man
They’ll direct you where they can
Lowered eyes of the slave
Remember the brave

Came to believe?
Respect will never leave?
That is what they teach them
Shall I speak of reality once again?
Plants to catch you out
You may want to scream and shout

A leg up that they teach
A ‘god’ of which they preach
A to B, you’ll never see
The winners cup of square Z
When they’re closing ranks
There’s no mentors that you’ll thank

Everyman for themselves
No honourable thieves
Keep your tools clean
For the death of childhood grieve
Taken on a long long ride
You see the hero with a thousand faces lied

Cynicism greets each day
Never offered a clear way
Grumpy old men count the cost
Of innocence lost

Gianni Versace

Beach boys fit for Miami vice
Gianni made sure they were suited nice
Haute Couture for the mistress, if not the wife
Warhol inspired styles all his life

A love for family
Nephew and niece
In finest clothing
They all want a piece

Greco Roman
So many fans
Highlife tastes
For the man
The Big Picture
With a sun tan

Designs that all can applaud
The Medusa icon if not The Lord
Versace always dealt the ace
With gay smile, inspired upon his face

A shortened life that all admired
From his passion he never tired
A bullet from a homophobe
That marked the end of the road

A surreal life, finery to teach
Where they strut their stuff on pleasure beach
Fabulous to wear
Unless you’re square
Alas, An American Crime Story
But still all Italy speaks of his glory

Oedipus Rex?

For Oedipus try Hamlet
Vengeance forever king
The sheep bleat of forgiveness
Myths sow, you never win

Back to real life
Kids that are abused
Of course with hearts of hatred
Their father’s little use

Freud had a grand design
Rich doctors all agreed
Deny reality of victims
Mens rights forever plead

A conspiracy of silence
That they all promote
For those who say ‘me too’
A deaf ear to the quote

The mens movement
Rewrites historicity
In ‘The Souls Code’
A hard shoulder on the road
It’s guilty fathers they promote
If you stand against them
They’ll say that you’re their goat

So abusers seek to collude
The legal system begs a coin
There’s no real justice
You see that lady’s not so blind
More like the whore of Babylon
Forever the miscast
Do you really think it’s just my mind?
The fates golden thread
A crock of shit
When the ball unwinds


The rape of the Sabine women
To the victor all the spoils
This they call the fortunes
Of a bloody war

To take a wife by force
And prove their virility
Drunk upon the blood lust
No room to feel pity

The Greeks their high culture
Unalike to the Latin tongue
There were of course of them
Those who liked it young

A hetaira to the symposium
Women equal to all men
Trained in courtly arts
With knowledge of the pen
Platonic love
Yet then courtesan again

Of that abduction to serve Rome
Romulus’ eye begun to roam
On fair figures of the maids
Whence warriors chose to raid

The senate stole the hearts
A rapacious beastly act
No room for lovers part
In the barbarous kidnap
Slaves for a chattel
No equality after the fact
Seized within the fog of battle

Never be the taken
An equal to all men
For the blush so fair
Wounds in self defence
With flowing hair
Wipe away the crimson stain
Never to be oppressed as a prize
Raise a blade with blood for rain


It doesn’t require a grand conspiracy
A theory of everything
The mind looks for patternicity
Where absurdity is really king

The inept and confounded
Who claim to pull the strings
There’s layers to society
That privilege will bring

No need for the illuminati
To explain the state we’re in
Everything interconnected
Where elitists always seek to win

The pyramid its eye
On the dollar bills
A ‘great white brotherhood’
Lays claim to ‘do as thou will’

There’s no great secret
The market manipulates
Capitalist ideals
Where purse strings rule our fates

The gods of technology
Try to circumvent our liberty
Filtered by expert systems
The morning news to fabricate
Pattern recognition
Data mined, a mirrored state

‘Elvis is alive and well
On the dark side of the moon’
Conspiracy theorists make it up
The second coming’s not a coming soon
‘An American Trilogy’?
Life’s not a Mills and Boon
‘In The Ghetto’
That’s where you’re left without a room

The mind likes to see agency
Looks for a guiding hand
We’ve freedom to choose
But of the big picture rather blind
Am I projecting?
Still forever the unsigned

Secret societies?
I’m not one of their kind
Weave a spell in poetry
Words of power to blow their minds
Sophia to their Logos
Anima Mundi undermined


A dream that awakens
To a silent tear
A cry in the darkness
Muted so that none might hear

Nature can be so cruel
Not all seeds will flourish
But there are shoots we protect
Those still left to nourish

A flower in spring time
Sometimes early to wilt
Be reassured
There’s really no guilt

The heart knows its sorrows
Deeper love for all that
Closure’s important
Reflect where you're sat

A dream that is broken
Time to lament
It’s no ones fault
Nothing to repent

Sad eyes of a morning
Greeting the day
Know there’s condolence
With kind words to say

Alcohol nearly killed me. I beat the habit in my teens. Alcohol is a behaviour that I have not endulged in since my teens. It would kill me rapidly if I drank. I am an existential atheist in perspective and do not follow cult directions. I am life long tea total and never use drugs. It is not 'spiritual'. It is just a behaviour and all sufferers are different. There is no personality type. It says nothing about my psychology. I experience physical craving if I ibibe. So I don't. Physical with emotionjal factors. In my case underlying PTSD. I am published against AA, a group which damaged my early recovery.I walked out of secondary treatment as a youth. Good call. I do the complete opposite of their sugestions and I'm life long recovery. I have a long history of friction from the religous right.


Principles to live by
Most of all to seek freedom
Neither chained to servitude
Nor miscast by blind fate

Choices that define
Not standing in the line
Creativity sublime
Our place within the times

Are you forbidden?
Your rights all over ridden?
Don’t forget the fight
That earned you this light

There are those who seek
What is already found
Those afraid to shout
Who do not make a sound

Liberty in action
Free of the oxens yoke
No victim of circumstances
Living what is wrote

Retiring so it seems
Introverted , no extreme
But a heart unshackled
That lives on to dream


Melancholy now
This light that is occluded
The shadow that is cast
Pains hole in which to sink

Mockers to the right
Spin from the left
All their idle chatter
Gossip leaves bereft

Little thought for the other
The subjective they’d corrupt
Wanting to dominate
Their case is really shut

Fools claim as their own
The work of a lifetime
Glitter dust of envy
Blowing up their heads

So I despair at the judges
That seek to put me down
Meditate on darkness
All the falsehoods that go around

There within the centre
The courage to go on
No time for fools
Playing with fatal cool
Keeping it real
Perplexed by it all
Sorry for their weakness
No respect for that
No future?
No time to take a fall

Zero the hero

Zero opportunity
The workless class contract
Fed from birth a wooden spoon
Welfare lines a lifelong fact

They say life’s what you make it
Yet blown by every wind
If you’ve not got a rich family
You may find it hard to win

TV stars at dinner
Where were their platitudes
When I was living on the streets?
Pretend that it’s my attitude
Left me with swollen feet

Sell the children lies
It’s Jesus that they preach
But the old dog only laughs
Knowing the folly that they teach

So many fine dreams
From a text book wonderland
Life is not a Disney movie
The nobs don’t give us any hand
Needless interventions
They think my mentality should be banned

‘Never offered me nothing’
That’s how they think I speak
I’m surprised I even learned to read
Zero the hero
Let’s pretend it’s all down to ‘ego’
They say they’re in a fine role
All they’re offering is the dole

Anti Abortion?

Pro life?
That’s what they say
Ruined futures
In the family way

Unwanted children
Just what’s the loss?
They can always shoot them
The Gun Lobby,
What’s the cost?

Trump can sow his wild oats
Cos he’s a real man
Artificial insemination
I bet he can
The Second Sex?
It’s their Christian Right

The cattle market
No sacred cows
If they can’t do it legal
Then think of how

Back street abortions?
A wire coat hanger
A douche of alcohol
Nursed by the uneducated hand
Hearts there left with holes

More will die in pregnancy
And that’s a fact
Children of rape
Raised on hate?
A woman has the right
To decide their fate
For their own body fight
Don’t leave it over late


If I’m guilty
I really do not care
I’m unrepentant
Do things you wouldn’t dare

The past is gone
There’s nothing really there
You fish for guilt
Please get out of my hair

I believe no gods
Religion I’m against
Don’t need your dogma
I’ve got a few complaints

They act like they’re superior
Claiming higher grounds
Without substance
Spread their rumours all around
They say that they’re all sinners
Shames hooks in every word
All I hear is excuses
I only serve the pound

I’m not a child
Don’t care if you say I’m a bad boy
I own everything I’ve ever done
I’m nobodies toy

I’m proud of my history
Few regrets
And that’s just for who I dated
If you think you’ve dirt on me
It you’d best forget
I like who I am
What do you not get?
I listen to Miles’ ‘Kind of blue’
Get the message
It’s ‘So what’!

Disclosure exposure

Don’t tell anybody
How it feels
Say a little prayer
And just accept your lot
Don’t tell a soul
That you were raped
Only tell a counsellor
Your true self
Subject to blackmail
And bribes
Did you never think
Anyone would network
With those who abused you?
Let go
That’s what they want

So I say fuck you
It’s in your face
Name and shame
The pervert blame
Tell everybody who they are
I’ve got boundaries
Beyond disclosure
I’ve nothing to hide
I’m not the guilty party
Perhaps professionals want to take you for a long long ride
It’s a fucking war
I want them dead

Fruit of labour?

Slave mentality
Hit snooze on the alarm
Another forty winks
Just what could be the harm?

Can’t be late for work
The boss has pulled you up
Taking a long lunch break
Cheap Coffee grows cold in the cup

I guess that life has meaning
But it’s getting hard to find
Watching that clock
Not so Sorry, I’m not that kind

Worry about your partner
And what they said last night
Praising the lord
Your only guiding light

So I drink a second coffee, rich
Order the days food delivery
Time for a little fruit
Write some poetry

There’s those who count each minute
Longing to be free
Not Half an hour to meditate
On that reality
They think every body else
Should share the misery

I spend most of my days
At complete liberty
Wonder what the day will bring?
Oh yes, there’s the fruit delivery

Small places

Good vibrations
Humming like a bee
In small places
What does anybody see?

Small places
That’s where I fit in
A touch of lubrication
Then it’s time for fun

Army dreamers
Could be the hounds of love
Spit and polish
You could use a rabbit
or soap it up with dove
A little friend
You’ll fit me like a glove

So sorry
I distracted babushka
Once on stage
No real claim to fame
I guess the magic’s aged

Jack and Jill
You don’t need to take the pill
The mount of Venus
Running up that hill

Oil me up
And gently guide me in
You know that it’s no sin
In da bush
Just like a kitkat
I could eat two
It’s finger licking good!

Get into
Small places
That’s our Kate
In her handbag
Hidden smile
Embarrassed faces
Even the royals have one
For a day at the races
where's Girls they like to have fun


No leap of faith
Never truly transcendent
No escapes
But time left to dance

Despair is not our creed
Face the fear, yet just do it
Within this life
Realise each thought

Creativity to the rebellion
In revolt, knowing what it is to be
Rattle the chains with a new rhythm
Take to each work with song upon the lip

Condemned it seems
To climb to the heights
Yet ever the decent
Back from whence we come

Seeking for truth
It’s own illumination
Reason the proof
Facing reality

No escape
Into transcendence
No acceptance
Not one resigned
Wrestle each day
With the absurd
This time that is ours
Experience reflected by each word


Simple pleasures
That’s all I really ask
At my leisure
Won’t be put to task

The happy pessimist
The true worth of circumstance
Lose it all chasing rainbows?
I see that there’s no chance

I don’t want for much
Theirs is not what I need
I choose my words carefully
Wonder what another reads?

My perspective holds
Call it an attitude
Don’t do as they all say
Their ‘truth’ looks a little crude

I look at the day
Potential to the circumstance
But I’m not chasing waterfalls
Nor easily led on a merry dance

Silver linings
They say, to every cloud
Some think I don’t do much
But of my works I am quite proud
Sit and think about it
I don’t want to be in with the ‘in’ crowd

Ethic of quantity

Quality or quantity?
To be experienced
Living for the memory
Of what we do today

No grand design
No meaning given
It is ours to create
Not lost to resignations fate

To want not to want for
The means to embrace the new
Attaining our goals
A comfort into which we grew

The circumstance
In which we’re thrown
Still choices on the road
Make for a life our own

Quality to peace of mind
Quantity of freedom
Judgements relative
Guided by our own reason
The sunrise of a morning
Bringing in the season

So look clear at the circumstance
And see it’s true potential
There really is no turning back
For consciousness is to itself the reverential


Poetry without sorrow
Devoid of the lament
Experience with no engagement
No conscience to repent

A play within the play
Chance meeting at the interlude
Sharing a glass of greetings
Within the costume change

To take on the mask
Becoming the character
Pretend life’s just an act
Courting the curtain call

Contemplations unknown country
To live out the thought
The chance reaction
Mobilised by the moments fall

Conscious of our part
Creation like unto fiction
Revolt at the chains
Defying the absurd
In the desire to create
Living a life doubly

Discord with the world
Reflected in the self
Art comments on our place
Colours to the canvas
Sublimation of the feelings
Painted through it all


A light with out effulgence
Realisation where the shadow’s cast
A darkness to illumination
Conscious of what is obscurity

Knowledge of the self
Seeing the absurdity
A struggle to be free
Of the humdrum real

The shadow play upon the wall
From the bedroom light
A fear that projects
From puppet masters hands

No trees for all the woods
Lost on the forests path
There within the shade depths
Anxiety to imaginings

The radiance of the nighttime’s stars
May seem so far away
But in their unreachability
We may wonder at the passing days

Seeking for greater truths
From our lesser ways
There’s light within the shadows
Hints from what the others say
Weariness to endure the realisation
Knowledge of our place in time
The world forever that evades us
In this lucidity at the absurdity


A capacity for solitude
Contemplation to embrace
There’s those who keep busy
But life is not a race
Sit back and listen to the heart
Some live at the wrong pace

Surrounded by others
Just like the prison yard
Standing on my own
The reason isn’t hard
Art comes from within
Think upon Blakes Bard

Loneliness is optional
But you may like what you find
No one giving orders
No pressures of any kind
Sit to think about it?
How else know your own mind?

Try to see the world
Just as it presents
There are those who live to serve
And drivenness never relents
Living in the moment
Focus on the present

I like to move slowly
Like the forms of tai chi
Centred on my breath
A kind of simplicity
Running around in confusion
Headless chickens make a reality

So of seclusion, all alone
Within, I find my true home
I’m not trying to be popular
I’m not a heart of stone
But I’m fairly happy
When I switch off the phone


‘I am an addict’
That’s what they say
Don’t look at me
I’m no longer that way

They say they are addicted
Just like I once was
I can’t help them
It’s just because

Three decades ago
I won the fight
I stopped taking substances
They’re not worth a light

How did I do it?
I don’t really know
You have to experience it
The years just go

They sent me to peer support
Where they tried to push me drugs
I didn’t use a psychiatrist
They don’t have a clue
Ask what I do…
It’s about self love

So I care about myself
Enough to just say no
I don’t mess about
I don’t snort blow
Don’t ever smoke
If you ask me for a drink
I’ll tell you where to go!

I’ve got a lot of knowledge
Upon the subject
You pick up some psychology
But a lot of it’s just rubbish
Don’t tell me I can help them
I object
They’ve got to do it for themselves
There’s a lot that I forget
They’re not my responsibility
What don’t they get?


They say we tilt at windmills
The hands of time
Go round and around
Fighting with those giants
That forever keep us blind
Hero or buffoon
They’ll say it at the last
It was all inside your mind

Complaints systems they cripple
Lead in a merry dance
Gambling on our rights
It’s always looks worth the chance
But wait for the backlash
In an unfair fight
Red tape in a war
Where you’ll end up in a worse plight

Take it to a higher level
Commissioners that weight the dice
Struggling to be believed
By a system cold as ice
They pre decide the outcomes
There’s no way to say it nice
Begging the next coin
The boatman has his price

So the issues keep revolving
Like the windmills arms
The cards are stacked against us
What justice for the workless class?
Always time to lick the wounds
Left sat out on my arse
Do we have the power ?
Just waiting on a free bus pass

Never quite in from the cold
From a battle oh so bold
The government always wins
A system built on lies
Civil mechanisms they corrupt
Pen pushers get in the way
Ivory tower office pedestals
The faceless bureaucrat
The same story growing old
At least I bloody tried


What of this anxiety?
It’s not the fear of going out
Troubled by unknowns
Deaths horizon lurks about

The nausea at existence
Becoming within fear
Change can’t be avoided
What will tomorrow bring?

Unsteady on the tightrope
Life has no safety net
Stepping into the void
A course on which we’re set

The other also chooses
Complexity to the dance
We are agents to our own creation
Not mere playthings of blind chance
All the variables to the choices
Enough to paint a scream

Anxiety at becoming
For we are the great unknown
Until the final curtain
This self we call our home
Uncertainty is the malady
Ambiguity it brings
In the face of certain destruction
At least there’s a chance to sing


Amorphous, anonymous, ‘they’
A voice lost amongst the crowd
Trying to rise above
What they says allowed

The ease of the belonging mind
All together, of one kind
But if they remove their blinkers
They’d realise how they are blind

So we get onto the elevator
Seeking a higher floor
It can look a little crowded
Is there room for just one more?

I guess I’ll take the staircase
An individual out alone
Of my own volition
Able to be one

The other tries to guide me
To dominate my thoughts
Only in interpretation
A narrative once bought

Is there a final answer ?
Listening for the solitary heart
Those forever trying to consume me
That’s why I stand apart
It may be to my folly
But I’ve been alone from the very start


Hands that once grasped in a panic
Needing to find a hold
Flailing weakened limbs
Caught by the undertow

Eyes that wept salty tears
For the drowning years
Left without a hope
Barely left able to cope

The deck made of sound timbre
A foundation under foot
Hand that takes to tiller
No longer soaked and shook

Memories of white knuckles
From the sodden skin
Now with grip that’s solid
Eventually, a win

Back on the dry land
Sense of space and place
A base to return to
No need to hide my face

To take to open seas
Explore the world that is
Creative vistas calling
Open to imaginings

For now I rest at anchor
On sun soaked beaches sand
Agency to steer a course
With a steady hand

The whip

The slave that serves one master
Picking up the whip
To flagellate his brother
With authoritarian grip

Bites into the flesh
Blood from where it welts
Causing the other suffering
Devoid of will, to serve

The pimp that works the madam
To make the others whores
Solidarity of submission
Where the free would rise in war

Puppets on a string
Links in the chain gang
Hands that grip cold bars
The valets bell is rung

Promise of a new life
Beyond this mortal coil
Bow down to it all
Blood that starts to boil

The slave that takes a stand
And seizes at the whip
To take it to those masters
Freedom on their lips

The Commandants informant
Spies within our midst
Those who forge the chains
With malicious gossip

Crushed like those before
A rebellion in a song
There are those who doff their cap
I won’t, is that so wrong?


Treated as a mere thing
An object to be ruled
Dictated to in interpretation
A list of symptomology

The label defines meaning
No space left to grow
Dehumanised by words
Diagnostic criteria

Are we free to oppose
The given narrative?
Live beyond the mental shackles
Of what the other says we are?

Am I not a poet?
No music to my days?
Contained by blind systems
Freedoms to take away

Who am I to wonder
If I am a self beyond these chains?
The analysist dictator
Defining just the same

I am not what they put upon me
I do not take up their yoke
There are freedoms in the knowing
Of what creating spoke

Trying to reduce me
With a deconstruct
If I bow down to their pressures
All I’m left is fucked

Fighting for liberty
Finding space to breathe
Forever seek within disclosure
To reach beyond their living death

The good cog in the machine
Androids on the March
Afraid to be late to work
Functional but blind

They’ll say that I’m an object
By them to be defined
Outcast from polite society
Not one of their kind
But to this I really object
With freedom of my own mind


The action of disclosure
Narrative of the self
Forever open to interpretation
Within ambiguity

The room with a view
Specimens in a jar
Observed through the microscope

The eye glass of experience
Magnifying all we see
A skewed perspective
The subjective view of reality

But as to this disclosure
Many trains of thought
A never ending story
What is the role we’re taught?

Hero or villain
Victor of just a shmuck?
Dependant on the telling
Revealing over much

Turning a fresh page
With intentionality
An object to the other
Yet with agency
Choosing the next act
In our passion play of liberty


It may not seem
To those just casually looking in
That the message is positive
But just what don’t they see?

Symbiotic charity
Needs the suffering
You could find you’re stuck
Somehow you never win

Supports that don’t work
But there are those who’ve invested
The time and their money
Promoting façades

Learn to be critical
From the very start
Sold political ideology
Told you will heal

How does it feel
Left disillusioned?
Forever cynical
From the road of experience
Knowing what doesn’t work
Is half way to clarity

So you may think that it’s negative
But it’s a postcard from the real
There’s many who say that they do
But who never truly help

There is one way
Return to the self
It’s you that you need to look after
And protect inner wealth


So the greatest trauma in this life
Is the poverty of the working class
There are those who will never know
What it’s like to be homeless, on their arse
Those who can afford the lawyers,
Not the duty solicitors,
That offer only a closing door
For the struggles of the poor.

You can’t choose your parents
Into your family you fall
If they are abusive
Well it’s nothing about you at-all
But if you don’t have nothing
They’ll never pass you the ball

God bless the child
That’s got their own
Money, the greatest healer
A bank balance that always saves
The rich from too much suffering
For what we struggled, they had gave

The greatest trouble you can ever have
Is an empty pocket
A bottomless hole
In which to sink
You see it really stinks
There are haves
There are have nots
For this lifetime’s not forgot
Nor the shit that poverty always begot


The tide is turning
Voices calling to be free
Standing together
With hearts at liberty

Change is coming
Like a whisper on the wind
Hands that are joining
Raised up in solidarity

The poor and the needy
The vulnerable to protect
Getting needs met
Lest we forget

The tide is turning
To wash the cheeks of land
Tears that are falling
Given a helping hand

We rise each morning
Together, opening our eyes
Think of diamonds in the night
That punctuate clear skies

A celebration
Hearts lift up in the breast
We come together
A love on us impressed


I’m not ‘playing the victim’
Some may say ‘staying the victim
Is all just a blame game’
Trying to shame me
They’d rather blame me
For the trauma I do not hide

Meeting my needs
Fat cats with greed
Say I must ‘come to believe’
And eat from out of a food bank

Who can I thank?
Whose safety net?
‘Vulnerable person’
Who envies what I now get?

A life on the streets
With swollen feet
Trying to cope
No one offered a hope

‘Get them into work’
‘We all know that they’re skivers
Responsibility shirk
They’re not even survivors’
‘Pull them all down
We’re kissing up to the crown
What goes around’
Keeping up appearances
The game that ‘society wants’
‘Happy’ families ties

‘They say we abused them
We’ll give them goodbye’
Social exclusion
No point to try

They may think that I fake it
On my own I can’t make it
Someone has listened
There’s no wonder why
Welfare safety net
Just what don’t you get?

‘My daddy hit me
And look how well
I turned out, why do you
Need to scream and shout?
I forgave.
Honour thy father.
Gods will is right.’

Perhaps they’re not really
So alright
Theirs is the kind
Of bullshit
I’ve had to fight!

Political theory
I’m no longer teary
The liberal agenda
Meeting my needs
As I wake to a full English
Now I’m sat in the sun
I’ll practice my sax
The past’s not coming back
I’m still a victim
I really own it
Face up to the fact

Trauma Sells

Commodification of trauma
A digital panacea
Headhunted by civil mechanisms
That serve to hide the real

Media elites disclosure
Needing followers
Paying their second mortgage
From the pedestals they preach

Abusing the construct
Presented to the masses
A hook for every wounded heart
Claiming courage to heal

Selling their ‘higher’ purpose
To provide a meaning
For the great unwashed
Post traumatic ideology
To define the new ‘normal’
Prozac babies
Pharmaceuticals on the make

Political objectification
Serves the technocrats
Globalised oppression
For the working class
A war keeps us enslaved
To the managerial chains
Surveillance mental health
Kneel before the psychiatrist

Poverty supports
The dominance of the upper crust
Forever deserting
The voices in the wilderness
The first trauma we all know
A plastic spoon
Pushed into the infants mouth

Communicative capitalism
Selling a narrative
Star system on the rise
They suffer just alike
Or so they want us to think
As they lower the real value
Of our welfare cheque
TV blinkers for sad eyes


Awakening to sunshine
The clouds all disappear
The grey that obscures the light
Lifting like our fears

A chance to meditate upon
The passing of the living years
The rain that’s always coming
Like a joyous tear

So the morning smells of coffee
Bitter sweet to please
Waking to reality
Some folk always tease
The rose has thorns
As all must know
So, gently touch the petals
To inhale their scent

Leaping out of bed
To greet another day
Shadows, most have fled
I don’t take heed of what the others say
Dreams that come
Like tomorrows seed
When two hearts are one

The sun that crowns with promises
Of a fruitful year
Mindfulness of yesterday
And the sorrow that we hear
Today has come
To start afresh
That is all I know
The clean page is beckoning
Where will the hours all go?


Pursuit of perfection
Destined to fail
Success is the goal
That brings out the worst

Suffer in silence
So they all say
Embracing the truth
We fall every day

Life’s purpose not given
We make our own way
Systems are broken
Seek joy where you may

No one lives up
Within the light of the real
Never the heights
Short of ideals

Make the best of it
Things conspire against
Lacking an essence
Who chose to exist?

Thrown into struggles
Facing that fall
To become into our selves
Transcending it all


Is life just a game
To bring the children fun?
Meditate on snakes and ladders
Learn to walk before you run

They say there’s a winners cup
You’ll be number one
Starters orders
A blank fires from that gun

Motivated by small victories
A leg up, on the ladders rung
On top of the world
The cruel jokes just begun

Life, it’s no surprise
That there’s simply more snakes
Get back up, and dust yourself down
But the blood you’ll bleed’s not fake

Most of the journey
Looks like a series of accidents
Trying to fend off bad luck
You may look for a friendly hand
But sorry, no one gives a fuck

So an elders advice?
There’s some would say wiser
Be another mans snake
And weight the dice


Masters of deception
Who can judge the lies?
Entertained by falsehoods
Well that’s just the politicians ways

Areas grow grey
Abstractions formed by what they say
To obfuscate from the masses
Hooray for the holidays

Media that promotes the man
A form of state control
We all believe the common good
Is the motivating force

Hooks into the heart
Doctrines fed from childhood
A hope for progress there
For the babes in arms

Is it just the way it is?
Has it always been the same?
There are those still enslaved
In obedience to the name

Cliché that you’ll buy
Appealing to your vanity
A piece that’s going to fit
For you’re sure your thinkings right

Rejected and alone
Those left out from the games
Just who decides the winners
Miracles they grant to some
Rags to riches dreams
The media promotes those ones
Blinkered by TV dinners
Is there a greater truth to come?


The dignity of man
In his right to question
Constructs that are givens
Answers in a dogma

Spoon fed on poison
They’ll sell as medicine
Justify the prescriptive cost
To our humanity

Uphold the individual
Emphasising subjectivity
The right to disagree
Within community

Conflict that is natural
Difference defines
Granting the same value
To the others stance

The dignity of the individual
Upheld above all else
To think as they choose
Not bowing to the in crowd

Contrarian to some
You see this is allowed
To stand apart from
And in our selves be proud

Three minute hero?

They give token gestures
A three minute platform
And the very next speaker
Will be there to contradict

Broken promises
They’ll imply you are an enemy
Seeking to marginalise
With a touch of spin

On my radio
A moments memory
Soon forgot
Teenagers set their sights
Believing in the dream they’re sold
Misquotes getting old

The sands of time
Keep a falling
Soon to be the empty glass
Revisionist history afraid of the cultures past
Screw-tapes to trip you up
Arming mobile phones

Sugar coated documentary
Changes that took blood
Pretend that we’re all friends
Remembering the flood

Another generation
Chases a rainbow
Doesn’t matter much what I tell them
It’s a lifetime that soon goes
They talk of such fine supports
Empty words it seems to me
Tired of hearing platitudes
My scars still seem to show

Wrong ‘supports’

Falling in with the wrong people
A rose bed full of thorns
The initial attraction
Love bombed to belong

Absolutist in ideology
Fatalism, but then, just does it matter?
Afraid of agency
Responsibility, so much idle chatter

They promise miracles
Embrace you in the fold
But the illusion soon dissolves
Judas sharpening the knife

They say you need to trust
Submit to what they say
There’s no future, and no past
Living for one day

Practical philosophy
Would question, does it really work?
A small ship of fools that’s sinking
Where abusers always lurk

They say you think too much
Lose your mind
Return to the senses
But you don’t need to be deflated
Nor fear your own free will

Make the informed decision
Based on experience
They don’t live up to their ideals
Not one of them ever apologised to me

Out grouped and exclusion
The target of malicious gossip
The Scientologists call it squirrels
When confronted with their own lies

So my hope and strength
Comes from the right to decide
I listened to their promises
And realised they’re all taken for a ride

A culture of abuse
Some would ask just what’s the use
Mechanisms of support
That uphold the very same culture

So I’m doing good
Always could be better
Freedom evolves
With them it was much worse
Groups that conform
Shattered illusions
Breaking free at last
Because they did no good

Clear eyes

The lady has clear eyes
Sparkling brightly
To look upon blue skies
Clouds have gone
The sun is smiling too
When I think of you

The lady has clear eyes
Beauty in all they see
Coming in to focus
Phenomena of reality
Flowers raise their heads
Within their perfumed bed

Lady has clear eyes
There’s no wonder why
The shadows disappear
Like half forgotten tears

Lady, have clear eyes
Behold the world and sigh
Warm colours all around
The heart beats with clear sound

Lady, this I thought
There’s much to me you’ve taught
Something that I sought
Within your vision caught


The ice caps albedo
Reflecting the suns rays
Air conditioning for the planet
Equilibrium for our days
Absorbing the ocean heat
Like the ice cubes in a glass

The big melt progresses
An escalating feedback loop
Headed for disaster
Blue Ocean Event

Drunk on fossil fuels
Stealing all our tomorrows
The white mass disappears
Melting with the children’s tears

Sea levels rising
Salt water intrusion
Creep onto the land
New shoots left to thirst

Jet stream, ocean currents
Circulation to disrupt
Global wierding
Leading to flash floods

The arctic ice that mitigates
Permafrost begins to melt
Methane bombs release
From the frozen earth

If not now when?
The fish begin to die
The 1% grow fat
Feeding us all lies
There could be a time
When none are left to cry.


Absence of mind
Uncomfortably numbed
Disconnected from the body
Shortening of breath

Living as if dead
The medicated self
Nothing in the head
Strangely lacking presence

Fighting to resist
Maintenance of routine
Against the lethargy
Tranquillised emotion
Looking to find focus
But the centring has gone

Lacking in affect
Not in the driving seat
Reduced motor skills
Out of control
Dimming of the passion
Volition indistinct

Freezing of the heart
Dulling of the eyes
They say that it is necessary
But everybody knows it’s lies
Against my will
They lay claim to the right

Injecting their malice
Making their lives easy
You know it does no good
Medication simply does not work


The ‘We’ say they have a problem
With me.
I challenge their proposition.
What differentiates ‘me’?
Us and them?
Thee and we?
Looking for common ground
If there really is a ‘We’
Why don’t they tell me what their problem is?
They assume a claim to their power
In being ‘We’.
The eponymous ‘We’.
How about me?
In the attempt to belong
Claiming common humanity,
The ‘We,we!’
Still their ‘We’ has a problem with little old me.
But then of course,

On Liberty

One ethic to truly edify
The principle of harm the only reason why
The state should ever interfere
And thus prevent the victim tears

Raised up above all else
A value to which all can abide
Do not do your sister wrong
A brothers trauma do not hide

Moral dogma is not our creed
Support those who are in need
Equal in judgement of the law
Rights proclaim our freedoms more

Rationality to defend the higher ground
Coercion seeks to spread around
Falsehood in the name of rigid thought
Ideology, no question taught

So, as to this principle of harm
‘On liberty’ tattoo on the arm
No one has the right to intervene
On those of us who do no wrong
A paternal urge that tries to dictate
Feeble fathers for whom hell always awaits
Raise up a value all can hold dear
Fight for freedom with each passing year

The Big Lie

The curse of modernity
Condemned to loneliness
Uprooted from a common ground
Experiencing lives as indistinct

Virtual in community
A technological disconnect
Lonely in the crowd
Identity dissolved

Social conservatism
Conformity upheld
By the vox popular
Manipulated by each click

Wanting to belong
An unorganised mass
Negative solidarity
To rage against the machine

The elite pull at the strings
Define with algorithms
The creation of the mob
To rise against the world in which we live
Popularism forms the chains
That unite divided individuality

Totalitarian ideals
Within the disconnect
Defining us and them
United by the cause
Strength in unity
An enemy to create

Making the next movement
From the cynicism
Disillusioned with the state
Lives that no longer matter
Superfluous in the shackles
The zero hour social contract

Thinking to discover
The democracy of inner dialogue
Seeking for our best judgement
Reclaiming trust in the self
Capacity of thought
Within our solitude

The self important cliche
Divorced from a liberated mind
The soliloquy of the usurpers
No freedom to critically judge
The elitist that dictates
Stealing all our rights
The banality of evil
Those who follow shallow orders

Are we expendable lives?
Condemned to mass graves
Closing our eyes
Resigned to a destined fate?

Market driven policy
Public relations politic
Poverty of spirit
A fiction created by the crooks
The Big Lie
An invention, not reality

Big data pulls the strings
Blinded by aggregates
A mirror of the profile
From behavioural manacles
Predicting the next move
Every breath that you take
Offered an ideology
To stamp out spontaneity
The media-ocracy
Serving up mediocrity

The valors of individual right
Consumers of ideas
Seeking to transcend
And mend the broken world
Responsive to plurality
Direct democracy
Participation in the change
Liberty to act with agency
Emancipated lives
Creating the new
Must we obey?


Life that’s fulfilled by purpose
Freedom to reach set goals
Strategy to relieve distress
Less the striving, more the thriving
Do they really think
I’m just surviving?

Life has challenges
They’re well met
There is the trauma
That I can’t forget
It’s not on top
I don’t live to lament

I rise each day
With song upon my lips
No compulsivity
No slave within a grip
I’ve no addictions
To the core I’ve stripped

There are those who judge
There always will be
I’m not listening to them
They’re no friend to me
Those who are against
Attempts at control with servility

I face each test
With a free heart
I find my meaning
Within the realm of art
Emotional expression
With perfumed words I make a start

I forge decisions
That keep me on the path I go
My true direction
A calling to where I always grow
I'm not waiting on the man
Never bowing low

No gods above
Against dictators strain
I may have limits
But I pull upon the chains
Those who claim the power over me
Clearly are insane

Neither slave nor master
No emotional seesaw
Work prolific
They don’t seem to know the score
I’m not afraid of the mud they throw
The fruits of liberty surely show

Service with a smile?

Lives in service
To the other
Create liberty
For our brothers

Elevated ethics
Or servility?
Where the room
For poetry?

To be more free
The one true goal
For those in shackles
What’s the role?

Creative spark
A torch to shine
Challenge the yoke
A work that’s mine

The greater good
That’s what they’ll claim
The shoe shine boy
Spits in the bosses name

Some will add zeal
To any task you give
Spend most of their days
Wishing they could live

Unexamined norms
A whip that drives
Most who claim they help
Just get in the way
A social comment
For each day
Doesn’t really matter
What others say
Promoting service with a smile
The fat cats profit all the while

The Last day

On the last day
Will there be regret?
No one left to heed the judge
Of what it really meant

No tear from me I hope
In the final hour
The wilting bloom will bow
A last scent from a fading flower

On the last day
I will have a movement of the bowel
A final motion
That someone else will flush away

What will they make of it?
Lives that aren’t worth shit?
Perhaps my final turd will be a floater
And they’ll struggle to flush it

I hope I clog the loo
With my fading powers
A last laugh at them all
Before the funeral bower

On the last day
Before I join the dust
I will leave my mark
You see it’s shit or bust!


Spend more time in graveyards
Ask just who they really were
We are all becoming
Towards our final end

Roles we play with others
The culture in which we fell
Demands are placed upon us
Some live for tasks to do well
Do just as you’re told
With regret for growing old

Relatedness to the other
Join in the masquerade
It’s just the way things are
The bed which you have made

Consuming every product
Living just to buy
Fulfilled materially
But in debt you’ll find a lie

Images on the TV
Market forces strategy
Lost within the dance
Inspired by another’s fantasy

Striving to be authentic
Standing outside from the crowd
A sense of alienation
The self that is allowed
Struggle daily with being
Looking for creative spark
Recall where others lay
In the graveyard dark

Stringing along

In the face of so little meaning
I turn to the default of absurdity
Nothing to reflect on in the mirror
No jigsaw piece to find a fit

They’re not integrating me within society
Left out in the cold
Others try to claim there’s purpose
To Return to the paths I’m sold
Done it all before
The rhetoric is old

I don’t want to offer counsel
Or listen to others shit
A yellow brick road program
Where my heart don’t fit
My experience is different
To those who adhere to it

I’m not looking for your sympathy
Not trying to buy influence
Stating my truth
Secure in historicity
Others try to string along
Claiming they’ve a right to wrong
Intruding on my rights
They try to steal my song

There are recking crews
Those who smash up lives
There are those who like to hurt you
If you offer heart
I’m certainly not bored
An outsider, with art

They’re not communicating with me
False impressions from the start
Stars within the firmament
In which I play no part

I’m secure in my position
Some would play me as a pawn
You may think that I’m a fool
But I’m sticking to the rules

Not much sense I’m finding
In other peoples bunk
It’s not very likely
I’d want their old junk

Another day,
another poem
You see it pays to think
Just stringing pearls of words
Connecting up the ink


Judge and jury
Quite insane
Trial by social media
Misjudgement just the same

Vulnerable people
Broken lives
Welfare system
Only way to survive

Nothing gives
Political spin
Common humanity
Still with rights left to win

Break me down
Pull me apart
Look for any way
To stab me through the heart

Magpies gather
Vultures out for blood
There’s no salvation
No rainbow to bridge this flood

They don’t really help
With their undertow
An absurdity
The systems cracks that show
Put me down
Make me your foe
You don’t even know the facts
There’s nowhere left to go
Social exclusion
Just like calling names
It’s not up to you
A culture that’s avoiding blame
Create an outcast
Local authorities that deny
Spreading rumours
Tell me who’s on the make?
Disaffected youth
A smile they paint
A victim of someone else’s games
Safety nets and support
They don’t seem to think
I even deserve a home
No inquiry
I’ve met the test
Ratified criteria
There’s protections
In liberal law
Life’s not as simple
As they’re taught
If you don’t like your lives
That’s not my fault
There are those of us wounded
By the red tape battles that they make


Has Britain got talent?
The televised dream
Industry cold shoulders
Munch paints The Scream

Role model visions
Teach you how to conform
Bow down to the power
Defining cultural norms

Covert manipulation
Of the BBC sacred cow
Sell the children hope
Fame with a golden bow

Fed a zeitgeist’s dogma
Do they tell them at school age
That they’re indoctrinated
So they’ll work for minimum wage?

The hindsight of experience
They’ll try to treat them all like slaves
Sailing with a ship of fools
The Royals give a wave
The promise of retirement
Worked into an early grave

Why don’t you help?
Bail out an ever sinking vessel
Be one of the real men
With a bullet in a gun
Never mind,
Someone will point one at your head
See the world, it’s oh such fun

Royal We

Charlie hangs around the throne
But is he ever really alone?
They have a royal We
But please don’t take the pee

Sitting on the royal carzy
Awaiting the next god given move
A second for that motion
A mens movement flushed away

Beware of floating voters
Camilla likes poetry, so quote her
A chance at regency
Don’t stoop to indecency

Enjoy the peeking duck
The footmans wages really suck
Camilla brushes her fine hair
How does she look in underwear?

Charlie has plants to talk to
When he’s on the phone it’s true
Perhaps something going up in smoke
You see the one true king has weed
A golden shower for a rain,
It could drive a man insane
But can he take the strain
His brothers left a stain
Please don’t take the pee
About the royal wee
They reign down on us all
He’s never given me a call

Peers ears?

Disordered in misconduct
Got to whip you in to shape
Square pegs in round holes
Conformity to make

If the hat don’t fit
When will you doff your cap?
So you don’t seem to fit in
Nothing really wrong with that

An Indian without a tribe
Where is the common ground?
There’s our humanity
Beware of what goes around

Rumours on the wire
Feed the jungle radio
Born under a bad sign?
The conservative exclusion

Be a good dog
Sure to serve your master
No real freedom to your thought
They’ll try to trigger a disaster

Bad eggs in the same basket
That’s all I made of peer support
Without a professional boundary
I play no part in that

If I tell you where I’ve been
You seem to want me to go back
But in reality
I’m forever free of it
You try to push my buttons
It’s been the same for thirty years
I’m not looking over my shoulder
At my liberty and you’re not
And I know that that’s a fact

Machine welcome

Welcome to the machine
A solipsistic dream
Become one of the team
You know our leader’s right
What’s the secret?
We’re controlled by technology

Mirror in the bathroom
A wilderness reflecting
Day time TV feeds
Lies to those defecting

Pull up your socks
Work a zero hour contract
Watch out for the feds
They’re practicing full contact

We are the ‘community’
You’re forever on the outside
A spy comes in from the cold
But they’ll take you for a ride

What’s the big idea?
Are you in on all their deals?
Socially excluded
Just how do you think that feels?
Those Spiritually enlightened
The holy hole inside your pocket

Another rejection
A womb with a view
Pearls before the swine
Preparing for the tomb
They’ll sell you the new wine
And now you’re doing fine
I heard it on the grapevine
One of the chosen people
Another of the herd


The doctors form a queue
To offer pharmaceutical solutions
GP fund holders get a share
From the medication rounds

Building glass cages
To make captives of the poor
Private medical insurance
The ones they show some care
There’s profit in suffering
Where there’s muck they’ve money

The diagnostic manual
Is full of their labels
Words of power
Like magicians invocations
Bound to your masters will
Perhaps you’d like to work as an orderly some day?
Creating treatment centres
To tell you how to be a human being

They’ve a new misnomer
The NHS ‘trust’
Military grade monitoring
They’ll try to put hooks into your lust
Outreach in the chats
Plants assess the catch

I hear they’ve made a potion
To make the youth cooperate
Another bitter pill
To make them think better of the state
Sugar coated lies
Realities not so great
Get down on your knees
For an internet meme trending disease

Ideology at war
Politics of fear
Plastic spoons for mouths
That cry out with their tears
They want you to believe
The superiority of the BMA
You see they could afford the training
Perhaps they’ll get an MBE
Treating us like fools
Down trodden working classes
Why don’t you respect authority
You poor deluded arses?


Setting goals
Bite sized chunks
Stepping stones
Mindfully reach the other side

Breaking down the tasks
Baby steps
We raise ourselves
Each day as we get up

Small routines
Punctuate the day
Each sentence wrote
Adds to the opus

Gently reaching
For new heights
Developing gradually
With insight

We take our aim
Planning ahead
Todays simple ways
Create the future self
Grand designs
Freed with intention

Bound by will
Focus of mind
Habits formed
Sown seeds to growth
Reaching potential
What will we find?

All kinds of ill behaviour is excused in the name of ‘addiction’. Many so called sufferers use private medical cover to opt for ‘treatment’ to avoid criminal charges. I have already explained the ‘disease of addiction’ is a construct, thought virus or meme. It cannot be taken as literally true. A small percentage of compulsive disorders are partially treated by the workable hypothesis. This means treating it as a disease sometimes works in some cases, at least with a limited result. It does not follow that it is scientifically true. The BMA British journal of addiction clearly states in multiple articles that the ‘disease’ does not exist in any literal sense. Addiction is a behaviour. The solution proposed by the ‘disease model’ is always faith in god, defects of character/sin, continued ‘moral’ inventory and amends for being naughty. ‘Sex addiction’ claims neurological craving the same as drugs. Pseudo science, in the same way the church paid for misleading studies to claim prayer assists illness. In reality false statistics by fundamentalist groups. It is proven prayer has no effect on anything in the real world. Even the placebo effect of intercessionary prayer has been shown to increase anxiety surrounding illness with negative effects. Famous ‘sex addicts’ are in many cases plants or have rich wives emotionally blackmailing them. It is no accident many 12 step success stories are in the acting profession or entertainment industry. I have met some of these, often chronic relapsers or never addicted in the first place. There are of course sex offenders, but groups networking them with other offenders, mentoring each other to get down on their knees when naughty, are clearly absurd. To popularise memes, investors in treatment centres with faith bias will recruit famous people to promote their business. Some will be deluded by the rhetoric and treatment indoctrination, others on the payroll. Human sexuality is broad and diverse in expression. Self professed ‘sex addicts’ need be viewed with suspicion. Naughty sinners, get down on your knees and kiss your sponsors arse. Sound like bullshit to anyone? ‘God saves’… it must be stated I have never been treated for any sexual disorder ever. I have had extensive psychological help with trauma. I am psychologically literate through experience of various models. I was once treated for ‘drug’ ‘addiction’ with manipulation by my abusive family in my youth. The treatment facility, directly linked to AA U.K. service office taught me absolutely nothing I needed to know to stay sober. Nothing. ‘Let go. Forgive. ‘ , smoking spliff is a ‘disease’. All misinformation. It should also be noted faith based sex offender programs from the USA all demand that offenders are publicly listed for their offences. I have interviewed various 12 step orientated counsellors and many express homophobic views in private. Of course they don’t tell everyone these views. Perhaps there’s a chip on my shoulder? It should be no surprise that one 12 step group is known to it’s members as ‘The Augustinians’, teaching chastity through marriage to offenders.

I thought it might be wise at 33 years into my recovery to dispel some myths about addiction and that recovery. The British journal of addiction, in articles apologetic of the ‘disease model’, concede that it is only a workable hypothesis. In fact ‘addiction’ is a construct of their model disseminating false information about obsessive compulsive disorders that ultimately requires faith in their disinfo. Faith is the operative word since these models are designed to promote a religious mentality. Treatment centres go to great length to indoctrinate false beliefs in ‘defects’ of character, read as sin, and a ‘spiritual’ aka religious solution to the human condition. Just about anybody in their lifetime could at some point become labelled with the construct of the ‘disease’ of addiction.
As a teen I had a serious alcohol problem that came upon me when i was detoxed from dangerous, dependency forming, depressants prescribed as a child for serious trauma. The NHS provided me a gateway drug to dependency on alcohol. I had medical treatment aged 18 to detox, complicated by the minor use of psychedelics that temporarily went to my head. The Freemasons and 12 step community social engineered my ‘rock bottom’ to promote a religious solution. For three years of my initial recovery i was indoctrinated by Minnesota model counselling and regular attendance of 12 step groups. Cult reprogramming specialists note that all religious cults have mechanisms of ego deflation, selfless service to the movement and promote group dependency claiming their way is the final solution. 12 step is no different to the moonies in this, they are just better established. My recovery has been 30 years of total abstinence and 3 years (over 20 years ago) of controlled social drinking with therapeutic guidance. The 12 step mentality did not serve me well. I sat on a UK service committee. The steps are all unnecessary, and i believe, deliberately designed to set up relapse and catastrophisation of the same. This creates a revolving door of shame faced relapses coming back for further treatment. It’s a con.
I broke with 12 step aged 21/22 thoroughly disillusioned by the almost total lack of practical support by the groups. They sing from the same hymn sheet promoting largely delusional ideology based on faith in the ‘disease model’. We have no power, there is one with all power, that one is god, may you find him now… or words to that effect. Curiously it was the church that assisted in getting me out of 12 step, curiously as i have been atheist since my early 20’s. At the time I was ‘in service’ to 12 step my head was firmly up my arse and all my exercising of agency to change my life was put down to god. A god that does not exist. Nor if a god could exist would it follow that they wanted me on my knees begging to not drink.
The culture of 12 step recovery, is ironically, based on the denial of a spiritual bypass. The mind set is implicitly avoidant. They will claim the opposite but when i worked a full 12 step programme i was separated in mentality from my authentic self and denial of the trauma i experienced in childhood. The focus of 12 step treatments has shifted slightly over the years with growing emphasis on claimed process addictions like sex and technology. Clearly pseudo science promoting a religious ideology. Pathologisation of all normal human behaviour. My addiction to alcohol was a behaviour that i had the power to change. There is in my opinion no grounds to assume ‘sex addiction’ really exists. Patrick Carnes, father of sex addiction treatment was a priest working with sex offending clergy. Hardly a model to guilt trip horny teenagers with. Sex ‘addiction’ included from inception any act of homosexuality or thought thereof. Step Nazi ideology. Addiction is always a behaviour rather than a state of being. I successfully gave up alcohol and drugs as a teen. I had the power to change based on existential agency and will power. I am dependent on no one, no group, no higher power, in maintenance of my primary mature ego state of sobriety. I do not need a priest to teach me how to wank!
Over the years, christian groups, Freemasons and 12 step clinicians have repeatedly tried to violate my civil rights to try to ‘intervene’ and make me believe their lies through force. At times invoking the law. Purely because i do not believe in god. All these attempts did was undermine my well being. I am disabled by trauma so these looney try to frame my deficit as ‘unmanageability’ requiring 12 step. Although i have worked for employers i have never been required to do so. My trauma, not ‘addiction’ is the core cause of deficit. Disability means i will not be going to work tomorrow or any other day. I run my own business, working within the limitations of my disability without resigning to it.
A key issue with 12 step is that they require the member to forgive. I will never forgive my abusers and it would be inauthentic if i did. Again, religion, over existential truth and historicity. 12 step creates a divide in the self, claiming stinking thinking, a conflict of mind. There is none. The program creates conflict and leads to relapse through promoting ‘powerlessness’ and lack of agency.
I was once addicted, it was a behaviour, i overcame it through patient repetition of will power. The founders of AA were all religious fundamentalists. Contemporary 12 step clinicians have claimed I am psychotic based purely on the fact I do not believe in god. Thankfully i have nothing in common with them. It is with established emotional resilience that I remain sober on self will alone.


Gnarled like twisting branches
Lifting up the head
Scars from past conflicts
Strength that is not dead

There are those felled in the forest
Those whose limbs have fell
But in my knotted muscles
Is the knowledge I did well

Meeting every storm
Each trouble, every one
Raising up the head
In the face of it all
Not blown by each wind
Standing ever tall
Self sufficient
No need to make a call

The grip of an aged hand
Is not the same as that in youth
Those who have known inner battle
Rest well within their truth
Growth with each experience
I am my living proof

Where the youth in weakness
May shake to the bone
Faced with emotional loss
Yet to build some metal
Those who talk of hearts and flowers
Yet have still to know betrayal

The old dog only laughs
In the face of adversity
Weathered features
Lines deep in the brow
Resilience in survival
Wrinkles ever proud

I thought it might be wise at 33 years into my recovery to dispel some myths about addiction and that recovery. The British journal of addiction, in articles apologetic of the ‘disease model’, concede that it is only a workable hypothesis. In fact ‘addiction’ is a construct of their model disseminating false information about obsessive compulsive disorders that ultimately requires faith in their disinfo. Faith is the operative word since these models are designed to promote a religious mentality. Treatment centres go to great length to indoctrinate false beliefs in ‘defects’ of character, read as sin, and a ‘spiritual’ aka religious solution to the human condition. Just about anybody in their lifetime could at some point become labelled with the construct of the ‘disease’ of addiction.
As a teen I had a serious alcohol problem that came upon me when i was detoxed from dangerous, dependency forming, depressants prescribed as a child for serious trauma. The NHS provided me a gateway drug to dependency on alcohol. I had medical treatment aged 18 to detox, complicated by the minor use of psychedelics that temporarily went to my head. The Freemasons and 12 step community social engineered my ‘rock bottom’ to promote a religious solution. For three years of my initial recovery i was indoctrinated by Minnesota model counselling and regular attendance of 12 step groups. Cult reprogramming specialists note that all religious cults have mechanisms of ego deflation, selfless service to the movement and promote group dependency claiming their way is the final solution. 12 step is no different to the moonies in this, they are just better established. My recovery has been 30 years of total abstinence and 3 years (over 20 years ago) of controlled social drinking with therapeutic guidance. The 12 step mentality did not serve me well. I sat on a UK service committee. The steps are all unnecessary, and i believe, deliberately designed to set up relapse and catastrophisation of the same. This creates a revolving door of shame faced relapses coming back for further treatment. It’s a con.
I broke with 12 step aged 21/22 thoroughly disillusioned by the almost total lack of practical support by the groups. They sing from the same hymn sheet promoting largely delusional ideology base on faith in the ‘disease model’. We have no power, there is one with all power, that one is god, may you find him now… or words to that effect. Curiously it was the church that assisted in getting me out of 12 step, curiously as i have been atheist since my early 20’s. At the time I was ‘in service’ to 12 step my head was firmly up my arse and all my exercising of agency to change my life was put down to god. A god that does not exist. Nor if a god could exist would it follow that they wanted me on my knees begging to not drink.
The culture of 12 step recovery, is ironically, based on the denial of a spiritual bypass. The mind set is implicitly avoidant. They will claim the opposite but when i worked a full 12 step programme i was separated in mentality from my authentic self and denial of the trauma i experienced in childhood. The focus of 12 step treatments has shifted slightly over the years with growing emphasis on claimed process addictions like sex and technology. Clearly pseudo science promoting a religious ideology. Pathologisation of all normal human behaviour. My addiction to alcohol was a behaviour that i had the power to change. There is in my opinion no grounds to assume ‘sex addiction’ really exists. Patrick Carnes, father of sex addiction treatment was a priest working with sex offending clergy. Hardly a model to guilt trip horny teenagers with. Sex ‘addiction’ included from inception any act of homosexuality or thought thereof. Step Nazi ideology. Addiction is always a behaviour rather than a state of being. I successfully gave up alcohol and drugs as a teen. I had the power to change based on existential agency and will power. I am dependent on no one, no group, no higher power, in maintenance of my primary mature ego state of sobriety. I do not need a priest to teach me how to wank!
Over the years, christian groups, Freemasons and 12 step clinicians have repeatedly tried to violate my civil rights to try to ‘intervene’ and make me believe their lies through force. At times invoking the law. Purely because i do not believe in god. All these attempts did was undermine my well being. I am disabled by trauma so these looney try to frame my deficit as ‘unmanageability’ requiring 12 step. Although i have worked for employers i have never been required to do so. My trauma, not ‘addiction’ is the core cause of deficit. Disability means i will not be going to work tomorrow or any other day. I run my own business, working within the limitations of my disability without resigning to it.
A key issue with 12 step is that they require the member to forgive. I will never forgive my abusers and it would be inauthentic if i did. Again, religion, over existential truth and historicity. 12 step creates a divide in the self, claiming stinking thinking, a conflict of mind. There is none. The program creates conflict and leads to relapse through promoting ‘powerlessness’ and lack of agency.
I was once addicted, it was a behaviour, i overcame it through patient repetition of will power. The founders of AA were all religious fundamentalists. Contemporary 12 step clinicians have claimed I am psychotic base purely on the fact I do not believe in god. Thankfully i have nothing in common with them. It is with established emotional resilience that I remain sober on self will alone.


My face lights up
Every time I look upon you
How I long to offer a lovers cup
And drink from it as two

In a raised hand
A dream that I would kiss
Joined in intimacy
A heart beat skip I’d miss

Gently touching fingers
To let you know just how it feels
You’d know that it’s not proxy
In shared moments that are real

The light of the sun
That shines just for you
Radiant in splendour
Just like you too

How I long to take your hand
And linger with my lips
Raising your hearts vessel
To so slowly sip

My face lights up
Every time I think of you
A freedom in your smile
From a mouth that glistens too

His Story.

Tell me your story

Tell me all the secrets that you’d rather keep

You can’t tell us lies

There’s an all seeing eye

A devil on your shoulder

I’ll tell you why

Your fond illusions

Whispers in your ear

Tell me you love me

I’ll ease all your fears

Tell me a story

A path to tears

Tell me all your secrets

Suggestions to your ears

Are you aware?

Cyborg computer mechanoid

Conditioning all your life

Can you resist it?

They’ve been listening all your years

Tell me a story

We don’t tell no lies


When they told me
Tears of joy
There never will be a homecoming
I though to myself,
At long last
I am really free
The distance of the years
That I put between you and me
Never coming back
Never again to see
You won’t be missed
Nightmares the only memory
I put it all to rest
Decades ago
Sure, there are ripples
That come to haunt some nights
But there’s nothing I regret
No forgiveness
I won the fight
The bruises that you gave me
Forever out of sight
Rest in pieces
I don’t offer you my peace
You can rot in hell
If only I believed in it
At least I don’t have to kill you
Still, I’m a little embarrassed, I did not


Yours is a burning edifice
You may well ask
How did it come to this
A philosophical house of cards
One thing I could not miss
Time to think for myself
No words as empty as his

You cannot heal this
For the trauma is all too real
Stop to think about it
Do you even care how it really feels ?
There’s no integration
No missing jigsaw piece
This is my reality
Tears that are too real

Too long in the system
Too long out in the cold
The fact I’ve any quality of life
Is a case of lead to gold
But for all your fancy promises
Yours is a story that’s grown old

There are many disparate ideology
Some talk in black and white
Yellowing curled book pages
They don’t speak of the fight
Attempt at authenticity
For all the fallen plight
Stars within the firmament
Still no guiding light


More punk than prog
No regard for any god
Authorities that stink
I bleed my tears in ink

You shouldn’t do that
Not unless you are the best
You’re a snivelling worm
Just what else could you confess

We only follow mastery
Yours in not sound mind
Absolute beginners
We’ve heard better from their kind

You seem to forget the why
How I get some pleasure
Putting a tune to it
I do it at my leisure

The pressures on
Succeed or die
That’s not an ethos
I live by
Don’t care how big’s my following
Not counting every hit
Just doing what I do
Because it brightens up my life

Love songs

Take a love song
And compare to the real times
What goes wrong
Fumbling the next lines

Flowers wilting
In dirty water
All we ever got
Was a slow lament to rot

Life seems too much waste
Ever waiting in line
Struggling to get a real taste
Inspired by a new rhyme

The body grows weak
With each stolen breath
Pains from the real world
Reminding of the reality of death

A slow dance
With skeletal frame
But for just one moment
A joy that could remain

Butterfly stomachs
A first kiss
So unsure in itself
Could be a hit or miss

Do we take the risk
After so much loss?
Too much still to lose
Some don’t give a toss
Enemies paint on smiles
I try for an extra mile
All for an empty gift
In a liars eyes

Choke hold

Like a dog on a leash
Control with a choker chain
Exercise yard dreamers
All numbers for their names

Like a lion in a cage
With so little space
All the dangerous animals
No room to loose face

Standing all in line
Plastic cutlery
Wishing on the day
Of final release

Monitored under glass
Hostile with intent
Guards dish out abuse
It never relents

A chemical cosh
To keep the free heart down
Suppression of thought
Going round and around

Following orders
The leash tightens at the throat
No room left to breath
And nothing that I wrote
The middle classes did not care
For the human rights act that I can quote

Paper late

The media sells it
We all eat it up
There are some folks
Who can’t get enough

Apps mirror each search
Push stories to the top
Believe half what you hear
And nothing you see
Garbage in, garbage out
In synchronicity

The government controls
Through narrative
You’re supposed to believe anything
Just like little kids
Who runs off with the money?
Those that it hid

Blind to reality
Shadows dance on a wall
A TV window
Or a personal hell?
A clock work orange
Set up till you fall

Watch out for Brazil
It’s turned 1984
A misspelt word
Your name misfiled
Down prisoner row
A life reviled

I’ll believe what they sell me
The day I die
Smoke and mirrors
Half truths, plain lies
As you grow old
All that’s left is ‘why?’
Hot cross buns?
The devil drives


The doves gather in churchyards
Spreading their disease
Pidgeons shit all around
The calls of yellow spines
They get down on their knees
The foe will be quite pleased

Praising their foul god
Fearful of the sword
Proclaiming a peace
That will not come that way

Haweks showing talons
Wolves howling for blood
Assasins sharpen knives
I hope it's understood

Fire in the sky
Beyond all reasons why
Where the children cry
The enemy must die

Ace of spades on the radio
The time has come to fight
The sword pulled from the sheath
You know the cause is right

Dust settling from the east
A red wall like a beast
It may be not what they want to hear
But now is no time for fear
Stand up and fight
You know our cause is right

Free Bird

Spread your wings
And be free
Liberation in a moment
All can see

The arms of love
To the embrace
Long wept tears
Now smiling face
One thing is for sure
Yours is no disgrace

Hearts that beat as one
How long it took to come
Glad day rises with the sun
A new beginning has begun

The flowering of the spring
Declares that love is king
Turn your back upon the chains
New hope that comes to reign

Fly with an open heart
Finding at last your way home
A journey over long
Spread your wings with liberty
A childs eyes such warmth to bring
Free bird
Fresh days of which to sing


You say I'll be sorry
But I'm not
Tell me to make ammends
What have you not got?
Do I really care?
It's all forgot

Over three decades
And things still look the same
Tending to the weeds
The roses come up
The only recovery they offered
Water in my cup

No real support
By those blinded by ideology
Abusers in disguise
A political psychology
They say that they are free
Just what is their grasp of reality?

Time for lunch
That's all that is on my mind
I know that people
Can be so unkind
Looking to fit in
What did I find?

Left out in the cold
Never one of the fold
They can go to hell
It's all that they deserve
Theirs is the kind of movement
I will never serve
What did I really learn?
Give the spiritually deluded a large body swerve

Came to believe?

Once the hooks are in
They can tug your strings
Seeds of control planted as they sing

The same hymn sheet
Thoughts that repeat
The millstone of dogma grinds
Like the minds water wheel

Chance locations
Where they will lead
Did anyone make a deal
In a childhoods trip?

Abbey ruins
Stones builders forgot
Embedded in the culture
You can trash the lot

‘Forgive and forget
You just have to believe’
That is what they’ll say
But those scars don’t heal

The damage done
Leaving The Fold
Bible black curses
A story old
They don’t care about how you feel
They say deep in the heart their god is real
Words of suppression
Roads to oppression

Turning my back for my own good
I don’t want to talk to them
They feed platitudes
A case of here we go again
Came to Believe?
You may leave aggrieved
And they talk of sanity?
Back to reality


This crushing fate
Our inevitable demise
An immortality project
Absurdity to defy

Clinging to illusions
To claim significance
Courting attentions
To affirm the self
Yet in impermanence
We forever dwell

A disinterested universe
Lives that point only towards death
Fleeting glimpses as we grasp
To find some meaning

Some seek transcendence
Or hopes on to others transfer
Yet we are still cast into
The unknown of this world

To clutch at driftwood
The drowning man
Confusing the life-raft
With finding their way home

The map we are shown
Is not the territory
First arrive in the knowledge
There are no ultimate truths

Challenge all belief
Those lost to illusion
This is the first step
To see beyond constructs

From that day forwards
We can seek to create
A purpose for ourselves
Defiant in the face of that fate

Something that does not rely
On opinions or likes
Material dependency
Or being another’s height
Claim your own ground
It is your birth right


We shall over come
The call of the ocean
Waves, adversity begun

What traits do we own
In our survival?
To create

Compassion seeks
To reach towards the other
But alas
Not all men are brothers

The struggle with the tide
The undertow
Do we tread at water
Or find our own flow?

So many hopes
Dashed on the rocks
The sextant points the way
But the course may be forgot

The resilient heart
Finds deep within
Foundations anchored
From which each step begins
The infant struggles
To find their sea legs
But in setting sail
Untethered from the land
With strength at the rudder
Leaving the known ground
Never to fail
With a steady guiding hand

The Faith?

They teach their children
To believe in lies
No god above us
All will come to die

Attack reputations
Spread rumours and denial
Pretend they’re holy
There was no Jesus Christ
I’m scared of nutters

Blind to the dogma
No scepticism
In their false beliefs
A form of child abuse
Stories which to hide beneath
False expectations
Scars for life

The bible for a toilet roll
No word is true
Spiritual bypass to their denial
Grand deception of their priests
Deluded in their hopes
None will rise again
The Life Of Brian
A most likely tale

School assemblies
Forced to their knees
Prayers to who?
There’s no one that hears
Playing those children
Through their fears
Warping their minds
I shed my tears


Sacrifice edelweiss
Motörhead on the brain
Something about deathchild
That stuck in my head

The great work
A kind of magick
A votive candle alight
made from the body fat of slain infants
A narrative so tragic

The media vale
That blinds all our eyes
Consensus delusions
Of animals and angels
Sartre pens Nausea
Sit back and do nothing

I turned on a new conflict yesterday
Charity relief aid
They know that you’ll all pay
Big business, like building a pyramid
Switch off the TV
It’s no good for me

‘Death-child’, death child
Would someone put up the bass
An avatar projects
From a thumbnail
Exercising my balls
Always the thrill of the chase
Bad Religion
A little innocent bitch
Don’t you give me no switch


Something about her eyes
Still reminds me of the lies
Feeling freer than I’d ever been
The day that I left home

Growing up I realised
They never really cared
Glad to see the back of me
No real kinship that was shared

A childhood taught to obey
To worship at their feet
Hiding under skirts
A past that will not repeat
All their abuse
This heart they could not defeat

Each generation finds they’re at war
To steal plunder from old dogs
They don’t even realise
They’re fed a crock about their gods
It’s been the same old stories
For all my long years

There are many cons
That others teach
I hold on to what I’ve got
There’s always some pretender
To claim they are what they are not
Tyrants of the TV dinner
Remind them all
Who is the bread winner
Father is the boss

Some people still need to grow up
Happy families are long gone
I enjoy my liberty
They’ll never own a piece of me
Feeling Freer now than I ever did
Like the day that I left home

Portrait of a lie

The picture they paint of me
Remains unrecognisable to myself
A portraiture insult
Divorced from subjectivity

The narrative that they penned
In an observation log
Means nothing at-all to me
Apart from that they took away my power
An assessment projects a caricature
Dressed up like a fool for sure

The enemy is without
Amassing at the gates
They don’t even know me
Still prejudiced in their hate

Why listen to another
Who has nothing good to say ?
Blinded by their dogma
Constructs that get in my way

Do I listen to the crowd?
To ignore is in fact allowed
Confidence from experience
Certainly quite proud

Some count success by popularity
Others in counting their pounds
But it is in being myself
That I ultimately succeed

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
I don’t care if they say I’m sick
Not listening to the critic
Self assured, it’s no real pity
I live a life self willed
The other, my hopes would kill
Life has many ups and downs
Yet on most days I feel fulfilled


Treated worse than animals
Caged within a zoo
A ring master psychiatrist
Whips you into shape

Over medicated
Vilified and abused
A chemical cosh
Do you really think I was confused?
Duty solicitors , just what’s the use

Barb wire fences
A cracked tarmac exercise yard
Grand designs of architects
Going round in circles in their maze

You never know just for how long
No proportionate crime
Iron bars hold strong

Don’t complain about your rights
The government has strongholds
If you make a protest
The guards give you a fight

The time they held me down
To try to break my wrist
Laxatives for a joke
When they finally allowed me out on release
When will I get some peace?

The corridors of power
The slavers with their chains
An alien abduction
Do you really think they helped?
The king of the castle
A ‘bad man’ dirty rascal

Some of them deserved it
And they thought I’d affiliate
Watching the clock, and my own back
Time served for my fate
I’ll never cooperate
With a system that I hate
You talk to me of freedoms
Liberty for which I await

On a plate

How do I like it?
On a plate
Nourished and nurtured
Not too over late

To care for the self
Served up warmly
With an inner wealth
A little touch of spice

How do I want you?
A little over much
Served up on a plate
With a gentle touch

A feast for the eyes
In every one of your smiles
Something to die for
Going an extra mile

What do I offer you?
Served up on the China plate
Wanting to consume you
I’d keep you up quite late!

Blue mountain

Mount Fuji in the distance
Nestled in the clouds
Open parasols
Cherry blossoms whispered sounds

The rustling of leaves
Adorned by twinkling stars
The caress of the breeze
Hopes reaching far

The light from oriental lanterns
Launched into the stream
Pushed gently by the fingers
To float free in our dreams

The bright candle flame
Showing the way on
Like fireworks fizzing out
That with their wonder shone
Willow wisp wishes
Or fire fly alight

On the misty morning
Contemplation as birds sing
Pink petals on the trees
Awakening to spring
How the seasons wheel
Turns. What will it bring?

Mount Fuji in the clouds
A dragon from the east
Cherry blossoms for a crown
Sushi on which to feast


An ill wind rising to be heard
War, forever a pained word
Lips whisper, to be free again
From blood red skies,
Where only hatred rains

The sirens wail
Exploding bombs
No glory to the aggressor
A funeral song
Crimes against humanity
In the field of human wrongs

Two heads to the eagles wings
One faces west, the other east
Talons rip the crimson vale
An empire casting shadow
That they hail

The mothers scream
Caught in the throat
Infants silenced where they cry
Civilians, count the loss
Of those, who too early, come to die

The iron tanks rumble on
A hope to be free
For which all people long
A heart beat rhythm
Candles they seek to snuff out
With the commanders
Orders shout

The click clack
Of falling dominos
The sound
Of shaken bones
Never again to rise
Fading photo frames
Memory bleeding from those eyes
Where widows
Lonely cry
A raging fire
That burns away
All recollection
Of the words of love each long to say

How do we offer our support?
Sanctions for the hatred taught
The blade rests in the scabbards sheath
But who would not rise
To defend the meek?
Fears within the tears
Anothers heart felt plight
The liberty torch that shines a light
If not now
Then when the time to fight?


Did putin keep his shirt on
Behind the iron curtain?
Recalls the Warsaw Pact
Pretends it’s all an act

He served well in the Kremlin
The war machine has gremlins
Treatise that he shirks
A spanner in the works

The Russian bear it’s shadow
A red flag over Moscow
Watch out for defcon 3
A nuclear reality

The tribes declaring war
Breaking international law
Cossacks do a dance
Anastasia took her chance

Is that cat a Russian spy
For live and let die?
From St Petersburg with love
Time for hawks and doves

The tanks are going in
You see how it begins?
Looks just like the full monty
Shirts off, none as butch has he
Rasputin prepares for battle
With that sickle flags death rattle
He wants to be a rising tsar
To serve the red star


Other peoples narratives
Story tellers pick at threads
Spinning their yarns
I guess we’ve been mislead

Weaving spells with story
Those that write with bitter pen
Elements of a history
Taken for their own ends
One thing is now clear
They never were my friends

Somehow loosing the plot
A director of the lens
A momentary spotlight
Trauma self reference lends
Technology to make edits
What message does it send?

The deluded and the broken
Taken on the longest ride
I’m not so easily misguided
Scars I never hide

A bullet for my valentine
To lay a ghost to rest
It was not all about me
Nor for anyone to test

I shield my own heart
From poison dripping from their pens
Assassins cloaks to don
Flesh that they would rend

I thought you spoke of a love
Crossed wires it seems to me
For all it seems to have left here
Is emptiness lonely

Trigger words with hooks
A narcissistic mirror to project
For all their well worn lines
You’ll see that they disguise
Barb wire kisses that are sent
An exploitations malcontent
But this heart is offered freely
For all the others perfumed lies


Web crawlers
Following desire
Pushing the adverts
EBay prices go higher

So much control
Predicting each move
They know what you want
In just the right groove

Reverse engineering
Creatives feed the machine
Counting on big data
To take over the scene
Stimulus response
Tracking where you’ve been

Intelligence, of a kind
Without consciousness
Probing our minds
Forming witness
Feeding a cookie
What will you confess?

Shopping basket chess
Statistical trends
Swipes, and eye tracking
Where will it all end?

Virtual Reality interviews
A careless remark
What’s in your vision?
Take care where you gaze
They want to control
You’re their rat in a maze


Your prejudiced forked tongue
Those fangs that you sink deep
Delivering your venom
To freeze the fragile heart

That ‘father’ didn’t want me
And I certainly did not want him
An underage mother
They put it all down to sin

Never available
Absent without leave
Words to put me down
It’s only for me that I ever grieve

An abandoned child
Infant body they abused
How I numbed as a teenager
To try to hide the bruise

All those ‘queers’ and ‘niggers’
On who they put their hate
But they were a child abuser
What do they tell their fascist mates?

I hear familiar words
Their false religion of denial
It was hard to recover
I had to go the extra mile
“I’m going to kill you, yer little cunt”
That’s all you ever said when you were drunk

I was dancing in a skirt
Just the other night
No need to feel ashamed
I’m living in the light
Did you know I once fucked a woman
Whilst I was dressed in their wedding dress?

Cruelty such as theirs
Burning my fresh skin
Of course I didn’t care about them
Or the state that they’re left in

Thicker than water?

I cut you out of my heart
With a surgeons precision
You can choose your friends
But family is yet another decision
I recall the abuse
Like the knifes incision

I do not care
How the hell you are
I walked away
The distance far
You meant less than nothing
To my dark star
One thing is sure
Never reconciled

I shed few tears
I heard you died
Didn’t matter much
You always lied
There’s no heart connection
I never cried

Like a cancer grows
So too you were
To destroy the tumour
The same as hers
Blood is not really thicker
Than a tears water
Think about the shit
That they taught you

An infant is thrust
Into the unknown
Those that receive it
Until they’re grown
There’s many folks
Who love their parents
But I did not
That’s never changing

Sad eyes

The lonely tear
Shed in reflection
Collects on the cheek
From sad eyes

So many failures
The longed for romance
Those empty boards
No more the dance
At least there’s no regrets
I took my chance

To know and be known
Or just passing strangers
Arms into which we’re thrown?

So few lovers worth the time
A disconnect
Something lacking
It’s me they never seem to get

I don’t blame myself
As there’s no point
It takes two
To make a pair

At least I can live with myself
Without another’s lies
Waking up to falsehood
The love that dies
A tear that collects
From sad eyes

Lonely days of self care
Are better than the flames desire
Personalities that I can’t bear
My sights are raised a little higher

Solitude, a familiar friend
Kind to myself,
Regard to lend
Looking in the mirror
A relationship with truth
Creative passion
The beating heart
A warmth that never ends

Liars Eyes

I couldn’t stand to be with
Those liars eyes
False promise to fulfil
The longing heart

Never so alone
As in her arms
The betrayers tongue
That thrust like a knife

They were the ice
To my fire
Passions could not melt
For all the desire

I could not get inside their heart
Mismatched lovers from the start
Other side of the tracks
There’s no way I’m going back

The grand deception
Of those that never know themselves
Forever behind their masks
A darkness dwells

She cast a shadow
Over all my hopes
Hers a reality
With which I couldn’t cope

In love with being within love
Puppy dog tales
In desire,
but never the loved one
Illusion met within that bitter kiss
Malevolent remembrance
To end was no great regret

John Curry

Floating on ice
John Curry, touch of spice
Elegance to the dance
Difference to chance

Diversity to embrace
Showing his private face
Lowering the mask
Respect’s all he asked

Head in a spin
Lost in the moment
Blades ever skating
On the thin ice of opinion

An Olympic king
Winter sports, not faking
With flourish of the arms
Inner feminine calm

A guiding spot light
A queen in plain sight
Never loosing the fight
To stand up for his rights

The tragedy of a generation
The virus took hold
Body positive
Feeling the cold
A champions lament
No need to repent
Relentless in art
With liberations heart

The Rain

Raining, not raining
Things not the same
Hands mark time in the clock
But how much remains?

The high cost of living
We all face in the end
Looking back to beginnings
Life’s absent friends

Tears in the rain
There’s much to gain
The common people
Will things be the same?

Raining, not raining
We all talk of the weather
Like the tears at the window
Us birds of a feather

We’ll all have a cry
With the thoughts of goodbye
The time of our life
We all come to die

Flowers for wreaths
Some will turn to belief
Whilst the more stoic
Count the cost of our grief

Seasons end?

End of reign
Knights for our speakers
Who really represents
Us common people?

The leviathan
A techno Hobbes
Big data aggregates
A machine god

On liberty
I turn to Mills
But bitter pill

And forced hands
What Vox popular ?
Controls to rule the land

Tweet your concerns
They mine our hopes
Hooks in the media
To lead our thoughts

The chains that bind
I sit on the rock
While they medicate distress
So slowly, my liver rots
Toxins they force, but make out there not
Who puts the total
In totalitarianism ?

Catch 22
As I rebel
Freedom shackled
Still enslaved
On which I meditate
Thought disturbed by Popularism
Celebrity’s preach
A tale to tell
What does this teach?

The mothers tit?

Sociological factors
Years in poverty
Not a chosen reality
No clear way home

Could I decide a career
Left out in the cold?
Laying on a street corner
No opportunity sold

Blown by the winds
No firm foundation
No bed that was offered
No place to lay roots

Social exclusion
Not mine to choose
Left out by the fold
Cast aside as other

You can’t buy education
Or see a way forward
When needs are not met
A social responsibility

Conservatives make out
It’s all down to me
But the other has power
Self fulfilment , not my reality
You can’t actualise
From their cell walls

The preverbal experience
Toxic, unsafe
Parents drinking
Whilst I was in the womb
Violence, betrayal, unwanted child
An unsafe nest

So I fall into place
The trauma lives on
Left with no role
I can only rebel
The world I was thrust into
In what Circumstance fell
Middle classed dreamers
Know nothing of hell
I don’t choose to conform
Not bowing as well

Slave mentality

Selfless servility
Is that what they think?
Bow down to pressure
That really stinks

Conform to the crowd
Meet their expectations
Don’t they get it’s my life
You only get one shot
Do what they all say?
I really think not

The bleating of sheep
The fears of the flock
Strike hard and low
Freedom’s what rocks
Get up off your knees
Put lead in your cock

Screw their ideology
I’ll never forgive
I’m not letting go
No reason for it
I’m no one’s fool
I don’t believe their shit

Standing out with a fist
They think being a serf
Is how you don’t get pissed
The first thought in your head?
Why don’t you resist

Sobriety? The opposite of what they all say
I don’t care for the system
It just gets in the way
I’m not at their service
That attitudes gay
God is dead
That’s all I can say


The ‘spiritual’ bypass
Just more denial
Disassociate from your reality
With a chant or a prayer

Keeping up appearances
For your own good
Thou shalt not be aware
Sweep it under the carpet

So many false ideologies
Lead back to where we begun
Going round in circles
No healing on their paths
The foundations of their psychology
Fault lines running deep

Forgive and forget
Might be OK if you can
But I’ve got real trauma
It keeps coming back around
Zero tollerance for abuse
Let's not pretend it's just a sin

Face reality
Own the memory
Learn from it
There are many constructs
That they’ll project
Try to mould you
In their image
But it’s all smoke and mirrors
Historicity is key

It’s certainly not fantasy
It’s not my crime
Nothing of my fault
It’s not me that did a wrong

You can’t fix this
Because it’s reality
You may want to gag me
It’s you I won’t forgive
A culture of denial
No chance of justice
I’ve no reason to offer pardon
I ask you, just what gives?

Event horizon

The conditions are just right
This Goldilocks zone
Now will never come again
Our golden moment in time

Spaceship earth
The air we breathe
Sunlight that points the way
The fruits of the land

If we could travel
To the galaxies furthest reach
Would we behold a greater wonder
Than that we are here now?

The final frontier
Reaching out like the stars
To communicate in a touch
The thing we most long to say
Embracing with the other

This time will never come again
What are the words that name this feeling?
Years of wept tears alone
A black hole all consuming
The silent void,
An event horizon of the heart.
Starlight bridging in this moment
Stretching infinite with the warmth of love


If we had no tears
And knew no pain
Would the brighter moments
Be the same?

Lives of contrast
Highs and lows
I guess the struggle
Our Weakness shows

Not black and white
But shades of grey
A touch of colour
Things get in the way

To paint a rainbow
Passions start
To rise to the mind
The courtly arts

Sorrows grief
Gods that are dead
Shame and judgement
Still live on inside my head

A thought is all
It really takes
A kind word
A day can make
The daily chores
Just take a break

I thought of you
And wrote these words
I hope they reach you
With my concern
I would seek to lift you up
And raise the spirits with kindness’s cup

The Daimon

The good cog in an oiled machine
The strong link in the manacles chain
To fix the ill fitting part
Repair mechanical

The Daimon that drives us through each day
A driving force, a blessing to the curse
The complexes that some label and define
A spirit that elevates us in our creativity

Broken, that is a word they use
Seeking to mend the very thing that works
The meaning that we find within
Defining ourselves within a grand opus

The forces that ever drive
Passions fire stollen from the heavens
To live is to be in conflict
Not swayed by the voices of what they say’s allowed

The melancholy living unto death
A sadness within all our joys
Rebellion rises as a raging fire
To burn away the meaninglessness of mediocrity

Normality? Being without strife
But freedom ever has to strive
Is there a purpose in our own stride?
Agency to struggle to direct our lives

Forever creating ourselves
Fluidity to the form we take
Fashioning our garment from the material
That which is the given, the clay with which we sculpt

Crisis, a moment of change
Destruction with accompanying pain
To shake the foundation stones
Finding a new low
Yet in paradox
The zenith where we are set for greatest gain

The slaves that never see they could be free
Automatons to living, fearing liberty
The nausea in sight of that society
Trying to find expression of how it feels
In this state of disrepair
Better the cracked vessel in being there

To dive into the depths
Drown in sorrow, all light consumed by the abyss
Where we cannot see the up for the down
Yet somehow find our way to the surface to take breath
No longer the waters to tread
Not the call of the dry land
To face anxiety with our last strength
And swim further than we have seen before

The drama in which all act out a part
To transform the narrative, finding heart
Owning the choices and to make
The decisions of a will, the chances take

The destroyer with the fated dance
Ground to dust, the ashes that are left
To reach in and retrieve the embers spark
And with a breathed kiss ignite to a living flame

The storm with dark clouds always warns
Of the thunder with the lightning flash
Penetrating the troubled sky
With inspiration in an electric blink
This is the moment many fear
To be struck down by death as if we’re judged

Sorrow that condenses like icicle tears
The frozen heart, trapped coldly for years
By the blizzards snow blind fears
Crying out for rescue, but no one to hear
Forever the lost, what do we there find?
To struggle onward through the storm

Survival, is that all we can hope for?
Or does the path drive us ever for more?
To walk through hell and know no light
But the rebellious spirit is the guide
A lesson teaching, in the fragmented mind
For authenticity we have to fight

There are those who put great emphasis on a common ground
But the roots reach deep into that soil
The differences that we see
For ever an other in being the single tree
Are we all but one, the forest all we see?
Or do we raise branches of individuality?

Where is the brave hero that we seek
Deep in the turmoil we find ourselves in?
A shield we raise to our own heart
The sword of will forged in damnations flame

Those who fixate on the dogmatic
A known, and they say, a fertile ground
The stone on which their foundations rest
Builds a prison with barred windows to it’s walls

Ever seeking a unifying principle
Being, edified, to point of religiosity
To challenge all that has come before
But is it with the same bricks that we rebuild?

Explore the horizon, leaving the promised land behind
New vistas of which to find
Those in faith who think us the blind
But the exploration is of a truly open mind
The ship in harbour is at stasis
It’s true purpose to take to the open sea

The gods of big data aggregate
An electric eye in each living room
Mathematics that we venerate
Yet all that we deify, we may come to hate
Perceptions that expert systems mislead
Into a TV dinner, personal hell

In diversity we can redefine
The known map of cartography
Not forced into the cultures mould
Of what it is, to live out, the sentence of normality
The outer limits of the body of which we are
Facing the constraints of our limitedness

There was the song that sang the bird
The story that tells the tale
An open window to fly far
Or forever caged by circumstance
To break out into the unknown
This journey ever on
That starts from home
This is the poem that writes the poet
Existing as a work of heart
In becoming ever the renewed
By these, the labours of the art


Impoverished lives
Left with no choice
Victims of circumstance
Never passed the ball

Economic necessity
All one and the same
There are those who gamble
To get ahead in the game

Debt that is burden
Clipping our wings
Caged birds in tenements
See how they sing

Freedom at a price
All questions are answered
With a full purse
Lubricating cogs in the machine

Speak to me of ontology
It is our nature to be
But what the cost of the liberty
We all barter to see ?
The sky is the limit
For those financially free

Pay me what I’m worth
Or I won’t labour at-all
Some try to bind to their will
Into their shackles we fall

The age of anger
The hunger for more
Try to break through
Glass ceilings for the poor

Thrown into a world
Uncaring and cold
The struggle for truth
A story by firelight, as of old
Authentic living
The brave and the bold


Control or avoidance
Just how do you feel?
A sense of detachment
Focus on the real

Mindful in inaction
Aware just of what is
Body sensations
Rise and fall with each breath

No need to fight it
Letting go of the thoughts
A stream of consciousness
No need to get caught

The flow of the river
Reaching down to the sea
A nights sky it’s starlight
In this instant we are free

Being here now
In this very moment
Existence in time
A heart beats with liberty

The budding blooms each morning
Petals reaching ever out
Raising perfumed heads
Just what is life all about?
Perfectly imperfect
A whisper or a shout?


Breath that is chill
Morning hoarfrost
The white on green
Fingers that burn
Cold heart what cost?
Something feels lost

The crunching sound
Of the grass under foot
Frozen now
How the hands shook
Memory of the warmth
But no second look

I dare to turn back
Think on you where you walk
Did you believe all my words
Were really small talk?

Tears that don’t fall
Trapped within glass
Cobweb of the years
Capturing fears
The strands froze solid
Long for warmth of a smile
Of someone that knows me
And truly can hear

How I would melt
To the sound of your voice
But dreams become chill
Each hope has its choice
I remember your eyes
How I thought to warm you in my arms
Touching your fingers
Firelight that you fanned
Soft woollen mittens
Snug for your hands


There was the time
The time they put a cigarette out on my infant arm
The times they rubbed their dick whilst I sat on their knee
The nettles whipping flesh
And the fingers slammed in a door

There was the fractured skull
The dangerous trauma medication
That caused mood swings
Self harm and teen addiction

There was the social exclusion
Left without a job
Unable to work through college
All the scars
All the rejection from peers

The barb wire secure ward
In the exercise yard with psychotic killers
Aggressive tranquillisers burning my nervous system
The human rights case
Against a society that didn’t hear
No justice for the poor
There was all the corruption

There was the brothel door
I kicked in to extract an exploited teen sex worker
The machete taken to a pimp
Whilst living on the street
The sword at a pedophiles throat
Cracking their ribs to protect a child

There was the sound of a natural spring
Slowly feeding the rivers flow
As I meditated in green
And felt at one with nature

There were lost loves
And broken bottles
Shattered dreams
Mockers on the streets
And still I held my head high

Real enemies
Supports that look like a joke
Those who speak of dead books claiming freedom
They who dare talk to me of liberty
I was there
As I am here still
Living through it all

There was the time
The time they put a cigarette out on my infant arm
The times they rubbed their dick whilst I sat on their knee
The nettles whipping flesh
And the fingers slammed in a door

There was the fractured skull
The dangerous trauma medication
That caused mood swings
Self harm and teen addiction

There was the social exclusion
Left without a job
Unable to work through college
All the scars
All the rejection from peers

The barb wire secure ward
In the exercise yard with psychotic killers
Aggressive tranquillisers burning my nervous system
The human rights case
Against a society that didn’t hear
No justice for the poor
There was all the corruption

There was the brothel door
I kicked in to extract an exploited teen sex worker
The machete taken to a pimp
Whilst living on the street
The sword at a pedophiles throat
Cracking their ribs to protect a child

There was the sound of a natural spring
Slowly feeding the rivers flow
As I meditated in green
And felt at one with nature

There were lost loves
And broken bottles
Shattered dreams
Mockers on the streets
And still I held my head high

Real enemies
Supports that look like a joke
Those who speak of dead books claiming freedom
They who dare talk to me of liberty
I was there
As I am here still
Living through it all



An indifferent world
Unheard suffering
Conforming to suppression
Chained to circumstance

An object, not a self
Subjectively undermined
A tension with the other
A culture that dominates

Master and the slave
Bondage of economy
How we fall into
Contingent reality

Labels to define
Prejudice to project
Trying to whip into a shape
That is not our own form
Constraints of necessity
Alienation from ourselves

Coercion to the dialogue
Manipulation in the diatribe
Interrogative to expose
Fault lines to undermine

Being there, in time
The goal our liberty
Freedom from the shackles
Freedom to fulfil
Meeting with potentiality
Still limited in actuality
The cause for rebellion
Striving to rise above

Anne Frank

The jackboots marching stomp
Heard on the empty streets
The iron eagles wings
That casts shadow on all that see

The fear caught in the throat
A creak from the staircase
Warning of approach
Anxiety to be found out

The persecuted other
The oppressor with salute
Clones in uniform
Submit to dictators will

Hiding in the attic
Freedom in the words
Scratched onto the page
Troubled by the rats

Food that is sparse
To steal a loaf of bread
Tulips dare to raise their heads
Release found in the diary

The betrayers backstab blade
Barbed wire epitaph
Internment camps
Where hungry hearts
Without the hope caught in a scream
Left to waste away
Lime pit of a mass grave
A conquerors holocaust

Short life of Anne Frank
A child whose heart was free
To long for the day
They could live at liberty

The act

The actor being himself
Only in a role
Feeling he is the part
Treading the boards
To court the crowds applause
Fleeting in his fame
The play is the thing

Destiny that’s feigned
A life that is but dream
The dramatic arts
A heart to hamlets cup
Vengeance never fulfilled
Bitter wine to sup

The talents that he owns
Loosing himself
To find in perfected art
Delivery in the voice
Marking every step
Expression in each move

The theatrical life
Bigger than the rest
Projecting an image
On the audiences minds
Seeking their applause
Comic to the suffering

Only in being the observed
A shadows silhouette
The playwright puppet master
Framed in the spotlights glare

An eternity of the act
Forever seeking the attentions
To know love through another
The mask which they wear
To take a final bow
In deaths curtain call

Androids Anonymous

Born of automated lives
Chained to routine
Unillustriously edified

Tomorrow we shall live
But today we walk as dead
Absurdity in denial
Through the meaning that we fake

To trudge where we could dance
To crawl when we could fly
Mechanical in response
Dumb as automatons

A malady unseen
Cruel joke left to be
A sickness unto death

Useless to strive
Against the chains of our minds
So say those fallen to
Falsehood in bad faith

A thought to understand
Rise above it all
Or daily suicide
Submitting to that fall

An ignorance complicit
With the status quo
Or to create with rebellion
In knowledge that we live
The heart within me that I feel
This world that I can touch
Freedom transcending rules
Strive for Liberty so much


False memory?
Defence lawyers
Paid to lie
Do I recall being on
The muppet show one night?
An ideological construct
Claim of delusion
All survivors have to fight

Blame game
Another agenda
Say the victim is in denial
That they never took responsibility
Throw mud
Try to make us look full of guilt

Cultural norms
Perpetrators go beyond
There are those that take their gold
Leave justice in the cold
Dissociative identity disorder
Another one that’s getting old

Memory and abuse
A rich man wages war
You may ask what’s the use
A few bribes
Greasing others palms
To protect the so called upright man
From exposure for their harms

A pillar of the community
Covering up what they did to me
Hired thugs, psychologists weave a spell
They don’t care
That the trial
Can be a living hell

Victims voices break
With emotional extremes
There are those paid
To say it’s multiplicity
Unreliable witness
Claim us psychologically unfit

A case of victim blaming
We’ve heard it all before
Accusations taming
Character assassination
Saying it’s all been false claims
The best form of defence
Is to attack
And after all
They are just a ‘regular’ guy

Dealing in dirt
Media circus distractions
Bring on the clowns
Did you act the flirt?
Next they’ll claim
It’s your fault for wearing a short skirt


If I have a problem
It’s of your making
I am in the real
Not the one that’s faking

You can’t beat the markets
That’s what they said
Not playing their game
Lost in their heads

Sociological forces
Driven economy
They look down their noses
What do I do when I am free?

Human beings
Not human doings
Working your arses
I’d still be using

Never bow down
To the voice of the crowd
Be yourself
You know it’s allowed

They’ve been trying to change me
Most of my life
Stripping me down
Surgeons with a knife
What’s the real problem?
Them giving me more abuse.

They never really helped
No foot on the ladder
All they gave me was hell
I don’t need interventions
I’m toasting Her health.


Meeting the other
Just as they present themselves
No judgment upon them
No desire to fix

Projecting a thought
Wanting things to be
As we want them to be
Trying to mould perceptions
To fit ideology

Aspects of healing
Seeking a cure
But in so doing
Expectation to treat
Where maybe nothing is wrong

To be present with the other
A support of what is
Not seeking to change
Engaged with the person
Centred on simply what is

The market reality
Seeks to adjust
When dawning awareness
Finds meaning within
Relatedness to inner truth
To care for the self

What’s going on?
Elusive to some
Labels are obvious
But the struggles within
Critical of assumptions
What worthy reframe?
Owning our part

Meet me as I am
Not as I was
Possible futures
No need for ‘because’
Who am I?
Unlike anyone else
Being there
With my difference
A tension never complete
Individual issues
Not the taunts of the crowd
Interest in me
Concern for my needs

Binary assumptions
Bothe, and.
Of Potentiality


Familiar places
The same old faces
Cafe chairs
No need to stare

Writing words
Perhaps you’ve heard
Rumours abound
Rhyming each sound

Shock of the new
Making a move
A change of scene
From where you’ve been
Seeking distraction
From the inaction

Time we waste
Cuisine to taste
I hear her say
She’d like to go away
What’s to gain?
It might entertain

Pointless tasks
Putting on masks
Players play
My routine days
Turn of each card
The stake that’s hard

A melody
The symphony
Gladdens the heart
When the flow starts
It could be
A higher reality

What can it mean?
The things you’ve seen
Free to act
As a matter of fact
I enjoy the show
Where all thoughts go

Comfort of sorts
The truth I sought
But found only this
Ignorance is bliss
Laugh at the world
Life takes the piss

It’s not so funny
You say it’s mustard,
‘One of these days
You’ll miss me honey’.
Did someone else run off
With all the money?

Two cars

It’s an alien nation
Flashing lights that abduct
The poor and the weary
The ones they all fuck

Some people ride on the bus
Because they have no choice
Two cars in the garage
Whilst some are homeless of course

Do people decide
Lives of poverty?
Suffering all the whiles
Propping up the economy

Welfare payments
Cost of living goes up
Two cars in the garage
The case open now shut

They say we’ve got rights
But how much do they cost?
The price of the lawyers
Privilege of the boss
The cult you are,
I’ve never owned a car

Two cars in the garage
Just what don’t you see
They claim superiority
That we have equal liberty
Two cars in the garage
Difference between them and me

Mirror trap

The mirror trap
Wrinkles on the furrowed brow
Trace the chin
With a trembling hand

Bristles show
Unshaven stubble
Rough to the touch
Like unto sandpaper

The eyes are deep
Reflect upon the sky, so blue
Homunculus trapped inside the pupil
Halo of iris

What do you see
In the mirrors trap?
Do you truly recognise your self?
Every passing day
More like the corpse
You will become

Some never see
The beauty of their years
Visions blurred
By so many tears
Nausea with an angst
A growing mortal fear

If only you could look
And see with the eyes of a child
The one you were
That wonders ever still

The picture life paints
Upon the mirrors shining edge
How we change
But look on just the same

Accept the wear and tear
The living years
Some are harsh
And some are passing fair
The mirror trap
Where we look back with a stare


Living from the inside out
The boundaries that we set
A castle with its walls

Welcome with an open door
To those who are most kind
Keeping at arms length
Those of a hostile mind

Not everyone is safe
With the gifts of your heart
Best protect yourself
Reaching out from the place from which we start

Listen to your heart beat
Advised by intuition
Move slow in the dance
First sight may be a fiction

Get to know the other
Test the waters first
Don’t jump in at the deep end
That’s how you could get hurt

Reaching out from your insides
Aware of your feelings
From them, please never hide


Outsider artists
Reaching over the border line
Reflections from the inside
Drinking of creations wine

Barb wire caresses
Signed on the dear John
Marking the spot
Where you became the ex

Buried treasure
Hidden on a map
Coded messages
Directed to their lap

Tears for the heat
The fire of the loins
Warning of abuse
Collector of the coin

Heads you win
Tails you loose
Words carved in the memory
That they used

Petals are falling
Hopes left forlorn
Quoting myself
Where others might scorn

A double edge blade
Sword of Damocles
The bed that you made
Pit and the pendulum
The scales that are raised

Trial by combat
That’s what they said
The age of reason
That stuck in my head
There and back again
Why? nobody knows
But the growth from the journey
Truly now shows

Man’s search for meaning
Rise above suffering
We start with the heart
It’s where we begin

Outsider artists
Shelter from the storm
Writing the rights to the wrongs
Could be why I was born


How long do you spend with yourself?
At home in the heart, the depth of the soul
Consent for who you truly are
At rest, in harmony with your own good

Are you a friend to yourself
When you are all alone?
Supportive to affirm
The beauty of the unique

If you were talk to yourself
What would matter most?
To be loving with the touch
Of a tear upon the petal
The sunshine on the blooms
Breathing life with the morning dew

To be myself
Being there
Not ruled by situation
Rising up above it all
Freedom as I take a stand
Lifting my head in the face of it all

Conditions change
Circumstances come and go
But to listen to your heart
And say ‘Yes’ to self care
To assert reality
And be present within yourself
Listen for the heart
When you are free within your solitude


The normative gaze
Defined by the construction
Prejudices contain

To assert agency
Creating a conflict
With established mechanisms
That try to define our meaning

The shackles of mind
Entrenched by the culture
Rising in revolt
Labelled as violence

To challenge the master
That makes us the slave
Capitalist market forces
Universal cause

Denial of reality
Turning the other cheek
Structures of oppression
The silencing of free speech
References of power
In all the man preach

A fist to the empire
Swept under the carpet
Medicating that feel
It’s not only one colour
In the thrall of marketed greed
The poor folk are one
Each having a need
Concealed by competition
A frenzy to feed
Brother fights brother
With no own ground to concede


I love the me I am
When I am with you
Within the light of your presence
Shining brightly for me

No other word could fit
The warmth I feel
Just looking on your smile

Reflections in your eyes
Running deep
Stirring the waters of this heart
The breath of a stolen kiss
Rising to the lips
Resonance playing on the instrument
As I try to reach you too
Blowing gently with a phantom touch


Searching for home
A place to belong
Resonance with the culture
Contained by it all

Do we all fit in
Or are we worlds apart?
Insecurity in difference
Boundary to the heart
Forever the exile
In touch with our own part

Do you feel at home
In your own skin?
A sense of space
Focus on ease
Return to the body
Realm of the senses

The right way to live?
A construct of the culture
Uncertainty, lived experience
A need to diverge
Embracing ourselves
Open to meaning

Misfits and rebels
Out on the fringe
Lone wolves ever searching
For their independence
More than just shelter
Finding a roof

Separate from it all
Yet influenced by the other
In dialogue
Within each other’s eyes
Our own experience
Craving connection

We all are the homeless
Foundations strip down
Facing the unknown
Struggling to meet our own needs
Room for inquiry
Claiming our own space

The place that we meet
Bridging the gap
Welcoming home
All that we lack
The future unknown
The past not coming back


The fertile ground of our roots
Watered by our tears
Branches shielding the new shoots

Loosing the opportunity
To learn from our pain
Lost to bad faith

Standing out
Raising a fist
Refusal to bow down
Not silenced by the crowd

Inevitable growth
There are foundations
In which our truth is earthed

The body, in which we dwell
The home of the heart
This world into which we fell
The tempest of the waves
Crisis of the storm
Thrown up upon the beach
Struggling to survive
But in authenticity
We truly are alive


On body sensation
Coming in to view
The centring of feelings

The dry mouth
Or pain stabbing at the heart
The twisted gut
An ache in the head

Bring embodiment to focus
Slowing the thoughts
Get out of your head
Return to your senses

Shortness of breath
Closing of the throat
There are symptoms of repression
Searching beyond what is taught

Listening to the body
Compassion for our needs
Calming of the mind
Present within ourselves
Earthed in the home
Touched by our own being

Needing a pee
To expel it all
Tears, also waters
That rise in the eyes
Body sensations
Let’s not talk of the thighs!


Liberation at a price
You know that your tutors
Are upright and nice
Earn a better grade
They all want a slice
Knowledge is power
Begging for rice

You’ll get it
Once they’re firmly
In your pocket
Launching for the stars
A one man rocket

Orator playing chess
An argument impress
On an open mind
A student loan for the blind
The cost of all your freedom
A hierarchy find
Working for your masters
They’ll say that they’re your kind
Selfless service is their key
Not a narcissistic reality

We’ve got a sideline in
Social advantage
A leg up on the ladder
But it’s all frontage
Feathering your nest
You may find it’s for the best
If you join the university of life
School of hard knocks
A social debt for your strife
It’s less humiliating
Than pulling up your socks
They tell half truths you’ll like
Till they say get on your bike


They could bring me on
But they won’t
Claims of prejudice
It’s well wrote
Owning our part
Their misquote
Forever offering a carrot
A missed boat

Moral higher grounds
Pretend there’s no fault
Turning it around
It’s all your responsibility
You risked a fall
A voice in the wilderness
Forsake hope
Shifting sands we stand on
That’s why I can’t cope

Power for the masses
Sell a false impression
Politically correct
One message
Sing from the same hymn sheet
Enlightenment to find
If you make a criticism
It’s all in your mind

Chinks in the armour
The same tactics all again
Pieces sacrificed
Gambit to claim
Trying to catch you out
Claiming superior minds
They deal in dominance
Where the truth is hard to find


A war of words
Picking your mind
Locked up
Where nobody heard
Civil rights protest
Undermined rights
Social net hackers
Into the light
Someone should point out
Who is the far right
Claiming community
Battle to fight
Making a victim
All in plain sight
Disabused by the system
Disrespect, a false claim
Social media exclusion
We all see their game
Making a scapegoat
Polarisation insane
Ask how many times
Was I left out in the rain?
Middle class academics
Looking to gain
Elites in a system
Tar for a name
No justification
Enemies devoted to pain

Big pharma

Say it’s insanity
What does that really mean?
Treat with psychiatry
A place that I’ve been
Medicate my feelings
Deny what I’ve seen
Tell them it’s hallucination
Do you really think there’s two of me?

Big pharma share holders
Answers in a pill
Slap on a label
To say that I am ill
The poor, disenfranchised
Do you think I will kill?
You are the control freaks
I’m doing fine still

Pointless interventions
When nothing’s much wrong
At least it gives me material
For a new protest song
Taken for a ride
Treatments over long

Locked in a cage
Tell me you really cared
As you dished out abuse
Denial unfair
Turn on, tune in
Too much to bare

Not one of us
The message is clear
You couldn’t stand it
When I shared my tears
I can’t afford a lawyer
It cost me my years


All roads lead somewhere
Dead ends
Now you’re nowhere
That’s life, do you hear?
Taught to lend a listening ear
Locked up in your head
No room for tears
Wasting time
The price, your years
Domination fear
The cost could look a little dear
Some block it out
Whilst others feed like seers
Life? All that for nothing
At least you’re here

The old man

The old man of the jungle
The orangutang with his red beard
Palm oil deforestation
His tears we need to hear

The homeless mother
On the street corner
Prey to be exploited
She’s not crazy nor a drug addict
A victim of the society
Prejudice inside your head

They say that you should help
Those who are in need
But in reality
Left for dead, to bleed
Social exclusion
Tears they do not heed

Support nets to fall through
Attitudes of denial
This I long to ask them
Do they really go the extra mile?
Just a scapegoat
Called their black sheep

Systems of control
Rigidity and faith
Putting on the blinkers
Judging the child of rape
We all need compassion
Hearts the culture forsakes

They tell us not to judge
The systems for the meek
But it all looks like corruption
An outsider, sure to leek

The old man of the jungle
The tree line shrinking in
The homeless on street corners
Bitter pills fed to the weak
They say there is a kingdom
That their hearts truly seek
But back to reality
Forever disillusioned
Theirs is the kind of help
That they can keep


I listen to the ticking
And the tock
Of the second hand
On the old wall clock
Marking out the time
As I think of a new rhyme

The seasons come
The seasons go
Wisdom comes with age
How does it show?
Thinking of the past
Times both high and low

As the minutes turn to hours
A thought for the earthly powers
The heart beat in the chest
Privileges blessed
The long shadow of the war
A piano to encore

Mindful of my health
Frugal in my wealth
Food to sustain the aching flesh
With sweet moments release
A handful of nuts
To taste, meat bountifully cut
Serving up seconds
A case that’s never shut

What comforts to loneliness?
Feathered nest, some what impressed
By the ticking and the tock
Of the second hand
Around the clock

There’s not enough love to go round
Still a little grateful
As I meditate upon the sound
Minutes turn to hours
Waiting for a change of power

Half satisfaction
Half despair
If there’s an answer
I don’t know where
A proposal
Second that
To die fulfilled
Without a lack
The hope and fears
A parting tear
The ticking and the tock
Because at least I’ve got the company
Of that fine wall clock


A thousand miles
Walked with each step
Wear my shoes
For just one day

The burden that weighs
Heavy on the back
That bends the spine
Supports we lacked

A waking dream
Traumas wounds
Nightmares ride
Sound of the scream

To lay down the pains
At the roadside
Share the tears
That cleanse the scars

How do you talk to yourself?
Criticism to put you down?
That undermines
And spins you round?

A pep talk
To pick you up
Our inner selves
In dialogue
Bridging divides
Shadows, shine a light

Words express
In conversation
Soothe the heart
With self compassion
Paint a picture
Of how you wish life had been
Compare reality
Conflicts you’ve seen

Self creation
A life long path
The journey ever on
Responsibility, more than a half

True to ourselves
Owning hurt
The aftermath
A heroic task
Power we have

Summon the ghosts
To banishing
Bound to the will
Bad spirits expel

Weave incantations
Name the abuse
Describe experience
No need to judge

Culture of denial
Stand up to it
As one counted
Shout it out

Tribal values
The cleansing fire
The raging flames
Accounts for blame
The toxic shame
A truth to name

How we can hope
With burdens cope?
Love letters wrote
To ourselves
A friend within
Foundations health
The jewels that adorn
With self worth

Of our reality
A detective

Beatific visions
Enlightened now
Inner mountain flame
Simply knows how

Time traveler
Relives the past
Affirms the truth
Until the last

The shape shifter
That puts on the mask
Hunter and trickster
To face each task
A witness blanket?
The warriors ask

The philosopher
That steps back
Deductive thought
That stands apart
Rodin carves in sculpture
The Thinker, seat of stone

Back to the poet
Transforming art
How does it feel?
Make a start
The many faces
Of the diamond heart

Mad Dogs

Mad dogs and glory
What was the real story?
We won the war
They wanted in on the next score

War crime generation
They'd sacrifice their own kin
Hold society to ransom
For the state things were in

Far right, salutes
The nations flag
Plotting hostile take overs
Put it in the bag
Sunday school sermon lies
Reality, a drag

Child abuse victims
Realities denied
Domestic terror
Where the truth hides
Children abducted
A long, long, ride

The hatred of old soldiers
Heroes to some
What happened behind closed doors
Known by no one
An iron fist
To keep it mum

They left me the wounded
From their unending war
Their mindset a battlefield
Patriotically swore
An age of victimisation
Behind closed doors
They said they were loyal
Blank sheets of childhoods
That they tore
'Thou shalt not be aware'
Covering up all that I saw

In 2005 - 2007 I launched a Human Rights case in Europe against the British government for civil rights violations as a victim of historic childhood sexual abuse. I was not under suspicion of any offence. I was just seeking justice rights as a victim. The case mysteriously timed out. Within a month I was charged by the local authority, Richmond upon Thames, negligent in my vctim case, as A TERRORIST. These alegation were unsubstantive and later struck from the record. During parole I was set up in a minor fight by freemasons off fleetstreet. The backlash in the courts for the human rights case resulted in 8 years forensic analasys. I was cleared of terror charges and found by forensics to have no criminality or intent. The narative the state continues to try to cover up with is that I must therefore be accutely mentally ill. If there are noi civil rights violations on me as a victim of childhood sexual abuse how come 14 years later the state still forcibly injects me with drugs against my will that dabilitate me. I am no risk to self or others, nor ever have been. Note also I was 19 years in total abstinance recovery on the day they set up the fight. No serious harm came to anyone in my self defence. In my entire life I was under probation for only one day! I am now 33 years in recovery and confronted with a system that violates my basic rights as a human being.

A Xmas Carol

‘Bah, Humbug’, so says Scrooge
The ghost of xmas past
Spirit of a Christmas carol
Remembered till the last

Rapping up in ribbon bows
The Yule tide log aglow
Warmed by the hearth
Ruddy cheeks of mirth and cheer
Filling out a stocking
Try not to drink too much beer

Santa coming on his sled
Make sure rudolf is well fed
Red nosed reindeer on their way
Seasons greetings oh so gay

Thoughts return to xmas present
Some may wish they could repent
A card to greet with charity
Glad hearts wishes that are sent

The ghost of xmas past forgot
For today is all we’ve got
Kisses under mistletoe
Holly pricks to show

Seasons greetings for one and all
The elves will fulfil their role
To xmas presents raise a glass
Pull a cracker, hearts that are stole


One guarantee
Man’s tragedy
To aim for raptures height
But destined to fall
The land that we claim
A cliff to the call

Drunk of the grape
Lusting to rape
Fuel for the hate
A fire in the eyes
Destined to die
Where lofty ideals
Grow pallid with the taint
Of cold experience
Our lot, is to fail

Twice born
To paradox
The enigma
Of bedlams flame
A kingdom for the passions
Where madness reigns
Struck down by lightning
The wombs inspiration
Divine spark gained
Divided by conflict
But artistry remains

Violence at entrance
The suffering consumes
Bitter the wine
That we raise to death
All that is pathos
Till the final breath
No peace to the brow
That never can rest
Life presents challenge
Despair at the test

Monstrous the eyes
On which we transfix
Ecstatic of hope
But with a fate fixed
All find in the end
A conclusions demise
Any hope we may find
Self deception and lies

From Rapture to fury
Ripped limb from limb
The nails that would tare
At softest skin
Blood lust and madness
Maenads for a kin
No thought of the consequence
No care for sin

Rage to the revel
Consumed by the dance
Lost to the passions
Each turn of chance
To hold on to that feeling
Yet knowing we can’t
The highs and the lows
Never giving them up
Offered on their altar
Drunk of life’s cup

Taken up in the whirlwind
The song of the sirens
Drawn to the rocks
Bound for disaster
But the gift of creation
Life and limb risk
The call of the tryst
Faithful only to lust
The cure for all ills
Sacred flame that lives on

The primal scream
Against the oppressor
Rave in the rant
Against ravages of time
Breaking free from the bondage
Imposed by conformity
At once liberated
Released from the chains
United in ecstasy
No heart of the faint

The vine of enchantment
The warning of ruin
Fullness of life
Contrasted by the dead
Freedom of spirit
An aching head
Parched lips hungover
On bitterness fed
The blood in the eyes
Of hearts that have bled

Divine disrupter
A visage of pain
Comic in the tragedy
A brief respite gain
Casting the dice
Life but a game
Praise for the folly
That some call insane

An opposite exists
within every being
Divided loyalties
Self contradict
But to aim for bliss
Heal all that’s sick
A moments release
It may be just a trick
For every rose
There may be finger prick
Yet rather to have loved
Even when we are licked

The peak, the abyss
Embracing them both
A great health
Rewarded by wealth
The jewels of creation
The gold of the sun
Although we may weaken
The song we begun
From Dionysian heights
The gifts that have come
The devil his own
Where two become one


Reaching out with a peace
Inner contentment
Stability none can defeat

Kind to yourself
Firstly and foremost
Self care forms foundations
Tranquil within

Not ruled by our thoughts
Nor turmoil of feeling
Centred on core
Rested of being

Kindness to others
But no push over
Boundaries protecting
Being good to one’s self

Kindness in giving
Lessening conflict
Making a whole

Don’t step on my toes
For I may be unkind
But ever seeking a unity
Freedom of the mind

Of kinship
Brotherhood of man
Some times I get mad
Still I do what I can
Kind in compassion
Lending a hand

Small letters

Some say it’s illiberal
Some claim conservative
There are alternative readings
It’s not all polemically wrote
You might want to ask questions
Before you choose to quote

You can be nostalgic
Think back to brighter days
Patriotically British
But not stuck in your ways

A small ‘L’ liberal
Seeking equality and justice
A small ‘C’ conservative
Always mindful of the Queen
Not too much hard labour
But with the Unions be seen

Politics make strange bed fellows
But mind out for Rockefeller
True blue of heart
No spine that is yellow
But a polka dot bikini
Is fit for where my head has been

Don’t judge a book by the cover
Never assume the labels fit
If you don’t ask questions
How can you know me one bit?

Thou shalt not?

Killing’s always wrong?
Time you faced the facts
We have a military
The head of state wages war

Killing’s always wrong?
Enjoy a bacon sandwich
Spit roast pig stickers
You know it’s finger licking

Killing’s always wrong?
Never contemplate death sentence
Until you loose a loved one
Or someone takes your rights

Killing’s always wrong?
No crime in self defence
Man slaughter relative
Moral ambiguity

Killing’s always wrong?
Do you always follow orders?
Convicted on false evidence
There’s a finger on that button

Some killing’s always wrong
It’s not a power of the justice
It all depends on circumstances
And if you can bite the bullet


For the sake of ambiguity
And the right to change my mind
Yes, I am nominally bisexual
With a history versatile

It’s not a moral question
I like a cup of tea
As much as I like coffee
But the preference is for the finest beans

I do not enjoy the act
As much with a man
As a matter of fact
I’d always rather a woman

I’ve swung both ways
Experienced, but not over much
I don’t do what they all say
Submit to pressure and such

Directors like to lead
The bull by the nose
But I can freely choose
I say no, that’s how it goes

So, they always claim you’re homophobic
If you don’t sleep with everyone
But the older I get
The more choosey I’ve become
Never been compulsive
Regretful of some

I don’t sleep with moral inferiors
I don’t pay a harlot coin
It may be a matter of class
But there are those who can kiss my arse
I don’t want to fuck the deluded
The feeble of mind
If you crash and burn
It’s because I’m not one of your kind
I’d rather no one in fact
Than mindlessly react


Will the sea take me away today?
The surf rising like salty tears
Welling up in the eyes
Waves breaking against the beach

Footprints amongst washed up seashells
Smooth pebbles
Punctuating my thoughts
Sinking in the sands of time

Will the sea rise up today
And wash all this away?
Cliffs slowly worn
By the hooves of horsetail breakers

I could drown in the arms
Of a mermaids siren song
But instead just the rhythm
Of heart beating to each wave

The ocean won’t be taking me today
As I sit upon this weary land
Contemplating the sunshine
Warm upon my skin
And above the open wings
Of the gulls, riding the thermals
The longing to be free
The water washing all I see


Crumbs from a rich man’s table
Some people are forever angry
Hungry of heart
Sinking in despair

His masters voice
The shoeshine boy
Grateful for a tip
Eaten up by resentment
As he puts on his best smile
Futility of those that try

Inauthentic till the last
Broaching the subject
Do we meet in good faith?
Equals to intent?

Consequences to actions
The mice after some cheese
But look out for the traps
They’ll bring them to their knees

A beggar at the gates
Where elites offer a pittance
To wash their windscreens
A soapy sponge
And a bucket full of tears
Reminding of disparity
And the wasting years

Heavy Weather?

Weather Report
Gale Force
Storm warning
The man from the met office

Inaccurate predictions
Archive footage TV
The end of the world is nigh
Lord here comes the flood

Same old story for thirty years
The reporters name an anagram of ‘sin’
Who are they kidding?
Just who cannot see?
Devastation everywhere
Computer models out of the wreckage

Noahs Ark is taking on water
There’ll be no future
No sons or daughters
The animals marching two by two

Weather Report
And all that jazz
No confusion
They’re good at fusion
Still around about midnight
The TV serves up
The end of the world is nigh


Neither the master or slave
Not the warrior nor the priest
The polemic extremes
Or crawling on our knees

The flock that is blinkered
Led on by weakness
Constructing an edifice
A moral about face

Yet the law of the strong
Trying to dominate
Beyond the constraints
Forging their own fates

Neither holds true
To humanist ideal
Shackled such as they
Or superiority to feel

Polar opposites
The Lord and the serf
Thrust into this world
Of one and same earth

Knowing of guilt
The sheep to the chapel
Prometheus unbound
The victors of battle

Neither one, nor the other
That the genealogy preaches
The blind and the blinkered
Controls from the teachers

To stand apart from
Yet still conscious of weakness
Without the frail conscience
Of those that repent
An alternative path
Never to relent
No barbarian
Nor the excess of those that they let
A different perspective
Just what didn’t you get?


Warm honey on the tongue
The taste of moistened lips
Sweetness of the mouth
Opening like a flower

Pollen on the breeze
Rode by the bumble bee
Reaching for the heart
Of the many petalled power

Lightly landing on the wing
To settle on the skin
The gentle testing
Upon the flesh to feast

Massaging the feet
Lips caress each toe
Electricity to the touch
Sends ripples to the thighs

Moist like a kiss
Drinking nectar sweet
Worshiping the ankles
Slowly tracing the stem

Open like the leaves
Drawing me in
Parting of the legs
Thirsting for a smile

Where the honey drips
The waters of life
Fountain of youth
The tears of joy
The morning dew
Satiated by the drink
From the living cup
The rising of the sap
Reaching ever up


Rooted in the ground
The flowers of the earth
Bedded in the green grass
The trunk of a world tree

Sat in contemplation
The sound of the leaves
Blown by the breeze
The breath from open lips

Upwards to the sky
Clouds moving ever slow
Like the thoughts within
Passing over as they go

The wings of a butterfly
Colours taking to the wind
Reaching through the air
To land upon the skin

Many petals of the heart
Where we come to rest
Free of all the stress
Of the weeks tests

Stable in support
The limbs that stand firm
Like an inner sun
The warmth within the breast
Fingers reach to touch the wings
Where the thought takes flight
Sending out a hope
In the vision of loves light

Self made?

Enlightened self interest
Not the team player
On my own
Switch off the phone

Creature comforts
I’ve said before
Are life’s gifts
Sorry to bore

Can wait till another day
Self nurturing
That is the way

No one cares about my welfare
There’s only me
Life often unfair
Elevate freedom, serve Liberty

Has anyone stood up
For my rights?
The support they gave
Not worth a light
The TV good causes for to fight
A vision for you?
Not in hindsight

Only of the wallet
Con artists
Some good I’ll warrant
A pocket guru
Hustles another pound
I’m with the ministry of sound
Turn up the amp
The Volumes allowed

Techno Dawn

Start the day with a little dance
Don’t leave anything to chance
Switch the lights on
With voice control
A techno rebel
For a role

I do tai chi in my VR
Mindfulness gets five stars
I’m wide awake
By six thirty
What I watched last night
Just a little dirty

A foot massage touches me to my toes
Miles Davis on Alexa Show
There are those who talk
Of techno hells
But in my being
I feel quite well
I meditate on a Sisyphus table
My only headache is all those cables!

A work out for fingers
On the electric piano
I play a motif
On my digital flute
The neighbours think
I’m mad as a coot
But I’m the one
With snakeskin boots

Dancing with lights
A coloured rainbow
A game of chess
Where did the morning go?
No time to be blue
I enjoy the view
The air fryer assists
With a full English
The technologists
Get the best of British

Sure, the TA often hack my systems
But overall
For this is wisdom
Technology enhances life
I haven’t got time for trouble and strife
The heating responds to my call
Such Little stress, I love it all.


Low hanging fruit
The easiest to catch
Apples don’t fall far from the tree
Putting the bad eggs all in the same basket

No honour amongst thieves
I just don’t identify
Send in a killer to entrap a killer
But all they catch is a cold

The power of one
There is no ‘we’
Life long enemies
That’s all I see

Plants in the kitchen
Not my cup of tea
They tell us it’s service
That provides the key

Broken promises
Another heart pledged
Back to the gutter
A net that they dredge
Bots in the chat room
Who’s over the hedge?

Catfish are dwelling
Deep in the mud
Damn those rabbits
Says Elmer Fudd

Carrots for asses
Hiding a hook
Thumbnail pictures
Just who’d take a look?
Cartoon horrors
Read them their book

I and thou

The eponymous ‘they’
An almighty ‘other’
Herd mentality
Are those guys really brothers?

I and thou
Subjective divisive
To unity consciousness
Sure to be incisive

Social attack
Isolating the victim
Forever throwing mud
Voice of harassment

Are they on your side
The ‘community’ spirits?
Or taking for a ride
Making out that they’re real it?

I say once again
Are we all brothers?
Competitive for resources
Free market, not of one mother

Spiritual illusions
Victimisation by a collective
Stand your own ground
Their mindset is defective
Theistic delusions
Stand out and be distinctive

Out on your own
There’s only one kind of ‘in’ side
Tell them to get fucked
On Individuality decide
They want you to assimilate
It’s their bullshit I defy

So we’re not all friends
We’re never likely to agree
You may be right to be hostile
People pleasers act friendly
Do we all come together?
It’s more the case of ‘live and let die’

No Dice

Game players
Roll of the dice
Your next move
As cold as ice

Barely disguised
When from the start
I am the one you despised

The faces change
The story just the same
You talk of honesty
But you are the ones insane
Yoy live forever with a guilt
Vengeance blade, I sink to the hilt

With platitudes you undermine
No argument to your next line
It’s me you seek to undermine

All protest you claim egocentricity
No opinion too water tight
Your false claims to a divinity
You want me to submit without any fight

Quote your fictions
Nothing in which I could believe
Your servility proves your lack of worth
The ones to blame, the self deceived

There are places I wish I’d never gone
They seek to collect dirt on every one
Social networks barely seen
Insincerity, their moral code a fantasy

Forced to leave come the end
I didn’t find so much as a friend
They talk of need to make amends
But they do more harm than enemies, who attend.

The word ‘spiritual’ cheaply said
But in their lack of sensitivity
They appear the ones misled
Anonymity? They lie.
Their agenda
You’d be right to defy
Wake up to reality
Rigidity and controls
There’s not even any respect.

Mixed messages

Mixed messages
Forgotten names
Let’s pretend
A game of charades

Crossed wires
Boundaries return
Unsure in the anxiety
Back to the masquerade

No longer looking in the eye
Protecting feelings
Feign there’s no desire

Struggling for words
Wrong footed
In intimacies waltz

Mixed messages
Did it have to come to this?
I think on it
The heart that skips a beat

The turned cheek
The bow of the head
Romantic longings
You see the sentiments not dead

Mixed messages
Protect the fragile heart
Trying to reach through
Still the player to the part
Confused roles
How best approach the grand facade?


A vulnerable person
Six times down and out
Left on the streets at Xmas
No one buying me a cup of tea

Incarcerated, without proportionate offence
Due to a set up
And that, just after,
A human rights case

No crimes to speak of
Disability status not met with
Shoplifting the next meal
No slip, not so much as a cigarette

Socially excluded
How the mockers laughed
At me laying in the road
No chance for a bath

Support systems attacking
A whistle blower undermined
Social engineering
Violated in plain sight

Rumours go round and round
No charity, not so much as an offered pound
Half my life in systems
No foundations
No power granted to fight

The armies of ‘salvation’
Forever the misjudged
In the queue for housing
They said ‘the devils own’
No programs for the hate campaigns
Of the fundamentalists
They seem to think more suffering
Would bring me to my knees

Middle classed do gooders
Made not so much as a sound
They tell me I’ve got rights
Empty sentiments not worth a light

Take them on

If you take on the government
They don’t let the press report it
Expect a backlash
They may violate your rights for life

There’s corruption in the systems
All the social mechanisms
Justice to the highest bidder
A war of attrition

They will try to keep you poor
Close up open doors
They’re not offering any deals
They’ll call you Don Quixote

Windmills of the mind
Reality unkind
They have the technology
To make out you’re at fault

Victims on a wire
They’ll say it’s all delusion
Support the status quo
Uphold cultural illusions

Don’t take on the government
It would be better if you leave
No one’s upholding our rights
You see we’re all deceived
I took on the government
Now there’s nothing left in that I believe


You dance away
Inside I weep
But my face is just a mask
Fixed expression till the last

I admire the trinkets
Gifts that adorned
The slender chance
Of a body that I’d hold
Perhaps a little jealousy
As I lay alone and cold

I watch two women
Making love
My heart still seeking yours
The feigned display for an encore

Painted lips that caress
Tongues seeking to explore
I could gift you much more than her
A plea bargain to implore

As they fix their makeup
A mirrored masquerade
Smear of mascara
That speaks of the falling tear

You dance away
My hand reaches out
Grasping empty air
How I long for your head to bow
On her
As I stroke your hair


So you like a little sleaze
It won’t bring me to my knees
I don’t try to please
In this Industrial Disease
Could be Dire Straights
Dictating our fates

Selfless service for a key?
Wake up to reality
Freedom comes with money
When you’ve got none it’s not funny

Some live without a care
You may think that it’s unfair
Someone runs off with the loot
And all you get’s the boot

For those still clocking on
Life could be a song
They’ll claim law of the strong
If you see they’re wrong

Set an alarm for the morning
Same each day, the story boring
Could be standing in the welfare line
Dole queue marking time

Pop a pill for ‘disfunction’
But are you really ill?
The stuff will rot your brain
Only share holders set to gain

They say that life’s a bitch
Oh, to be one of the rich
A mortgage chains the hitched
Just such a shame that they switched
Talking about a revolution
Poor people get their say


The rich keep staying rich
The poor keep being poor
Can you see the glass ceiling?
Bosses closing open doors

The rich man in his castle
The poor man on the streets
Just a little imbalanced
Standing on our own two feet

Beneath a nations flag
You may choose to sit and ponder
How the poor keep being poor
I guess there’s little wonder

Lady chatterly her lover
The rainbows sisters and brothers
Is there room for another
Still the Dames aren’t really bothered

They say our lots to serve
The salt of the earth
Whilst they blow up their pride
With a line of coke

Rich man, king of the castle
Are you just the dirty bugger?
Put in balls and chains
Oh, to be a rich ones lover
Ever just the hired hand
Cheap labour
The salt of the land

Lily leaves.

There’s a wan white lily
Touched with tears of dew
Breathed back to life
By the morning breeze
Now a trumpet it’s playing
With the strength of a kiss
And the song that it’s singing
Stems on back to the past

Down, down below
Where we meet at the roots
A rhythm is swelling
With a hunger it seems
But at its source
There’s a sobbing
That few get to hear
A little child crying
Nestled deep down below

From the vale of all sorrows
A flowering begins
Breathed back to life
By each word on the breeze
It’s growth in our spirits
From the sharing of tears
And the hearts that surround us
Are the Lily leaves

Pierrots’ Tear

Sit and listen
To my tear
A heart fled innocence
Take a while
My woes to hear
Lament for all that’s lost

This pale skin
Like porcelain
A fragile shell
To comfort in
The moonlit masking
Of the pain
That hides behind
This smile

This is the shedding
Of the tears
That dribbled down
The silent pen
This is the sharing
Of the fears
That fed from bottle
Into babe

And as you listen
To my voice
I wonder if any can hear
The wounds
Of the fragile heart
Or whether, in fact
These words fall apart
With the impact
Of hitting the page

Hymn to Isis.

Where sea meets beach
Like a mothers kiss
Or a tears caress
Against these cheeks of land
The breath of tides
That ebb and swell
Rough then gentle
rhythms of this life

Where winter melts
Into the arms of spring
The fluid rolling hips
United in shared hope
The wombs waters
Breaking for the first time
The embrace of lovers
Parted for too long

Though the cliffs crack
And so slowly corrode
Still the sands speak
Of rocks that stood once proud
New beginnings sigh their prayer
And cry with joys still to come
Whilst those passing over
Reach wings into the sky

In time all things return to her
And join the dance within those waves.


There’s nothing much to learn
For you I truly yearn
But I don’t like the terms
Just how much do you earn?

You take me like a fool
Psychology a tool
Not playing by the rules
A carrot for a mule

Blowing up your pride
I’m questioning your side
It’s been a long long ride
But my doubts I cannot hide

Led up the garden path
I still could use a bath
You talk of your other half
I guess you had a laugh

A magpie to the ring
Hardly able to sing
See what tomorrow brings
They say that love is king

I don’t like the terms
How you want to earn
From the way that I still yearn
When will I ever learn?

A priori?

A priori knowledge?
Or fed from the tit
Nurtured conditioning
A faith that’s full of shit

They said the child finds god
Are you a stupid sod?
Rituals initiate
Each developmental stage their fate

Faith size of mustard seed
A voice that they all heed
Windmills of the mind
Blind that lead the blind

The cogs in the machine
Hands of the dragon clock
Not as popular as it seems
I’d rather rock the cock

Innocence is so unsure
For sin there is no cure
Looking to god above
Convinced that it’s really love

How did the thought get in your head?
I guess you’ve been misled
No one answers your prayers
The truth may seem unfair
There’s nobody that’s there
At least I like their hair!


Complex post traumatic stress
At night I face a test
Just how long will I sleep
With all the secrets that they keep?

They say just don’t react
Some lives are just an act
As a matter of fact
Married to a pact

Sharpening the knives
Shortening some lives
There are those who say forgive
What solace would that give?

Vengeance is my creed
Whilst others serve just greed
I want my enemies to bleed
Meeting my needs
No time to brag of deeds
Lines between to read

Those living for today
Tell me there’s a way
But I don’t care for what they say
Live to fight another day
The truth that will betray
The fact that they’re not Ok

Coping with distress
I look for temporary relief
On me they have impressed
Therapy to share my grief
Not much left of my belief
What are they hiding beneath?
Facing everything as a test
Won’t they grant me a bloody rest?

Hells bells

Blessed are the meek
For we do not want them to rebel
You have to catch them young
School assemblies from hell

Kiss up to a priest
They are gods purest ones
Answering the call
Few are chosen, load of balls

Sell the bible with a dummy
Before they bite on teething rings
Forever burned in memory
Choirs their kingdom sings

The newly fleeced sheep
Can’t see the indoctrination
Dogma they instilled
Embedded in the culture

They say it’s all a sin
When they are in school uniform
But they never win
Innocence is ill informed

Blessed are the meek
They don’t want them to rebel
I guess I’m cursed for life
Cos I give them bloody hell
Don’t forget to catch them young
They’ll believe most anything


Army dreamers
Setting off fireworks
Keep the workers happy
That they put their safety first

Terror threats
Feeding childhood fears
A red alert
Been this way for years

Keep Territorials fit
Need to know basis
A torch is lit

The candle flame
That burns down low
Did anyone really die?
Where did the reassigned go?

Fit and right
To die for ones country
Front page composite
Photos fade with age
The media sells it
We all eat it up

Inner circle directs
We sleep in peace
Just what don’t you get?
Some nurse their scars,
Why we’ll never forget

Parent trap

How can they say they loved me
When they just weren’t there?
Never really wanted
Hard for a child to bare

Tears shed every birthday
The way it really was
No need to justify the grief
It’s just because

Abandoned as an infant
Parents that turned their back
They wanted to be down the pub
Savages, that’s the facts

I wore the bruises
A torn ear
Back in my cot
Abuse to fear

They left me in the sun
The summer heat
Hoped i would die
Before i could stand on my little feet

No respect at tall
My pain they just cant hear
I need to hire professionals
To tend to my tears

Some say take care of them
I’d rather break their neck
Who the fuck were they to me?
Just a pair of train wrecks

Every relationship
Fear of attachment
Burned into my arm with a cigarette
That’s all that parenthood meant
Their chance never coming back
No flowers I’ve sent
The day they meet their graves
I’ll just wonder where all that hate went


Don’t do what they all say
You can go a different way
Be yourself and just don’t care
Don’t let others get in your hair

Life can be tough
When things get rough
But never mind what they all think
You could pot black after the pink

Don’t worry over much
About the rules and such
You can play your own game
Dictated moves are just a pain

There’s time to get it right
For your turf a little fight
You can make your own mistakes
Eventually life’s a piece of cake

Do you live to earn gold stars?
Dream a little, you could go far
Bar flies propping up a bar
When you could be playing a guitar

Don’t follow, make your own way
It don’t matter much what they all say
Be yourself, without a care
No ones fool, don’t be a square

Existential crisis

Reflections from the mirror edge
Of a pool of tears
Words fall short
Agenda clear
I count the years
The price seemed dear

Sublimation of a kind
Libido ridden like white horse
Some say transference
But mere ideology of course
An inner journey
But not so far
For the guide looks now false

‘I feel it too’
Or so they said
A hook into the heart
Lines I’m fed
I make a start
But it feels they rend my flesh

Politics are sure to sell
In time it comes to tell
They said it’s me they are against
And so the hope had fell
Branches that sway with the winds
But only dead leaves fall

A path into the woods it seems
I’ll make my own way back
The dance of intimacy, let’s pretend
Manipulation, that’s a fact
Directors assumed in the wings
Predicting I’d react
They could of offered more support
Now I see, it’s been an act

What do I see on waking up?
A heart they could not kill
Returning to my self again
Cold iron forges a will
The promise of love of a kind
But I won’t pay a harlot coin
Well, the wound, its smarting still

Fire flies consume the veil
Their face is not the one I see
For in the waltz I step away
The one I care about is me
Embers ignite
Illuminate the dark
A torch of Liberty
Revealing shadows on the path
The predators that flee
Not burned by the flames
A syndicated conspiracy

Some say there is return to the soul
The spirit that is retrieved
But I’m not convinced by all their myths
Rooted in reality
I may need a little help to stand
But in this I can choose free
Age that knots the limbs
Stable as the first oak
I asked a question when we first spoke
And it’s me that they deceived
No sacrifice is too great
On the altar of authenticity

Loose Weight?

Loose weight instantly
You can eat all you like
No need to exercise
Get off of your bike

Loose weight instantly
No need for diet pills
No secret herbs to take
You can have your fill

Loose weight instantly
No pyramid sales technique
I’m going to tell you the secret
This remedies unique

Loose weight instantly
Don’t need a gastric band
No need to buy my video
I’m going to give you a hand

It’s not metabolism
It’s not nutrition
It’s not laziness
There is but one answer
This i must confess

Loose weight instantly
There is no better way
Cut your own head off
That’s all I’ve got to say


Modern Man In Search of Soul
Dancing to a different drum
The rhythm of the heat
At one with the beat

Synchronicity to the themes
That speak from the collective
Archetypes, from the primordial
Build symbolic narrative

A system of thought
Creates a mandala
To speak of unity
Actualisation of the whole

Stained glass windows try to speak
Of a mythic story
A dance with the anima
Higher love for a goal

Sign posts for the traveler weary
A little sense of hope
Reflecting on a heroes journey
Allegory for each life
Forever in interpretation
It’s how some people cope


The influence of Saturn
It’s moons cold and dark
Rings that remind
Of cogs in the machine
Those that ground us down
A circles pointlessness

Care of the soul
Age breeds a bitterness
The rewards of experience
Casting shadow dark
History repeating
The same old platitudes

Fire in the belly
Inspiring younger men
The pull of motivation
Warriors to just cause
Freeing prisoners
Breaking bonds of slaves

But the wounded from the field
Old age bares it’s scars
Can the new sap rise
To make the system better?

Alas, absurdity
Observes a broken shield
The hero with a thousand faces
Knows a rusting steel
Gravestones of the fallen
Brothers in arms

Saturnalia, a glimpse of the despair
A future that awaits
Past glory that will fade
Grumpy old men
Resist the ravishes of time

Dehumanised 'resources'

Group interrogation
Go over with a fine tooth comb
Comparing interactions
Till I’m left without a home

Simple eugenics
Brave new world in a pill
The market needs a workforce
If you differ, you are ill

Mould my personality
Whip me into shape
The fund holders have a remit
Their schedule will not wait
The only time they helped
Was when they left me alone

Disruption of the systems
That give practical support
Fascism in action
Social engineering that is taught
‘Health” ‘Trusts’ a misnomer
They declare on us a war

It’s my body, it’s my mind
But a doctor claims authority
You know I’m not their kind
An unheeded minority
Forced to conform
A needle that i scorn
Can’t you see that I am human
It’s them of whom I warn

Tag team till I’m the right shape
Can’t you see it’s spiritual to serve?
As I turn my back
In solitude find worth
The sacred cow, community
When will I come to earth?
The man from C&A
When will they ever learn?
I despise the herd mentality
Obsessed with what they earn


Foreshadowed situations
Names mention in conversation
Faces in the crowd
They turn up a decade later

What’s the big idea?
I’ve never been one of the team
Networks across the country
We’ll meet again

On the filtered media
They’re dropping names to fish
Trying to dredge your memory
With free associated triggering

It all seems so pointless
The ways that they inquire
Shadowed for a lifetime
Predicted profile just a sham

Don’t forget any man at the table
Those in on others hands
Working for the banker
Media in on the next scam

Drop a name in passing
Do I speak of the memory ?
Intelligence misnomer
Their technique near fantasy

Blade runner

Back on zoom
An expert system
Tracking eye movements
A handful of agents
There may be some look a-likes
Testing for reaction
Trigger emotions to arouse

Big data profiles
Every stroke of a key
It doesn’t bloody work
That’s what everyone can see
Aggregated variables
There’s more to personality

Sure, they can predict what I’d buy
But not who I’d fuck
When it comes to honesty
Their lawyers pass the buck
Facial recognition
But do they know what I feel?
Empathy is lacking
The disconnect of technology


Hacking social networks
Where everybody lies
Some claim relationships
Where there’s really none

They’ll claim you owe amends
To people you never wronged
Some you never even met
It’s the same old song

Playing us for fools
It’s been this way for years
I’m not submissive to it
The wavelength that I hear

Somebody switch the radio off
I’m sick of the DJ
The same pushed artists
Marketed by publicists

They’ve got no dirt on me
And that’s what they always want
I’m not guilty of a thing
But the accusations still go on

Friendly giants from the past
Installed within the childhood
Want to cover up
For their own negligence
It’s a sold out jury
For the abuser is their ‘jolly good’ fellow
They’ll never be a conclusion
Because I want them banged to rights

The Strike

Directors in the waiting room
An offered casting couch
A twist of an emotional knife
No tolerance for that pain

If the curtain were drawn back
I wonder who sits in the gods?
A spotlight lonely on the stage
The Venus without the fur

Bosses laughing I suppose
Manipulated heart
Hooks sunk deep enough
To pull at the flesh

Innocent, without a crime
Yet judged by enemies
The script they write
Without an interval

A Marquis waiting in the wings
Malice advertised
I wonder how complex the plot
That uses pain as a device

I wear my heart upon my sleeve
I guess the judgements wrong
I ponder on a triumph in the voice
That delivered the first blow
I really cannot fathom it
The strike that came from low

Too much

Some day it will end
And I expect we’ll never speak again
Not so much a friend
A contract, asking when?

The heart that connects
Yet hands that never touch
You ask me what it means
A little bit too much

The shoulder to cry on
But ever the hand that’s hired
Hopes that are gone
The role you’ll retire

Care, but somehow hollow
The words fall on deaf ears
I danced with your rhythm
The weeks turned to years

What will I be left with?
I sense a despair
Where once you listened
No one left there

The show man that laughs
Hiding tragedy
Not sure that you relate
To my humanity
I pen you a love song
But the heart knows it’s not long
The life that I suffered
I told it you true
The supports will be gone
This I always knew


Things are complicated
But in its face I live quite simply
There are those I depend upon
Living in cooperation

I’ve not really said that much
That’s really controversial
War declared by communities
Their thoughts verge on fundamental

I don’t believe in over much
I cut the mental shackles
Switch the damn TV off
Media fast to stay focused

Creativity is an inner journey
I listen for my emotions
Contemplating every thought
Free from bondage that is taught

I am more free by accepting limitation
Don’t expect to fly away
Facing my reality
But of the almighty other I don’t much care

Collectivism, fads and cults
You can keep it all
I don’t bow to the masses
Not listening to the crowd
I’ve never got in to social media
Never sent a tweet
Popularist opinion
Does not reach my ears
I always speak my mind
You see, that is allowed

Tall Poppy

There are those that try to dominate
Live rent free in your head
They say that they motivate
Depend on them until your dead

Angels at your shoulder
Devils in your ear
Behavioural conditioning
Reminds of childhood years

A carrot before the donkey
Manipulation of desire
A hoodwink kept in the dark
It’s them that want you to hire

Buy a dream of success
Publicists give you a start
But you’ll never find contentment
Unless it’s in your heart

They want to find an in road
You’ll dance with all those whores
Measuring you up
The price of opened doors

It’s a game of snakes and ladders
Someone always pulls the rug
The closest will betray
The Christians want you hooked on drugs
Cutting down the taller poppy
Those that stand out from the crowd


A tin man in the spotlight
Unseen academics
Sitting on the line
The case for their defence
Made in the edit suite
Therapy on Skype
Victims cries defeated
Mistrust it, you’ve the right

The national inquiry
Sweeping under the carpet
How best to gag
The ones that keep it real
Another dance of deception
How does it really feel?
The one they’ll discredit
With cold theory contradict

Cultural denial
The media upholds
A doctor of chemistry
The lecturers collude
Guiding with unseen hands
It’s why I looked away
Jungle radio to boot
Things just don’t go my way
The rights of the individual
No rule of law, you have to pay

The will to power
Emotional abuse
The big reveal
I say just what is the use?
Deals by puppet masters
Strings pulling at my heart
Supports pushed by the internet
The horse before the cart
Clear the area of negligence
Exclude the whistle blower
Those all for the union
How is no one in the wrong?

What’s the big idea?
They’ll never tell the story
Within the slight of hand
Never really for you
Issues clearly exposed
They don’t want the list
Clear as the day
Their networks take the piss

We, David

The battles in the polling station
Our cross, placed by a name
Votes to count within a box
Ethics not forgot

To uphold democracy
The gloves are always on
The crowned mace that separates
Two sides of the same house

The teller will declare results
No thought for fear is there
Oppositions shaking hands
Not blades, for who would dare
Blight the statutes that uphold
The fact that all sides care

Martyred blood
Through conflict shed
How did the thought get in their head?
Now peaceful protests are dead
A point of order sacrificed
Insanely misled

Old warriors to the campaign trail
Are sure to count the cost
How can such things occur today?
Surveillance shield is lost
Opinions silent for a while
Respect for those that fell
Another terror from the dark
A tale the papers tell

Hear that voice again

Back in Stockholm
They’re dishing out the pills
Suppressing the thoughts
Of those they say could kill

There’s a monkey in a cage
Controlled by all their shocks
Milgrams finger on the button
Held behind the locks

A nervous system
Whipping into shape
Pull up your socks
You are the one they hate

Liberal fascists
Sell another bitter pill
Making up words
To say that you are ill
Labels a plenty
If thoughts could kill

Nurses do as they are told
Hiding their distress
Come the weekend
Cocaine frees them from workweeks depressed

Serving the machine
His masters voice
The dragon clock in sync
Do you hear it again?
Round and round in circles
Till you really are insane


I could of given you all my heart
And you know you played your part
But you had to sink the knife in
True love did not win

Things were looking desperate
Truth and reality separate
Other people’s scorn
Tears shed, still forlorn

There are those who take their pleasure
Shooting others down
I thought that this was different
But you turned me down

I could of given you a place in my heart
Instead you just tore it apart
I’m not waiting on a miracle
Deception from the start

Against my quest, the reason
That I did it all
I look into your eyes
Instead of signs, just a fall
You said you were against me
No hope left at-all

I pen the next line mindfully
Of slight of hand aware
You turned down my friendship
And now I’m just confused
I don’t like getting hurt
But you’ve left me bruised

Prima noble

The argument from design
Neoplatonic forms
A prime mover
A grand architect

Projecting agency
Onto materiality
A conscious universe
A mirror of our own minds
Determines the delusions

Natural selection
Semi random events
That forms the world for real
Sure to confuse at the first glance

Hard science
Looking for a prime cause
An infinite regression
Who designed the grand designer?

A Universe From Nothing
To The Selfish Gene
The folly of childhood
The theistic dream
The platypus it’s tale
Placed amongst the enlightenment

Blood lines ‘destined’ to rule
Already know the truth
But hope we’ll all play along
So their kin can own all those gardens

Grand architects
Training trees to grow
Their design to control
With each seed they sow
Dogma that’s not true
The Leviathan that is not new


Collectivism, ever part of the crowd
An oligarchy to which all bowed
Free speech chained by censorship
Wages reduced, ever in needs grip

Economic oppression
How the children beg
Bound to a new world order
Big brothers all seeing eye

The masters forge shackles
From a technological web
Fears they feed
Keeping the workforce down
The totality of bound pleasure
Protests silenced, without a sound

Debt, the mechanism
Selling our futures out
The price of comfort
Compassion pleading with a shout

The rebel branded without real crime
Forced to serve, standing all in line
Prayers they whisper to the sacred cow
State oppression , the future that is now
Intrusion into privacy
Sold within a smart device

In our thoughts are we truly free?
Do they control the substance of our liberty?
Waking up to a new reality
Virtually powerless in the face of all we see
Beggars take to the street
None dealt with compassionately
Cry mercy,
Views of a future we hope will be made differently


The Pavlovian pulpit of distress
Keep the slaves minds open
To suggestion of excess
An acceptance of conditioned stress

Tell the people what they really want
A carrot to lead them
Dreams sell, all else forgot
Desire never fulfilled, just beyond the grasp

Prison cells accompanied by a TV
Big brother dredges data
Produced in passivity
Another click in a profiled virtual reality

Subhuman submitting to servility
Autosuggestion, never far from anxiety
Fear freedom, let them sell you a substitute
A sugar coated pill from a Brave New World
Scarcity programming your next meal
Pleasure and pain, rewarded by what you feel

Heaven and Hell
The Question Concerning Technology
All we see and know
A constructed reality
The dictator issues a command
Follow my leader, free will disarmed
Are you really far from harm?

Pavlov offers a treat to the begging dog
Old mother Hubbard
Each bone safely noted in a log
Amazon pushes products to the top
YouTube keeps you in the loop
Predicting your next step from what you shop
If you’re happy and you know it,
Simon says, clap your hands

Dream of a kiss

I had a dream
And in it,
I wrote a poem
On waking up
I forgot the first line
It was rather good
And sure to make a rhyme

So many words I’ve shared
So often put pen to paper
Some think I’m lost to fantasy
Perhaps I’ll see it later
I watch the ink as it dries
Tears wept from my own eyes

I had a dream of you
And in it,
I kissed you gentle
On waking up
To an empty bed
Some may wonder
How such a thought
Got in to my head

Words, to communicate
Words, unsurely whispered
Words, screamed at the world to defy
Words, sung as one enraptured
Words, trying to make sense
Strung together in a sentence

The verse is done
Not as I dreamt
Like a kiss
That was perfection
I guess I made it rhyme
But it’s not as good
As I expected
I hope I find I dream again
And next time I’ll try to remember


Prevent me from living
Isolate for your fears
Would you prevent me from being?
A curse put on me for years

Prevent me from acting
Social media controls
Prevent affiliation
Except when you create the roles

Prevent my relationships
Cut off the snakes head
Prevent my mobile phone
Reroute me instead

Prevent my business
Does it mean anything at-all?
Monitoring each step
I know what happens if I fall

Prevent my world view
I suppose I’m the one you hate
Prevent ideas spreading
Filters directing me too late

Prevent me from living
A profile predicts a crime
Prevent my very being
The offence is not mine
Prevention better than cure
When I ask why, you’re unsure


To vitiate the meaning
Corrupting the real point
Claiming moral higher grounds
To impress upon the crowd

Negative interpretations
Throwing ideological mud
Framed as the defective
The criminal has no voice

The system promotes its virtue
Making out the cultures good
But there’s a lot of ambiguity
Not everybody doing as they should

Institutional corruption
They want something over you
A hook in your heart
Emotions pulling like a string

There’s good and bad in everyone
The values you might expect
In those with authority
Are often quite bereft

Money, the greatest evil
People can be bought
Axis and allies
The worlds not as great as you were taught

Rent boys

Childhood’s left prostituted
Perhaps a little over proud
The perpetrators never prosecuted
Did I tell it all a little over loud?

The police just persecuted
Trying to work me on the scene
Who were the executed?
Known associates that had been

A call to arms, wage battle
The authorities don’t really care
About free slaves, the once chattel
The truth is hard to bear
They’ll place a knife into your hand
And the jury all just stare

Cross questioned by the therapist
On Skype to create evidence
Frame as a conspiracist
Police pimping on the blind
Cut a little slack
On the line to wind

They say there’s no corruption
Who’s working all those whores?
Point out they license drug dealers
Their informants closing doors
They all want a big fish
A wide net, what’s the score?

Plants within a chat room
You went there for support
But the lurkers in a role
May think you just fair sport
The tail end of the story
They always think you’re the one to be caught

You think we are protected?
I make a body count
It disturbs the academics
Who got killed when I came out?
Another decades forensics
What is justice all about?

Last battle on earth

An enemy unseen
The last battle on earth
Thrust onto the field
A struggle as from birth

The timid blinker eyes
No reason to their life
Conform to what is given
Falling in to another’s strife

Warriors wide awake
Readied for the fight
Afraid, yet not consumed
By deaths long night

The tiger in the undergrowth
What is every breath worth?
A man eater in the jungle
The last battle on earth

Do you have time left
To realise the real foe?
Time left to act?
Where did the sands of time go?
Think on global warming
Gaia in her death throws

A hunter with a spear
Approaching the tree line
Heart beat strong inside the chest
In this moment is his time
The last battle on earth
Where all of us will die


Living for this day
For tomorrow we shall die
No time to be a slave
The motivation to try

Anticipating death
In all the things we do
What time we’re wasting
An anxiety that grows

The courage to live
In the face of the demise
An entropy decays
Fading to our own eyes

Live with passion
Live with revolt
Break free of the chains
Freedom is calling,
What else remains
In all that you do?

A polished stone
A cut with the jewellers craft
Reflecting on being
The many facets
Within a work of art

Living in the moment
For our time is now.
Seduced to conform,
Oppressed by the other?
Living. Make the choice for life,
For you will not have another


Who knows what the future may bring?
You and I could be stuck within the roles
Left to go our separate ways
Forever dissatisfied

I take you as I find you
There’s details that are unsure
It takes two to tango
And I may tread on others toes

I’ve heard these lines before
‘Who knows what relationship we could have’
I assume it’s part of the training
And the others turned their back

There’s a kind of self deception
In being a client after all
We are just two people
It may have no significance at-all

It’s difficult to read you
I can’t always see between the lines
I’m not trying to dominate you
As it stands everything’s just fine

I don’t really place you on a pedestal
That’s the work of art
Forever seeking inspiration
With words found in my heart

It could fall to pieces
Just a house of cards
But you see I am lonely
Without this, times are hard

There’s a spell in weaving
The words upon the loom
The tapestries not finished
I just need some elbow room
The myth is in ‘obsession’
I’m not plotting any bodies doom

I’d rather not reveal
All the tricks of poetry
Leave Chatterton to his suicide
You are forever free
You may feel that you’re not worth it
But look at my reality

True north

Two people
Other sides of the track
But without you
There would be such lack

Coming into focus
Colours I see
Not just turning all to grey

Like the pallid corpse
Death stranded
Sinking ships lose their course

Searching for a bearing
A star to shine its light
A blind man
Seeks a way through a dark night

Two people
Caught within a role
The spotlight shines
Somehow you make me whole
Creation reaching
To try to touch your soul

True north in potentiality
A kind of mythology
What of future reality?
Two people, it’s not just psychology
Feelings are strong
As I pen the muse another song

Dead Poets Society

Carpe Diem , seize the day
Got good press, or so they say
There’s those who really like to take a stand
With dead poets, give them a hand

Carpe what’s it? What’s the score?
The library has an open door
Have you ever seen a bibliophile?
They’ve got theirs in a book, all the while

Carpe Diem, Seize the day
There really is no better way
Dead poets righting wrongs they say
Penned in blood, their hearts at play

Carpe what’s it? Should be law
The book of life is what we’re for
Spare a thought for the poor
Equality to grace each door
First edition folio
Educations where all can grow

Carpe Diem that’s the score
Books the fascists surely tore
Some are speechless , It’s a shame,
But we’re still Patriotic to who reigns
Burning books, the nazis stink
Smell of fresh paper that we ink
Rise up and take a stand
On old school desks
Carpe Diem, it’s class war
Seize the day, you know the score


The world in which we’re thrown
No place to call our own
Left without a home
Coast to coast we roam

The other, to conform
A hope that is forlorn
Following the man
Obeying all they can

Do what they all say
Submit to others ways
Going through the motions
A slave to suppressed emotion

Knowing potentiality
To seize the reins and ride
Your power do not hide

Do you fear to fall?
Into what all the others say?
The anonymous ‘they’
The herd that lives that way
Care about your life
Not TV dinner trophy wives

Wild stallion,
Never truly tamed
Hooves that thunder on
A course that no one made
Hands grip at the mane
Bear back, without saddle
Rider on the storm
Lightnings sword strikes to the battle
The herd, just so much cattle

The donkey, and the serf
Led on by their carrot
Prometheus in chains
Shattering their illusions
Steal the fire of heaven
Shine an inner light
Ignore the bleats of sheep
Make a stand and fight


The accidental terrorist
A feared first domino
Disempowered in the interpretation
The baying howl of the crowds

No regard for context
Not questioning the core
Prejudice projected
For lawyers, just the poor
A protest trail of stickers
Knocking at black rods door

Free to make a choice
No self censorship
But others try to spin
Within the body politic
Iron gauntlet holds a whip
In another’s power play

Entering the frame
Affiliations falsely claimed
The mark is just a fall guy
To promote the opposition
Cross party deals
Suppress the issue politics
The right wing bishops crook
Saying ‘off with their heads’

The judges forge the chains
Networks wanting blood
A claimed Oedipus Rex
Left in a pool of tears
Poems left to fade
In a cell block all alone
Nobody asking
What the maker really meant
Court of human wrongs
Left out in the cold

Bourgeois pulling strings
Abuse in psychological interpretation
Miscast as a player
In a narrative not their own
Accidental terrorist
It’s not coincidental
Fat cats directing situations
Incidentally, the set up
A company of wolves
The system they corrupt

Don’t be a stranger

Just a phantom stranger
No friend on my return
Observing from the outside
The tales that others tell

Always the excluded
Thirty years without a job
That takes someone else deciding
To leave out in the cold
Six times homeless sober
With disability rights

Loose affiliations
No one shaking my hand
There are those who want me dead
For cold harsh truths I have revealed
Is it ‘playing’ the victim
When they fire a loaded gun?

Always divided
Opinions of the crowd
A suicide blonde
All that they allowed
Inflation of delusions
Dubs by a royal TV set

Who was against me?
It’s really plain to see
As they raise a glass
Sending me to Coventry
Another whistle blower
Left out on my arse

A stranger in a stranger land
You’re not one of us
That’s the hymn they’re singing
I guess I had enough
Led around in circles
There and back again
Not a lot I learned
The story looks just the same

Grease stain

Actors masquerade
Never lifting the mask
The greasepaint from the face
Stripped down at the last

True colours shining through
And that’s why I don’t love you
Kindly ones wind the thread
Directing paths to tread

The betrayal is expected
That is the findings of experience
One person to trust in
Of course, that is myself

Hidden agendas
Another card forced to the hand
A web of lies, conspiring
What do you fail to understand?

Poster child, for a victim
Too young, that’s what they said
Plants in support systems
That’s why all respect is dead
In the back rooms
Plots they hatch instead

The soldiers playing dice
Gambling to divide the spoils
That is what they want
When they’re declaring war
There is no sign of conscience
When they leave you out in the cold

It’s been a long, long ride
They forever lead me on
Never the rising star
Just a victim of a con
Political confusions
The price, a stolen life

The actors grease paint mask
Anaesthetist to a forlorn tear
Mascara that is running
For the bloodshed of all their fears
Red like amontillado
Stained past collecting in a glass
There will be no debriefing
As they reshuffle the decks
The casting couch is calling
The director offers the blind no deal


I wore a black hood
Whilst I pulled at their strings
Sinking a knife deep into their hearts
And for my part, well, I just laughed

There are wounds they cannot see
A class struggle, real war to me
Ever sharpening the blade
To guide the point home

Some people denigrate anger
Some try to emasculate rage
Now I’m sharpening my pencil
It could be for their eye
An emotional kind of cripple
Feeding me a lie

Plastic cutlery reminders
Of middle class fears
Embers awaiting the spark
When the fire will burn
No it doesn’t harm me
And we never will be friends

It actually is that I hate them
And I’m not scared to own it
Not too polite
Awaiting the next fight
Resentment does not worry me
It is the measure of a man

I don’t care about them
I really want to see them dead
To die painfully
With blood upon my hands
This much I know, it will be red
Like the fires that burn in my eyes

Shoot first

Shoot first
Ask questions later
When you see the whites of their eyes
Empty your load into their heads

They said a rude word
Give them interventions
Don’t do as they’re told
Mount an intervention
Don’t go out to work
Don’t follow party lines
Don’t believe in god
Give them bloody hell

Shoot first
No room for questions
Blow them away
Before they arrest ya

An all seeing eye
That’s what they claim
Oh, so loyal to the crown
We all know that game

It’s an old con
Bring them in
Closing those doors
You never win

Shoot first
Ask questions later
Intervene on that
Don’t they see I hate ya?


They’re selling courses
On writers block
Backing horses
It’s a load of cock

I sit and think
But a little while
I put pen to paper
In this style

I’ve never had a reason
To feel impeded in my flow
I can write some nonsense
If motivation goes

Writers block?
I’ve never know it
The local college
Selling some shit

Creativity is how I cope
Don’t think about it
I don’t need dope
Pop psychologists
Promoting theory
I express emotions
That leave others teary
Don’t need a mentor
They can’t do it, clearly.

Free will?

Has the universe changed
When I make a choice
Or am I constrained
To be a slave of a gods voice?

Am I flown by wire
Everything predetermined
The forces of nature
Free will undermined?

Breaking chains of compulsion
Libertarian of mind
Do I have true liberty?
Forever self defined

Could I have done different?
No puppet on a string
Neurones are firing
What actions they bring?
No victim of circumstance
Not an object, no thing.

Am I a reactor
Just stimulus response?
Directed by situations
Always like a machine
Cognitive modelling
Programmed never to win?

Romantic spirits
Beyond compatableism
Radically free
With autonomy
Desire to uphold
The choice to be me
Breaking chains of determinism
Conscious agency

Blind faith

Blind faith like a cancer
Infecting the mind
False ideology
Occupying their kind

Our minds are a battle field
Thoughts ever competing
The death of the rational
When dogmas repeating

Weapons of theology
To try to gain ground
The disease advancing
Infestation all around
Religion, the mind killer
It’s tenants unsound

They don’t want us to question
To find our own way
On meditation
Falsehoods all that they say
Submit to the problem
A whore to Agnes Dei

Humanity’s heart
Creates its own ethics
Empathy for our sisters
Blind followings pathetic
Play on our emotions
Manipulation so tragic

Memes that are in conflict
Courting attention
But the meanings not given
It’s our to create
Not condemned to a judgement
Innocently relate
The path to success
No religion our fate
Raise consciousness
Blind faith we should hate


Not so sorry to inform you
I’ve never felt too divided
The core of myself
Forever seems decided

Fragments of memory
A childhood looking glass
Smashed by abuse
Shattered till the last

But a mosaic forms a window
Coloured light which to shine
A rainbows stained glass
Reflections such as mine

Never been two
Never in doubt
Integrated parts
A light not put out

A little vacillation
Sometimes unsure
But no cracked actor
No monsters overture

Facets perhaps
After all, what twinkles
But never just the broken
Not just a trinket

Diamonds in the rough
May sometimes confuse
But if you think I am legion
I’m not so sorry, you lose


Urban myths
To deny testimony
An old con trick
To deny history

Say they’re two people
And then steal their work
Smoke and mirrors
It’s just a hurt

False beliefs
Fed by the net
Toxic memes
Best to forget

I can play a role
Put on an act
No divided self
And that’s a fact

Horror movies
Penny dreadful
The only multiples
Theatres full
The only ‘split’ I’m into
Is between your legs

Professional witness
Interpretations sell
Are you a mug
Believe what you’re fed?
False labels
Perpetrators to protect
If you want to talk multiples
Try orgasms instead


Conflated feelings
Not what I’m talking
Misleading, imposed

No confusion to the memory
Seeking total recall
Mending the tapestry
A witness blanket, all

Jigsaw pieces
That together will fit
It’s a fully formed picture
Not seen just in bits

Strength of resolve
The path that I’ve trod
Not so submissive
No fear of their god

Tapes like an echo
What the abusers had fed
Thoughts unworthy
I’m happy they’re dead

Positive affirmation
The self talk instead
There’s no knots to untie
A theory, misled
I’m not embarrassed
When I lay down to bed


Warm as the tears
Washing my cheeks
Wept from these eyes
To see you now clear

Warm as the sunlight
At breaking of day
Shone through the curtains
Awakening, come what may

Fresh words to garland
Crowning with flowers
Reflecting on your words
Creativities power

Wonder at being
That’s what I am seeing
In the mirror you show me
New ways of freeing

Liberties dance
How I’d take a chance
But releasing my grip
Mistaken perchance

Warm as the feelings
That rise in my heart
That much is real
With fond regard, it starts


Mohammed had a dirty arse
You know that it’s not pretty
Now the thought police are at my door
Isn’t that a pity
Mohammad smells
That’s what I said
Cos his arse is shitty
Gestapo beating at my door
Now I must flee the city

Politically correct
Until the day I’m dead
I wonder just
What got in my head
Do I care?
Are you well read?
Try to put a fatwa
On me instead
That’s right
Isn’t it a pity
That I said
Mohammeds arse is shitty

Dressed in burkas
At my door
They say I am a son
Of a whore
Where’s the insult
Do they want more?
Forever trying
To settle an old score
Stone me to death
Cos I like Khloe Kay
Next they’ll say
That it’s time to kill all gays

A white pig
Cos I like to frig
Cock or cunt
I like them big
Either way
I’ve got them licked
But Mohammed had a dirty arse
You know it isn’t pretty
Thought police want me dead
Try shariah law instead
They say stone me
For what’s in my head
Cos all I said I want to do
Is watch sex and the city

Looking back

Don’t look back
I hear them say
But there are paths
That tread that way

Some fear the dark
Rather not know
The pearls of memory
A light can show

Children’s faith
True believers
Blank sheets to experiencing

The wonder years
That’s what they’re called
Fights with other kids
Stories not so tall

Ashes work
Looking for a spark
Where hope is dim
Flames stoked in the dark

Material I find
To promote creation
Silver jubilee hats we made
And collectors mugs
Declare one nation
Not a dealers drugs

Boys brigade spirits
Who stole my conkers?
Broke the shoe lace strings?
Choirs of innocence
Heralds for one King
Children’s laughter
Where we learned to dance and sing

The schoolyard

Pictures of childhood
Stick people in crayon
Biting badly held coloured pencils
Elastic bands clutching fingers
Assembly roll call
Milk that got snatched

A black plimsoll
stuck to a wooden board
Learning to tie shoelaces
In trembling hands
Lonely grief of abandonment
Red skin that was smacked

Tears in the school yard
Flushed cheeks from a rage fit
A red hulk
Trying to be bigger than my age
Smashing wooden benches
In the British Bulldog playground

Mustard and cress seeds
An egg cups green hair
Gerbils in caged wheels
Head over heels
Happy faces biscuits
Red jam on my cheeks

A broken nose fall
from the monkey bars
Hop scotch and chalk snakes
School fence wire stretched by my weight
Wooden blocks as a chisel
Plaster cracked, seeking escape

Memory of childhood
A voice guiding each stage
Londons Burning
And Frere Jacques
Rebel songs
Breaking daisy chains
The notes of the recorder
And Thomas Beckett in a play

Be good or be careful

They want good boys and girls
Always willing to serve
A school tie knotted noose
Hanging all those that defy

They’ll claim you criminal
If you don’t bow lowly
Lock you in a cell
If you’re not so holy

Whipped to forgive
Tortured till you’re meek
Those with all the power
Forever keep us weak
Did you never wonder
Why they teach us to pray down on our knees?

The law is just
And none should question
The players curtain calls
Those photographed, in on it all

Composite evidence
Spot lit in the frame
There’s things they cannot print
Spin bowling in this game

So, lost to a hall of mirrors
Down the rabbit hole
They’ve thought control
Confessors to false guilt
There’s always an inquiry
Filtered to our screens
The victim that they doubt
To their shame, the system’s conspiracy


So you revealed intention
You made it clear
Always against me
What I hold dear

Potential for sadism
Thumb screws ever on
Cross examine the details
A hope that’s gone

A dangerous game
I’d have to take a chance
On the back foot
It’s ever a slow dance

Those that police us
Can also betray
Back door surveillance
A technological way

Watching eye movements
Scanning your face
Slow interrogation
Do you want a taste?

Set up situations
Always one step ahead
Hoodwinked onto the scene
Respect is already dead

Regulation blues
A plastic mattress
Beaten up by screws
No regard for distress

Synchronised heart beats
Flattened feet
Too much pressure
As you face the heat
Change the sheets
The past could repeat

Ode to a titty

Thou art quite round
And smooth to the touch
A little plump
Wanting you much

Crowned, bejewelled
By ruby aureole
To caress
Could make me whole

To suckle like an infant
With my face nestled
In that chest
Show me what god gave you
Truly art thou blessed

When you’re feeling shitty
There’s none else can compare
Oh, to feel a titty
Whilst you stroke my hair

Twin mounds to climb
A journey
To place my head betwixt
Everest needs its Sherpas
All I want is one caress

Thou art ripe and peachy,
Mellons which to test
How I long to suck you
Rested at that breast


A life times pain
A life long suffering
Could drive you half insane
So much for divided loyalties
Not much of it remains

That’s what they’ve got
It’s what they want
Fearing real rebellion
Overdoses for all those punks

If you look at it squarely
The price for all our pains
Oppression ever present
What freedoms still remain?

They feed us lies
Knights and round tables
Where we’ll never ever sit
Someone should warn those kids
That the laws are full of shit

The poor can’t buy Liberty
It’s no conspiracy
Those that sit up on high
Aren’t really the good guys
Above the law
Whilst our fellows die

TV dinner feeds us news
Keeping us all blinkered
Wonder who’s the head of it all?
When there’s no empty throne
Where was the justice
When they left me without home?
So much technology left out in the cold
That means control, as of old
Divided loyalties to oppress
There’s not much left I must confess


Another thought of suicide
And I am angry at its words
Rebelling against the weight of it
As if an invasion of my mind

I recall my teenage years
Fed to be a moron
Following futile paths
In a dance of self destruction

A moth to the fateful flame
A heart as yet inexperienced
Condemned to rejection
Fleeing with self loathing

Some say love shines a light
That it is worth the fight
But young love seems mere delusion
I didn’t even really like them

Hypnotised to follow carrots
The donkey put before the cart
Loves labours to be lost
Wheels straining in the mind

Another thought of suicide
Who believes in the first impression?
Dooms transmissions in my head
You live once, forever dead
Angry at the thought
And the reasons that it’s there
Rage against the machine
More reasons to rebel


Help, I can’t breathe
Pinned down by the dogs
Got me by the throat
Rigid as anything can be

They want to keep me down
Under the knee
Help, I can’t breathe
Released conditionally

It’s been this way over a decade
Help me, I can’t breathe
Nothing really left
For me to believe

Faith in rule of law?
No proportional crime
A Mexican standoff
Never crossing the line

Help, I can’t breathe
A loaded gun pointed at my head
Can’t use the mechanisms
Could be this way till I’m dead
Over a barrel
Lies that they’ve fed

Help me, can I breathe?
The call for civil rights
Nothing left in to believe
No one taking up the fight
So few freedoms
Am I the right height?

Rigid controls
And I didn’t do anything
They stood back and laughed
You see I couldn’t win
Guess I’ve got a few grievances
Where shall we begin?
Help me,
I can’t breathe.


Anima mundi
A sister for a soul
Gaia hypothesis
Unity our goal

The mothers tears like rain
For polluted oceans
Waves bring to the shores
Waste within her motion

Anima mundi
The world imbued with soul
Creative intelligence
Seeking to be whole
How we must heal her
Custodians our role

The mirror of the lakeside
A lady for me waits
A boat upon her waters
Ripples speak of fate
Some speak of extinction
Can it really be so late?

Anima mundi
Great mother, sister, crone
How I long to hold you
When I’m returning home
We search both high and low
The continents we roam
Anima mundi
We never are alone


I’ve got sweaty bollocks
If you like, you could scratch them
Alleviate the itch
I’ve got some plans
In time I’ll hatch them

If you’ve got some eggs
Enigmas, I like to crack them
I could eat your yolk
But won’t lick around the back then

I’ve got itchy balls
I’d like you to scratch them
Working up a sweat
There’s nothing else can match then
If you use your tongue
I’ve expulsions
In your mouth you’d catch them

Some say that I’m obscene
It’s not long I keep it clean
If you’re on the scene
You might know where I have been
Like a shadow, rarely seen

I’ve got itchy bollocks
All on my own I scratch them
But if you bring us both together
I’ve plans
And you could hatch them
You scratch mine
And I’ll scratch yours then

Let go?

Some say letting go
Is everything
But what gifts
Holding on may also bring?

Never forget history
Learn from it
Consciousness is a mystery
Don’t throw it all away
Don’t do what everybody says
Some want to lead you by the nose
Bow before them, kiss their toes

It pays to plan ahead
Imagine the worse
When all hope is dead
You don’t live under a curse
Hold on to yourself as if you’re first

Agency brings freedom
You can decide
Make choices to create
No victim to the fates
From responsibility don’t hide

Some say let it go
But what will happen if you don’t?
New truths of which to show
Sometimes it’s just the way it goes
Don’t rely on providence
Construct a narrative for your life
You may think it will all make sense
Ultimately, absurdity
In the end it really won’t

Some want their lives mapped out
They’re gambling to the rule of chance
Hold on to what you find dear
Stay within relations dance
No divine dictator
No slave to happenstance
Learn to fight
For what is yours
Forever knocking at the door
Hold on
To what is yours for sure
Some say let it go
But ultimately you really can’t.


Still the thoughts
Running through my head
Still the heart beat
With a rhythm that you’ve fed
Fill an empty space
Within my bed
Words flow
I wonder what I might do instead?

Silence to the melody
When you inspired a symphony
Bass line that skips a beat
Syncopation hard to keep
Cool airs
But I still feel a heat
Strings stroking come to rest
They’ll say this was for the best

No fanfare from brass section now
Dreaming but forever asking how
Warm tears like ink upon the page
The moment lost
Passions that come to age
The libretto as epic as anybody knows
Writ within the light you show

The conductor that directs
Points now to a soloist
Spotlight shines upon a face
Baton marking out the pace
She reminds me of you
In my chest, I feel it race

Searching for a smile
Within the crowd
Returning to loneliness
I reflect, this is allowed
No flight of fantasy
An empty auditorium is all I see

Orchestrations coming to an end
No real conclusion
No closing act is penned
For I long to begin anew
To a fresh resolution
I’m not really through

A change to the step
Dance resumes
I can’t forget
You tie your hair back
With a sigh
Of the things I lack
It got in the way
And some things
Are never coming back
We’ll speak once more
On another day
Some words
I’d really rather never say
There’s no goodbye
Emotions still


Some speak of maturity
As if something to attain
Youth get sold on gurus
Pop psychology their game

Emotional intelligence
Is something that grows
It takes time in development
Like fresh seeds that are sown

There’s no real goal post
You don’t have to run the extra mile
Try to pace yourself
You’ll be left with a knowing smile

The turbulence of the winds
That blow at the fresh shoots
In time you’ll learn to weather
With well laid roots

There’s no arrival
The road goes ever on
Don’t worry about it
Life could be a living song

Some speak of gods
On which to rely
But in time you’ll see
That they all lie
No need to let go
You just have to try

Some hide from them
Some offer a stiff lip
But it’s best to express yourself
Don’t get stuck in angers grip
Energy in motion
The fuel for our days
You don’t need to do anything
Experience is the only way


Calm after a storm
Crossed wires
A woman scorns
Time to retire
To bed
Perhaps this devil
Hides his horns

Dark clouds
Threatening peace
This much I know
At least
Winds of change
Moving on
Crown you
With a heart felt song

The breast trembles
Like unsure lips
To a falling tear
There are some words
That they never hear
Conflict fed it seems
To blight the listening ear

Intentions that are for the best
Dreams that lay at rest
I thought I heard a sirens words
Doomed prow sailing onto rocks
But when I woke
Kind words were all they spoke

Thank you
I was checking in
Checking out
The way things begin
No doubt of integrity
With a heart that’s genuine
Tie back your flowing hair
I hear reassuring care

Shark warning

The vultures that gather
Jackals that bay
Clamour for blood
Any story will do

I’m not riding shotgun
Not worked as their blind
They’re looking in
And that’s not in my mind

I hear rumours in passing
They’d settle on anything
Claiming misconduct
When there’s nothing there

Media execs
Names dropped by the crowd
Business relations
They can fuck off
My relationships are allowed

Harassment from the scum
Looking for an angle
The sharks smelling blood
Warnings of floods

No ones too stupid
Not letting them in
I also care
And that’s nobodies sin


Anger at the system
So many different veils
Looking for the truth
But all they’re interested in
Is sales

Mammon pulls the purse strings
What use for all the art?
Those telling lies
Don’t even have a heart
Say it’s all been Midland
The dealer forcing a loosing hand

The cream for the upper crust
Hire another whore
The poor and the lowly
Just get a closing door
Woke to an inquiry
How big a cover up?

So much technology
News stories filtered by AI
Maya all, illusions
TV dinners till the day we die
She sells sea shells
Groomed for the slavers hell

Trying to stay active
They crush all who defy
The older I get
The more I see their lies
What price Liberty?
For freedoms we still try

Hypnotised emotions
Suppressed by bitter pills
Say it too clearly
And they say that you are ill
A mugshot in a frame
They’ll say it’s you to blame
We place our faith in agency
But is anybody really free?


What do you see
In the rear view mirror?
Gripped by a trigger?
Are they following you ?

A fly on the windshield
The meaning of
Looking over your shoulder
White lines and black leather gloves

Move into gear
A past that haunts
Craving for power
Who has been bought?

Just drive the car
Maybe the wrong lane
A little too fast
For a walking cane
Watching your back
A little insane

That’s what they’ll say
Heard it all before
Look the other way

Who do you see
In the rear view mirror?
Driving too fast
I guess they’ll work you
A little too guilty
Breaking glass
A fly on the windshield
Overtaken, moving, passed


Who was saying I needed ‘treatment’
Because my shared experience
Does not fit, with their false beliefs?
How many of them are back drinking?
They called me stinking thinking
But I think outside their box

There are those looking for a strangeness
A disorder of the mind?
I have a sleep disturbance
The trauma memory not just in my head
There’s a crack down my skull
Because of injury I nearly ended up dead

I am as functional as I can be
Deficit that is variable
No need to be down on my knees
I am disabled
Parity of esteem
There is no conspiracy

Forever unmanageable
Because the issues go round and round
The government decided
To give me a few extra pounds
Welfare state in action
Disadvantages for which they allowed

If it was combat stress
The nation would be proud
Because it’s childhood sexual abuse
I get jeers from the passing crowds
I don’t give a damn about their opinions
I say it clear and loud
I am not the problem.
This is what they really do not see

So for those saying I need ‘treatment’
Because the business that I run
Is an adaptation
A resilience, and a bit of fun
I’m not expected to go out each day
For all the watchmen say
I’m perfectly imperfect
That is the human way

A fall?

The rug is pulled
The sky falls in
That’s what the plan may be
Critics on the march again
How treat a broken heart
It seems

Lean on me
The promise of
Someone on whom to depend
I see dark clouds that gather there
No rainbows end
Without a friend

The heart is true
Not breaking glass
The crowd wants my blood
See me on my arse
I sit alone with poised pen
Loaded words
Bothered then

They turn away
I sublimate
An offered heart
But it’s too late
Directors play another game
Am I gaslighting?
They call me insane

The curtain call
The final bow
Pretend it’s all been
A bit of an act
A listening ear
To share the tears
The days go by
It turns to years
But are things resolved?
Abandonment fears.
The drama of being a child
Thou shalt not be aware
They say it didn’t work
I still wonder what they mean?


Love is such a precious thing
But not a possessive, jealous thing
Who knows what time will bring?
There are words I long to sing

Love, like a jewel in a crown
What goes round, comes around
The covetous only come to betray
What true love comes to say

Some say let go
But they don’t seem to know
Any more than what I know
A guiding light, that love can show

The rays of sunshine
The mornings rise
To a warmth
Found in lovers eyes

I try to write
Another song
I think I’m right
I could be wrong
What I hold dear
Within the melody
Is the grace notes
That lovers hear

Fresh flowers cut
The time is soon
That love returns
From past wilted blooms
Lovers find that it is an art
To bring new colour
To touch the heart

Love is precious
It could mean everything
Never believe, that it’s a sin
Do we all get what we want?
Life too short to count the cost
Still the dance begins
A step may be lost

It could be one
It could be two,
But I still think
Of me and you
Wanting only to see your smile
Forever going the extra mile
Courage looks to courage
Where love will win
This is why I say
That it’s no sin

Wild wood

I found myself in a forest dark
Lonely dreams of creations spark
Like distant stars in the firmament
Looking for a light to shine a way

The moon that hangs upon the clouds
Like the mirror of the lake
Tears that collect in the pool
Waters to drink of
Refreshment cool

She danced like a sylph
Into my heart
New hope to bring
Spirits rising start
Reflection of the waters clear
Calling through the tree line
A sonnet hear

The material plane
The body weak
Still an embrace
Which it seeks
A longing that none could defeat
A kiss that lingers on the cheek

Can’t see the wood
For all the trees
The lake side speaks
To fantasy
Leaving shadows
That I find
Seeking freedom
Of the mind
A silhouette
For the blind

The foe unseen
That directs
Whispers doubts
Illusions defects
I hear the call
Across the mirrored lake
No fall for me
My enemy to forsake
Cleansed by the tears of love
Showered like a gift from up above

To swim into the lovers eyes
The fool who forever tries
To reach out across the void
Forgetful of those that toyed
With the open heart so pure
Knowing one quest forever sure
To hold them dear
Released from the forests fears
And in the rapture of their naked sight
Find in truth, a guiding light

Open door?

You have to walk through a door
To see what’s on the other side
Enter the interior
Where shadows may hide

A hair trigger
To protect the heart
Bang, bang, I shoot
Destruction, for my part

Self sabotage
That’s what they may tell you
Heading off at the pass
They claim it’s all me
From first until last

The nudge of coercion
Hypnotic emotion
Dealers force hands,
No response, to reaction

Someone compared me
To a hedgehog
Under threat
Balled spines for those
Looking on,
left agog

A button they pressed
Switch all the lights off
Into the shadow
Defence mechanisms
The veil of a black widow

Less painful it seems
Standing alone
Demons for company
Feeling at home
The issues revolving
Where did all that time go?

Killing fields

Field marshals play away
Moving pieces on the board
Tin soldiers serving flags
Lower ranks up for body bags

Bishops offer prayers
They show no sign of belief
The sad reality
Groomed to lay a poppy wreath

Watches synchronised
As we enter the killing field
Teddy bears picnic
Just who are in disguise?

And so things remain the same
As they play at their war games
Pin flags upon a map
Who sat upon their lap?

Smoke and mirrors in the press
Pretenders to distress
It’s anybodies guess
Which ones are consensus delusion

Worked on the blind
It isn’t in your mind
Jubilee celebrations
A crest for a coffee mug
Fly by wire
As they fan flames of the funeral pyres


Putting out
But you best beware
They’re not showing off
All that is their wares

A tease to mock
What’s in their underwear?
Bound to shock
And they don’t even care

An offered hand
Still showing off a ring
About face
Flirtation with mocking
Hooks in you
Winding a ball of string

Conduct so sweet
It happens between men
And they’ll say, women
Human frailty,
what more are they wanting?
Thrill of the chase
Heart break as they sing
Where do they work?
I’m not one for stalking

Of their act,
you may come to tire
They’re putting out
But pushing the price higher
Something tells me
They’ve played this scene before
Playing a role
Am I the abuser? No encore.

Sarcasm comes
Their airs superior
Hearts to pierce
Arrows with toxicity
This could be a setup
Domino, tag team, simplicity
Veiled put downs, taunt
sometimes in their cover story

It was all a test
I’ve heard this one before
Their trained to unearth
Feelings, flesh they want to tear
Thou dost protest over much
The power play unfair
Did I take it out on anybody else ?
No. That would be too much to bear

The actress flirts
Attentions they would dare
But they pirouette
Did anybody stare?
A bitterness as they make the switch
Counter transference?
You know she likes to play the bitch
A case history?
Force the disconnect
It's been four years,
As a therapist.
Does that sound like they even really care?

The Lens

Intrusion of privacy
You know it ain’t my crime
But someone has accused
To break in on mine

Observed without a warrant
The curse of yesteryear
Claiming a terror
To feed the publics fears
They talk of being free
Yet they’re just puppets, do you hear?

Denial of rights
How do they justify?
Seems to me
This could be the same until I die
The neighbours have the front door key
Can’t you see that the police always lie?

That’s what the government wishes
Any excuse to ratify
Spinning plates, and china dishes
Sabotage goods under warranty
Cutting holes into new clothing

You know that it’s illegal
To focus on the victim
Still they’re doing it
A cover up, a medals tin
Backdoors in my operating systems
Reverse engineering

Life is through the lens
Of security forces
Cobra marks a man
With a cold snakebite
Rigging accidents
Injury to ignite
Tarring and to feather
But I don’t give up my rights


No victim to circumstance
Onlookers, not allowed
But still the situationism
Has me playing to the crowd

Up in the gods
The upper crust
The inner circle
But the outer fellows
Use score cards
Do you follow?

Case studies to write
A little over trite
Pushing at the button
Bid adieu, wishing good night
Too much subterfuge
I’m really not confused

No Exit for a hell
Am I the one who fell?
Standing on my own
Within the masquerade

Do I bow to the vox popular
The consensual delusions
When I know they feed me
Only fond illusions

The actor, like the whore
No knocking at their door
Directed in their play
But I’m authentic come what may

The judges mark each move
Each step within the dance
But I don’t submit to ‘higher’ powers
No victim of circumstance

Bossa Nova

Another gentleman’s excuse me
Sidestep in the dance
It seems to me now
There strictly never was a chance

Tears shed for the dream
Shattered fantasy
Time to gird my loins
Back to reality

Romantic hearts in rapture
How many love song pen?
But if it’s just compassion
The heights must come to end

Flirtations such as theirs
Flying on the wing
What else the lonely heart
Would come in time to sing?
Basking in attentions
But which lover did it bring?

A sidestep in the dance
It takes two to samba
Counting the years
Where did that good man go?
I seem to loose the thread
Unraveling heart that bled

Tears that gently fall
Cleansing like the rain
You know that I’m no stranger
To separations pain
Wishing every happiness
It wasn’t mine to gain

Looking in the mirror
Clear eyes of the fool
Even the warmest summer
In autumn comes to cool
The rhythm to Bossa Nova
When the parties over


Hard as any rock
Drill bits
Infidelity that shocks

Bore holes
Deep into the heart
Some say
Always putting horse before the cart

The twinkle like a star
On a hand
So near and yet so far

Facets I come to see
Refracting light
Like you and me
Yet some sides remaining out of sight

Brilliant cut
Forever showing off
That some might come to scoff

Their price
A diamond on a ring
How solid
Like the length of a piece of string
They go the extra mile
But what other pleasures it still brings

Displaying a rock
But the truth it seems
To some may be a shock
in an open arrangement

Big bird

I keep on knocking
But I can’t get in
You see from the inside
They don’t want me to win

In all probability
They forgot their plan
Grand designs
Alone, I do what I can

No deal on the table
No pot of gold
You see, the free
Left me out in the cold

Big bird said
He turned the other cheek
Said I’d never forgive
They crush the weak

The gods man
Led a merry dance
No faith in dogma
I just took my chance
Chartres gambit
A curse perchance?

Black and white
I left the chequer board
Just a stale mate
I’ll never serve the Lord
They synchronised my watch
But there’s no accord


No intent
Not so Intensely
In detachment

Sensations come
And then they go
Thoughts invade
But come slow

And that is just that
No care at all
As I’m quietly sat

People move
Attracting the gaze
I sometimes smile
But mostly it’s a haze

No real desire
Not concentrating
Just letting things be
Neither there or somewhere else
Here in simplicity

Some meditate
Focus of the mind
But I let it go
Any direction that I find

That’s all there is to it
No ultimate truth
Don’t believe in the mystic
Of the spiritual
I don’t care one bit

Vanilla (with sprinkles!)

Vanilla ice cream
Suits me the best
But a chocolate flake
Never goes amiss

I’ve never recycled
What was done on to me
Got into recovery
Very early

I’m not that kinked
But I can swing both ways
Not as unemotional
As some might say

The hearts in the body
And the body is what I like
If you think I like pain
You wouldn’t be right

Vanilla ice cream
Perhaps some rainbow sprinkles
Rarely slept with someone
I did not feel for

My heart longs for theirs
And I am a realist
At my age I can share
I wonder if they can feel this?

Vanilla ice cream
In a moderate dose
My appetite is high
But I only long to be close

I don’t like pain
And I don’t like to hurt
If you let down your hair
I like a quick flirt
I’m not a tit man
I want my head up their skirt

I might cry at your touch
My heart is not stone
I don’t like to let go
Even if they like to roam

I like fine silk
And richest cologne
I can be relied on
To make you feel at home
Satin and lace
The smile on your face
I like to give pleasure
And hearts that race

Weekend romance

A fine romance
In relation
But ever in a role
Safe from the tempest
Of a love that’s whole

No kisses
But still there
Being for the other
A wounded
Kind of care

Cold comfort
Compassion that does not touch
A tear to the mask

A fine romance
Only blown kisses
But still something that misses

No burned wings
Never the candles flame
Less passion
The feelings still remain
Keeping cool
Not trying to play games

A fine romance
Sense of pity
I rely on them
But not completely
Draw attention
To the relation
Such as there is
To speak of

Rock, paper, scissors

Domino’s stacked against us
But I’ve been here before
Scissors cuts paper
Crime reference to press regulations

Privileges on a wire
In on the taps
Auctions to the highest bidder
Slaves after the fact

Writing the script
They’ll say you’ll star in it
Directors casting couch
Hooks within the chats
Led in a merry dance
Hunger from the hacks

Courting white wedding days
A dress fit for a queen
Hoodwinked of the heart
What else haven’t they foreseen?
Backs against the wall
I’m really not that keen

A stroke of the finger
And the edifice will fall
Sampson pushes the pillars
And demolition to it all

I stand on the rock
Laws that are set in stone
Victim protection
They’ve really no inroad

The CPS are on my side
For tears I never hide
Now, it’s back to school
They’ve been overruled
It all requires a signature
And I’m not in a dunces hat

Networks are unseen
Behind the slight of hand
A Marquis to the deal
But these are shifting sands
Things keep on repeating
That’s why I don’t do as planned
Advertising agencies
Thought you’d be the one that can


Your worse chat up line
Do you think to record me?
You look a bit embarrassed
I ask just who directs?

Tempted, if just for the hell of it
But they’ve got hidden agendas
A poor showman
Not the great pretender

Put downs like barb wire
A sting to all the kisses
You could count on me
But it’s you that really misses
I sense desire at humiliation
Within my prophecy

Flirting with a dance
You sure could use a shave
I really only like the feminine
To take to the stage
I adore the smooth
A little over age

An assassin in a cloak
Judas for a priest
You can save the sermon
I practice what I preach

Your worse chat up line
Looking embarrassed
Someone pulls the strings
That's no way to begin


Unicorns and rainbows
Where will it ever end?
A ride upon the carousel
Funfair roundabouts to pretend

Cotton candy clouds
Pink sugar spun so fine
Perhaps misunderstanding
Just who plays the clown

Tears to the laughter
Fools such as I
Painting on a smile
When inside they cry

Half a sixpence to divide
Always your right to decide
I’m not one for rollercoasters
Nor wearing masks to hide

Play on, enjoy the ride
We’re still on the same side
Swings and roundabouts
Regard that has not died

Carousels keep revolving
Excuse me, to the dance
The jealousy’s short lived
You see I took a chance
When I’m cleaning windows
Looking for escape
There’s been no change to my stance
Unraveling of the heart
I knew this from the start

Happy families

There are those still holding on
To the myth of happy families
Victims who collude
To uphold cultural fantasy

Forgive and forget?
It wasn’t really that bad?
They fail to remember
That I witnessed what was done to them

Playing at old maid
Another game of snap
Mr Chips was in my hand
Jenga towers a bit unstable
Oh that’s right, wha’sname?
They’re a nonce

Connect four
And 3D naughts and crosses
In their let’s pretend
Another faked charade
Keeping up appearances
A mask to hide the tears

I don’t play their game
I confronted them in my teens
Abandoned the sinking ship
No pirates to Penzance
No Laughing Cavalier

Breaking the chains of denial
All but killed
I’m not playing happy families
The emperor that has no clothes
And still the abusive family
Remains in the all together

12 years and no hospital. Hospital changed nothing. It took a decade to recover material loss.

As good as it gets?

If this is as good as it gets
I’m almost satisfied
You see I’m quite content
With material heights

There are those who criticise
Socially exclude
But I’m not defined by the other
Their war on me is not one that I’d choose

Sectors of the community
Forever declare a battle
It’s the mark of a man
And a true survivor

I meet all the criteria
For total recovery
Meeting the test of time
The Courage To Heal
Says I am the real deal

Why then the conflict
From my fellow man?
Is it something I expose?
What others can’t, I really can

As good as it gets
And I’m fairly comfortable
Maintenance of a feathered nest
In tune with my own beliefs

There’s no support group
That serves the recovered victim
I’m not the one that’s bleeding
Nor the acting out
There’s a contradiction
Only in the others hypocrisy

So, as good as it gets
But with many potentials
I’m not the one left crying
Over all the spilt milk
If I die tomorrow
It’s as the self fulfilled

Yes men
(they put me in for launch of a human rights tribunal…seeking justice as a victim of child abuse, there’s been more than one major cover up)

The ‘yes’ men are bowing down
Red tape war without an end
Courts of human wrongs
Left without a friend

They say we should be faithful
Believe in their amnesty
As long as it’s somewhere overseas
Or there’s no one here to blame

The price of litigation
Lawyers count the cost
Dealing in Liberty
Moral battles lost

Politics makes strange bed fellows
I heard that somewhere before
Welcome to the cell block
Cover ups they’re always for
As long as the face fits
The poor all know the score

All in, we are together
A scaffolds unity
Yet I’m left to wonder
Where is the dignity?
You know there’s no corruption
As the judge waves your arse goodbye

So they prove that they don’t care
The self righteous middle classes
And the question that I’m left with
Is why? Oh, bloody why?
Swept under the carpet
Screwed, till the day I die


Free from fear and pain
Fine food on the menu
A frugal hedonist
Simple as the pleasure

Intelligent conversation
Sensitive to needs
Keeps the sunshine coming
For this I still wake up

A little dash of the erotic
Enjoyment of sensation
Sense seeking for the pallet
How I wish that she was you

Liberty of heart
In touch with the emotions
Life is not a struggle
In the quest for happiness
Chill out to the music
Almost, satisfied

I enjoy contentment
When dark shadows pass
Dreams yet to fulfil
But it doesn’t matter over much
Turning to the playlist
Miles, Mozart and Motörhead

The sensual world
How I crave your touch
Keeping things uncomplicated
I want this, oh so much
A frugal hedonist
Epicurean ideals
A kiss I send to you
How does it truly feel?


Anguish of alienation
Rejected by the other
To make another the whole world
Knowing freedom in the arms of love

Enslavement to desire
Wanting only one attachment
Yet forever unfulfilled

Bondage to a role
Bound to another’s will
Longing for release
Liberty of the chattel

A facade to destroy
Projections for cell walls
A construct, and an object
Pedestal,carved from stone

How we long to be longed for
Escape from the distancing
Seduction to explore
Subjective in relation

To know freedom
In belonging
Liberty to the dance
Writing songs for passing strangers
A hope that’s ruled by chance

How I long to fall
Into the others arms
But please don’t try to own me
In security there’s calm
Yet seeking the completion
Of another, safe from harm
This I would submit to
To be known
With unconditional regard


Maybe I’m wasting time
Someday I’ll loose my mind
Wishing on a star
Placing hope in love

Feelings that are real
Calling visions to my eyes
This is what I’m talking
A smile that does not lie

Passions too intense
Fire in loins that rise
Wanting to possess
Chains are not warm arms
How I long to free you
Staying out of harm

Binding to my will
Shackled to submit
Perhaps a passing stranger
Is who I’d give the key
Stollen kisses from your lips
But still I want you to return to my grip

Obsessions not for me
Just looking on your eyes
Knowing in detachment
Finding sweet release
Wishing you every happiness
In which to find a peace

Maybe I will fall
Rejection leaves burned wings
But until that day
A heart soaring still sings
How solid is the bond?
See what tomorrow brings

Back to reality
The space between you and I
I’ll say it’s sublimation
As the pen weeps another line
I don’t think it’s wasting time
To wish upon your star

The Cave

Something about Max Headroom
Reflected on reality
Talking Heads
Puppet Masters
Pulling at heart strings

Spitting Image
Just a hint
At the CGI
A royal corgi avatar
You’ll see the jokes on us

Royal Fools
Attentive to every word
Mirror systems in the net
Virtual Insanity
A mental padded cell

The Chinese never play me
At a game of online chess
I can’t find someone to talk to
That is not an AI bot
Or working for their agencies

The promised revolution
Repetitive toil taken by AI
Can’t you see the digital overlay
The filtering of your TV?
It’s been this way for decades
Tune in to tinnitus
A shift in frequency

Keeping things personal
Another forest fire
Flooding of the streets
Shadows on a caves wall
Voice mimic synthesis
Animated lip sync masks

You may think it all about you
How they overdub the themes
Trying to drive us mad
With self referential obsession
Pattern recognition
Symbolic logic gates

Blame the expert systems
Corporations in control
They write your news app articles
With quotes from your emails

Another archive war
They’re rehashing the repeats
Is it a spiritual experience?
Maya illusions?
McDonalds for unguarded minds
Fast food brain drain candy
All just garbage in and garbage out


Do you think I can’t remember
Crab lines dangling from a sea wall?
Wet beaches drawing hearts
Or paper flags for sand castles?

The beer gardens
And the names you’d call me at the bar
As you were getting drunk
Before newspaper wrapt fish and chips?

You taught me the culture
And how to read the hobbit
The stories you told at night
You said to everyone, frightened me

Screams as you groped me
A child’s passive body
Places that you’d bite me
Or with a finger penetrate

It’s colouring everything
All we did and all you said
Like the drugs you spiked me with
Childhood memory bittersweet
Grand National horse bets
Picked from the paper with a pin

So you took me to castles
And to abbey crumbling walls
And like the fantasy you projected
Of happy families
The sweet turns to sour
When I recall fingers
You slammed in the door
And how I struggled
Before a Chinese burn
Or a whipping with nettles
And the innocence you stole

I recall that they caught you
Semen on my bed sheets
I was only seven
‘Accusations,’ why you put me on the streets
Then you disappeared
Freemasons in on your Phd
Their decision to forgive you
If you left me alone
After all, you bring in the money
My ‘favourite’ uncle
An abuse for every character
Those were the night time stories
And the bedroom light shadow plays

All the ‘witnesses’
For ‘he’s a jolly good fellow’
A ‘kindly’ uncle
Taking ‘interest’ in an abandoned little boy
The absent father
You blamed for any signs of distress
Every breath you take…
You invested in supports
Where I might find my escape
Coin collections and fossils
A ‘dominant’ , to have a say
Payroll for treatments
You hoped would make me ‘let go’

Today they call it grooming
But you knew there’s a vale over abuse with the press
Wrong colour football socks a gift
You said my perceptions were not clear
Christmas dinner where you plotted
Cover stories formulated
All the adults needed alibi
Child abuse was not your only crime
You decided with the doctors
Bitter pills for the traumatised
Knowing it would help cover up
For all your twisted lies

I don’t like to holiday
For the memory it brings
The scratching of your beard
On my naked thighs
It colours everything
All we did and all you said
Bittersweet childhood memory
Outrage you’ll not defeat

Until Then .

Until then that we meet
Fond hopes longing to greet
No doubts can defeat
Warm heart with this heat

Longing to touch
How I want this so much
Partings sorrow is such
That bouquets you should clutch

Until then that we meet
Feeling lite on my feet
Writ on a clean sheet
The words that would treat

Lost in a dream
How else could it seem
Dance on a moon beam
Warm tears flow like a stream

The waters that reach
How I beseech
Wanting what you teach
Footprints on a beach

Until then that we me meet
With a smile which to greet
They’ll never defeat
The warmth of my heart beat
Rising with the heat
Seeing you’s such a treat


Sleep gentle
Sleep softly
Don’t you cry
Sleep lady
How I try
To sing you languid
Into the arms of night

Sleep baby
Sleep soundly
For tonight find rest
Knowing no goodbye
This is what I confessed
Sweet lady
How I truly try
To reach your heart
Where ever you lie

Sleep warmly
Held dear in my heart
These are the words
I sought for from the start
Sweet lady
There’s no need to cry
Sleep soundly
Ease of mind
Rest gentle
Comfort find
Sweet lady


Maybe if I die tonight
Trying to find words
With you upon my mind
Silently whispering how I feel
And how loosing you
Would break my heart for real

What happens if I die tonight
With final words upon my breath?
The things I really mean to say
Lost to the arms of death

You see it really matters
What I long for you to hear
Gently to embrace you
Caressing your ears

Tears like the rain drops
That tap at the window pane
How your voice can reach me
And sooth me from all pain

What if I die tonight
And never tell you what’s inside?
The things I long to share with you
Still with fears, I hide

Maybe if I die tonight
I’ll leave words like a prayer
Hinting what I mean to say
But cannot even dare
As I think about you
Trembling fingers reach for your hair

The Plague

Plague, of all the reapers kin
You are the most deadly
Pernicious with your suffering
To make normality absurd

Creeping death
The foe unseen
Infecting fearful hearts
A nausea transmits

A virus seeking out a host
Whispered memory of past pandemics
The blight that visited yesteryear
You return, to confound all hope

The body count
Of lives cut short
The vulnerable, the needy
Victims to your scythe
Some speak of you as a leveller
Some as the butchers knife

Plague, a horseman
Harbinger of the end
Riding a pale steed
Unanticipated of course
Crushing under hoof
Destroyer of long life

What things do we value,
What is the point,
In what do we find meaning,
How are we defined?
Ears of corn
Await this bitter harvest
What will we in all humanity
Of the ending find?


The Circumscription Cross
A penny for your thoughts?
Public peace throughout the land
An order built on Charters law
National assemblies
Feverish with Grately Code

A King to unite as one
The last kingdom to absolve
Pious in his celibacy
Known for all his holy charity

Athelstan , the lonely, crowned
A noble stone, the people proud
Fighting vikings in the north
The great battle to free York
Building the foundation
Of this flourishing nation

Grandson of Alfred the great
Adorned with his fine cloak
And brave guilds scabbard
Gurt about by blessed jewelled belt
Royal gifts to free the realm

Athelstan, a father to one nation
First king of all the lands
The blood of war
That soaked his hands
Driving off
The Viking bands

At Kingston Town
The coronation
To claim united
This great nation
As all who claim succession
To feast upon three fishes
Where the noble and the poor
Break bread together on Regal dishes

Blessed by Bede
History of the English people
Ecclesiastical in his reign
The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
An Ordo, reputation, forever the unstained
To the Royal Council
A United Kingdom gained

Athelstan, unto The Centre
Praised by poets
All who serve the Circumscription Cross
The people know to sovereignty
To offer up our fealty
Of rebellion, not guilty
One Nation, and one King
To the happy reign
With hearts that rise to sing


Sing to me softly
Melting my heart
Unwind the stress
Never wanting to part

Resonant strings
Horses hair tort
Stroking in time
With you in my thoughts

Sing melody
Touch me with your verse
Clutched to my chest
Fantasy nursed

Words with a longing
Lost in your song
Recall innocence
How can this be wrong?

Sing to my heart strings
What dreams it may bring
Caressing my ears
Softly welling tears

Sing to me softly
I will not repent
For the feelings it brings
Never ever relent


Loves lost lament
Cherish the moments
Memories together
Tears that are shared

Romantic spirits
Know from the start
There are some things
That live forever in the heart

Cherish the time
Spent in those arms
Knowing contentment
Freedom from harm

Loves lost lament
Fondly eulogised
There in the breast
The hope ever lies

Knowing each other
Lost in the eyes

Giving it all
Intimacies sighs
A kiss never parts
True love never dies

Love to be cherished
Daring to connect
Moments not lost
For all the lament
Whisper to them
With fond sentiments

Miss Strictly

When men get plastered
They sometimes have a grazed knee
There’s a fly in the ointment
They get dealt with strictly
Your heart up to the pace
She’s got a look which makes it race

Miss Strict
That’s our district nurse
Doesn’t let men give her flannel
Her bed baths couldn’t be worse
Ice cubes in the water
Frigid’s how you’ll find her

Doesn’t give the kiss of life
Although she’s been a midwife
Checking your reflex action
She turns down every attraction
A scratch of your foot
Or a hammer to the knee

As she bandages your wounds
No caress to your bruise
Matron taught her in hell
When she’s answering your bell
Miss Strict, she’s no fantasy
But she makes sure that you get well

If you want to get plastered
Go on, break a leg
But if you want a day off work
Try acting instead
Miss Strict’s no Angel
Unless it’s the one of death
Don’t look too long at her stockings
It could make you short of breath

Miss Strict , it’s really shocking
A spinster till this day
See’s guys take a trip
She’s as cunning as they say
If you fall for her
You’ll see what I mean

Miss Strict, the Iron Maiden
With a shot in the arm
More like blood from a stone
She’ll give you that frosty feeling
But at least she keeps us free from harm

Miss Strict
She’s been doing her rounds
She’s the talk of the district
Because she never plays around
Strictly is her manner
No flirting allowed

The new black

Is ‘racist’ the new black?
To kill a mocking bird
Old schoolyard rivals
Fists raised in conflict
No teachers pet

Media mogul
African Americans
Claiming glass ceilings
Yet somehow rags to riches
Gangster rappers calling out their bitches

Ella Fitzgerald
And Louis Armstrong
Super stars
Driving flashy cars
The time of Old Jim Crow

Is ‘racist’ just as a word
A post modern insult
Used out of context
Or spread as aspersions
To disempower the blind

Social advantage
Won by the rumour
Homeless people
They claim are the far right
Some how keeping the truth out of sight

Strange fruit
Hanging from family trees
Klu Klux Klan
The Studio System
Old school ties

As a term of abuse
Used by many
To defame and de-platform
Trigger warnings?
Those niggaz on da triggaz

Here we go again
You can’t say that
How about black housing officers
Claiming false offence
Keeping ‘whitey’ down

We all want equality
The rule of law
But sometime tarred with the same brush
The tribes aren’t so sure
Ever seen a Muslim disrespect a Hindu?

So ‘racist’ is a dirty word
An insult and curse
Like those ‘n’ words the children never heard
A brotherhood of man
Or politicians playing
Issues to milk the pound
Spin it again
Create a scapegoat
Has Charlies new age turned sour?

Black Panthers
And supremacists
Dividing spoils
Claiming abuse
Cotton fields in which they never toiled
Imperialist statues
Our History to revision
Is ‘racist’ just the new black?


Sorry for your loss
Seems just a little trite
I’m thinking of you now
I hope that you’re alright

Warm condolences
Comfort I would bring
Like a gentle angel
To send you on the wing

Contemplate the flowers
The blooms too soon to wilt
Last scent to remember
Sensations without guilt

The heart that weeps in memory
Final words whispering goodbye
The tear upon the cheek
Letting go a sigh

Rituals of closure
The last page of the book
How the fragile heartstrings
Give a parting look

Familiar faces
Each sharing in the moment
A sentiment I’m feeling
Condolences for your loss


I saw you holding hands together
Like you just don’t care
There are those who scorn
It’s a weight to bear

Out there on the street
No need to fear
Those who stand against us
Aren’t worth our tears

I recall the bruises
The fists thrown in hate
Part of our history
A bashing for our fate
Hands clenched against us
They said we were not mates

Names like barbed wire
To rend the flesh
Bigoted sarcasm
The stories not fresh
I’m not what they think
Social media hate crime stinks

I saw you holding hands
Two lovers in the street
So, you are the same gender
Love they’ll never defeat
Disrupting perceptions
Counter prejudice heat
I don’t want to be a stereotype
Coming back on my feet

They deliberately misinterpreted
The words that I sing
They never even spoke to me
Could be me that wins
Doesn’t matter to me
Either way, I could swing

Love is love
That’s all I say
A gift from up above
Granting brighter day
Holding hands together
No care in the world
Taking care of each other
Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl


I didn’t poo for two days
It wasn’t pretty
It really stank
I was feeling shitty

I had a fever all night
Some aches and pains
Didn’t die from the plague
I’m here again

So I had a sweat on
And I slept all day
No energy
Couldn’t of ate a Milky Way

I didn’t lift a finger
Didn’t check my email
Couldn’t get a bone on
Even for a good looking shemale

I’ve had the lurgy
And it was a bit rough
But I’ve had my vaccines
So it wasn’t so tough
A bit short of breath
But no visit from death

I ran a high fever
But it only lasted a night
No worse than a short flu
So, the statistics are out of sight?
I’m not bothered by COVID
I just don’t care
So it gave me a bad hair day
No need to panic, is there?
I guess it’s back to shielding
Then back to all the fun of the fair

National Pride?

Naivety of youth
Led by every carrot
Passions they ignite
Hypnotised by the TV

False publicity
And synchronicity
Thoughts of serendipity
Hoodwinked on the blind

National pride
A bumpy ride
Testing loyalties
In the rule of royalty
Every knave a fool
Protest T shirts
All will come to serve

The voice of experience
There are those that do
There are those that die
Are they really different?
Each one truly tried

Age bares it’s scars
Broken hearts
Bruised egos
Success and failure both
Imposters magic beans

Those giving the orders
Just other ears of corn
Awaiting the reaper
To bring the harvest home
Twisting my words
As they twist the knife

So the flames are fanned
True Brit, if but for one day
Forgetting the betrayals
The attacks from brothers
Once in arms
Bitter sweet memories
Of saluting a raised flag


Is it wrong to miss somebody
As I word a fond farewell?
Somehow feeling the absence
Before the final curtain fell
A sorrow in the parting
I guess you cannot tell

I wait until we meet
As if counting every day
Never truly letting go
I have so much to say

The hours spent together
Always feel too short
It’s a strange sensation
I guess on you I’m caught

I already miss you
Before we say goodbye
Torn by separation
Hands forever tied
I never let you speak enough
No matter how I try
Scared to be rejected
Fearing that the dream may die

The words I mean to use
But never somehow say
Yearning for your presence
Longing to find a way
A heart that knows much solitude
With feelings here that stay
I burn a candle for you
Till long nights return
to the glad meeting day

Tilted cross

Warrior cults
Reminding of old glory
To raise a nations flag

Ancestor worship
‘Good fathers’ one and all
No room for criticism
Heroes answering the call

Divorced from their emotions
Traumatised and wrecked
Wounds that run so deep
You barely see the surface scars

Mad dogs
Declaring war on their brothers
Technological surveillance
Picking up from half forgotten wars

Exercises on the television
Archive battle cries
One day the wounded warriors
May well ask, did they just fight for lies?

Roll call body bags
Tilted cross for those left behind
Cemetery regiments
White gravestones, get in line

Burning black books

Is it a broken record
To say the earthly powers
Confound every attempt
And seek to crush each dream?

Standing on the deck
Even when the boat goes under
A captain to my fate
A player, not just the fool

When others use my words
To try to destroy what they stood for
I rise up bruised and bloody
Ready to face the next big game

Rejected and denied
Labels of the other
Those who disabuse
And try to take each and every lover

To moral battle
Ever jumped like the goat
As they play both sides
For goals that spell ‘control’

Not so confused
As you might think
As they try to frame me in a role
Forgetting perhaps , that I am forever whole

How many lines I wrote
Kept for posterity?
Just chaff to their flames
A page in history, rubbed out
The battle of the books
Is mine just a torn page?
No posthumous applause
No legacy
These are the things that trouble
As I grow in age


It's alright
You've no need to feel ashamed
It's not your fault
There's someone else to blame

Some things hurt
That's in the way of things
Take the good with the bad
See what tomorrow brings

Some times sad
That's just how it goes
Don't fight it
Let the tears flow

Some times mad
Let your anger show
Don't be afraid
Don't live with eyes you lower

You're OK
You're not going to break
Some things are just wrong
No need to become a fake

It's alright
No need to feel ashamed
You'll be alright
Things wont remain the same
Someone else may say you're not
But you really are OK

Child protection?

There was no child protection
Smacking was the rule
Few exceptions
Master of the household
Every wife a fool

Women stayed at home
There was no rape in marriage
Men ‘owned’ their spouse
And ‘owned’ their children
There was no children’s Act

No right to protest
No day in court
Patriarchy ruled
No one saw
Behind closed doors

There was no child protection
Vicars expected to intervene
Whistle blowers ‘problems’
Heroes all black sheep
They said that white was black
And the system turned its back
All you got for courage
Was the bosses sack

No child protection
No Children’s Act
Within the living memory
The poison pedagogy
Sadly that’s the facts
They said it was a nervous breakdown
If you were the one to speak out

(Did I forget to mention that as a victim
I had to take UK GOV to human rights court?
The politics of that caused more
Than a little headache!)

They taught us to be silent
In God to fear
Stiff upper lip
None dared shed a tear
Gender fluidity?
Are you having a laugh?
All I knew about sex
Was when I got groped in the bath

The orphan

There once was a little black boy
Who had a special ball
You see he’d become an orphan
And his mother gave it him when he was small

At school the other kids
All Laughed and played
But the little black boy
Sat alone with his dirty ball

One day a rainbow bridge
Reached to the boy in dream
So sorrow filled was he
At night he sometimes screamed
The ball clutched to his heart
With remembering

A fairy god mother came to him
And took him across the bridge
And at the end of the rainbow
Was the fountain of all good children’s tears

He washed the ball at her feet
As he began to weep
She lay her hand on him
And in the waters of his tears
The ball was made clean
Golden, as his eyes cleared

Returning to the orphanage
He found he had a fairy gift
With the golden ball
To make clothes the hearts to lift

Now the other children
All gathered close around
As he weaved the spell
Making clothing that was sound

The magic of the golden ball
Wove into the threads
And dressed in their new suits
The children all laugh and sing
Fit and ready for the stage
Blessed with the gifts he gave

Now the little orphan boy
Had many new friends
With which to play
The golden ball of his dreams
Graced with gladness through each day

They say there is a sculpture
To grace the palace gates
Where the boy is blessed
With two orphan friends
The fairy princess
Standing over their dreams
And now the little boy
Only with laughter sings
The magic hope can bring
The charity to him
You see how all those tears
Were the measure of him
There in a sunken garden
Clothed in royal dress
A thought on all impressed

Psychiatric Abuse

The right shape
The right size
Poked me about a bit
Took on a long ride

The thing with labels
Is what do they mean?
Just mechanisms of control
How do I really feel?

Square pegs in round holes
Did anything change?
Just ‘masters’ of the roles
Didn’t offer any support
I just think they are arseholes

Numb my feelings
Inject me with toxins
Is this any kind of healing?
Negligence not their only sin
Kept me in a cell without exercise
Till I was double the weight

The right shape
And kind of the right size
Tax payer took a hit
And those on the take just lied
Venerate the NHS
Thieves behind masks hide
Beat me up a bit
Some other patients died

So a doctor could earn enough
To afford double glazing
Pay for a prostitute a week
(That’s what the consultant told me)
And drink fine cognac
The years aren’t coming back
Locked within a ward
With no civil rights
And no one answering the call

Things are just the same
To before they put me in
Nothings changed one bit
The same shape, more or less
The same height
Why listen to their bullshit?
In what way was I mentally ‘unfit’?

Right on

Swastikas in a tenement block
Graffiti on a piss stained lift
Glass ceiling elevators
Someone emailed from free Palestine
Rap it up in cellophane
This is not America

They’re going to work their voodoo
Wired to the TV set
Alternative time lines
To test what they forget
Secrets of success
Only money makes money

Cracked porcelain
Like the heads of China dolls
Smashed by a sledge hammer
Big brother for a cinema show
An electric eye
Stares back from a tablet screen

Laser beams set to stun
Aiming higher than sonar
As they tune out your fantasy
And sell you stop the war
Find a centre way
Contradicting all extremes
Mortgage shackles
Romance to under rate

A new model dads army
Marching on the street
Hitler youth salutes
The pirouette of the spiral moth
Middle class dreamers
Buying all they’re sold
Studying eye movements
Every lie that turns away

Higher than a kite
Barking hounds of love
Selling bible black new boots
Steel caps stand in polished line
Roll call for the disenfranchised
Excluded from their bright tomorrow
Clockwork orange fades to black
A future that they’ll lend


Those laying their respects
The flowers at the gates
The foot of the palace walls
Grief of a nations fate

A garden of remembrance
Where we meditate
Words form to recollect
A sentiment that’s over late

The new shoots showing through
Seasons of the passing years
Opening fresh blooms
The dew forming with the tears

Forever statuesque
Hearts opening impressed
By the charity
And the hopes with which they’re dressed

How do we show respect
For the depths of the loss?
Doffing our caps
We know who is the boss

The bouquets at the gates
The cruel twist of fate
Standing the test of time
Sculpture, pure sublime
Tears collecting at the feet
A new tomorrow greets

Mr Optimism

Lower managemnet
How they dream
Their own office door
Their own name plaque

Secretaries courting favour
A flash of stocking top
Making the coffee
Just wanting to be seen

Idle hands to gossip
What's the latest affair?
Have they been out for a drink
Would she really dare?

Temps taking dictation
Sat atop the photo copier
Longing for the weekend
A breath of fresh air

Hokked on the promise
The rewards of 'success'
Every dog has it's day
Could they be a trophy wife?

Manicuring nails
Polished to perfection
But for now it seems
Who gets the coffees in?

Psychologists motivate
Selling donking their carrot
Another workshop weekend
Validations what they seek,
Follow my leader,
I wanna be the leader...
Now I am the leader,
So what shall we do now?


A bunch of grasses
And folks on their arses
Why don’t I want to go
To group?

All my years clean
Real recovery
Looking mean
Do you see me in group?

Wanna be counsellors
Mr fixit
Those wanting affairs
There is free biscuits
I still don’t wanna go
That’s group

Bleeding deacons
You can’t say that
Back in the day
Is that a fact?
Bullshit programs
Fond illusions
Fucked if I’m going
To group

I’m taking over
Must be denial
Someone sold them
On a convention T shirt
The truth is gonna hurt
After all
I don’t need their fucking groups

Listen to my own counsel
Can’t complain
Where’s the nonces
Which ones are ponces?
I get better answers from myself
Than I get in group

Get up off your knees
We’re not born to serve
That literature’s good
Just for one thing
I wipe my arse
On pages they quote chapter
And verse
I still want to kill a few people
On my resentment hit list

Party lines
Ideological thought crimes
Put me on a court order
To make me go
No surrender
No real support
This is wisdom
I don’t think much
Of their fucking group


Did I ever really have a friend?
People collect them
Like video game credits
But are they worthy of the name?
So many acquaintances
They come and go
Supposed to ease the journey
As we move along the road
But more often than not
People get in the way
They steal ideas
Try to con for money
Sleep with your partner
And tell the story like it’s funny
Network with enemies
Always on the make
Loyalty a dirty word
Companionship rarely known
No sense of intimacy
No one to truly lean on
Who wouldn’t readily snap
At the first sign of pressure
So when I look back
It’s not that I’m unusual
And I was never the one who betrayed
But most of my so called friends
Were really enemies
In the end
Ill matched
And cross wired
I suppose it’s why
So many hire
Not worth a light
The Judas
Who conspires
The one who wants to look good
As if they are helping
Whilst sharpening knives
Behind your back
Feeding false impressions
Trying to impress others
Those circling like vultures
Fair weather
Not seen for dust
When the shit hits the fan
It’s a hard
Home truth
Don’t believe
I really ever had a friend


I am but a simple man
I live for simple pleasure
When I get a smile from you
It’s a time that I treasure

Keep it simple
So they say
No need to worry
We’ve got today

Keep it stupid for the simple
That’s the way it goes
When I look upon you
Well, I guess, you know, it shows

I am but a simple man
But life can be complicated
I seek the simple pleasures
The highs are over rated

Life can be frustrating
But with you the answers simple
I am but a simple man
I live for simple pleasures
And the time with you
I always really treasure


White as snow
Virginal pure
I long for cream
Or sheer black
Chocolate eclairs
That match the mood
When I think of olive skin
Stark crimson
A satin rose
The touch of silk
To the toes
The after throws
All aglow
You look good in anything
Even just a smile
White suits you
Just so you know

Live long and prosper

Live long enough
Your enemies will die
The last laugh
You don’t even need to try

Some say it’s a little dark
To wish vengeance
On those who wronged you
But it’s a right

Live long enough
And your foes will fall
Bitter pill
But no fear for you at all

Life can be so sweet
Don’t worry
They’ve got it coming
Just stay on your feet

Live long enough
And with joy you’ll cry
Every last one of them
They all are going to die

Live long
You won’t even need to try
All the rotten bastards
Each one will come to die

Same old story?

Things are just the same
But completely different
Since you shined a light for me
The shadows wisp away

The narratives just the same
But it has a new meaning
Perspective that has changed
Now you have me dreaming

Looking beyond the filter
The concealing mask
I look deep into your eyes
There’s things I want to ask

There’s more I’d like to know
One step beyond the show
The dance is intimate
In step , just for you

Things don’t look the same
Even though they kind of are
Now when I look on you
I can see clear and far

Always the tortoise not the hare
A heart opened to the care
This new kind of story
Who knows where it will end
Things can never be the same
Even when they really kind of are


Time to chill out
Room to relax
Just put up my feet
It’s summertime

Got Ella on the go
Getting in to the groove
If it ain’t got that swing
Gentle with each move

So I guess I might
They said I would
Occasional dark shadows
Vengeance is for good

Mostly though
It’s coming up roses
Got a new deal
Folks looking down noses
If I catch some one out
It’s back to sharpening knives

Got a fruit cocktail
Tasty blue berries
Juices quench thirst
Sliced water melons

Life has a few pips
Some days are too sour
But between you and I
There’s no need to lie
As I cut into the flesh
Go Mango, go,
You’re looking juicy too
Sweet as vengeance
A dish best served cold
Now I’m enjoying
a rainbow of fresh berries
The fruits of getting old

Podex Pleasure

The Scented Garden
Podex pleasures
Dug deep into the soil
Green fingered blood to boil
To plant fresh seed
With the toil

All seeing eye
Where threads the needle
As tight a fit
The pruning glove
Those blushing cheeks
Raised to love
A secret chamber
Blessed from up above

The thorns upon the lovers rose
Would have some stoop
To kiss the toes
Ah, but the push and pull
The rocking and the shunt
What sought more to hump?
Ripe pomegranate
Under world
Of the sacred rump

The Spirit Lamp to shine
Light of those twin moons
Oil, alike to mine
To the Golden Ass
Soft curves to trace
Stretched open heart to race
To kneel in supplication
The sacrament to face

Apuleius to the lap
Lord Douglas the fit chap
Sat upon the knee
None so aroused as he
Who speaks within the rhyme
Incense musk of penetrating
Secrets such as thine
To the podex pleasures
Of which to take my fill
The ribbed catacombs
A gardener, uphill

Moon beams

How can I explain
This feeling inside?
Dancing on rainbows
The tears that we cried

What words can do justice
To the warmth that I feel?
One look from you
And my head starts to reel

Apart, so it seems
Different sides of the tracks
But when I think of you
There’s nothing that I lack

Beyond physical
The rhythm of the heart
As I contemplate your smile
Complete from the start

Moon beams I’m walking
To reach out to you
Singing songs of a love
That is pure and true

Where ever I roam
I think of your eyes
Passing strangers
Faces, from where your light shines
I look up at the moon
Full of the dream
In the reflection
Of your smile it seems

Seasons revolving
The world takes it’s turn
I hope one day you look up
To see the face in the light
Think of me there
Dancing on moon beams
Reaching across the void
To lift up your heart
Words of the song
Where thought of you
Made the start
A longing I know
Sentiment never parts

The Texas Tango

There’s a last Tango in Texas
Hands led in cold irons
Cuffed in a jump suit
Just a bar room shuffle for the feet

Going to jump start your motor
And shift you into gear
They call this moral virtue
Just what is left to fear?

Welcome to the chair
Have you anything to say?
Infamous last words
Last tango in Texas

Justice weaves its spell
You’ve nowhere left to run
You should of thought about this
Before you pulled your gun

Last tango in Texas
You know your time has come
Sat there, long time, in line
That’s why they call it death row

No right to appeal
‘Good God’ has condemned your crimes
Just how do you feel?
A last tango with the guards
Victims tears are real
And now the families get vengeance
Last tango in Texas
Death, their hearts to heal

Capote writes a foot note
But you know you’re on your own
Star spangled banner
Nothing left to repent
They said you’ll find forgiveness
On the other side
Walk in the shadow of death
Cruel joke, when you’re the evil
Did they offer human rights?
Last tango in Texas
Guess who takes the lead

Thought crime

Crimes of the imagination
Victims of first thought
What are you insinuating?
Another one that you caught

Just a little one
Not fit for the net
Better throw it back
We’ve bigger fish to fry

Writing a profile
A fiction after sorts
Constrained by ideology
Some old line you bought

A construct of half truths
The things that you predict
As much use as the tarot
Do they guess who are the sick?

Blinkered by the books
A college education
Critical analysis
Disproved by the test of time

You see they get it wrong
Time after bloody time
It’s lives that they’re wasting
Stood in the medication line
No kind of healing
What they’re calling treatment
Convinced the face fits
As they write a profiles fictions
Don’t you know they’re full of shit?


Ridiculous as it may seem
It may not be about that,
When I start to dream
I want to give you more than a tip of my hat

Different, yet similar
With you I want to share
You’ll always be a super star
How I long to stroke your hair

Rhythm of the heart
I may seem just like a clown
But from the outset
You turned around this frown

I don’t need a sermon
Don’t want a self help book
You see this is your song
I don’t need a secret look

Ridiculous as it may seem
Always looking for a sign
I want you on my team
The joker lost for a next line

Ridiculous as it seems
A fool such as I
You’re always on the scene
As I search for a cue line
One things for certain
Never wanting a goodbye
Ridiculous as it may seem
You’re the girl that’s in my dreams

Bi ‘den

I always fancied women
And I also fancied men
In my teens a lot of trouble
Queer bashed once again

It doesn’t matter what you look like
I want to get beneath the skin
It’s all about who you are on the inside
That’s what makes the dance begin

I like to do a foxtrot
I don’t mind who wears the frock
It doesn’t matter what you’ve got
Intimacy is what I want

When I was young
In my kimono
How they stopped and stared
They thought there they go again
That queer just doesn’t care

I challenged their convention
Told the priests to go to hell
I even wore a brides dress
Of a wife for wedding bells
They said I must be gay
But it was a woman for which I fell

It doesn’t matter what you look like
The feminine, mostly attracts
I don’t care what you got
These are the simple facts
Either way , we could be lovers
I’m not turning my back
I always fancied women
And men that looked like girls


We all have a different
Memory, of being with the times
Some like to think they’re heroes
Like a shooting star

Some hopes are crushed
Dreams they silence
Could be ahead of their time
Too early for the field

Some movers
Other shakers
Issues that we must confront
Some fight what others hunt

Fluid form
No standard shape
The vessel ,
a straight glass
Yet varied waters quench the thirst
Or collect like fallen tears

The woman
In the man
Some blush
At what others can
The body that is given
Moulded by the artists hand

Some protest
Some wear t-shirts
Pink triangles were once all the rage
Reminding of those early
With privates on parade
Transgender magazines
For which they surely paid
We thought we would all be heroes
Left with only questions as we age


Ripe mango
In the shade
A blush to the skin
Where sunlight doesn’t fade

The slight pain
Of the sunburn
Flushed cheeks
By my age you’d think I’d learn

Soft flesh of the mango
Gold juice upon the tongue
As sweet as the years
Slipping away from the young

The gentle slice
Of silver fruit knife
Peeling the skin
Reflecting on this life

Ripe mango
In the shade
Precious moments
That do not fade

To live
The life that’s given
Our place within the time
Meanings lost within the rhyme
Trying to put a finger on it
Nothing ever offering a sign

Life lived
It could be fuller
But for now
The blushing flesh
Sweet juices
On the tongue
Ripe mango
In the shade


History, war torn conflicts
History where we learn from our mistakes
History can be rewritten
History to revise

The book where dreams are written
In the library of the unprinted
By the pen of hope
On a virgin page

History with its heroes
Castles where they sleep
History for starters
A tale without an end

His story’s early travels
To bring balance to the land
To sow seeds for tomorrow
With a graceful hand

Her story, to completion
A face that is so fair
The faithful holding close
To her brimming heart

History may repeat
History to write again
Learning from mistakes
Hers the longest reign
History to the victor
History, the long game


Sometimes on the same wavelength
Sometimes people get crossed wires
When I speak with you
It’s always too early to retire

Sometimes the similarities
Amplify the differences
Seeking for belonging
Sympathetic resonance

Some folk never get it
But with you, you seem to get me
Fluid as the waters
That flow from the fountain of self knowledge

Some are over thirsty
Never reflected in the pool
But drunk upon your words
I could be a Dionysian fool

To lift the chalice to the lips
Or dive into your eyes
I always get that feel
With a joy to cry

The wine of creativity
Lifted to parched lips
I feel like I hold my breath
Till once again your draft I sip
With a Laissez-faire
Your hips I long to grip
I walked a hundred love songs
And with you I never tripped

Questions (there are more poor people incarcerated by the mental health system in the uSA than ever, who profits? A big civil rights issue unmentioned)

I like people who ask questions
That don’t accept all that they’re sold
Who want to live fully
Before they get old
Not crushed under foot
By a blind leviathan
That feeds on greed
And grows strong with corruption
A many headed hydra of a beast
With hungry eyes
Ever trying to find good slaves
Obedient and unquestioning
People that believe every story they are told
& Can’t see beyond faces on front pages
Who do not know there are veils
Obscuring the truth
In plain sight
Teeth like hooks to pull at the heart
And manipulate us to fight for causes
Already decided behind beurocrats walls
I want to be questioned
I don’t want to be misjudged
I want you to rebel at my excesses
And damn my obscenity
But never to tell me
That I don’t have a right to speak my mind
Even when you disagree
And want to fight against what I have said
An instigator , fanning flames of dissent
I want to meet bright eyed youth
Not afraid that defiance will break them
Who can stand on their own two feet
And tell me to fuck off when I deserve it
That do not bow to the vox popular
Or to peer pressure
Never whipped
By blind conformity
Not puppets to obey
Me or anybody else
Who can ignore my mistakes
And meet me as an equal
For the later, is unquestionably, their right

The ‘help’

Have you ever thought
That the people you say need you
Don’t need any help at all?
That your low self esteem
Leads you to be needed?
That when you say help
You mean you want to be seen to be helpful
That your sainthood’s in question
By the devils advocate
All your sweetness and light
Could all be just fade to black
Faking it to make it
You’re just on the take
When you sit up on high
On your moral ivory tower
It’s just a hierarchy
Where you want to be part of the power
Those you claim to help
Just slaves to the systems
What you call mental health
Attempts at sanitisation
Sweeping all the dark matter
Right under the carpet
Humanity is ever defiant
Of all that bullshit
The control that you seek
In your need to be needed
I pity the helper
As much as those
They claim to help
A note from the underground
I don’t need a physician
And I’ve seen many casualties
Of a man on a mission.


Trigger of the mind
Denying freedom of choice
No agency
A puppet to the others hand
Like a bullet in a gun
Is the barrel aimed at your head?

Excuses that are made
No responsibility
A reactor not an actor
With no response ability
Forever caught up in a loop
No change to behaviour

Pushing your buttons
Do you act like a machine?
No need for trigger warnings
Owning our part
No hooks within the heart

Do you have autonomy
Are you free in reality?
You’re not the boss of me
I hold the starter key
Don’t give away your power
To false ideology

Paradigm of submission
Dancing to the beat of the others drum
Bad faith in the reaction
It’s time you took some action
Or take responsibility

Draw yourself a picture
Of how your life could be
It could be anything
Upon the blank page of now
Condemned to be free
Live creatively


Only inevitable
A world of bad faith
People hide from themselves

The temptress
Laying out her body wears
Puppets for a string
Sinking her hooks in

Bury your heads in the sand
Find a group to belong to
Let them unwind your tort springs
Undo all that you believe
Do as you’re told
Submit to their shit

With a strong will
To weather the storms
Out on your own
Solitary, without confinement

Prisons for lives
With TV dinner fulfilling
Fed on bull crap
The lies that they give us
A will to survive
Back on our toes

Do you desire to belong
Sail on with the fools
Did no one point out
It’s always someone else’s rules?
You’re not one of us
Why don’t you buy in?

A sign of maturity
A million, million voices
To tell you that it’s wrong
Learn not to listen
A solo for a song
Get up off your knees
And sing ‘My Way’

Double Loo?

I’ve got a double seated carzey
Would you like to have one too?
We could sit together to read the paper
On my one and only double loo

I like to sit and scratch my balls
Whilst I’m sat atop the loo
There are things that we could share together
And that includes a lot of poo!

I’ve got a double seater toilet
They really are the rage
A lovers seat is great for starters
But there may be a strain as we grow in age

Lovers like to share things together
That’s why I got a double loo
We can hold hands together
Whilst we sit and have a poo

They say it’s in the toilet paper
Divorce is when we sue
Doesn’t smell as nice as fresh flowers
But it’s why I got that double loo

I’ve got a double seater toilet
I want to share everything with you
We could flush it together
And you can wipe mine too
Nothing to keep from you
So why not have a double poo!


An ocean in which we’re lost
Searching for a bearing
No sextant to set our course
Precarious in nature
The anxiety of our humanity
The scales of the injustice
Somehow the good are always the wronged
Seeking affirmation
With a just reward
No divine dictator
To heard the sanctified
Why is it the deserving
Seem to get taken for a ride?
Seeking the easy answer
Rather than own anxiety
Faced with realism
Life a tragedy
The comedy of errors
Absurdity, the rule
An aspect of the foundations
Of lived reality
Structured with a flaw
To confound, for all our trials
A boat without a rudder
Faced with the tempests waves
Pursuing higher values
Knowledge of utopia
A technological dream
Drunk on entertainment
Buy anything to distract
Forever unfulfilled
Putting off the final act
We all are dying slowly
Some seek an early end
The comforts of our death
Tolerating the intolerable
Numb to the truest quest
Maintenance of lucidity
Whilst keeping lives on course
Despite the winds that blow us
And destroy the goals we set
Condemned ever to the failure
No arrival , no real point
The struggle for authenticity
Facing the living fear
Of our finite years
Awe at mystery
No conclusions that we find
Life without an answer
Many questions left unmet
A narrative unfolding
Before our very eyes
Rebel against futility
Raise a fist to injustice
Risk dangerously
For when all is said
And done
We all come to die

Online shop

I’m waiting on the man
I guess he’ll get here when he can
I ordered online
For the super market delivery van

I ticked in a little box
Cos I don’t like no substitutes
Like iPlayer it really rocks
It’s where I watch those studs in boots

I hope he’s not forgot
Because I got a weekly slot
I’m waiting on the man
To get here in his delivery van

I’m waiting on the man
I guess he’ll get here when he can
I’ve got a weekly slot
Cos on my iPhone I like to shop

I’m waiting on the man
To get here in his delivery van
I do my weekly online shop
And I won’t get caught on the hop


Throw of Platonic solids
Roll of the dice
The fates with this caprice

Riding the random
Back seat of the tandem
Try to keep in step
Whilst the devil drives

So much we hold so dear
Like hope, yet undecided
The things on which we set our heart
May be unpredictable

Experience points to reason
Buying a new skill
Character generation
Moulded by our wills

The truth’s less satisfying
Sometimes things go our way
But more often than not
Futile attempts, the probability

The world that is real
Is not the thing we crave
Desire to wrestle meaning
From the barren soil
Agriculture’s plough
Like our hopes sown seeds
Falling silently
In a landscape where there is no growth
The things that we achieve

The prisoner

Condemned throughout our lives
Prisoners to the closed minds
Weighed down by the chains
That burden harsh reality

Scorn the judges sentence
Defiant with bloody fist
Bow down to no gods
Know no one as a master

Picking white cotton clouds
With a fearful hand
The slavers rod for our backs
Whiplash from all their tales

They wrote the rules to serve
Constrained by lowly birth
Our fate just like the cattle
The salt of the earth

The jailer holds the key
And asks us all to beg
Sinking to our knees
Cry mercy, from their blight
The hard cold rule of law
Corruption that appalls

Rebel against mediocrity
Circumvent repetition
Subversive to the last
Struggle till the dying breath
Seek to break the chains
And show how much you scorn

Do not let them justify
With words of contrition
Offer no apology
And be within your heart
As one already freed
Submit to no punishment
The prisoner,
A mind set
Met by the liberty of thought


Sweet security
Landed on my feet
I’ve got an air purifier for that
So I don’t face the heat

I don’t need to do much of anything
I while away the hours
Tuned in to an audio book
Keeping my mind active

The importance of being idle
I’ve always got something on the back burner
Simmering my thoughts
To feed my creativity

My life is rather simple
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I meditate on how I feel
Before I have my say

Sure it’s a bit lonely
But no one else gets in my way
The gifts of solitude
Occupy my days

Sweet security
I’ve feathered my nest
Very little on my want list
In my youth, all this would have impressed
Grill another sirloin
I’ve a gadget that does it all

I don’t want for over much
And there’s really little effort
You see I’m quite productive
Sitting doing nothing
I have therapy for laziness
And I’m succeeding in getting more calm and relaxed
That’s a worthwhile goal
For eternal recurrence, feeling whole
Dream dangerously
A dream of being in the world

Black Sheep?

Someone had a fantasy
About some lyrics that I wrote
There was a power play by freemen
They like to jump the goat

Some want to steal copyrights
Others seek to defame
Spread rumours of intent
They all play the same game

Claims of an addiction
That I’ve never had
Someone in my childhood
For sure, was breaking bad
He may of slow poisoned
My grandfathers kidneys to fail

A doctor of chemistry for an uncle
Years of his abuse
Casting a long shadow
They say pray but there’s no use
It just took a few of his bribes
For ‘specialists’ to decide

I was interviewed by Broadmoor
Another counsellor trying to make a buck
Isolate and then throw mud
Did they even give a fuck?
Just somebodies scapegoat
Forever down on my luck

I was innocent
But they went the extra mile
Claims of a black sheep
Because I fight for reforms to the law
I said ‘Give Us The List’
Show sex offenders a bloody fist
When I hear of a religion they say forgives
I think of a slamming door
I do not smile
At Fundamentalists
The ones who declare themselves insane
You’d be best to avoid anybody
With powerlessness on the brain
We’re all special, we’re all different
But they want us all the same


Cry your tears on the inside
Where you’ve nowhere left to hide
Imposed thoughts upon your mind
Now you’re in, you see they lied

Handcuffs cut off circulation
Do you want a taste of their truncheon?
Sirens for an entrance
Tempted in deep trance

Do you believe in human rights?
You can’t even switch off the light
A mattress up against the wall
Fists raised against it all

Cry tears on the inside
Where cold cell walls hide
The faces that they judged
All taken for a ride

Flashing blue, a strobe to dance
Did they convince you to take a chance?
Samaritans on the wing
Only safety net of which to sing

On their knees again
Sweet release is soon
You may ask where and when
There’s always murder in a jailers eyes
Law always looks for a disorder
Why do they call it an Order?

Cry your tears on the inside
Regulation blues
Hidden faces condemned to guilt
All taken for a long long ride
Serving time for what?
Hear a voice you’d long forgot
Imposing thoughts upon your mind
In the kingdom of the blind

Jesus H Christ (rewrite, theological poo!)

Doodah doodah day
Jesus Christ was really gay
Some say he loved Mary Magdalene
But we all know, he was the other way

Doodah doodah doodah day
Jesus never had a lay
Everyone said he just loved his dad
You know that that’s just gay

Doodah doodah day
Jesus Christ was really gay
Twelve disciples liked to follow him
And with his bum they liked to play
Jesus had them all on their knees
So he could have a little squeeze

Jesus, most of all, he loved his dad
Everyone thought that he was mad
Now the Pope sticks a cross up his arse
And the nuns give it a lick

Doohdah doohdah doohdah day
With his poo Jesus liked to play
Jesus the holy shit
On the popes face he might sit
Now nuns never ever wipe their arse
So the priesthood can lick it

Doodah doodah day
There’ll be a second coming one day
The nuns wear the candles down
In the hope Jesus might turn the other way

Take eat for this is my body
Did no one ever point it out to them
that their symbols are quite dodgy ?
Doodah doodah doodah day
Jesus Christ just gets in the way
Doodah doodah day
We all know Jesus Christ was gay


A sense of place
And a sense of space.
Trading places
With familiar faces?

Do not advance beyond go
Do not collect a hundred pounds
Moving across the board
Top hats or loves baying hounds

A sense of place
And a sense of space
Utility of each room
Satin drapes and hanging lace
The coffee tables
Rightful place
Space in which to relax

We are where we live
Artwork to express
Returning to where we give
The most of who we are
The shoe rack
And fleece house slippers
That say
Welcome back

A haven from the outside world
Laying down roots of familiarity
Always to return
Safe in the habitat
The feathered nest
Place of abode
The space in which we live
Senses sat at rest
You know it’s for the best
For where the heart lays
There is home,
Sweet home!


In too deep
Like the swans upon the lake
The loss of the dream
At the coming of day break

The uninvited guest
Casting a mirages charm
A black plumed feather
That betrays a wish to harm

Could this be a twist of fate?
Masks lower to show the face
A heart torn,
Is it too late?
How they make my pulse to race

A marriage to propose
At least of a kind
On the bended knee
Lost within the dance
Has the heart enough for three?

The quest for love is true
Returning to the nights pools side
Longing just for you
Tears that cannot hide
Ripples on the lake
To reach across the waters wide

In too deep
The spread wings of the dark
Reaching out,
the veil of death
A shooting star,
Words with a caught breath
Inspiration like a spark
Pillows left with deep impression
Where once was laid a head
As I bury the shame face
Covering a mouth that longs to speak
Biting a trembling lip
Of how this could be a different story
To the one we know and love

Returning to reflections
Romantic poets write a tune
Could this be a full eclipse?
Light of the waxing moon
Of how I long to stare into your eyes
Like the lake so deep and wide
Free of the jealousy
Drawing to your side
The ripples that reach out
The tears that none can hide
Alternative arrangements
For the heart cannot be denied
There could be room for one and all
If the fates decide

To navigate beyond the storms
A deluge left forlorn
Negotiate the heavy weather
For still I hold to three white feathers
I sit beside the waters
Dip my fingers in contemplation clear
Stroking gently at the ripples
Mutter words for you to hear
For seasons keep revolving
Yet still I hold you dear
Never wanting to let go
Or shed a parting tear
We’ll speak another day
As the weeks stretch into years

The Cuckoo Nest

When I look back upon my life
It’s with a sense of outrage
Judgement ever already being writ
On my next fresh clean page

Seasons come and seasons go
Counting days starring at a wall
No one gave a care
No one answering the call

They speak of mental health
As if a journey to explore
But locked up inside a ward
Is all they offer to the poor
Defined by another
Sectioned by an unjust law

Labels to interrogate
As they over medicate
Sat in another group
Of people you’d never want to know
Why not phone my abusers
And ask them how to treat ‘their’ ‘family’?

Only finding Liberty
By the jailers key
Models from another age
Policed by the under-waged
Deny my grasp of reality
Saying my life is all just fantasy

One flew over
The cuckoos nest
An Indian without tribe
Lawyers taking for a ride
Those starring at blank walls
No one answering the call
And that’s why I feel outrage

Carte noir

Rather the player
Than the played
It’s why I walked right
Off the stage

Prompts like red flags
It seems to me
Not so happy
With this reality
I heard this story long ago
Another face
Another room
Where they sang a song
To a choir doomed

Another card forced to the top
Courts attention
I wish they’d stop
I can’t win
And I can’t loose
Spit and polish
New pair of shoes

They’ve painted
All the roses red
Still no motivation
To get out of bed
A ghost dances
To words they’ve said

An AI feeds the fantasy
Someone else’s conspiracy
It’s not a role I’d choose
As they warp each word fed by fake news
A hall of mirrors all I see
Looking glass wars
What’s in it for me?

So I put on a fake smile
Plan each move
The 9 mile
Put on my hiking boots
Starter pistol
No one to shoot
As they take us all
For another ride
One things for sure
My tears don’t hide
You see it been this way for years
And in the end they always lied

Clear Sight

I was thinking about you
And how it must feel
Warm thoughts to comfort
In time hearts come to heal

I try to write the words
To right all the wrongs
Reaching for your heart
To lift it with a song

I thought about you
As I looked through the window pane
Watching the world go by
Till you are here again

I distract myself
Loneliness to avoid
One thing for sure
With out you, only a void

I thought about you
As I turned out the bedroom light
Hoping that you dream awhile
And find solace through the night

I trust despite the clouds
That you will be alright
I hope these words are plain
For you to see what I feel
With a clear sight

Long Night

So many times
We never get to make our peace
To say the things we thought
At last , what echoes in our minds

So many times
We don’t get to say goodbye
Offer an olive branch
A final breath with a sigh

The night is long
Thought of the short day
But do we ever truly
Get to have our say?

So many times
We don’t bid farewell
To the ones that touched us
Throw a coin into the wishing well

Waiting to hear the final knell
How I listen for the absent heart
The peel of the finale in a death bell
Struggling for words, still I make a start

I think of the ending
Life is all too short
I can’t reach to touch them now
But I offer tender thought
Be gentle, for the night is long
Remember that the sentiment
Wrote many a loving song

So many times we don’t get to say goodbye
The grief of loosing them
The tears can never lie
Final words
We all wish that we had said
What we truly mean
Before the chance is dead


I had a dream last night
Of buckling your shoes
Down on my knees for once
It’s how my heart would choose

When you show me your tears
Reflection in the waters
Ripples reaching out
That touch me on the furthest shore

I look on your face
Searching for a sign
Seeking permission
To take your arms in mine

This stories far from over
It’s had its interludes
Fears that distract me
That still cant kill the mood

There are broken places
The me they cannot see
Fragile as the heart strings
Playing to your harmony

Shoes are important
Comfort for our feet
Where we make a stand
Rise each day to greet

The stories that we tell
Sentiment that’s running deep
It’s why I dream about you
When I have untroubled sleep


Sitting in the rain
When I could go inside
Warm tears of the homeless
With no place to hide

It’s a long long road
Trying to hitch a ride
When you’ve nowhere to go
Nowhere to cross to the other side

Sitting in the rain
Because It cools my feet
Speaks to the memory
A heart they never could defeat

Soaked to the skin
A roof of leaves in a bivouac
Longing for the freedom
Of a home to go back

Hit the road jack
All the things I lacked
Now I sit in the rain
In a two tone hat

Someone gave me a contract
And it’s life long
Now I’ve got a home
What could go wrong?
Wonder what I’ll say
When I pen the next song

Story tellers

Tell me a story
A heroes journey
What’s in the narrative
Comedy or tragedy?

Life could be a romance
Others seek a thriller
The who done it
Search for a killer

Sell me a fiction
Through social media
Define who I am
Self help book friction
Penny dreadful
Thought process addiction

Tell me a story
Is it really your own?
Identity struggles
A long journey home

Out of the frying pan
Into the fire
An all seeing eye
Controls from a dark tower
Turn off the TV
‘Why don’t you’.

Tell me a story
Of who you are
Deep at the core
Open self knowledges door

It could be an algorithm
That tries to define
The complexity
Of the human mind
Battle for rights with authority
In a land of the blind

Tell me a story
But make sure it comes from within
Romantic poets
The heart to win
Help me write this story
Where shall we begin?


Attachment anxiety
Don’t want to put the pressure on
Deep in my heart
This fear, is that wrong?

At the core there is strength
But when tears overwhelm
I return to the words
Above the preverbal

Preventing the loss
That reminds of the wounds
A child they abandoned
Longing for hope that can soothe

So many times it’s gone pear shaped
Casting a nutmeg tree shadow
Wanting to make roots
But the neediness consumes
When two become one
Foundations that shatter

What does it mean?
Why does it so matter?
I hide from the warmth
For the moth flew into the flame
A constant doubt
Will it happen again?

I dance to their song
That rises to my lips
I write of a light
That I see in their eyes
At my core this is true
But still the fear grips

I return to face them
Hiding this wound
How can I relate
When issues break in on the mood?

So I sit with myself
Wishing for their return
The fragile heart
So many times burned
Everyone knows it’s a risk
Still from mistakes I have learned


Jeremy Bentham wanted to get stuffed
Still they said a weakness, called his bluff
The venereal appetite to explore
When in Rome, the mans enough.

Fall of Gomorrah, for their sin
God the father struck them down
Filthiness to consent,
How their souls offended Him.

Known reprobates,
what honour win ?
Mere propensity,
An inclination of which to sing

Xenephon in Athens, met his match
Pursuit of the body, manoeuvres hatched
The warrior thebans to the vigours thrust
A javelin griped in platonic love

Neither odious in the sight
No moral debauchery, shine a light
Excesses claimed in the passion
Against public disgust, he waged his fight
Confronted bigots,
Claiming a blight.

Reading Gaol reminds of the bars
A ballad writ, going far.
‘Offences against oneself’
History raises a glass to their health
Fallacious judgements from opponents tongue
To priapus, in mischief, find well hung

Prescribed to scandal
Playing the doxies part
To the manly free
The passive heart
In the manner of the Greek
No conversion which to seek

Jeremy Bentham lit a candle
Laws unjust he couldn’t handle
Although he liked to hire a maid
A light to slaves that never fades
He was a man amongst free men
To the passive or the active
He got stuffed, pursuing knowledge
The message sent is quite attractive
Sat on show at UCL
No offence to nature
No fall to hell


A night to sing
With hope of spring
For the summer loving
What fool would act the king?

Stained glass mosaic
Light shone upon the sick
From the oil lamp
Eternal flame for their kept wick
Words of gratitude to sing
The Crimea to Berkeley Square

The Nightingale Pledge
The fevers lips
Angel of mercy
For those within deaths grip
Medals for her honour
A parting kiss perchance to sip

The wounded warrior
Reaching the last post
Where flags lower in half mast
Reflecting the courage of the past
Within her eyes
Loyal to the last

Sisters of mercy
To Typhoid Mary
Offering sweet relief
A virus for a thief
Words whispered
In hopes belief
The Lady With the Lamp
Embracing every grief
Tears rain in the flood
A rainbows gift,
unselfish love
Final words that offer thanks

It’s a sin?

You tell me it’s all a sin
That the arrow will fall short
Forever missing the mark
Human condition inadequate

You say it’s original
That humanity ever falls
One bite of the apple
And lost to the serpents coils
They say we’re damaged goods
Faced by their builders cold constructed walls

Forever shame faced
Eyes lower in humiliation
Is this a core belief
To form a body of ethics?

Bringing folks to their knees
Priesthood for their masters
They say every child’s defective
To claim their earthly power

You see I’m not ashamed
We all make our own mistakes
No need to feel a guilt
That consumes the faithfuls hearts
No one looking over shoulders
No divine judgement keeping score

Seven deadly sins
The path of Everyman
Meeting on the road
Temptation by every one

There is another way
One test of morality
None wishes to cause harm
No fault in our humanity
Guilt is only in a crime
Not in who at core we are

The golden rule to balance
The weighing of the heart
Human qualities
Rarely in excess
That’s why I don’t hide my face
And no sin do I confess

Humanism rising up
A righteous war to fight
Bid the cross upon the mount
and the twelve farewell
Don’t judge me by your values
This arrows still in flight

Jumping through hoops

Wanting to be
What they’re not
Sell self development
Take what they got

Carrots before donkeys
Frogs into princes
Another guru
Another workshop

Pyramid business
Climbing for the top
Paying for a guide
Peak experience of success

Hungry for it
Submitted to motivate
Follow me leader
Promise of money for the bait
Buy a new outfit
Double crossed by fate

Over achievers
Sold on another line
Chasing constructed tales
Hooked on excess
Jumping through hoops
As the goal posts move

Shuffle the credit cards
Force a hand atop the deck
Find the lady
Submissives get wet
Pay to play
That’s all they’ll get
Wanting it all
Common sense forget


The taste of freedom
Beyond shackles of the mind
Where the heart soars to the fantasy
When to me they are most kind

Kalamata olives
Remind me of her toes
Savoured on my lips
With my tongue I’d like to show

A connoisseur eats slowly
Living in the moment
As tastebuds explode
To the bite of caper berry

Something about her skin
Reminds of the olives oil
That forms in little bubbles
Seafood sauce collects on the Staffordshire

I contemplate the choices
Weigh the consequence
On the silver fork
Before I consume the salmon flesh

Golden brown and pewter scales
The melting of crisp grilled skin
Held within the mouth
Sweetly to salivate
Anticipating every flavour
Like the dreams I have each night
Bathing in contemplation
How I long to feast
As I think about her
And the heart I’d like to win


At the foot of Mount Damavand
A warm place collects with tears
A Persian Rose
Raising petals for the light

Liberty torch to shine
Through a cells cold bars
Bird song upon the breeze
Music of hope for her ears

The arid deserts thirst
Cool water to parched lips
Refreshing the solitary heart
Detained without a crime

The spirit of the wind
With a whispered wish
To break the barriers down
And reach beyond the walls

The white giant
With feet in chains
Damavand, snow peak
Her tears collect beneath

Royal road of the sun disk
Spreading wings for freedom
The mornings light
That speaks to all that fight
Liberty to embrace
Memory of her child’s face
A Persian rose
Hands that reach for mercy
Bring them home
A candle for the dark night


After the gulag
Red tape wars
You can never win
They jump the goat
Predict each move
Then say it’s just their sin

Barbwire for the only kiss
Isolation chambers
Walls to bloodied fist
A magic bullet
To kill all protest
Bound over
Yet still no real crime to confess

Cold white wash
To erase all the tears
Who dares cry freedom
In the incarcerated years?
The pen scratches at the paper
Another form, declaring stollen rights
The Gordian knot
Without sword to fight

A pogrom on beliefs to cleanse
Divergence, no advocates to send
Contrivances that don’t make any sense
Just waiting for the sentences to end
No rescue , no protection there
Numb sleep, to nightmare
Injustice is never fair

They say just pick up an oar
Bend lower, to be their right size
Who stoops before the tyranny?
Their abuse, they claim in the name of sanity
Broken lives
What cost the reality?
Sweep it under the carpet all again
The doctors offer deals for labels
Perhaps a little bribe
Just Calling names

Stockholm syndrome
Why not join the team?
‘We do what we’re told’
Electric shocks for screams
Just join the club
Break bread with your foe
Tell me, where did the good times go?
Where were all the heroes
At my time of trial?

No candle to light the way
No mercy, as they act out another play
The wounds that run so deep
New traumas that invade my sleep
They’ll claim that they provide mental health
Locked away, no support, they just interrogate
Deny basic humanity
Treated like an animal
Tell me, who wouldn’t fight?
No meaning to the whole ordeal
They hit me with it
And then left me out to dry

Man Friday?

Holding to the drift wood
Salty tears engulf
No rescue
That’s the truth

Carried, not so much washed up
Alone upon an island
How I dream of company
Looking out to the horizon
The expanse of open sea

Perhaps to swim for safety
But ever mindful of the tide
Sharks within the waters
Beyond safety of the sands

So I sit lookout
Await the time to signal
Still no redeemer comes
At least I’ve got some peace
Sat there in the sun

So many of the supports
Would consume the drowning man
There’s always a feeding frenzy
When you leap into the unknown
Repeat the same mistakes?
I’d rather sit alone
I’ve got my creature comforts
The safety of home


They only see what they want to see
Looking beyond
There’s stories there writ beneath the skin
Lines on the face
That speak to me
Weathered by age
The beauty of maturity

Caskets for wine
More valued with time
That’s how your heart seems
To the blood flowing through mine
Grey hairs weave a spell in dream
There’s more depth to the smile
That knows what it means
Some ever judge a book by the cover
That’s no way to make me a lover

I know what I like
That’s why I still thrill
When your brow relaxes
And conflicts become still
Ripples that reach me
Across the waters
The pool of your eyes
Like a wishing well

Crows feet that mark
The hour glass sands
Like footprints on a beach
With horsetail waves
How I long to scream
What I truly feel
When I lower my eyes
A thought of you to conceal

They only see what they want to see
The scars of the flesh
A body I want to hold
The story that starts
Afresh each day
It could be other
There is a way
So I place the cap
Atop of my pen
Ink drying slow
Like longing tears
Whilst the words I’d embrace you with
Still ever flow

Judge Anderson

What ever happened to Baby Cas?
Trancers chill out
Whilst they program their minds
Suppression of memory
Contradict attitudes
Till they are out on a mission
Fed with false dreams
Just putting them in
With a tag team

Psychic youth
Pick their brains
Judge Death
Platforms before trains
Pulled to the scene
Leap of faith with a scream
Reinforced by their code

Psi division counts the cost
Fed on misinformation
Reality testing
Where they’ll find
Garbage in
Garbage out
All that they get
It could be a whisper
It can be a shout

Army dreamers get orders
No one licensed to kill
But the hooks they sink in
Could take control of their will
On night manoeuvres
Hood winked ever still
Synchronised meetings
With those they I.D.
Devil on the shoulder
Tells them when they should march
Ever led like a donkey
Carrots before mouth

Loves long lost dreams
Falling from pedestals
No one matches expectations
Depression to grieve
All the fine solutions
Computer programs
For what they’ll believe
Lost in delusions
Provided in trance
How they oppress us
Controlled, how they’ll all dance
Down on those knees
For the dominant masters
Out on the waltzer
Life’s no game of chance


Shower her in kisses
That the heart may know no tears
Comforted by belonging
Protected from all fears

Are they alone within their grief?
Shared by all the nation
Like poppies to a wreath
Those on high, as lowly station

To climb the castle wall
To offer warm embrace
The healing of a hug
Gently holding to her face

Lend a listening ear
Sorrow that all can hear
They that stood beside her
Through each passing year

Ladies in waiting
Bathed with warmest care
No room for doubt
A reign that is most fair
The curve of her neck
The flow of her hair

Infants joy, of morning
The sunlight through window breaks
The golden of heart
That none will forsake
There within the rainbow
Know this hopes not fake

Castles in the sand
Speak of the coming tide
Horses heads that bow
Ever sat on the right side
The changing cart wheels of the seasons
That’s why my tears don’t hide


Still, the water from a tear
Still too the oceans
Hearts that hear
Still like the memory
Stood all alone
On the prow
From whence they roamed
With a still breath
Returning home

Still the missed
Still to find rest
I guess a moments silence
Will meet the test
And find fond farewells
Are for the best

Still like the photo
Kept of them
Still the breast
To rise again
Still in grief
A year has passed
The lonely tear
All see at last

Still, the beating of their heart
A void in which all take a part
Joined together in mourning
Still another day, to the dawning
Canons fired
To salute the ring
A soul in flight
Upon the wing

Still, the troubles of the mind
In recollection of them
All should be kind
Perhaps to all our faults
A little blind
They turn away
Tip of the hat
Still to history
Still, at rest, alone
Still, where they once sat
A vacant throne


The disenfranchised
The age of free consent
Capacity to serve
Accountable to law

The next generation
New shoots showing through
The cracks in the concrete
Cement of Westminster walls

Majority rule
The demands of order
Coercion of voters
Media Towers of Babel

Interference of misinformation
Dancing to one rhythm
Who beats on the drum?

Domination of authority
Left unchecked
Minority voices
Left out in the cold
Dissidents unrepresented
Just who do they serve?

Principles of equality
Proportional representation
Extending the franchise
To those coming of age
The consent of the masses
All to include
Principles to be chartered
A good enough state

L’Amant Anonyme

The anonymous lover
Plays the keys of ebony
Retiring to the salon
None so worshiped as she

Dauphin of France
Knowing one melody
Code Noir for the Enlightenment
Slaves seeking liberty

To break free of the chains
Cold bars of the Bastille
Memory of the liaison
And how a ladies anguished heart could feel

The thrust of the epee
Crossed swords of Chevalier
Lightening is not faster
Than his arms
Three rosettes upon the chest
Recollect the scent of her hair

Wilberforce declaring freedom
A liberty of the heart
How those lips tamed him
A kiss that would never part

The revolutionary sparring
To overcome the foe
On a bended knee
Fealty to show

Lives that matter
The strings of the bow
Legion St-Georges
The rhythm to the flow

Penning a libretto
Dumas to the masters score
Recollect the people rising
Of oaths that they had swore

Versailles ever to the memory
Yet little to show for his travails
A heart in the balance
Falsely imprisoned by injustices scales

Never before did he play so well
As in the later years
And how the waters fell
With the grief of tears
‘Love and death
Of the poor little bird’
Oh, but what songs they sang
What haven’t you heard?

Falling Tears

There’s no resolution
Nothing much of any sense
The threads of broken dreams
A web of memories

I can’t find no answers
To the questions that I face
It’s nowhere near a perfect world
Everything remains an open case

There are those I tried to rescue
I wonder if it really helped
Some I turned my back on
Shards fall from a cracked cups lip

I listen to the stories
Of others path through life
Those with all the answers
Faith in holy writ
One things really sure
I don’t want to be one of them

I look upon the street
For signs of common humanity
But all I can remember
Was being out alone with swollen feet
No one gave a damn
No one showed any care

There’s nothing to redeem
I seek only now for comfort
You see a feathered nest
Means more to me than kissing up
I take no heed of fake solutions
A quick fix on offer there
I just seek a listening ear
To hear the falling tears


To facilitate or control
You have to choose which role
Closing doors or building bridges
Chained hearts or open goals

Technology that liberates
Like any other tool
Can become a weapon
A weighted word with which to oppress
A power play on minds impressed
Shackles to bind slaves

In the silence of an empty room
A distraction sought so soon
Trying to entertain
A new thought for the active brain
Calmness ever frustrated
Peace perhaps forever over rated

Impositions by passers by
Pushing buttons with their lies
Covert in their harassment’s
Trying to create distress
Wanting to cause a slip
Free minds that they would grip

So I write another song
The lyric sheet grows long
A score for a libretto
A script for an opening act

I look beyond the window
I wonder why they react
Seeking some resolution
But there is no conclusion after the facts

I only want to hold and be held
But someone else gets in the way
I fear the road in parting
A heart that you had touched
A longing for so much
But when you are mercenary
I’m left to wonder what was your intent
Was the journey that we shared
An ill fated excursion
And was it all for you
Just a bus-mans holiday


Take me full circle
Lead me in a dance
Synchronicity of chance

A merry waltz
Trying to reframe
To cover up
That societies to blame

I take each step
Slowly as I walk
Try to observe
It’s nonsense that they talk

A disconnect
Deliberate disruption
Trying to subvert
Personality structure

Political, it seems to me
The underlying philosophy
In psychology
Who has the power?
Whosoever has the right
We all should be equal
In the others sight

Lead me in the dance?
Is that all you think of me?
As you cut a deal
Cover it up all again
My pirouette
As I turn away
You’re on the record
Did I ever truly have a say?


Interventions on a call
On what exactly?
There’s nothing going down
More like someone lying
Running off with some money
Or trying to cover up

Just what’s the crime?
What’s going on inside your mind?
An actress like a whore
Trying to shut an open door

Another curtain call
Just snuffing out a candle
Did it mean anything at-all?
Nothing I can’t handle

You make out I’m too distressed
It’s obvious you’re trying to impress
Someone looking in
Or imply problems that are not there

Emotional switch
Return to the first person
Are you implying a divide?
I don’t believe in multiplicity

Power plays to claim another label
What difference does it make?
Taking the piss
Did my voice break when I got upset?
Are you trying to play the team
Or just justify your worth?


Quango in control
Who are the fund holders?
Red Cross on the scene
Radio operators

Logistics sift through clicks
Puppets for a string
Dominant masters
Feed their technophobia

A rat with no way out
In a neon maze
The next generation
Lost in a heat haze

Violating rights
They’ll say they’re justified
To gag the victims voices
Blinkers cover youthful eyes

The many paths to freedom
Architects create a curve
Going round in circles
Why not bow to holy Words?

Whipping into shape
The abused that will not serve
Lost in a hall of mirrors
Is that all that I deserve?

Plants within the groupings
You might assume could set you free
How is it that they control
Perceptions of reality?
Do you believe what you are told?
Programs all the same on your TV


Engaging with the other
Differences that divide
Labels to define

I filled out the census
Sometimes I do it tongue in cheek
Funny how it seems
The information leeks

I’d rather say no comment
To their binary approach
Sometimes I say I’m pagan
It means non Christian in approach

I’m a secularist
Don’t give a damn for religion
I’m not spiritual
All I want from life is some more money

Do I wave a flag
Venerate the royal family?
Sometimes I am neutral
To the things you might think I serve

A constant stream of data
Music in the background all day long
I barely watch the TV
Life goes on in a song

They aggregate our data
Always seeking to control
Push results to the top
When I was a teen
They got it wrong

They don’t even know my type
So don’t believe their hype
Cascade from big data
It’s me that they don’t know
Did they read one of my poems
What perspective was it from?

Services provision
Why do they seem to exclude
Those who challenge by definition
Or even how I look when I’m in the nude
Never forget
It’s always the other imposing a label

Thought net

Algorithm overlords
Controlling our next move
No room for inefficiency
The human factor rule

They gather our data
Make a profile of us
But is it for your own good
Or to serve totalitarian control?

Mindsets fed by information
Web crawlers filter to the top
Expert systems mutate
The garbage that we’re taught

Lost in translation
University publishing houses
Feeding their own skew
Their own ideology to sell

Digital masks on talking heads
Narratives writ by no one
Scripts on a lip sync
To try to whip you into shape

Spiders on the hunt
Sent out over the web
Do you only see a mirror
Or what they want to put inside your head?

Back to human beings
Turning backs on all the zoom
Looking for a friend
Not a bot in a chat room
Realms of science friction
Cut off from our peers

Tell me who is it governs?
A human being
Or a silicon chip
Technology facilitates
But at what cost
To our humanity?

The numbers

A million websites
Like a million public records
Shuffling through the files
Making money out of nothing

Big data
Corporate aggregates
Artificial intelligence
Failing the Turing test
The only work of value
Is that which they force to the top

Can you see through?
We’re all in a merry dance
The human element
Changing lines perchance?

They can send a theme
A starter for ten
Give you the answers
Or another question mark

A million artists
Trying to create something
Here’s the chestnut
Is the starting point from nothing?

Guided hands
Mental webs
Controls and restraints
Even when a picture paints
A million million hearts
Beating synchronised
A.I. Took over decades ago
Perhaps we’ve lost all wars

Witch hunt

Witch hunt
We saw them sitting alone
Who do they phone
Why were they left without home?

Witch hunt
They’re not disabled
We can all see that
They must be a drunk they’ve enabled

Witch hunt
What drugs do they take
How long do they watch porn
And their story sounds fake?

Witch hunt
They must be the shunned
We’re looking in
Stop their welfare fund

Witch hunt
It’s gone on for decades
Showing attentions
I never asked for
Switch on the terror vision
With filtered fake news

Which hunt?
Dropping some names
Witch hunt
Just what is their game
Witch hunt
We got nothing on them

Trust the Police?
Therefore we’ll have to label

Bombay hero

They always say they are freeing us
As they try to put us in
Conservative values
That want innovation binned

Traps for troubadours
It’s been the same for years
Before I can complete the line
They’ll be saying it’s in my ears

There are many con jobs
We meet along the road
Trying to steal lyrics
Like the hawk lords went before

I’m not in their syndicates
I’m not offering any shares
They may try to convince you
Otherwise, so beware

It’s older than eel pie island
How they try to do us in
There are those in uniform
Who do not want us in a win

So I pen my next lyric
As they serve up their cold meat
They say bring us in on it
They mean a cell to find a seat

There are many cons
That have been laid down before
I’ve really seen it all
Another substitute wants to claim a line
Drop a name in passing
An unknown associate
It must me rumple stiltskin
That really wrote all of it

War on?

‘New’ cyber control centre
It’s the military
GCHQ said they could
Filtered reroutes
Claims of conspiracy
They deal in extremes
So why not contradict?

The TA declaring war
On the general population
The CO says they’ve intelligence
Rumour and speculation
Just look how unclear
Are the things they try to fish

I’m not that, and I’m just this
Showing fascists a left fist
I can swing one way
And then another
After all
I’m not the keeper of my brother

There was war on drugs
Then profiled by porn
I say so what
It gave me the horn
What’s the Sting?
An Epilogue
They take a walk
With sniffer dogs
Don’t search for a firing pin
Those wheels have cogs

Enemy of the state
Those who do not cooperate
Serve corruption
The day is over late
Pull your socks up
So they say
Always looking for a softer way

It’s no joke how they’re wasting lives
They claim religion as a guiding light
The ones they say are homophobic
Could be bi, why had I wrote it?
Programs feed conformity
It’s not me that serves conspiracy
Hate crime happening in plain sight
They avoid witnesses in their ‘good’ fight

Are you claiming human rights?
They feed misinformation to you each night
Covering up for their wrongs
Learn the new words of your song
Seeing you off at the pass
Isolate those with a case
Exclude with spin
They’ll say you’re mad
No movements offer any support
They play both sides
It’s them you’ve caught
Sowing seeds of doubt
To insinuate it’s all lies


Three tears for sister Sarah
I think I heard that somewhere before
Road maps lead to Timbuktu
There are those who say ‘who knew?’

They put the sign posts here before
Take a longer walk
Tell us what you saw
Test reality that you see
It’s not just me

I was out in fleet street
Kept me on my feet
Come what may
They’ve a collegiate for all that
Is that the neighbours talking?
National inquirer?
I’ll eat my hat

Meg and Mog a funny story
How do they predict so much
The fucking Tory?
I’m no great fan of politics
Those on our side
Are also often full of it
It’s multi generational
What they spin
Building a better world
Till the issues come back around again

Turn off the TV
Breath of fresh air
Perhaps it’s time to cut your hair?
Where have all the barbers gone?
Something looks a little wrong
Everyone must go to work
They feed us bullshit
So we don’t sherk
The good causes that they feed
Fire in the belly
When did I learn to read?

The system

The system wasting many lives
All they do is take us for a ride
All paths they offer roads to nowhere
Talking heads the TV hides

False promises they give the poor
All they offered us, a closing door
That’s a route that none would choose
A labyrinth laid down by the law

Devils whisper in our ears
The media only feed our fears
Who sells us another protest T-shirt
Archive footage, it’s been this way for years

The red flag of china on the rise
Western values they despise
Honouring their elders ways
No individuality to state lies

The internet records each keystroke
They’ll contradict each word you’ve spoke
A.I. writing your news feed
Corporations set on greed

The system never was on our side
It’s been a very long and bumpy ride
There are things the government choose to hide
Roads to nowhere, playing offside
So much technology to control
Did you ever wonder why they never gave me a role?
I abstained from media for a decade
Try it out, before your thinking they decide


Some things about her
Will forever impress
Got my head reeling
I want to posses

Advances that she ignores
My heart beats with only one cause
Ever courting from her applause
Seeking to find her chambers door

Some think I’m aiming too high
Others say it’s a love that will never die
When I think of her in the night
It’s the reason that I do not cry

She’s a smile that is ever so rare
Whilst I focus on the soft flow of her hair
It’s a longing almost too hard to bear
I choose words for her with so much care

Something exotic to the taste
Are these words really going to waste?
I play the long game, come on slow
Her rejection would bring me so low

Something forever on me impressed
The fine line of her form in her dress
My eyes bow down low at her feet
My lap awaits her to seat
Just one glance can pierce me to the heart
It’s why I’m never wanting to part
Something about her ever more will impress
As my words try to crown her empress

Mange tout?

What’s on the menu
At les chandelles ?
Burning at both ends
The flame aglow
Standing to attention
For that Venus in fur

Gourmet tastes
For connoisseurs
Silver service plater
Where the meter maids
Meet cross dressed
Mad hatters

Just my cup of tea
Giving you a stir
I could sit and watch
But I’d rather marry it to her
Marquis of Queensbury
Cock fighting is the rule

A penetrating gaze
That rends a virgin vale
Slipping on the ring
A bride after a fashion
Garlanded with flowers
With colours to our passion

The tallow wears down low
When it burns from both ends
A dangerous liaison
Benefits for friends
A three tiered cake
The birthday suited candle

Caviar for silver spoons
Oysters for the pallet
I’ve specialist tastes
Drunk from a high heel shoe
Glass slipper for a princess
And how I long to eat her

What’s on the menu
At les chandelles?
Guided by a gentle hand
Tentatively, unsure
Obedient in satin collar
Agent provocateur
It’s with a Gaelic tongue
That she eats her mange tout


Bruised hearts
And coronets
There are wounds left
I can’t forget

They say to serve
Will mend all ways
Claim they build bridges
To a better day

Directors plans
The stuff of fiction
Puppet masters
Causing friction

Gordian knots
To force the hand
They want to talk
This much I understand

Spinning plates
Creating issues
Assuming things
That are not there

So I juggle
Back to the circus
Tears of a clown
How do they work us?
It always rains
The whole year long
A right to disagree
Is that so wrong?


A thimble full of tears
Painted like the scream
Fragile porcelain
All that reminds me of

I don’t know if I’ll smash it
Like so many masquerades
All the lies they wove
But my memory never fades

A thimble full of tears
They were never worth much more
All the childhoods absence
But the needle was still sore

To weave a stitch in time
To mend a torn hole
Searching for a rhyme
To make the fragile heart now whole

A thimble full of tears
That’s all that’s left of them
They were never there
The chance never coming back
They never apologised
Couldn’t connect with how it really felt
I rarely think of it
A tear of blood
The needle prick
A thimble full of tears
The woman I’d never want to know

Conversion therapy

The problem with conversion therapy
Is that it can’t always be seen
Covert abusive ideology
It’s the stuff of philosophy

When they made the rules
Love was illegal
Then we moved the goal posts
But institutions stayed the same

They make out we’re vipers
If we make a stand
Can’t see all those we’re fighting
Sometimes hard to take a stance

Every school of psychology
Has its own take
There’s no real unity
Things don’t integrate

The same people

Decide fates

There’s those who say it’s sin
Shame faced, where to begin
Others speak of deviance
Diverged from social norms
Not long till they label deviant
Diversity scorn

Right through to the 70’s
Love was criminalised
Attitudes don’t change too quick
There are those that tell us lies
Personality disorders
Without a crime

No one would need a boundary
If everyone one was safe
Covert abusers in the colleges
It's not just those taht think Christ saves,
Yes we can ban it
But they WANT to convert


Don’t ask me to cooperate
Because I won’t
I don’t believe in you
Or the last quote

You striped me down
Two thirds of my life
Hands gripped my throat
I don’t know why

The wolf never far
From my door
I’m never coming on
No encore

Do you think that I hold dear
The illusions you feed
I know fear
You’re the ones that cause it

I have no dreams
To speak of
Just happy
I’m not in a secure ward

My final days could be a fight
Beating off abusive nurses
It keeps me awake at night
Don’t even want to talk to their kind
I’d rather final battle
Than face that

I’m experienced
No faith in the common man
Don’t trust humanity
They do us in anyway they can
Reality bites
And it’s never looked nice

I used to think I had rights
They invade my privacy
No one takes up the fight
Don’t ask for me to cooperate
I don’t believe in you
The past could still repeat
At least I’m still standing on my own feet


Do you look down on me
Think that you are better off?
Claiming your false meanings
I’ve heard it all before

Some try to resolve the past
By trying to save the lives that were their own
Motivation pulls the heart strings
But they fail to see it doesn’t work

Some seek dogma
Cold ideology
Anything to believe
Crumbs from the table
They think that it is hope

I’ve had diversity
I’ve done the things you do
And what I learned to reject
Makes a slave of you

Let it all go?
Don’t you think I already did?
It comes back
Just who do they try to kid?
Follow the yellow brick road
They don’t even know it’s full of shit

Integration , another sacred cow
There’s no self realisation
With out deep pockets
I ask how?

So I sit on the fence
Cheer on from the sidelines
Some court the spotlight
Others look for signs
Fond illusions of the truth
But they’re not offering us any proofs

I’ll content myself
with salmon steaks for tea
Silver service
My day at liberty
I no longer give a toss
And I won’t call you boss
I listen to an aria
Whilst your life looks a dead loss


Welcoming the new
Alternate lifestyles
Freedom from what we knew

We search our lives
For some kind of answer
A self made narrative
To make sense of it all

Heroes journeys
Highest fantasy
Trying to find resolution
To all the meaninglessness

It’s more a comedy
This life that has three acts
Childhoods powerlessness
Another’s dumping ground

In adulthood
Ever striving to succeed
The goalposts move
Just trying to meet our needs

So to retirement
To take a final bow
A life of leisure
Self reflection now

I wish the battles were won
That the struggle made some sense
But after all
This life has its shadows
Living in their lies of pointlessness

There’s no redemption
Nothing I would confess
All paths absurdity
Recall the day I wore a wedding dress


Absent, longings
Like the childhood memory
Craving rescue
A bitter sweet symphony

It seems to me
A familiar energy
The unobtainable
Feeds the fantasy

It’s wove with sadness
How some scenes remain on hold
It’s in the way of things
That this is too complex to resolve

I dream of mending it
With a stitch in time
All that longing
A heart that’s lost in rhyme

It’s not just about me
Glass slippers for a kiss
To transform the words
Into what i truly miss

Wounds of abandonment
Forever the unloved
Romantic rendezvous
Search never giving up
Writing the next line
That can never right their wrongs

There’s no saviour
None can heal the wounded heart
Yet I reach out
With a hope that never parts
I turn to my sentence
Face the empty page
I make a start
I don’t know if it makes it better
But at least they’ll call it art

Cup of tea

Drinking tea so slowly
With a reverence
Cup poised on the lips
Held with a finesse

Steeping the green leaves
Scent of jasmine in the steam
Poring from the pot
China bone white clean

Calm within the moment
Of first taste on the tongue
Approach like a beginner
Senses livened as when young

Slowly with intention
Unity of mind
Knowing of one purpose
Peace of which to find

Drink your tea more mindful
Hold warmth in the hands
Like wide eyes of an infant
Fresh footprints in the sand

Sip your tea more slowly
Gentle with calm mind
The day it’s fresh beginning
With unity to find

Total recall

They’ve got nothing on me
Still the devil at my shoulder
It was all done and dusted
Decades ago
The record repeats
There’s nothing more to know
They call it post traumatic
But it’s a bit too over dramatic
How it’s beyond my control
The way the needle stays in the groove
And skips backwards on replay
His masters voice
The old school gramophone
You see I broke the record
Smashed the abusive home
Nothing to go back to
Why do memories return?
They’ve got me in a loop
The same old story that I know
Forgive and forget?
They’re forever ill met
I don’t give a damn for the ashes of the past
I spit on their graves
And never shed a tear for them
I ignore it as best I can
Tell others how I feel
It comes back round again
It’s been total recall for over twenty years


You have to remind me to relent
A guilty pleasure
You’ve nothing to repent

The virgin page
I wave my magic wand
Words of veneration
They say I should be banned

I erect the pedestal
To raise you proud to see
Spotlight on your beauty
With sublimity

I would like to sculpt you
With my trembling hands
It’s the source of passions
Artistry, I’m every man

We glance then look away
For else we would all stare
Upon your femininity
Fine clothes that you wear

Lost within the sculpting
Kneed at the dough
Oh to mould your flesh
Bowing down so low
Watch the baking bread
Rise like seeds I sow
Creating after fashion
Worship where your feet will go


Serious ?
Never just a game
Some men are only players
After all, what’s in a name?

Violins like memories
Never to subside
What was it you were thinking
That you would be taken for a ride?

Situations can be complex
But hopes have matured
I’d take you as you come
We can discuss the finer points

My heart beats in my chest
With a will that’s true
Some things are hard to come by
But then I looked on you

This life has many knots
With you I could unwind
So there’s a bit of baggage
To your faults forever blind

My heart upon my sleeve
Ever to play the fool
You see I’ve lost my mind
And coming to my senses
It’s your heart I seek to find

News flash

It’s not a perfect world
Other people after what you’ve got
Competing for the lot

I can sit alone
And amuse myself
I may pine for you
But at least I’ve got my health

Sunday mornings
Reading the weekly news
You’re the headline
That I would freely choose

Read all about it
News flash on the TV
Paper late
But you’re the main story

I fold the tabloids
Flick through the magazines
Eyeing the models
There’s none so fashionable to me

I think about it
You could be the centre spread
Touch of mystery
But a rave review is what you get
I turn over the next page
You’re always the one that is well read

Cafe society

We never had that coffee
But I smelt the richest beans
Just a whiff of your roast
Was enough for me it seems

A subtle aroma
Exotic excitement for my cup
I like the rarer breeds
I never want to give you up

I sip my arabica
From an earthenware mug
It warms my senses
I think of giving you a hug

It’s a sentimental journey
That brings me back to you
That’s why it turns out
That with you I’m never through

Pale chocolate to the lips
How I long to take a sip
A finely roasted bean
A passion without scene

I think of you with croissants
Buttered by the knife
I might seem a little flakey
But you add the spice of life
If we went for coffee
Who knows what might happen
The rich aromas anticipation
Just a shame your someone else’s wife.

Human doings

Do you only find your worth
through what you do?
Take it all away
What’s left of you?

Some do extra hours
That are superhuman
Ever striving to me more
Never satisfied

I took semi retirement
Extremely early
I’m twice as content
Do as I please

Some live for stress
It’s all they know
Back to the grind stone
Go, go, go!

If you look for self worth
You’ll never find it
It’s an inside job
You can’t fabricate it
It’s not about what I do
More of what I won’t

I don’t have a schedule
To speak of
I’m happy as Larry
I refuse work
Don’t need to do nothing
Except look after my self

Self esteem at my core
They can’t take it away
Self care I’m for
Back in the rat race
They need a pick up
Won’t find me with a nose bag
I’ve got self worth


I don’t mean to intrude
But the thought still comes to mind
Wondering what you are doing
Cos I’m the sentimental kind

Relaxing for a while
I sit alone listening to an adagio
But there you are again
I wonder if you even know?

I stretch my limbs
Pace around awhile
But nothing satisfies
Like your particular style

I lay in wait
Watching hours stretch to days
Shadows grow
I seem to loose my way

And there you are
I see your face again
Wondering how it would feel
If each day was just the same

The swell that comes to please
The string section
That ever speaks of ease

I let go
Of the flights of fantasy
But then I catch a breath
And wish it was reality

The thought intrudes
I remember your smile now
The pillow calls
With a dream that whispers how?

Romantic hearts
Only reason to sink to the knees
A thought of you at ease


Standing stones
The test of time
Weathered rock
The obelisk
A mountain peak
Steady as my feet

The spray of surf
Breaking waves
Hearing their roar
Waters strong
Keep me afloat
Yet simple as a tear

Candle flame
That shines the way
Reaching through the night
How I long to dance
To you through the fires
Reach you naked in their light

The breath of winds
That stroke your hair
Invisible as my reaching hands
Finger tips brush you there
Unseen by others eyes

Massaged flesh
Rhythm to ride
Music of the spheres
Elements that make a life
You touch me in my heart


The workers get no money
Welfare goes below inflation rates
One things for sure
Big Business know who are their mates

Another day of furlough
Tough luck is all they say
The fat cats looking greedy
They look the other way

Same as it ever was
Just what don’t you see
The Bank of England spinning plates
To inflate the GDP

No real thought for the disabled
Or those on universal credit
With the prices rising
There’s not much left but debit
I got an O’levl in home economics
The budgets really shit

The chancellor has balls
To toss up in the air
But as we watch him juggle
Is it really fair?

Single parents
Part time workers
Those just on minimum wage
Look out Rishi Rich
We all want some pay
Everybody needs more Bread
I feel like Jimmy Boswell
That’s it,
I’ve had my say.


I’ve lost all thought
Of imminent death
No existential threat
The goal has been met

I’ve had my jab
The miracle vaccine
Thank the scientists
This really is a happening

I’m over joyed
Cos now I can relax
No thought of hospital
The threat ain’t coming back

So long grim reaper
My times not up yet
You’re the kind of face
I’d rather forget

You’ve only one life
So best live it well
No time for consequences
Of too much excess
The good life for me
Moderation is best

I’m not knocking at deaths door
Not going to kick the bucket
No curtain call
Time to take an encore
Back to the simple pleasures
Small things that I can treasure

I’ve had it up to here
With imminent death
Time to chill out
Take a deep breath
No more worry
Just give it a rest


Power mongers on your TV
Sell Christianity
Wake up to reality
Their agenda promotes themselves
Self development costs money
Who holds all the wealth?

White trash rednecks
All telly tubby
A TV dinner
Dubbed with a hook
With self reference
And contradictions
They think it’s spiritual
These big knobs fictions

The new age
A power struggle
A war for who influences
Controlling minds
Amplifying all the conflicts
They’ll say they’ve solutions
To heal the blind

Some will bow down
To anyone who preaches of god
Battle for ratings
They claim they’re good
Casualties of their programmes
Find themselves a Psychiatrist
Deluded souls
Who followed yellow brick roads
Abducted by aliens
In an ambulance

Send your money
So they will pray
For your lost soul
To find a way
Smoke and mirrors
Snake bite oil
Just for power to influence
Viewers who are the loyal

The queen of daytime
Takes the lead
Can you even trust
The headlines that you read
Apple news sown with fake stories
National Inquirer resurrects the dead
Elvis seen on dark side of the moon
Sell them your hearts
They will make out that it has a use
Are you reflected by your TV?
Local governments to abuse
Don’t believe in all you see
And in nothing that you hear

Vaccine Dreams

It always rains in England
The cows lay down
I want a vaccination
And I want it now!

I don’t want the virus
It’s too soon to die
The doctors can stop it
And that’s no lie

I’m not scared of needles
Stick it in as soon as you can
I won’t cry at a small jab
Cos I’m an English man

Doris on the telly
She’s had a bad hair day
But Dylan’s got a bone
Nothing gets in the way
Up at number ten
They’re happy and gay

I want a vaccination
And I want it now
Give the labs a bonus
Let them take a bow
Put your faith in science
It’s no sacred cow

It’s only a small prick
That’s what I tell all the ladies
I got a letter from the government
And now I want to practice
Making babies!

Jesus H Christ

Doodah doodah day
Jesus Christ was really gay
Some say he loved Mary Magdalene
But he was the other way

Jesus loved his dad
Everyone thought that he was mad
Now the Pope sticks a cross up his arse
And the nuns give it a lick

Doodah doodah day
Jesus never had a lay
Everyone said he just loved his dad
You know that that’s just gay

Jesus the holy shit
On the popes face he might sit
Now nuns never ever wipe their arse
So the priesthood can lick it

Doodah doodah day
Jesus Christ was really gay
Twelve disciples liked to follow him
And with his bum they had their way

Doodah doodah day
They’ll be a second coming one day
The nuns wear the candles down
In the hope Jesus might turn the other way
Take eat for this is my body
Did no one ever point it out to them that their symbols are quite dodgy

The forge

Strike whilst the iron is hot
Molten metal from the furnace
Forge the blade in adolescence
Sharpen will around pubescence

The hand that stays, off time regrets
Conflict never in conclusion
A kindness knowing
In youths revolution

Grip the ingot in the tongs
Beat the pattern weld
To right the wrongs
Grind an edge upon the stone

Childhood lost to foul abuse
May face life asking what’s the use
But we have no choice but to go on
Finding legs that will stand strong

Trial by combat
That’s what they taught
To slay the shadows
To be fought
Stretched in darkness through each day
Best strike now, the worse waylay

Hamlet syndrome
Vengeance left ever wanting
Who mentors fire
A good will hunting?
The apple never falls
Far from the tree
Be sure your foes
Will condemn thee

Growing up
Coming of age
Some words are better left unsaid
As ink dries like falling tears
Counting the cost of the lost years
Better to get it over
From the start
Than recall lost chance
With ageing heart

Remember there is understanding
To redeem the youthful folly
Kinder to make the kill
Than be cast in role of the ill
Proclaiming a kind of natural justice
Upon the embers burning page
Still the candles light
Reflects the flames of rage

The toll

A life of struggle
And of pain
Too much hardship
And they’ll label you insane

I’m not built their way
They like cooperation
I don’t believe in them
And I certainly don’t trust

I’ve never been a follower
They want the teens to search
For things not there
So they can direct

All I want from life
Is creature comfort
I’m too old to believe in dreams
Nor Buy the next line that they sell

All the time they use that longing
How we all like to feel
Sense of belonging
With it, they seek control

So rebellious, in my role
Not seeking answers
But Security to fill a hole
There really isn’t much
To their claims of soul
Life weighs heavy
The hard knocks take there toll


Our rightful masters
Want us down on our knees
That’s why they made religion
So we’d serve submissively

They wove the stories
With common symbols
Baited the hook
To promote their fictions

Big knobs and lords
The seat of a bishop
Directing lives
With feigned virtue

No one knows all the answers
We all fear to die
Those who’d control us
Sitting holy there on high
Above us all
With all they buy

Tell me a bedtime fable
Hypocrisy, their bed of vice
They're so rich
They can afford to look so nice

Divisive with their society
They talk a good game
Serve your community
But the sentiments just lame
Indoctrination for your kids
His Masters Voice might do you in
You’ll never know the freedoms
That they’ve got
Crumbs from their table
All we see of opportunity
We’re just down dumbed
They own the lot


There’s no corruption
I hear them say
So why do rich criminals
Get in my way

My life story
It seems to me
Could not be so
Without foul play

I have rights
That have been denied
That takes other people
To decide

The penguins not so far away
Runs a nightclub
Where the youth will dance and play
Irons in so many fires
Inflated egos
Never retire

Who owns a football club?
A record label ?
Shares with all the bosses
In Hard Rock Cafe ?
Just as well their partners
Know me too
A few jobs I’ve done
They know I’m true

My uncle produced pills for them
Sold at their gigs,
I’ve met their thugs
Hired hands known to rape
All on drugs
Their are those who lost their fingers
Some are dead
Organised crime across the city
They say they show respect

Kept me homeless half my life
They say I’ve self pity
Sexual compulsives
On the ponce
Drug dealers
That I met once
There’s no corruption so they say
They payroll politicians
Just who gets in my way?


Hot tears that flow like old wine
Matured in the casket
Their ebb concerto strings
Welling up
As they water tomorrows seeds
That gently push at the soil
To raise leaves towards the spring
New shoots that strain for the light
To reach upward for the sun
This I witness, as growth
Warm heart that hears soft words
For which I truly thirst
Ever struggling not to turn away
From the cleansing showers
Like bathing in fresh hope
The tide that turns around
Catharsis , heart, not drowned
When I turn to the mirror
And see myself
As if reflected in your eyes
I’m still standing
And know why I am heard

Uncle Fester (St. Arvans)

Uncle fester
He’s the alliance and Leicester
Don’t tell the kids
That means child molester

I hear he wears fila
Cos he’s the kiddy fiddler
A puddle file
A long time piddler

He’s been up all night
Watching electric blue
Clicks on all the banners
Wanting to look at you

Hangs round the play park
Says he likes to swing
We’ve got a long rope
A noose would fit him

Uncle fester
The alliance and Leicester
The kids don’t sit on his lap
Cos he’s a child molester

Uncle fester
Put him on the list
Pinned to a church door
Kids just show him a fist

An alliance and Leicester
The child molester
Give him rat poison
He’s that uncle fester
Put him in a box
Cos he shows girls his cock
Keep calm and kill nonces,
By the way I also don’t like those ponces !


They conditioned me not to cry
When they slammed my fingers in the door
Whipped me with nettles without a tear
Held me under water in the bath
Till my lungs burned to take a breath
Of the sexual abuse I think I’ll pass
And leave it to your imagination

Story time when they came to my bed
A different character for each assault
Raised to hate
It’s all they taught
Forever selling off
Every gift they got
Chinese burns
Is that all they’ve got?
A break from worse
With some relief

They took me out for all to see
Keeping up appearances,
Divorced from homes reality
They wore a suit to go down the school
Parents evenings for all to fool

Shit and blood
On the towel
All to prove they had the power
Frightening children with their god
I’d be off to hell if I talked

By aged ten I took a mortal blow
A cracked skull
An embarrassment
To them that’s all it meant
Pretending everything was fine
For fuck sake
I nearly died

Too much of their emotional abuse
They said my absent mother was a whore
That she was dead, what’s the use?
A past on which they closed that door
I remember blood blisters on my hands
That was as an infant
How they tore my ear
Ripped from the side of my head

So forgive me if I cannot trust
That people are not my favourite animals
I awake in the night with tears and rage
Thirty years of therapy
And still stuck on the same page
Trauma never really heals
How do you think it really feels
Forgive, forget?
It’s all out war
I can’t forget the things I saw#
You think all that's just inside my head?
Why wouldn't I want to see them dead

Sutton Hoo Helmet

The crown wears heavy
Like the helm of the gods
A two headed serpent
Goes over the scalp
Teeth bare for battle
Thirsting for blood
Snarling mouth of the frenzy
Shape changers rough shod

The mask of death
Worn on the face
A wyvern flies north
The Royal of mace
Spears raised by berserkers
Stallions hearts race

Two boar show their tusks
Ready to thrust
The blade raised aloft
Weapon of the just
Joined in the dance
Wolfskin with blood lust

Garnet adorned
Gleaming from gold
One eye in wisdom
Bright bridge of the old
Scarlet as a ruby
Red rain of the flood

The rites of the royal
The ship that sets sail
On eternities winds
True north without fail
Handing rudder to kin
An unending line

The Anglo Saxons
All who stand proud
The way of kings
To burial mound
The Sutton Hoo finds
That times growing late
To herald new beginnings
With horn of fate


The worse case scenario
Animals in a zoo
Locked up in cages
With bars to see through

The next best thing
Slaves in a chain gang
That offered up hymns
Spirits raised as they sang

The best of all worlds
To be really free
Do what we want
Have whatever we see

Shooting stars seek new heights
Looking for the next line
Simulates peak experiences
One bag at a time

Those knowing despair
Now with comforts once rare
Still so unfair
In the hardship they bare

Creature comforts fulfilled
Surrogate friends
Seeking for pleasure
The entertainment soon ends
Who did you bed last night?
Your heart to defend

Remember they’ve cages
Kept under glass
No reason to be there
Sat on your arse

A feathered nest
And the means to create
I can think of a better life
But for now, it’s just great
Days spent in leisure
Memory of the hate
But if tomorrow’s the same
I’ll resign to this fate

Heart Strings

You’re pulling on my heart strings
Please don’t pull so hard
Remember as you’re tugging
Love can be a trump card

Like guitar strings resonating
You strike a chord with me
But please don’t strum too hard
They’ve already broken what you see

Like a ball of twine unravels
I feel it as you pull
It could be soft and warm
Just like knitted wool

You’re pulling at my heart strings
But it’s been broken before
Sitting by myself
Behind a locked door

They say that some build walls
That others are just hearts of glass
If you want to posses me
I think I’d rather pass

Just like spun sugar
Fragile strings of the heart
If I let you in
I would never want to part

I’ve felt this pull before
And when the story unravels
There might be nothing left
Of the sentiment this carries
Please don’t tug too hard
I need space but don’t you tarry
You’re pulling on my heart strings
That’s why some people marry

Hot shot

Sharpening lances to a point
On a box of swan vesta
Preparing a hot shot
They must be alliance and Leicester

Clucking like a chicken
They’re going cold turkey
Chill out in a cell
You know it won’t hurt me

Somewhere naked lunch
Like sausage and backed beans
Served up in detention
Is that how you got clean?

Back with the punks
Sharp point to a needle
Out on the streets
Town crying from a beadle

They’re the big shot
Is that all they’ve got?
Must be uncle fester
Pinned by a hot shot

We play the hand we’ve got
You know I want the lot
Shirt from you’re back
Hunchbacks carry sacks
Remembering The End
This is a Valentine I’ll never send

Fatal beauty
Loaded in a gun
You won’t see the point
But it’s going to make you run
Riders on the storm
This battle you begun


No one remembers
Tender loving care
When we shared a bed
Where no one else would dare

A virus flowing in your veins
Talk of disease
Somehow never on your lips
But forever on your mind

A sky blue suit
A gift of a slow hand
Paying a carer
To load the bullet in the gun

The final act
An inspector calls
An overdose
Mercy in the fall
It’s a sin
Of course it’s really not

Some live with pain
No thought for suffering
But the tender touch
Gave freely releasing
The lighthouse spotlight
For the curtain call

I sat and waited for the prompt
Needle concealed
Ready for the arm
I count the cost
Noble oblige
A final bow in the closing act
What could be the harm?

Sweet revenge

Vengeance chokes
A dish best served cold
Sat in the cell block
Growing old

Blood feud bitter
Ever in my thoughts
Sharpening knives
A taste for it, that they taught

Instilled from birth
The power struggle
Their generation
Barb wire kisses cuddle

The embers of a rage
That the system tried to assuage
Fuel to the fire
Until the funeral pyre

Black smoke rises
Dancing fire flies
What they taught of manhood
All just lies

So I sit with a knot
That twists the heart
It’s not forgot
I make it art

No forgiveness for the meek
All they want is servants weak
Knuckles white
From shackled fists
A curse on them
That made this fight

Devil whispers on the shoulder
I turn away
I cannot win
Catch 22
Where to begin?

Now with wisdom
Getting older
That speaks of those tempted
Ever bolder
But for the cell block
Growing colder.


New wine in old caskets
Bittersweet blood on lip
Raising fists for battle
Conflicts forever missed

To pour a draft
A roast in hellfire
Forever in the club
Devils own, never retire

The cloven foot
Drowning the dog
A shadow forever cast
And yet they speak of gods

To raise like the grail
The poison cup
Cast them down again
Inferno for to sup

The scent of brimstone
The bale fired
Drunk on the blood of enemies
To raise the spirits higher

Sat on the wuthering shore
Home by the sea
A tin mans plague of ghosts
Skull bleached with which I toast


I try to make a meaning of each day
Someone else gets in the way
Still I struggle to take an aim
To unleash my arrow ever true
Although it’s really quite absurd
They move the target every time I let loose

I may fall short
In the eyes of some
I notch my bow
And shoot again

Wars take years
There’s many a battle
My limbs are tort
Strained by past failure

Age brings wisdom
Or so they say
No more direction
From another’s way

I wake to the sunrise
At the break of day
The quest begins
Live with intent
Creating meaning
From the ashes of the past

The good?

The good guys don’t always win
You may wonder where’s the cavalry?
No redemption, no meaning
An empty heart left in the cold

When I was young I thought us friends
But as I grew it came to an end
I saw corruption and had false hopes
Shattered like a breaking glass

They said they’d always be by my side
That truth and justice were my guiding light
Taught me to be honest about everything
They took me for a ride and did me in

The good guys don’t always win
The dreams of youth meant everything
But I grew up and saw reality
Was not so great as they made out
The heroes fakes
Everyone sells out for a price

I watch the TV as spotlights fade
Love grows old, my hair to grey
I knock upon each closing door
My heart sinks more each coming day
All I see are cover ups
Dirt swept under the carpet on which I thought to fly

The good guys don’t always win
Criminals are free, living a lie
I never knew I would despair
As I grow older, I fail to see the point

I carry on from day to day
A passion burns inside my chest
But others try to tame the fires
It’s not how they tell it in the books
I know if I was back out on the street
You would not give me a second look

Pro noblem

Cut welfare for the poor
That is the wigs law
The wolf still at the door
Call us skivers not the thrivers
But the working class are born survivors

The treasury still rich
There’s still diamonds for the crown
Spread the wealth around
They say that life’s a bitch
Don’t grind the people down

A noble savage
The Englishman his castle
Don’t forget the town militia
Have their own armoury

They want a civil war
Steal food from the poor
Fat cats on the take
Class conflicts all they make

With passions that are wild
Spare thoughts for the hungry child
They’d see us in the food banks
Grateful sheep bleating our thanks

Demonise the welfare state
It’s why the serf will hate
The shit that floats atop
The big nobs that own the shops
Recall there is king mob
Imposed recession for to stop

Long nights

Could I lighten your evening
Like a candles burning flame
Warming into the night
Light your way again?

Shielding from the storm
Through winters deep freeze
Keep your shoulders warm
Like the soft touch of a Kashmir

I could fluff your pillow
The feathers of the down
Rest your weary head
Stroke your hair from your neck

Could I fill your nights with sensation
Freshly cut flowers
A little squeeze of lemon
Touch of warm honey in a brew?

Sweetness for your lips
Gentle caress upon your tongue
Stirring your senses
To keep love ever young

Add the evenings spice
A stick of cinnamon
As the scented candle
Drips with tears of joy
At your alter I would worship
With this scented caress

Iron ore

‘Real men’ grind the millstone
By the weekend they’ll be drunk
Call stepford wives bitches
Sometimes they’re struck

Protecting their fathers
And lies that they told
They say do not judge
The ones that are old

Generals build walls
Polishing medals
Shadowing goats
A narrative pedal

Make an example
The hero in battle
Keep them excluded
Out to pasture like cattle

Sometimes high hopes
Are crushed to reveal
That those following dreams
Do not live in the real

Wrecks by the roadside
Beggars to passers by
The hunchback their mask
Whilst the lonely will cry

They’ll make out it’s fair
That you had half a chance
Remember the waltz
The embrace lost to the dance
The walrus, the judge
Innocence to begrudge

No morals to stories
That they uplift
Draining the youths
Of all their gifts
Those craving roles
Those that we’d list

They say that their just boys
So they puff out their chests
Youth growing beards
No crimes to confess
Duly exploited
Give it up, take a rest?

Old glory

They tell the children of glory
Battles they won
Wounded knees of the warriors
Bowing down to imperial song

Enjoy the journey
A magical mystery tour
Fake profiles from searches
Every site you’ve been on

Hypnotised minds
Encouraged to kill
Put in the frame
Prophecy to fulfil
Pathways to follow
Till they can portray you as ill

The 'man' in the arena
Real men pull up their socks
Bleeding hearts who have forgotten
Why they act out the lot

It’s no real enigma
How they direct
Try not to listen
To the words that are sent

We all bow down
To the crown and the priest
But it’s autosuggestion
Sometimes the great are the least
Nursery rhymes
Implant fears of the beast

So they sell us a story
And everyone agrees
It’s all for the best
That we stoop to our knees
Could someone point out
The price of belief
A culture that’s broken
Where children still scream

Love hate!

Love and hate
Do you choose a side?
A taste for blood
The scars don’t hide

A missing piece
What to decide
A love affair
Or a battle cry?

When I look back
Upon my life
The fire in the belly
Heated my heart

Something missing
No guiding light
Another kiss?
Looks like a fight

Some say love
Is all It takes
But another battle
My life could make
Like roselyn road
My fist weren’t fake

The anger burns
You think I’ve gone soft
Back to the water
Melting like tears?
I’m no fool
Some wars take years

The ward

Another bitter pill
Like Ritalin
Do you suppose
They suppress your thoughts

They hypnotise
Blank our minds
Feed us on lies
Plasticine pingu
The lion king

Parenting skills
Just what went wrong?
In the all together
Sing the same old song
Did they seek a scapegoat?
Did someone offer a deal?

Put in a unit
They’ll tell you it was not them
No matter how long
You had statement of special needs
Who came to the rescue?
The heart that bleeds

The schools couldn’t cope
Why do you think you acted out?
Wrongs someone encouraged
What was that all about?
I wonder if you remember me
Or just a story, a line they feed

You were disturbed
By your fathers hits
Your grandparents
Controlling shit
Your mother was
Compulsive with sex
It can be assumed
You were their victim
I put you in
I have no guilt


An inspector calls
Ever working the blind
I did a dance
Whilst they picked your minds

The weimaraner in a deal
Directors box of tricks
Drug dealers on the scene
My broken dreams

A look a like
It doesn’t work
You can take a hike

Mud was thrown
I took a bullet
Your childhoods smiles
To protect
A nest of vipers
My hand reached in

Love is a tangle
A complex web
Monsters under the bed
Last words I said

I did not think you’d remember
Because they wiped your mind
I went in on them
I’m not their kind
The fallen Madonna
A portrait signed
Look on their faces
Pale on heroin

My heart beats proud
Inside my chest
The one you forgot
That met the test
You don’t know it
But you were blessed


The importance of being idle
Don’t over fill each day
If you want some inspiration
Don’t let other things get in the way

Make room for a nap
As Sleeping dogs lay
Don’t think over much
Of what you’ll next say

There are censors in our heads
Who always want to edit
Stand by your own words
Even when no one seems to get it

The importance of being idle
Foot massage of a morning
A little relaxation
Just as the day is dawning
In my wake up routine
There’s time for tai chi and a game of chess

The more I lay about
The more I get things done
Not too keen on stress
A little walk, no need to run

Don’t over extend
When you stretch your limbs
Plenty of time for growth
Slow expansion, seeds begin
Reaching ever upward
Shoots that seek the light
No need to be in a hurry
It’s a marathon seeking for new heights

Abergavenny (Scotish Orders- are they still leaving after all these years talk?)

There was an old woman from Abergavenny 
Who had a problem spending a penny
Her purse was so tight
Or that’s what she said
That just hearing a tinkle does in her head
She went for a drink at benny and jerry
And after someone else got in a few cokes she was quite merry
She went to the toilets to have a see
And found after a few pints she was quite free
Scots are all tight so get in a round
No one know's what she'll do for a pound
That’s the story of the woman from Abergavenny 
Who was too tight to spend a penny 


Come out from isolation
Are you cooperating yet?
Tired of the oxygen tent
And self reference on TV?

Technological disease
There’s plagues, and even floods
The forests keep on burning
So many acts for their fake god

Find another programme
Thoughts coming in a loop
Why don’t you try another door
In the architects labyrinth

Statues for replacement
Painting roses red
By the time you grow up
You’ll be ready to be dead
Pushing at your buttons
Are they inside your head

Boys to men
Imprinted porn upon your brain
Until you’re a whore to contract
The same old lies again
They’ll play on paranoia
With the devil in your ear

Buy the morning papers
Be sure to check your facts
Cultists selling books
Krishna not coming back
Be sure to fight good causes
Can your grandma suck an egg?

The lord of light
On fibre optic
Public records bring them to their knees
Playing at being DJ
Do you believe just what you’re fed
Politicians claim they’re all one team
Plants in another chat room
As they aggregate your dreams

Wild hogs (Soul reminded me of Dumpys Rusty Nuts! Boxhill)

Rage my wild boar
To glory pigs of war
With tusks for spears
The hogs of fear

Glory pigs of war
Wild dance is the law
Untamed warriors
The wildest of boars

Out in the green
Night manoeuvres unseen
Tusks on flesh fed
Descend for blood shed

Rage my wild boars
Glory pigs of war
Armoured warriors
As one the hogs roar

Glory pigs of war
The wild know no law
Blood rains like tears
Our tusks thrust like spears

Rage my wild boars
Know just this one law
The green man is for
To glory, wild hogs of war


The serpent coils
The hooded eyes
Venom concealing in that look
Baiting a poison hook

Vipers lies
Houri to temptations
To flirt with danger
Where I would never dance

The moth to the flame
Or so they thought

My wings don’t burn
Think on inferno

The infernal
Forever damned
Toy with the unforgiving
Courting only the grave

The dagger hid
Blade on the voice
Weaving a bitter spell
Those who fear for hell

The bonds that chain
Do not entice
Ever condemned
To only vice
Mind your tongue
You could OD
As I waive
My wand
A poison pen

A karmic return
Bitter tears
Heart of stone
Cold in the incision
Cut off the snakes head
Words that condemn
And still my laughter
You’ll hear it in the end


The Vienna nights
Lost in a waltz
A frozen moment
With a silent poise

She reminds me in her dress
Of the line you cut
Of your feet in golden shoes
Plié to my applause
Etched forever on my mind

The strings of the harp
Like the heart you plucked
Grey skies turn to turquoise
Gilded statues to sunrise
A buddha serene smile

How I long for you to melt
Fondu, into waiting arms
The tremble of the lips
Raised to thirsting eyes
A bouquet, springs surprise

The conductors baton raised
Pulsing with genteel rhythm
Each section on point
As they ride notes of the score
Ears opening minds doors
Goodbye Vienna
Columbine, my little dove

I recall the turn of your cheek
As you look away
But I know your eyes
Ever conceal your true intent
I reach a hand for you
But the moments lost
In your pirouette

Still I struggle
With the words
To draw you to
An encore
To Stoke your hair
So gently
That I weep
The wheels that come to turn
On the awaiting carriage
Seasons come and go,
Yet never the memory of your eyes

Black narcissus

Black narcissus
Fleur du mal
Your own reflection
A sacred cow

Flowers of evil
With hells scent
Poison perfume
Brimstone leant

On the altar of your jealousy
Your crucifixion
A fevers kiss
Wanton as reddest lipstick

Black narcissus
Your crimson veil of tears
Wrenched by lust
Consumed by fears

With bowed head
Upon shamed knees
Pray that no one
Your secret sees

Black narcissus
Fleur du mal
Reflect upon
Your cursed sins now

Black narcissus
Sacred cow
The death bell
The mountains deep
How for innocence
You long and weep
Your cold reflections
Fleur du mal

Blue balled

I fell in love
Is that a crime?
She kept me waiting
Stood in line
I want some love
It’s about that time
But of it, from her
I get no sign

I’ve been blue balled
Holding my own
Wanting it all
But distance has grown
Pass me a tissue
Whilst I moan
So much for passion
All I gets a groan

I don’t fall too often
And that’s a fact
I had high hopes
They’re not coming back
An empty bed
Thoughts of her fill my head
But that was yesterday
That light is dead

I jingle my bell end
As I hold my own
Strung along all that time
Like fairy lights
That flick out
Icicle for a tear
And she's not here
Blue Baubles
Lonely hang from the tree

I fell in love
But they hold to another
Just a cheap thrill
Second hand lover
I’ve been blue balled
Left out in the cold
Can’t write their name
This stories old
All I get’s sarcasm
And memory of the lies she told


From the spire of st martins
To the bells of shoreditch
Silent in mourning
The poor as the rich

Humble beginnings
For her starlight
English rose to the camera
After wartime’s long fight

Keep calm and carry on
A little bit of a minx
British spirits never knowing defeat
Adored throughout London’s streets

A bra of wonder
Just a little bit camp
Icon of our humour
Making her stamp

So many hearts touched
Blessed with the laughter
What a gift to us all
One crown to the call

From Covent Garden
Around St. Paul’s
Pearly queens
Fruit barrow boys recalled
Now I could drink a hogs head of ale
But still the shadow of grief would not pale

What words could express
The depth of the loss
Dame Barbara above all
The Windsor’s the boss

We’ll remember with joy
As we have a little cry
Over the eastends barmaid
Ruling like a Queen
whose memory will not die
A national treasure
A golden age never fading from sight
Touching us all with her star light

Bright new tomorrow

I guess we never saw eye to eye
And I guess we never will
You prejudge with what you hear
A profile that you fear

You say I have no role
In your games without frontiers
You play me like a bloody fool
It’s gone on all these years

Defending the meek
Or so you claim
I see a trail of guilt
Intelligence falsely claimed
To fit me in your frame

I see through a mask
Back to the casting couch
It’s always ever been an act
False witness at my back
Projection of your fear
I ask what is it you think you prevent?

If I had a choice
Back to the need for power
Your network dominates
Bombers on the underground
Concealing how you’re in a team
As you seek to expand your power base

I want the truth
But I’m never the debriefed
Always the Mexican standoff
What do you protect
My liberty?
Dividing for to conquer
As they build a vision to contain
Wanting to be in on the act

You think you can tell what’s real?
Shedding a forlorn tear
No guilt of mine to confess
In their cursed passion play
Any port in a storm
As I think it over
Indiscreet, assuming it goes over my head
Another contradiction to fake
And still I’m sitting on my own


Torn now
Like the flesh of fading scars
You look away
In your eyes I remember there are stars

Torn now
Like fragile silk of wings
Of butterflies
Lost to the tempest winds

Torn like
Lost loves photograph
Holding on too tight
Yours the epitaph

Too much
It seems to me that I must give
A bed you lie in
I guess with that I’ll have to live

Blood soaks
Like a guilt stained tear
The burned flesh
Silent screams I hear

Torn hopes
My heart can see you clearer now
I cannot turn from this fate
I would tend to your wounds
But i don’t even know how

Torn flesh
Bruised, childhood on it’s knees
The heart longs for you
Do you not really see?


To kiss away the bruises
Sunk deep in the heart
I think I see through to your childhood
At least I’ve made a start

Wounds that beg
For gentle caress
I still see you
In ways I seek to confess

Scars deep
I want to reach you there
Warm and soft
Just like the brush of horses hair
Sable paints a picture
That says I really care

Life’s long
We all make our own mistakes
I put up a wall
When with subterfuge you fake
I look on the flesh
Torn, that I will not forsake

I would hold you
Safely from the flame
My heart rages
In ways you only tame

I bend down on my knees
To caress those wounds
That make my heart bleed
Like screams from the childhoods years
That make me want
To drink of you
As I kiss away your tears


The salmon swimming up stream
All following one dream
White water to resist
Thinking of a mate, their bliss

Ripples on the mirror
At the edge of the burn
Fast moving down the mountains
Breeding grounds forever learned

The seas of home are swollen
With the schools of fish
Hands that tickle belly
To deliver to the dish

The salmons course is upstream
To where they’ll lay their eggs
Caviar for silver spoons
As we find our legs

Onwards, ever upwards
To the breeding grounds
We’ll buy from the fish monger
They sell us pound for pound

The salmon swim upstream
All following one dream
Strong against resistance
The fisheries that teem

New Song

There’s a new song for you to be singing
And it’s full of a new hope to be bringing
There close out to the edge
Within the grasp of things that they have pledged
New words poised on your lips
And it’s time that you got a grip

There’s changes that they are bringing
This could mark a new kind of beginning
Town criers bells that are ringing
And this is the song you’ll be singing
Time now for liberty
The past that’s provided the key
A new world for us all to see

There’s a new song for you to be singing
The winds of change that now are bringing
Just like a new beginning
Hands that reach for the light
Never conceding the fight
There on the tip of your lips
New words from your tongue to drip

There’s a change that every ones feeling
A new hope that it is bringing
There beyond border lines
Opening up peoples minds
No more thought of disease
No longer brought down to our knees
How we can make our own laws
A way to open boundaries doors

There’s a new song that they’ll be singing
A new deal for them to be bringing
You see it’s a wide wild world
New opportunity that can unfurl
It may seem that the roads over long
But there’s hope there in a new song
You see we can find liberty
And all nations as one could be free.

Sovereign powers for them to grant
To be empowered to do what others cant
The tears and fears that are real
It’s new, how else could we feel
But it’s time for the new deal.

Give and take

Would you take them from them?
Is that the biggest crime
Seeking to conceal intentions
In another line

The magpie gather
And you know it’s two for joy
You might see them flying
Like a child’s drone toy

Do they fear the loss?
Of a bloom waiting to be plucked
Some take a chance on love
When they haven’t known much luck

The strings in tune
As the bow slides across
Would it be your loss?

Would I take from them?
Would that be a crime?
To be in the presence
With a hope sublime

I might say I’d share
But want to catch you as you fall
It’s about emotion
And I want it all
If you give, I’d take
But the sentiments not fake
I’d also give
As good as i take


Memory of things past
The shadow of fugue
What sticks in the mind
Are other people at their worse

Pallid as dementia
Leaving the tip of the iceberg
Whilst deep down below
Recollections slowly melt away

Consciousness cloudy
Like a deep fog
Recalling pain
Not the hugs from the dog

Trauma marks the map
Clusters like knots
Encoded together
Conflation of the similar
Scars like fossils
Tattooed on the mind

Sand castle flags
And melting ice cream drips
Like a tear down the wafer cornet
Moistening brittle cone
Peripatetic journeys
Wandering abroad

For all of the suffering
I might long for Alzheimer’s
But the few peaks to the troughs
Shine light on glad days
It’s not so much rehearsal
As loops kept on repeat

Free from the web
Of the splinters and cracks
That remind of the damage
And the years spent in lack
Like swingball in the garden
It keeps coming around
Days I’d rather forget
But they keep coming back


The prima-ballerina
Takes to centre stage
Their aura in the spotlight
Debut lead of Roman Holiday

There are stars that burn out
There are those that shoot to the top
But few become an icon
A super star whose light will never stop

Wounds deep from the beginning
The Iron Eagle spread its wings
Casting the axis shadow
Fascists sought to rule with one ring

The nazi occupation
Lives spent living underground
Safely ensconced within a cellar
Secret messages in a ballet shoe

Bread made from tulip petals
Famine to survive the war
The dance for liberation
Broken wings that still take flight

Broadway provides the first break
A test to win her part
Gigi transition to the screen role
Rags to riches, reveals a swan

The studio system
Reminds of the golden age
Adored of almond eyes
A form that cut the finest line

Fragile, statuesque in her couture
Simplicity to beauty’s form
Artist of love
Childhood alone

Moon river, cafe society
Ever seeking to belong
Eternal touch of class
Free spirits living out a song

Incandescent in her freedom
Heads turn wherever they go
A pin up takes the culture
Beyond anything we’d known

The affections of success
For the girl next door
With the lyrics dubbed
Shy, in vulnerability
My Fair Lady to transform

The heart that ever feels the absence
Craving forever more
Never feeling loves completion
Always seeking the next encore

Curiosity, ever insecure
The lack, an anxiety
Forever the abandoned
Left lonely by cold tears
The heart never meeting expectation
No one could ever be enough

The leading lady to be a mother
The most important role
No thought for sacrifice
How her own childhood took it’s toll
Love given without condition
Family that called to her soul

Ill fateful, the unfaithful
No thought of loyalty
Undermined at the foundations
A prisoner in a gilded cage
Pursued by the camera
Paparazzo at her heels

Traumatised in the miscarriage
The expectant mothers tear
For the empty nest
Sadness felt through all her years
Quietness, for her retreat
Relaxed dreams to know there calm

Retiring to the garden
To find an inner peace
Gifts to lavish, charity
Just to be safe in who she was
Ambassador to the children
Red Cross , the message liberty

An advocate on a mission
UNICEF her greatest role
Starving mouths forever hunger
Her commitment always from the soul
A rage at all that’s lacking
A heart gives to feel it’s whole

Suffering to find resolution
Hold compassion ever dear
Humanitarian to the last
The disadvantaged offering her tears
Perhaps finding there completion
In the giving of her final years
Timeless in inspiration
A superstar, loves light to others shone


I wash my hands in icy water
Where frozen footprints show the way
Proud people and ancestors
That trod white lands now winters day
I wash my hands
You see the water
Blood to cleanse
Oil slick from others lands
I taste my fingers
Warm as tears
At the poison from the wastelands years
We consume
Just like the fire
Smoke rising, blocks out the sun
Greed hollows out our bellies
We never walk together
When all we do is run
I wash my hands in the water
Tears of mothers
Pooling at my feet
This could be the longest shadow
Climate change
Warning of defeat
I wash my hands
But not of the water
That quenches a parched thirst
Ever mindful of the seasons
How the ice caps are where we see if first
Hands touched
How I long to hold her
Forever in my heart
Hands raised in fists
That will defend her
Hands that would trace her tears
I look on glaciers melting
The freeze rising in my chest
I wash my hands within the water
That caresses the same mouth
Waters that flow towards her
Waters that pass from me to you
Waters washing hands of all the evil
That reaches out double dealing hands
I wash my hands before I partake
Of food with which I’m blessed
Waters, like the blood
Beating fiercely in my chest
I wash my hands after the battle
Hands that very rarely rest
The hands that would try to hold her
In a sure embrace
I wash my hands of so much trouble
I wash hands in togetherness


There’s always a problem
This problems plain to see
If I feel I’ve upset you
It brings me to my knees
I never meant
For it to go this far
But I opened my heart
Because you bring me calm
It’s a bit of a problem
As anyone can see
I never meant to cause no harm
I came knocking at your door
And when you let me in
My spirit soared
Always a problem
Because you touched my heart
And I don’t usually fall
Quite so hard
The problem is
It’s no problem at all
When I sit with you
Answering the call
I’m scared to tell you how I feel
Welling up, the tears are real

Fucking mad

So they’ve labelled you mad
What do you do now?
There’s a social stigma
You’re no longer one of the lads

Will anyone employ you
Once they hit you with ‘crazy’?
Meanwhile the worker bees
All act like you’re lazy

Tell me I’m crazy
What shall I do now?
It’s a word of power
Down to doctors you will bow

Is life at an end?
Have they decided your fate?
As if you’ve no future
That madness has dawned on you late

They say I must be mad
So they offer no supports
No mechanisms to rehabilitate
The guys are no longer my mates

‘You must be fucking mad’
But what shall we do now?
You see the psychiatric system
Is more like their sacred cow

The end of the road
When you’ve only just begun
You see its really crazy
Without their medication I’m just fine

They cut off opportunity
Try to restrict me with controls
It’s all fucking mad
They do it to anyone they can


Do you believe in magic?
A spell to find love?
Anointing a candle
You may as well stick it up your bum

They tell of words of power
Incantations sell
Buy another one of their lousy books
The secret they will tell

Kept forever in the dark
Covens of mystery
Pulling at your leash
An occult history

Publishers make money
Taking you for a ride
It’s written in the tarot
From your fate you cannot hide

Tell us all a story
Skeptics should decide
It’s all a load of fantasy
Reality denied

It’s a load of bullshit
Just like astrology
All you ever need to know
Could be printed on a matchbox
There are no magic powers
For fucks sake, live life free

Do me in

They want to do you in for life
Can’t you see your destiny
Just admit you’re insane
Let someone else take the lead

There must be something wrong
It must be with your brain
Perhaps you’d like a transplant
Or to live your life again

Too late, you’ll see the lies
Deception of actors on the trail
They say there are few to walk the path
But their guides say they never fail

Surveyors of the landscape
Architects make roads
No point looking for a sign
They don’t have much of a code

There are those within a role
The wage packet always full
They think they’re selling soul
But all they offer is a bag of wool

Admit to your wrongs
Aren’t you full of guilt?
If you’re really not
Psychopaths get bitter pills

They keep rewriting the scripts
A prophecy self fulfilled
Did you believe their stories
When they said your tongue could kill?

So I’m fed another contradiction
As if I don’t know my own mind
They sell lies of integration
But I’m not the one that’s all that blind

They want to paint a picture
To put you in the frame
But they’re only forgers
Set the unwary up again

You might seek for answers
But they’ve nothing much to give
They never explain themselves
It’s best if you just live

Condemned to insanity
Swallow the bitter pill
You see we’re all on our own
There’s a way if you’ve the will

There’s a thousand voices
To tell you what to think
But it all comes down to one thing
Their ideology always really stinks

Lion Tamers

Can you even take a photograph
When you’re dancing with lions?
Where they try to pluck sore thorns from their paws
Like the ache soothed by Androcles

Stroking their manes
Avoiding their claws
Heads inside the mouths
Waltzing proud with the lions

In the belly of the beast
As if swallowed by the whale
Inside, the ribs and the guts
The stench of the cage
Deep in the breast
A suppressed rage

You never can tell
Who is a dancer
And who a caged animal
When you’re inside a prison
And left to fend off the lions

They might be man eaters
They might say they lit fires
They bring in the ones to tell lies
Faint hearts that cooperate
Behind cold steel bars
There are many
Who bow down to scrape

The pride of a lion
Lives ever in it’s chest
You could find a heart too
If you survive the tests
They can never really tame
The fire that burns in the breast

Dancing in circles
Till they free you from the cage
For years, a dimmed rage.
But who were the dancers
And who the lion come of age?
Now I sharpen a claw
To scratch words on the page.


Do not adjust your TV
PMq’s has been redirected
Wearing digital masks
Mickey Mouse has taken over

Invasion of the body snatchers
Limited in their script
They’ve not discussed business
For the government in six years!

Brexit, COVID, is it all the same?
Localised reception must be playing games
It’s all goo goo and gaga
My feed sells shangrila
I want an inoculation
And I want it now!

Somewhere over the rainbow
Lead me up the garden path
At least I’m not on zoom
Production levels looking like their arse

The vertical hold’s off balance
I hear static to my ears
In the old days they called it feedback
Tinnitus all I hear
Just imunise me
There's nothing much to fear

Doris Day is now in government
They’ve taken over PMq’s
I heckled the prime minister
And my echo was heard there in the house
It’s not quite alien technology
At least Pluto’s not on the leg of Mini Mouse
Doris says it’s only a little prick
So make sure you’re vaccinated


When I’m not ‘thee’ing
And ‘thou’ing
I also like fluffing
It’s all in the rhyme
That’s what they are seeing

This much I’ll confess
I like to rip off a dress
Agent provocateur
Will be sure to impress
With what you’ve been blessed

When I’m not ‘thee’ing
And ‘thou’ing
Not so much of the bowing
A sonnet to love
Raising them high above

They slipped of the pedestal
But I caught them
In my arms in the fall
A romantic heart
Always answers the call

There’s the ‘thee’ing
The ‘though’ing
On a knee to be bowing
But at the end of the day
It’s just fluffing you up
With a troubadours’ bluff

Dark Siders

The dark side of an electronic moon
How much do you think it costs?
Production values plentiful
Passively received by you

Another TV dinner
Another breakfast late for school
The people that fit inside your box
As you provide for their mortgaged second homes

Stood proud on pedestals
No remit to be fair
You dream away the years
Accept the lies we’re fed

No time to criticise
Liquid crystals scrying glass
Filtering repeats
Stock footage seen before
Do you think that they’re your friends
Just because they talk the talk?

There’s enough in the archives
For you to telly tubby away your days
A beached whale couch potato
They’ve made it so smart it can do in your head
Another jump cut edit
An overdub for fools

The shadow play upon the cave wall
Shines from another’s fire light
Up there on your widescreens
There are people living out your dreams
I guess it could be you
But you’ll never get a break
Just paying for those mortgages
With the smiles that they can fake.


Pour warm honey
On moist lips
The taste of spring
Invitingly to drip

The smell of tulips
Drawing you in
Fresh cut flowers
Stems stroke as we begin

To take your hand
And guide it in my grip
Gently at the hip

The dance a rhythm
Matched by the heart
Your sweet kiss
A feel that makes a start

Stamens probe
Pollen on the wind
Petals open
Taking me in

The chalice raised
Of your scent to sip
Discarded worries
Your under clothes to rip


And oppress
They are the Borg
Just submit
To the network
A hive mind
All in it ‘together’
Following on blind

Power in numbers
You’re not one of the ‘men’
Stagnation’s game
Down dumbed
Cos they are all in love
With their mums

All the same
That’s what they want
Values to dictate
No ambiguity
Or room to question
Let alone defy

All in the all together
What side did you get out of bed?
If you don’t agree
Or fit in
They’ll say it’s all in your head

Revenge of the nerds
Power of the small
Flame of intellectual liberty
They can’t deal
It’s all they ever say
Another con
Just how does it feel?


Between libertarians
And the Right
‘We ignore’,
No supports to face the fight.

They’ll say
It’s just a chocolate war
That they want to bring us in
With corruptions mechanisms
They’ll say that they just sin

That’s what they say they are
As they bully and oppress
I’m really not interested
In what they think they offer
I must confess

No mans land
Between two sides
Polarised in conflict
Rumours feeding fear
If I make complaint
They just turn a deaf ear

Out in the cold
The stories that they told
I guess I must hear voices,
It can’t be gossip
In the street?

Declare another war
I’m not political
So they shut up every door
Do you think I’ve not got a right
To stand proud on my own
Who’d you call?
Corrupt police sitting on my phone?
Those invading privacy
Denying right to self expresion
Left to face the slingshots and arrows
The snipers, all alone

Mork and Mind y.

Mork calling Orson,
Mork calling Orson ,
Come in Orson.

The voice of Nicam
Radio Gaga
Wizard of Oz
The face behind the screen
Adjust me
Technophobicaly screwed

Another feed
Try not to read
Meaning between the silences
It just serves another’s greed
Activate your prayer capsules
Can you hear under water?

On a waltzer
All the same shit
Don’t go chasing rainbows
Mantra yogas spinning wheel

Radio days
Just one of the plays
Just do as they say.
Post modernism
Contradict their way

Mork calling Orson,
Mork calling Orson,
Come in Orson.

The hook

Another actress
Yet always the same scene
Played this role before
There is no mystery

Misled in a merry dance
Waltzer calling
Whispers in my ear
All I can say
Is I can cry the tears

It’s been this way
Always with your kind
Something you can’t deal with
I’m not really all that blind

Much promised
You said I’d much to gain
Hooks you sunk in
You’ll be the one I blame

You flirted
With the fateful flame
My heart burns
Here I am again

You bait your lines
To reel me in
I wonder if you realise
Just how it feels?

Another actress
Faking a cue line
I won’t be broken
By the penned tragedy this time

You see you hide an attitude
Pulling heart strings
You might call it an abuse
I try to make the most of it
But can’t help but wonder
What’s the use?


Old wounds never heal
Same old lies from you
What I’m left with
That is real

Point taken
It’s still in my head
But all they left me
Was the same empty bed

Seasons turn
Like the wheels of fate
Heart sinks
All I remember is the hate

A door once open
Now is closed
Distance grows
Not what I would have chose

Petals fall
From the wilting flower
Sell outs
Bow down to the power

Ice melts
Showing the green shoots
The frozen earth
Where hope sought to take root

Old wounds
That will never heal
All you leave me with
Is an emptiness that’s real

Heart attack

Stabbed through the heart
The shield too late
Ice grips the chest
Cold turn of fate

Spotlights have turned
Tables revolve
It wasn’t me
That was the one to sell

I can’t read you now
As I turn over the page
There’s a fire in the belly
That doesn’t tire with age

Just another one of your fools
The price I pay
Directed words
Never get my say

The knife sunk deep
For all that’s hope
Seems to be cut
Like the nooses rope

Can’t see a way
To make this work
Got no solutions
Promises shirked

Objet d’art
Cold sculpted forms
Keep me company
With a heart forlorn

Turning the blade
Sunk in my side
Just another sucker
Taken for a ride


So I trudge
From day to day
Night shadows
As colour fades to grey

No exit
No way out
Best get it over
Not sure what the hell it was about

The frosty fingers
Trace the window pain
Another winter
Cold, on my own, again

The thorn
That pricks the finger tip
Find some relief
By keeping a solid grip

Love goes
I see the pretence
Doesn’t really make much sense

Someone ran off with the cash
Same old story
No deal,
Didn’t get to keep my stash
Broken hearted
Rough trade
Just your white trash

So I’ll wander through each passing day
Try to forget
How things always get in the way
Did I even really
Get to have my say?
Words of goodbye
On tip of tongue
And yet I stay


Is it conscience
Whispers in your ear
Or just control
Shackles of fear?
As you get up to go out to work
Do you stop to count the passing years?

There are those who obey
First thoughts on their mind
Dictates their ways
Something isn’t as they say
Think of tomorrow
Don’t live just for today

Preachers claim the voice of god
A guiding light for every one
But they tell us it’s a sin
To stand on our own feet or have some fun
Nothing but dust in their cloister
They say the spirit guides
You’d be best to run

Fantasies and childhood dreams
What did you think you’d be?
Politicians talk good games
But is anybody truly free?
You want love, it’s what they feed
Ever craving to meet needs
One creed is certain
Seek liberty

They say I lack motivation
Don’t cooperate with the machine
Obedience, do as you’re told
Reminds of Milgrams
The trail gone cold
Shock the monkey
What’s your excuse?
They made me do it
The stories old


Human rights for all
Redistribution of wealth
Lifting hearts of the workforce
With material health

They say the nurses are valued?
So why not put it in their purse
They’re not the only to serve
There are some doing worse

Architects guide the builders
Measure for measure
Those serving up coffee
Should share in the treasure

A four day week
Seems to be fare
Some people have so much
It’s time that they shared

The middle classes
Think they’ve risen high up above
But with a change in the weather
We all could use us some love

Thoughts turn to Christmas
A time of giving
But the economists
Could be more forgiving

Robin Hood from the tree line
The green man is listening
The show must go on
Richie rich, sheriff serving

Not all are receiving
What they are worth
Swords that we cross
The friends of the earth

Begging your pardon
They also do serve
Those who only sit and wait
Whilst earthly powers talk fates

Who wants civil war?
The artists want more
For Tiny Tim
The working classes for him
They talk of compassion
Equality is the true passion

Human rights for us all
No one should be a slave
And we all offer respect
To the Lords who forgave
Redistribute wealth
And we’ll sing of the big nobs health


We are not masters
But guests of the planet
With mothers of invention

Managing growth
As we lower emissions
Global of mission

To give as we take
A profit of ethics
Balancing scales
Equalities justice

We are not masters
Just guests of the planet
Ice caps reflecting
Tears of the great mother
Rescuing species

Indigenous peoples
Now on the brink
Facing extremes
Now time to build bridges
Human rights
Not controls and restriction

Can we join hands together?
A family of nations
Climate change the big issue
Electric vehicles, not tissues
No more fossil fuels
The Paris agreement
Sustainable growth
To bring peace on earth


I watched a man just last night
Suck on a big one
When they came
It was out of sight
Churchmen say it’s all a sin
What’s their point?
Nothing to win
Prostrate before a sacred cow
They say they’ll save me
I don’t know how
I enjoy a bit of cock
On their knees
Heads will rock
Don’t get me wrong
I prefer pussy
But I’m versatile
They send me cookies
Watch out they try to entrap
With unripe cherry
Filtered crap
I’m no addict
But I need to keep myself
In working order
Lead in my pencil
I like your daughters
I enjoy the porn on my TV
It does no harm
I love trannies
My favourite is Khloe Kay
It doesn’t mean I’m really gay
I’m not a voyeur
But I love Natalie
Best of both worlds
Dressed to please
Tight of arse
A perfect squeeze

Wrong. Not wrong.

Wrong but not wrong
Same old song
One rule for us all
The law of the strong

Please Sir,
I’d like some more
No one playing on the fiddle
If you know the score

What’s eating you?
There are those green with envy
We offer you peas pudding
Where did you think that they sent me?

If you can’t stand the heat
Get out of the kitchen
I’ve nowhere else to go
So please stop your bitching

We don’t want you here
They don’t want you there
That is the lyrics
Of prejudiced squares

We know that you’re wrong
We know you’re not wrong
Postmodern visions
Sure to contradict
They think we’re all thick
Their stories make me sick
Wrong but not wrong
All put on the TV by the strong

Library of exile

The witness
Like the blank cell wall
Solitary in confinement
White page for a scrawl
The testimony of tears
Through the detained years
Return of the internal exile
Banished by others fears
What welcome that they gave me
On returning home
Where I sit alone
With only the pen for comfort
And the guards threaten to burn my thoughts
Suppression of truth
Like the obscured light
Only glass square bricks
To shine with illumination
On the shadow
They cast over my rights
In their false belief
It would be politic
To put me up for the fight
An empty bed
Where they kept me out of sight
And justice forever just a whore
Whose attention I could not afford
Survivals sweet release
The return to moral battle
Life forever seems a war
Ever mindful of their closed doors
This fragile space
Porcelain protected
That their hammer
Would shatter once more
Like pages of an open book
That their snarling teeth
Would rip with scorn
Empty shelves
The signs of corruption
That speak only of destruction


Tribal allegiance
Team players claim false powers
Passing the baton
To their own kind

It’s all misguided
Little groups who repeat
The same mantra
As they walk past in the street
Psychological warfare
Truth to suppress

Force of number
The ones who say they belong
Little fascists
The nazi song
Yellow peril
And the most hated blue meanies

I went for a walk
Early this day
The military already up
Getting in the way
What if they used them
In local government cover ups?

I asked the postman
If they’re had been a coup
They claim they’re all in it together
Can’t see much use in what they do
I’m a civilian
Not one of their casualty

Political divides
Lines they cross
They all bow down
Kiss up to who’s boss
Tribal colours
Kill piggy
It ain’t my crime
Before you accuse me
Take a look at yourselves


An excluding middle
Want us to be slaves
Got no class
Just hope that ‘jesus saves’

We’re just white trash
That they leave out in the road
When it’s time to collect
They’ll leave with an empty load

Political elites
Glass ceilings to protect
They don’t care about us
You’d better not forget

‘You must stay at home...
Unless you want to go out’
Country headed for a train reck
What the fuck’s it really all about?

Local governments
Turning their backs
Shit floats to the top
No friend in them, just a lack

Social mobility
But only for the chosen few
It really doesn’t make a difference
No matter what we do

They're preaching meritocracy
But you don't seem to see
That they take us for a ride
The stars only shine on your TV

Business execs
Conspire to undermine
You can never deal
For all their worthless signs
Aspirations above our standing
Peace and love?
There’s no misunderstanding

Advertising yet another fall
They don’t care about us
Never make that call
Time workers realised
The chiefs are not on our side
Pulling safety nets
From injustice try to hide

Agent provocateur

Contrarian raconteur
The agent provocateur
Flying in the face of what’s allowed
Paying no heed to the jeers of the crowd

Is everything that’s penned
Writ with just one end?
No room for devils advocate
Or spin for love through hate?

Political correction
The taste of the whips
Loyalist defection
Cloaked the dagger grips

Is all as it would seem?
In interpretation
Get with a new scene
Promote adverse reactions

Hooks for a sentence
Baited words misjudge
Do you think it just pretence
That no one acts on a grudge?

Agent provocateur
Contradictions raconteur
There’s those who hide their traps
As it falls into their laps


Polarise an argument
The sinners to repent
That’s the way to exploit it
Selling books, the speech to fit

The oppositions stupid
Their arguments ridicule
But it’s only a debate
No need to be so cruel?
Get on the band wagon
Snake oil sales are cool

Adhere to dialectic
Making jokes at their expense
Cut a little slack
To break extremists backs
Sell us all a ticket
To help us all find sense

Out there on the circuit
Speakers make a buck
No one knows if they are truthful
Or even give a fuck

Swing the pendulum
Positioned over the pit
The audience is waiting
We want the other to look shit
In the colosseum
Gladiators score a hit

In a last defence
Some arguments don’t stand up to reason
No evidence for god
To make it clear is not a treason

Second best?

Do you think my life is second best
Because with good relations I’ve not been blessed?
Most folks ain’t that good I must confess
From troubled times I took a rest

They seem to think I am depressed
That telling me I’m on my own would distress
It’s been this way for most of my life
At least I don’t have a hanger on for a wife
Life is not about popularity
I’d rather keep my authenticity

Don’t need a trophy
For a pedestal
Face the facts
I don’t like people
Of course there’s sex
But I can use a toy
A vibrating ring
Never annoys

Young people think it a little sad
Those with feathered nests may think me mad
But the fact that I’m not with someone that misfits
Makes most days free, for which I’m glad
I really don’t give a toss
Most folks are just a dead loss

Romance comes and romance goes
Swings both ways the wind will blow
But there’s one thing of which I’m sure
No one to drive me round the bend
I may be on my own until the end
You might not see the sense in it
But I laugh in the face of silly gits
You see no one’s getting on my tits!

Safe Zone

Dumbing down
Create a safe zone
Academic elites
Suppress debate

Trigger warnings
What is too extreme?
Party lines
From which you cannot lean
Covert controls

Get the students
To police themselves
Deplatform any
Who diverge
The wall to build

Filter information
To suppress
The oratory
That does not confess
Speach never so free
As what we’re taught

In dialogue
Much to discover
Method discourse
Linguistic leprosy
Limbs removed
To cut off
The rot

Publishing houses
Of the status quo
No room for conflict
Do students bow down
To the party encore ?
Thought police
For Activists

Good Morning Vietnam

Wild men in the wings
Versus stenographers of power
Intellectual elites
Custodians of academia

Presenting opposition
To leviathan of the state
Fuelling the fires
Civil justice versus hate

Escalated conflicts
Tin pot dictators thrive
On the payroll
Of foreign policy
Funding of insurgence
Greasing the wheels of fate

Good morning Vietnam
Napalm barbecue for thought
Fortunes from another war
The Eagles talons grip

Protest on the march
Sign of the times
Conscience to object
As the flames begun to rise

Counter demonstration
Media presents a mask
State funded suppression
Of the questions they would ask
Denounced by institutions
Claiming their own nobility

The rise of nationalism
Raising torn flags
Boys sent into battle
The price of body bags
Erecting a wall
Politics of fear
Presidential campaign
Repetition always rhymes

Misrepresentations subsidised
Buying up the vote
Blundering in the dark
Intentions bound to fail
Do the Right own their mistakes?
Judged by history

Summer day

What light could compare full warmly to thee
The visage to rend the darkest nights veil
Full lovely in your countenance to me
Breath of the wind that sets my boat to sail
To know hearts rhythm rising in it’s joy
Wishes answered when hands come together
Like summer hopes heat haze as a small boy
See waves to vision with clement weather
I would know thee full in my fondest dreams
Raised spirits soaring high upon the wing
Were love truer, all it can be and seem
For then my heart opened would gladly sing
Forlorn the river of the falling tear
I knew not one so lovely in my years


Sweet quest for liberty
The hopes rise with a song
Struggling to be free

What more could we be?
The journey over long
Sweet quest for liberty

All not as we see
They who seek to wrong
Struggling to be free

They cry conspiracy
Against the parapets so strong
Sweet quest for liberty

There is one mystery
Heard within the throng
Struggling to be free

How rise in solidarity
Unity for which to long
Struggling to be free
Sweet quest for liberty


Mirror systems
Filter to misinform
The whips are out
To try to delude

Kiss and tell
Corporate denials
Local governments
Sweep dirt under rugs
A public inquirer
Claims conspiracy

I’ve seen it all before
Another chat room
A handful of agents
Try to make misfits conform

Extremist views
So they assume
That have never been held
Scoring points for the politically correct
Try to get a misquote
Just feeding me a line

Another contradiction
They say they’ll open up my mind
But it’s abuse of power
There’s no comfort left to find

Another vigil
More faked news
They get nothing
Hardly even managed to confuse

Edit a poem
Disinfo wars
All I see
Is that they’re closing doors
Show a weakness
And they’re liable to attack
So much for support
Undermining stability

Quiet riot in Parkhurst

Feeding frenzy
Public faces
Cracked looking glass
Private thoughts in margins
Knives drawn in the chats
There’s one thing I forgot to say
And it’s that I don’t apologise
For confrontation of the lies
Exploitation for their role
Always lost in the shuffle
With their false claims of soul
Ain’t life a solo?
You think this means the spotlights
Fading low?
I found myself out on my own
And that was just yesterday
Judgement from my peers
I never could trust all they say
After the gold rush
Another back room double deal
Memory of a teen they raped
Dilly boys bringing their hands together
Vengeance blood out on the streets
The embrace of a killer queen
And the Chevalier turned to face the crowd
But never sought compliances applause
The night I played requiem duet
And the blade was sunk in deep
Another day of the dead
Just as well I never put much faith in conscience
Bones shaken like the dice
And snake eyes for a bet
A death rattle
From old Caine
Lipstick gloss
Like a bullets kiss
And forever infamy
Did we really have to go all the way
A two step in the dance
I think of them all alone
Trapped with in the chartered labyrinth
A butterfly condemned to circles
Suicidal wings
I guess I should have rescued them
But I was too busy saving my self
If you want to judge the beggar
With the crown
Remember I’m the one that lived to tell
And the real angel fell

Social fascists

The rumours change
But the context remains the same
Try to label
The aim ever to exclude

Another year passes
And I remain in alienation
They’d claim it’s me
So why the ongoing hate

My privacy remains invaded
Knowing that, others try to collude
Reality testing
They’re not all in my smart home microphones

False impressions
Actors claim another threat
Political colours
All similarity ill met
They say they will stab me in the street
There’s no place where I can meet

Some claim religion
To justify the attacks
One things for sure
They’re never truly off my back

Some seek to stop my benefit
They won’t be satisfied till I’m back on the streets
Neighbours false claims to the housing association
People tell their kids I’m a drug dealer
Others spread rumour I’m a pervert
I even heard people tell kids I might kill them
This has gone on for twenty years
A constant background entropy
They think it’s a game
But I can’t access mechanisms to protect myself
In the final analysis
They’ll say it’s best to believe that I’m insane
Did I mention intellectual property rights?
It’s not social anxiety when there’s a cause
Say it’s delusion, undermine me a little more


It works both ways
Takes two to tango
That’s what they’ll say

The coin that has two sides
Get a cut
The field is wide

They direct
Try to force our hand
They hold all the cards
Ever shifting sands
Fight for the cause
Not so much applause

Ever divided
Do you think us serfs?
Our fates decided?

To comply
Did you not come to realise
That all we’re fed is bloody lies
Another sell out
Wasting time

I’m not afraid to commit
But present company
Is full of shit
Taken for a ride
Who’s on my side?

We play that field
Search far and wide
Better by my self
What I decide
Opportunity nocks
Kicking at my door
I give a yawn
Love for those at the top
Has long died


If you want to dig for dirt
You’d best bring a shovel
There’s plenty you could find
If you want to end up in a hole

Worm feed
Turning on their microphones
Trick me with a smile
But I only like clean dishes

Putting on my finest airs
Was I born with silver spoon?
I can take the nocks
You’ll get your medicine all too soon

Castles in the sand
Are sure to wash away
Raising a little flag
Sea shells only whisper what I’d say

If you want to throw mud
Be sure it always sticks
It gets under your nails
You see you weren’t a fit

If you want to dig for dirt
You could end up in a hole
Threatening with a microphone
Always dirty to the role
Castles in the sand
The turning tide will wash away


Could I shield you from the rain
Take you under my wing
Shelter from heavy weather
Rescued from the storm

Could I hold your umbrella
To keep you dry and warm
Never feeling the weight
Nor burdened in the heart
Pitter patter of the rain drops
The pulse beating in my chest

Helping you with your wellingtons
Mud soaked fields to walk
The touch of your toes
Holding up your overcoat
Sliding in your arms
Keeping you safe from harm

Stretching out my hands
Like a nesting bird
Feathering the duvet
Snug pillows for your head

The homeless know the weather
Always looking for the signs
Of the deluge coming
The warning of dark clouds
Feel it in their bones
Memory of being soaked

I could take your umbrella
And hold it in my hand
Held in sure fingers
Ever to keep you from the storm
Shelter you from hardship
Because I’m the belonging kind


A fool by any other name
Surrendering to the folly
Frustrated and alone
To bear the bruises of rejection

A tangle of the mind
Torn of the heart
To make a new connection
Where to make a start?

The knotting of the twine
The pull within the chest
Resonance of the strings
That play a madrigal within

Tied to another
Like a rose bush
Growing straight
To bare the thorn
The finger
Still reaches for the blooms

A fool to their folly
Always coming back for more
Lost within the dance
Sure steps taking a chance

Looking for connection
In the morass of rejection
Putting on my dancing shoes
Seeking a partner such as you
Try to keep in step
For the rhythm is the hearts


Only seeing a facade
Wanting to reach through
And strip you of the mask

The many sided jewel
Only looking on one face
But I can tell you’ve facets
Polished, heart to race

A diamond in the rough
Is it quite enough
To point out how you mould me
With a subtle craft

The eye glass of perception
Seeing individual quality
The things that make up
A personality

I see you’ve many sides
A shadow that is cast
But I can take the rough
Because you can be so smooth
The light that is reflected
When you turn to show your other cheek

The heart always has riddles
Complexity within
A puzzle to unpick
The thread of fate unwind
You may show me just one face
But your gem stone you can’t hide


I don’t care what you’ve got
Don’t mean much what you do
It’s a simple thing
That brings me back to you

It’s about who you are
When you’re being real
Authenticity of self
There is no greater feel

Never so alone
As when divided in your heart
Addicted to a mask
Actors to a role

I know you keep your secrets
But they’re not so easy hid
I can see right through you
What’s that beating in your chest?

I don’t care how much you earn
Nor much about your situation
There’s a magnet pulls
Me to you in the attraction

You say it’s about me
I say it’s about you
Seeking for your smile
It’s all about who
Keeping me enthralled
Days that are enriched
Waxing lyrical
Even though you can be a bitch
Beautiful to me
Even when you give me switch


I may seem indifferent
Ambivalence show
Could be insecure
Experience unknown

There’s only one feeling
That melts icy heart
Sets my head to reeling
Take the lead in the dance

It could be physical
Just like the beat of my heart
Changing the roles
Controlled from the start

There’s only one thing
That I would choose to submit to
And that’s the emotion
That keeps bringing me back

A meeting of minds
Means more than soft touch
The heat from below
Doesn’t matter so much

To raise their chin
Gently begin
How I long for the sparkle
Of their gleaming eyes
An ambiguity
That offers a sigh
There’s a reason I never
Want a goodbye

Taking a seat

Holding hands together
Fingers entwine
Looking for someone
Just like the one I know

Empty chairs
Form a circle
Taking a seat
Wanting to sit besides
Someone just like them

Connections form
Roots like a tree
Branches span
The distance between you and me

A new set of glasses
I wonder if they see
The things I try to share
Heart feelings given free

Just like the one I know
I guess it can’t fail to show
Wanting to hold hands
Fingers entwine
I take my seat
You never know
I might sit besides
Someone just like them


I want to do a poo
But I can’t afford a Smart loo
It could weigh all that you do
And even monitor who

Camilla had a poo
On the Royal loo
I hear hers are golden
But she’ll never be a Queen
How about you?

I dare say before she flushes
She looks at it and blushes
The only time she sits upon a throne
Or gets to be alone

I hear the Royals poo
In a Smart loo
It’s not that it has diamonds
But it weighs all that they do

I want a Smart loo
To weigh all that I poo
The government could hack it
Dragons Den might even back it

Camilla does a poo
On a Royal loo
But if it’s really Smart
It could perfume when she farts
And even spray her arse
Her golden shits to mask

My name is Bill W.

Bill W.
Cofounder of the cult of AA
A conman and a hustler
A showman till the end of his days
Staying one step ahead of the law
His poor old wife
When she miscarried
He called unworthy before the eyes of the lord
So many affairs with AA office staff
That no one could keep track
Whilst Lois was still in hospital
He went off for a philandering fuck
Said it was the will of god
As Bill Sees It
Why would anyone care what he thought?
Submission to the Oxford movement
Evangelicals taught
Part of the reform movement
Abolitionist in the Prohibition
Unclear how long
He stayed off the pop
Dragged his spouse from coast to coast
Trying to keep the wolf from the door
Till eventually one of the faithful
Put them up in a house
Claimed oh so humble
As he proselytised as a circuit speaker
Taking others for a ride
In the pockets of the priesthood
When AA came of age
False claims of how many drunkards
He managed to convert
Took LSD in ‘sobriety’
And said it was spiritual
Believed the spirits of the dead
Spoke to him channeled in seance
Not a very stable guy
Pay rolled by the Rockefeller’s
Who printed ‘the big book’
To promote the christian far right
Took a drink before he died
Made many false claims
As a charlatan
A product of the Bible Belt
A victim of his own celebrity
Inflated of ego
Thought alcoholics were ‘the chosen people’
To advance ‘gods kingdom on earth’
Taught that women
Should live in the shadow of their husband
Saif that budhists would eventualy 'come round'
To his way of thinking
When they weren't even drinking
More than a little unhinged
In the lunatic fringe
At least he was not a Mormon
But cut from the same stuff
Must be ‘higher powered’
It’s best if you decide.

A life time of freedom

Attacking reputations
Excluded by the group
One voice in unity
Alienated and mistook

An old world ideology
Coercion to conform
Standing out from the crowd
Sharing beyond what they allow

They find strength in numbers
Bury heads in the sand
All insane on their programme
Never giving the outsiders a hand
All convinced a physical behaviour
Is forever spiritual

The rebellion of agency
Right of the individual
Personal power
Honesty beyond their like
Undermined and rejected
Never their ‘right’ size

Herd mentality
Ganging up to refute
Not one of them
Not even interested in their book
12 step nazis
Not even worth a look

A claimed monopoly on recovery
That is forever blind
To freedom of choice
And liberty from indoctrination
How they all failed
On the road I took
Yet it’s me with long term sobriety
Contradicting the foundations
Of what they all are taught
A life time of freedom ever sceptical
Forever the lonely,
in their misguided company

The Script

They soften us up with voices
Looped messages relive the past
They’ve logic trees for every programme
For you to follow their yellow brick road
There’s ways to condition
Behavioural response
Is it an alien technology
To convince you there is a god?
Prison heads synchronicity
Standing all in line
Just like the old school gates
Directed to our fates
Key words in your script
A culture imposes on our minds
If you listen closely
They’ll say you’re on a trip
Romance with a hook
Dreams hypnotised by a look
A constant repetition
And reality is shook
Forced march in a trance
A happening in the dance
Have you ever been flown by wire
Deep thought on autopilot ?
You say you long for freedom
I Robot a likely chance
Multiple choice questions
To become human
Limited by what’s fed
Until the day we’re dead
They say it’s all in your mind
Speak of it and you’re delusional
Phenomenology of perception
Empiric reductions
Contradict every thought
Post modernism taught
Expand potentiality
Question this reality
Can you cut the strings?
It’s how the puppet masters always win.

Coincidently Yours

Yet another ‘coincidental’ quote
From a lyric I just wrote
I guess Ayn Rand
Is one of my loyal band
Creative fascism
Linguistic kind of bias
Raised by the far right
When I play loyal it’s out of sight
But do they want me on?
That illusions long been and gone
Because even when they did
They just wanted Hissing Sid
Reframe public perceptions
Am I a Russian to defection?
The politics of the biggest buck
That just don’t give a fuck
When the arts council wont reply
To emails not even a goodbye
I get my overdubs
So I can’t tell from delusion of self reference
If it’s real then what’s the difference?
They make out TV is the promised land
Guess what, I’m not a fan
I don’t give it much attention
I hardly ever switch it on
They aren’t offering proper deals
To the artists that are real
They’ve got a few big names
In this generation game
I could get royalties as a researcher
As it goes on for another season
I ask myself what’s the reason
That they’ve labelled me unfit to work?
I don’t even get arts grant
Agents court exposure
But I don’t really expect much of nothing
I sent them a treatment with the first script
The paper that they ripped
They’ve got no respect for nothing
Is it political?
Isolated in false publicity
Cultural elites
Spin rumours to defeat
They never offered me a hand
As they drained inspiration for another grand

So far

So far
That’s all they say
You’ve come so far
But not the full way
So near
But always so far
Start another volume
What’s it worth so far?
They’ll exploit it
For another twenty years

So what
That’s all they seem to think
What’s it mean?
That they didn’t offer a better deal
Sure it’s real
But so far
It seems someone else
Is in my pocket
Whilst I toil away

The real deal
Outsider artists
Inspiring plagiarists
No star
You see so far
They’ve made off
With all profits

So far
Under valued
Framed as the deluded
Locally excluded
Keeping at arms lengths
Just what you thinks the bet?
Someone else a cut will get
And when I’m dead and gone
Not much credit in the bank
A loan is all I get for thanks

So far
They make sure I’m penny less
I might look good to you
But where’s the rest?
They keep me under controls
In the hopes I’ll loose the best
So far
I don’t even get an honorary degree
When I’ve passed every test
So far
The pay offs looking mean
And I’m not one of their team


Divided loyalties
Man in the iron mask
Raining not raining
Too many questions left to ask

The man who would be king
Scotland to retire
When will the angels sing
To raise his spirits higher?

Succession in the end
Can never fail to come
Roundheads and Cavaliers
All serve the same as one

It doesn’t matter what we think
No popularity to contest
The wheel that slowly turns
A kingdom to confess

No matter if you’re loyal
Or if you’re dead against
There is one head of state
It’s been this way for years

We all will shed a tear
The change felt in the realm
But one lord and master
Is set to take the helm
Divided loyalty
It doesn’t mean a thing
For there is one true succession
And they will be crowned king

One nation?

If I knew what I know now
Way back then
I’d of left this broken country
For a foreign shore

Flags at half mast
Bugle of the last post
Stained glass of Church of England
Freemen closing doors

You see there were no bridges
No paths to heal the past
But I kept hanging on
Loyal to the last

They watched me every step
To keep pulling away the rug
Some say in the name of jesus
Some spin delusion of the crown

If I knew way back then
What I now know for sure
I’d I’ve turned my back on country
For a foreign shore

Now it is too late
To build another life
I’ve lost my faith in everything
Experience of strife
They indoctrinate in childhood
To keep us on our knees

They left me on the streets
Secure ward of the asylum
Retraumatised with more abuse
Medicated my feelings
To prove who has the power
Left me without a right
Corruption in their courts
You have to realise
Of this nation
I do not have fond thought.


Hold on
Through the spinning cart wheels
Of the passing seasons
Let go
As you fall
Gently into my waiting arms

Fly high
Uplifted in your heart
With fond dreams
That will never part
Raised arms
Awaiting your embrace
With trembling fingers
Your form to gently trace

Hold on
Like the moments in a kiss
Lips linger
On the cheek so missed
With each heart beat
Let go
As you slowly dance
Loves light
Like a mystic trance

Lift up
Your spirits on the wings
Of a breath
That rising sings
The flowers of spring
New hope to bring
Waved fans
That hail the child as king

The pirouette
Of the ballerina
Atop the musical box
Where jewels secretly are hid
Safely securing with a lock
Fond memories
Like yesterdays tears
Lonesome as a pearl it seems

Fair folk
In the forest glade
Like petals falling
From a fresh bouquet
Gradual like the change of power
Blooms that so slowly fade
The nights cloak
Where our peace is finally made

Let go
And with the waters flow
Hold on
When you fear your heart may sink
Put your feet down
On the rivers bed
To cross over
Shallows there to tread

Hold on
But not too over tight
The light from your face
A smile beheld
Dearly to the sight
Let go
And fall into my arms
Forever there
To keep you safe from harm


Question authority
Don’t believe everything you hear
For all that you are seeing
Was made to look that way

Claim your own power
No fools to imposition
Some who offer help
Are just an inquisition

You may feel the force of numbers
Is something you should join
But to stand on your own two feet
Also has it’s merits

Critical thinking
Is a skill to learn
You see there’s always choices
Freedom for you to earn

There’s a thousand voices
Support every ideology
It’s practical philosophy
That informs every different psychology

Private thoughts important
Keep some opinions to yourself
Don’t put everything in emails
Invaders to undermine your health
Don’t forget to question
Everything you’re told is true
There’s one person who will gain
And that one is you


Always a fear now
Darkness embracing till the end
The voice of experience
The play of my shadow on the wall

Fists clenched to beat upon the door
One eye surveying the cell
The ‘gifts’ of sobriety
Lead only to his hell

No key to the kingdom
Only a locked door
Rejected by the anonymous
Who don’t offer an encore

Nationalists raise flags
Obscuring all our hopes
Freedoms of human rights
Jaws close about our throats

The shadow growing still
What signs of liberty?
They all serve the party
And you know it’s a pity

A vision for you?
Shadow play on a cell wall
Can’t recall the days of innocence
Before they orchestrated a fall

False witness in the gallery
In an unfair fight
The state will claim it’s power
Take away all our rights
Vultures start to circle
Wolves at the door begin to bight

Longing for the freedoms
Of the European dream
Is all that we’re left with
The right to silenced screams?
Axis and allies
Memory’s of when we were one team


To climb the mountain
Showing fortitude
But what is on the other side?
Foresight could destroy the mood
The middle classes
All placing faith in human rights
But who can access them
Or reach their dizzy heights?

There’s only one law
And it’s scales weigh only pounds
Lawyers walk the streets like whores
Barristers order another round

Draconian systems
That don’t serve the likes of you and me
If you complain too loud
The rich will claim it’s all conspiracy

The police say they protect and serve
So why do the under classes
Always end up in jail?
The rules of the jungle
That somehow never fail
Bow down humble and lowly
The will of the masters god

Shout too loud
They’ll call it hysteric screams
Stand out too proud
And the free men will seek
To wreck your dreams
Do you in
That’s all they ever offered me
The only in
A slammed cell door

Serve the crown
That’s what they feed the kids
The loyal to be shot down
The only time we get to see the power
Is when they stand us up in court
Corruption that rules over our heads
Loyalty not as good as I first thought

Parity of esteem?

Parity of esteem
Just what does it mean?
You can’t see the dirt in my scars
For all I’m still clean

Dirty plasters
Stuck over festering wounds
There’s no quick fixes
Just learning to cope

You can’t see my trauma
But it’s still there
There’s some try to trigger
They don’t even care

Emotional hurt
Knots that never untie
I’m not in a work group
But you still act as if I’m a lie

Parity of esteem
What does it mean?
My wounds are as valued
For the dysfunction they cause
Tears from the real
For I never will heal

With your disablement
You make out I’m a freak
Mental health’s not just monsters
Psychopaths victims seek

I’m not the joker
I’m just injured for life
Doesn’t mean that I’m stupid
Or a risk with a knife
Doesn’t mean I’m confused
Just that I was abused

There’s nothing too strange
No need to play games
Whatever I do
I don’t need to change
You can’t stop my tears
It’s been this way for years

Parity of esteem
This it what it means
I’m valued the same
Just as I am

Local government

The local government
They want us all on controls
Bring in the military
Playing their assigned roles
I’d like to talk to somebody
Who ain’t a god damn mole

When I was a child
They said if you cant beat them
Then you better join them
But I’m not a team player
So that ball ended up off the pitch

There’s TA in ambulances
Leaks on the record
Microphones in tech
For them to look in with
I get fake front page news
Sent to my app
When I turn on the TV
It’s filtered commentary
With over dubbed crap

Local government
Say I cant get drunk
When I was tea total
Long before we ever met
Local government say I go to jail
If they find me with a single joint
Does it matter if I inhale?

Local government
Make out my creativity
Is too extreme
Website insecure
Blocked by many devices
Unless you change the settings

Local military mirror and hack
They disable my security
Invade my home when I turn my back
Back doors in my cameras
The C.O. Should get the sack

The police make out I’m a criminal
Neighbourhood rumours to promote
I wish I was paranoid
But I’d like to rip out their bloody throats
There’s plants that are ‘in’
Recording me over coffee
They think it good for business
But I’m not going back

I met a new neighbour just the other day
Now there’s a photoshop image
Of them on my advert feed
All this and more
From a ‘liberal’ government
At least they’re not Tory
Or they’d put me out on the streets
Has anybody heard of civil rights?
They say it’s war
Just what are they trying to defeat?

It ain’t got that swing

Swingers leave their car keys
At the bottom of a begging bowl
Rice thrown like confetti
Recollections of a fertile wedding bed

Clowns frighten children
Foreshadowing the fall of adulthood
The blight of experience
Directed by uncertain hands

A promise of excitement
And a tale to tell their spouse
Flirting with a stranger
Notes from a harlots bed

Wife swapping with the doggers
Steaming up car windows
Seeking for salvation
In a shadows masquerade

Wanting to go down
On the first one that you found
Tell me all about it
Once your back in loving arms

Swingers miss the point
Forever the rejected
To dance free from jealousy
Into detachments void
Loyalty divided
Bruised hearts long for home
Never so hung up
As on a silent phone
Do you really think I’d want you
When you forever roam?


Do you even remember
The flowers I sent?
A heart in anguish
Begging you to relent

Lost in the maze
Of your self made dramas
A footnote in a journal
Missing the lead role

Curtain call
Is anybody left
To believe the story
Or buy you a glass?

You flirt with fools
A hook for a suitor
No etiquette
To gain you respect

So the masks are lowered
The players exit stage left
And all that remains
Is a heart bereft

The usurper with a broken crown
The comic character
That brings all down
The dance of shiva
On our backs
That whispers of a romance
You’ll forever lack

Lee McQueen

Narcissists looking for a reflection
Each wanting to stand out from the crowd
The girl in the glass box can hardly breath
For all their stagnant airs
Catwalk where the butterflies tread
But the moths will eat their threads

Wrap it up in cellophane
A bitter pill can’t numb the pain
L’enfant terrible
Hooligan of British fashion
Bumster showing cheek
No place for the meek

A rising king to claim his throne
Skull raised loud and proud
A palace gates from a council home
Ghetto walk upon the runway
Dance for a thin white duke

A savage beauty
For a theatre of cruelty
To a highland rape
A deconstructed thistle
Forgiveness to forsake
Widow of culludon
Holographic wraith

Find another label
Always the misfit and the clown
Alexander McQueen
Wore a beggars banquet crown

Diving to the depths of grief
Plato finding form
Loss of his soul mate
A sister after fashion
Puppy dog at his tails
Exercised by robotic arms

Horns gilded raised with pride
But tragedy will never hide
The triumphs and the scars
Of a born survivor
The fallen who came to slay
The ghosts of the fractured past
Flowers grow upon the grave
Where lies the heroes skull


Power in similarity
Calls for solidarity
But freedom is in the differences
You see, we’re not all the same

There’s those afraid of individuality
The contrarian drives them to distraction
Pulling on your leg
But your defence is just reaction

You want love peace and unity
But I’m not willing to conform
You see there’s always conflicts
Been that way since I was born

I found another war
Just outside my door
I’ve always been the other
Hopes of a grouping floored
Censors pass the correction fluid
No room for diversity

I don’t want you to define me
You talk of enemies who divide
You’d judge me just the same
It’s been a long long ride
You offer only a category
A construct I reject

Talking politics, beneath a tattered flag
It could be a rainbow too
But there’s no promised pot of gold
Tell me who we’re fighting before I choose to join
I look for similarity
Yet we’re different just the same.


Idolise the few
Elites who can afford to pay
The price of their fame
A publicist playing games

Hanging on the phone
For their agents call
Hooked on the vane glory
Of their rise and fall

A moment in the spotlight
Blinded by the glare
How their worshipers
All stood up to stare

Could they ever get enough
Hungry for attention
Did they never get the love
They needed as a child?

Like moths to compulsion
Attracted to the fated flame
Courting infamy
Driven half insane

Let me entertain you
There’s those who pay to play
If you take it from my wallet
There’s not much I want to say

The tigers and the strawberry

A strawberry never looked so ripe
Nor any ever as so fresh
As the one beyond my reach
Hanging from the cliff
Where I had my fated fall
Fingers grasping at a branch
Which I could not grip on to
Much longer so it seemed
Below me two tigers hungry growled
Ready to devour my flesh
Terror rising in my chest
For I could not climb up
Death assured
The gnashing teeth
Red dripping maw
Yet there was that one blessing
The strawberry for which I could leap
To risk it all
And take the fall
That was no doubt assured
To happen once I lost my strength
Oh but that strawberry
Ripe and sweet
Fruit of desire
No fear
for all is suffering
To bite it for one moment
To taste it’s flesh
And know cessation of my plight
Giving all
For nothing
The end always in sight
A leap of faith
But a strawberry
Never was so sweet


I heard a thousand voices
Critics who misjudge
All convinced of one thing
That I was a thing that I was not.

With a thousand, as just one
Saying I was other
Contradiction of essence
Denial of the truth

Reversal of false belief
The commitment to an ethic
Striving for authenticity
Against conventions imminence

Oppression of the self
Subjugation of the individual
Which way find freedom?
Liberty, at least in mind.

The all powerful ‘they’
Claiming strength of number
Are we defined by others view?
Do we not live out our nature?

The subject framed as object
Labels to constrain
A thousand voices raised
To put curse on flowering identity
The death of existence
Slave driving to conform

Winds of change

Can you tell just which way the wind blows?
As seasons change it’s just the way it goes
Reaching upwards, how the flowers grow
Time will tell, when they put on the latest show

Pass the test, and now normal service resumes
There are changes, that much we can assume
But things remain always much the same
There’ll be no losers in this game

Chess pieces stand tall in the park
Inspiration always needs a spark
Wood Pigeons take wing from the trees
A songbird proclaiming they are free

Soldiers standing to attention
Await the next inspection
Uniform in lines a regiment
In our defence they will not relent

A loose cannon fires a lone salute
Flowers in gun barrels that will not shoot
Peace and love after a fashion
Memory, tears after the passion
Bagels with the morning news
The Holy land ever free to choose

The sun forever coming up
Open doors that were once shut
The seasons change, it’s how it goes
That’s how we can all tell which way the wind now blows

Queen bitch

Queen bitch
Working your sorry arse
Queen bitch
Blood tests for you to pass
Queen bitch
Leaves real men out on the street
Queen Bitch
Your tax pays for the shoes on her feet

She’s got fortnum and mason
For a grocery store
Champagne and caviar
Fresh truffles snuffled out for the stars
Be sure to bend low
If you ever do meet
The queen bitches arse
Sat on a golden seat

A day at the races
Bet on a sweep stake
Waves from her carriage
Smiles painted on
Are they fake?
Spitting image puppets
Satire to make
But it’s on the BBC
So they’ll be sure the kingdoms
Not gonna be the one they forsake

Queen bitch
Standing out from the crowd
Christmas speech
Salutes from cannons so loud
Queen bitch
Treads on our backs in high heels
The class system
Tell me how it feels?

Queen bitch
Work your arse on the street
Queen bitch
Do we all bow down at your feet?
Queen bitch
Tiara from Tiffanies
Queen bitch
Kiss her bum on Royal Mail stamps

Queen bitch
My heart skips a beat
Every time I think of her portrait
Hanging proud,
in a cell block wing
Queen bitch
Audiences for millionaires
Kiddy fiddlers
I guess the bitch just doesn’t care
Killer Queen
Freddie loved a switch bitch

Do as you’re told

‘Serve your elders and your betters’
It’s not like they would use you
Promises of open doors
Inexperienced, disabuse you

You may think me disillusioned
But I’m not the one so blind
They sink their hooks in deep
To try to control our minds

They’ll use up youthful energy
To make a profit for the firm
Take you for a ride
There’s one secret they’re not telling
And it’s that they’re not really on your side

Be on your good behaviour
Put on your Sunday best
Show them you’re a good character
When they put you under their arrest

There’s a devil in your ear
They make money from your fall
Get down on your knees
To show that you’re a fool

There’s no crimes
But many punishments
Community needs service
If you don’t do it willingly
They’ll show you their mental lash

Poverty your reward
If you stand out from the crowd
Bend the rules so slightly
Get away with what they’ll allow
The exploited unwashed masses
They’re never offering us a deal

‘Your elders and your betters’
I’ve got a tip for you
Don’t believe a word you’re fed
Too late
You’ll find that you’ve been misled
Who believes old masters lie?
They’ll make a slave of you
Till the day you die

No Surrender

An ideology of subservience
Get down on your knees
I’m not that kind of bitch
Not submissive, don’t you see?

‘You got to let it go’
‘We all won from our surrender’,
But that’s not in my make up
The core of my self survived

When will you take a stand?
If not now then never
We can work it out
If we rise together

The shame faced and the sinner
The mind of the beginner
They want you to loose your head
so they can mould you as they will

Queen bitch, serve up another gin
Fake smiles on the TV
You’ll think that they’re all for you
Till they put you in the bin
You want to be a winner?
Just get out of their game

The shackles of the slave
Forced down like a serf
They don’t even realise
The value of their self worth
They bow down to the power
Never get to raise their heads

They talk of moral virtue
As if seizing the higher ground
You can stick your selfless service
What goes round comes around
There’s one portrait I collect
And it’s minted on the pound

Civil war

There’s a civil war
Waged right there in the street
Poor folk count on benefits
To supplement their wage

There’s hope in the union
Linking of the hands
Get a share of the profit
This could be a fairer land

Rich men getting fat
Taking off the top
Another mans labours
Serve the ‘cream’ of the crop

We fought hard on the streets
Tried to stake our claim
Not bowing down to share holders
The establishments to blame

The youths shoots poking through
Concrete of conservatism, the power
They only need a chance
A golden opportunity to flower

There’s a civil war
And I’m tired of all the fight
I guess I get my cut
So somethings going right
On balance it’s worked out
Didn’t offer my surrender
Got my creature comforts
Liberalism in plain sight

Lotus of the heart. (Tantra Exhibition British Museum)

Eight petal lotus
Secret of the golden flower
Round About whose roots
Coils the serpent power

Rising as the sap
Watered by the tears
Growing in full bloom
With each passing year

Sew a sutra with the pen
A bobbin to the weave
The page a threaded loom
It's Language of belief

Perfection of wisdom
Known only by the heart
For Shakti to create
Rough Diamond shaped by art

Turning to the path
On which lays eight stepping stones
The self reflected in the stream
Embrace it's fluid flow

Lotus of the heart
Where emotions swell
Energy in motion
The sound of temple bells,
Secret of the golden flower
It's roots coiled with the serpent power.

After dark

Your darkness closing in on me
Black clouds blotting out the sun
A hole sunk in the heart
A fragment of a broken scream

Numb skin from the shock
The burning of the flesh
Bruised and naked
Flaying nettles pricks of poison

Wounds are running deep
Dead legs and Chinese burns
Sleep calls me to the nightmare
Of a cigarettes burn upon my arm

I fight to find my breath
A deluge for the tears
Take the pain away
Choking on my cry

They scoffed with jeers of 'self pity'
False forgiveness on their knees
But I'm not that kind of looser
The sword hilt that I grip

I turn toward the mirror
Days that have grown long
Limbs that now are knotted
Shoulders that are broad

Awaking to blue sky
Where sunlight pierces the veil
Of half forgotten memory
The childhood that has passed

Twisting like my guts
The fist raised to defy
There’s hope in rages firelight
That consumes your photograph
Cremations flame is calling
Fire flies reach for a golden dawn

Bathing in the tears
Washed water of yesteryear
Cleanse me of the dirt
They rubbed into my wounds
The scented oil now soothes my limbs
Turning away from their hell that I sunk in
The citrus and the floral greeting
That embrace my adult heart

If only, the illusion

If I never get to hold you, dear
If I never once caress your cheek
Or gently stroke hair from your face
If lips never linger in a kiss
Know this
I thought of it
And found there a little peace

In heaven jigsaw pieces all unite
Within the hope of a loves light
I dream of flying with you there
Holding close a heart so fair
But if I fall
From the vision of this grace
Know this
The thought of you
Made my pulse race

If I never know a love so true
I caught a glimpse when I saw you
If I never wrap you in my arms
Wanting to keep you safe from harm
Know this
When I had the thought
I gave you a little of my strength
The sight of you
Made life brighter for a pace
Where dreams come true
I look forever on your face
And kiss your cheek
So gently that I weep



Am I not a man and brother?
Under the skin are we all
Not just the same?
Calls for liberty against the power
That forces to knees
The crushed of hope

Rafts of refugees
Across stormy seas
Eyes that weep
With salty depth
Crying to be free
Of the clutch of death

Genocide wars
Blood soaked sands
The raised fist
Of wounded hands
Trying to reach
For promised land

To you,am I just another?
Lost to the waves
The abyss deep
Flailing limbs
Try to tread the waters
Yet the undertow
Of human tears

A rescue ship
Upon the horizon
Do you come too late
For the drowning man?
Life ever reaches
For salvation
Do you about sail
And turn away?

Man and brother
Free sister, slaves
Break the bonds
The hearts to save
Under the skin
All are just the same
The chains of empire
Who else to blame?


You think it a weakness
That I do not take a drink
But I’ve got all the experience
Came back from the brink

You think my heart is fragile
But I’m not the one that’s numbed
Don’t need no ideology
You’re the ones that they down dumbed

You’d play me for a fool
Pushing at the buttons
Seek an abreaction
Trigger a compulsion

You raise me up
Just to put me down
Make out I am the focus of attention
I’ve stared into your looking glass
And found no rainbow ending
To that yellow brick road

Not looking for a sign
Tired of all the saviours
You think that you can change me
But I’ve not got many bad behaviours

You see I’ve been stone cold
That’s sober all my life
I’m the one that makes my choices
It would seem I’m ever free

Do you really think it means I’m weak
That I’m not in the drink?
I take a stand both loud and proud
Where others on knees will sink
I’ve cried hot tears a plenty
I may well be stronger than you think


Obsession like a frozen heart
Longing to be warmed
Melting of the ice
In slowly falling tears

Obsession like a shackle
On the prisoners wrist
That leads them to an empty cell
A stalker after prey

Obsession like the wilting flowers
Of roses at valentines
Forlorn and rejected
Petals fall in time

Obsession in a word
Forgetting courtly love
Rules of etiquette
Boundaries from above

Obsession like the shaking hands
Opening a wrap
Cooking up the shit
That’s not my kind of crap

Obsession like the pain
Gripping at the thorn
Hopes flames that you fanned
Forever now forlorn

Obsession, you assume
The moth you invited in last act
I’ve never even thought about it
And it’s you that should face that fact
Burned wings speak of a longing
For which you offered only a hook
You might think it cruelty
To adorn it with a floral look
Yours the birthday greeting
That was not mistook


Erato, of all the muses
Your lyric form
Is the most desired
Lovely to behold
Your lips with a smile

Like tears of joy
Upon the many petals
Of loves red rose
Myrtle wreathed for you

Your flowing hair
Ever sought
By the fingers touch
The strands
Plucked like the lyre
Playing a song
That ever seeks your dance

None could want you more
Than the poet
Laying in an empty bed
With dreams among the clouds
Punctuated by starlight
That twinkles like your eyes

Erato , comely sister
To Eros, with a golden arrow
Piercing the heart
That skips a beat
In rhythm of the passions
Hiding behind your veil

Erato, whisper in my ear
Works of longing
That cleanse my tears
Shower me in kisses
That I may know no fear
Perfumed skin
As you draw near
I listen for your words
That my heart alone can hear


I’ve got fleecy slippers
They keep my feet both snug and warm
There’s things more important in this life
Than meaning through ontology

My toes feel nice and safe
In their sheep skin mules
I could smoke a pipe
But I’m not that kind of fool

I’ve got warm fleece slippers
A luxury I can afford
They keep my tootsies safe
There the sought that I applaud

Some search hard for meaning
To make sense of this life
But you know that sheep skin slippers
Free your feet from strife

I stand proud and upright
With fleece covered soles
They whisper of the lamb
That sacrificed its soul

I’ve got fleecy slippers
They really are a treat
There’s nothing else quite like them
Comforting my feet

Political correction?

Judgements politically correct
No room for context
Cast in role of devils advocate

Write from many perspectives
Don’t hold to one ideal
Freely contradict
That way is the real

Dame Edna
Lipstick for a mask
Pens her poem
Climbing ladders in her tights

Fat Les
Ever the misogynist
Paints a different picture
Whilst going down under
Talking cobblers
The Sheila all seek his didgeridoo

Smoke and mirrors
Liberally appalled
Claims of extremism
Never get a contract call
No right to outrage
With a baited hook, that’s all

Who the fascists
With linguistic controls?
Couldn’t catch out a looney
Who believes in every word
Gags by which free lips are sealed
Misinterpretations, just how do you think it feels?

They want free speech
To be ruled by fears
Not just what you say
but what you said in yesteryears

I’m not sorry
Yours’ the prejudice
Judgement without cause
Censors setting fire to books

You try to dominate
Seek to humiliate
Cutting people off
Because we’re the ones you really hate
Forever seeking to exclude
Oh dear, was I a bit too Rude?

You never asked just what it meant
You don’t even know me
Yet you look down
As if yours is the only high ground
Logistics data aggregate each text
Shackles and man traps
In a not so wide world web.

True north?

Try not to follow
Good causes or masters
Find your own way
Steer clear of disasters

What do you tell a teenager?
A disaffected youth?
Don’t go looking for wisdom
Experience will provide its own proofs

Diversify, many irons in fires
Don’t get fixated
There’s no one thing makes a good life
The simple things, now seem underrated
But a game of golf
Is as useful
As any philosophical truth

Take care of your knees
Don’t spend too long
Down on them
Try to love free
Don’t get hooked
On one lover

Avoid excess
But don’t get too up tight
You can have too much
Of a good thing,
that’s one claim that’s right
Avoid the TV
There’s not much on there that’s real

Don’t be a seeker
They’ll sell you false paths
Self control
But always be up for a laugh
Why do you think
Anybody has your answers?
Learn from your own mistakes
Don’t be afraid to be wrong.


The art of cynicism
Right of grumpy old men
Don’t ask me to be impressed
When you repeat the same again

They want to sell religion
Like a shackle for the mind
Some say hope lies in politics
But I’m not one of their kind

Find a group to join
So you can feel lonely
For all the crowd
Defy the pull of community
You know you’re not the kind
Which they want allowed

Undermine our confidence
Spin the table round
Try to feed a guilt trip
But still I’m standing proud

Old dogs seek new tricks
Whilst others stick to their roles
Trying to break free
Of those scoring the own goals

A matter of distinction
Living differently
Subversive to a point
Ruled by synchronicity
Seen it all before
But ever struggling for liberty
Try to do it with flamboyance
There’s a world beyond to see
Flowers poke through the concrete
Watch them plant another tree.


I got a new protest T shirt
Just the other day
I said I was working class
But the salesman said I still had to pay

There’s a disaffected youth
Moving from the middle
Their parents tell them to rebel
So long as they're home by midnight

Marching in the street
Drumming up publicity
Traffic at a halt
Taking over the city

They’d lock me up for sure
If I raised my voice
They’ve got invisible chains
That leave me without choice

Mummy and daddy can afford a lawyer
To let their kids off the leash
If I so much as smoked a spliff
I’d be begging for my release

All things duly considered
Things are so unequal
They don’t include the under classes
When they mount their protest marches
If you want to save the planet
Get your dad to sell their second car

I’ve got a new movement for them
They wont be listening again
Opportunity for all
Feed the poorest children
The working man answers that call
Give poor folk a chance
Instead of looking down your noses
The thing about all your words of inclusion
Is why don’t you still let us join in your dance?

Conserve? The cult you are.

Contrived conflicts
Only novel to the youth
Asserting the culture
With battles that have gone before
The media sells it
Who owns the distribution rights?
Even the body politic
Maintains conservative agenda
Status quo
Slowest of change
Whilst we comment
On the fact it’s all the same
Mr President
We all want someone to blame
Gun lobby
People don’t kill each other
Guns kill people
Global warming for the umpteenth decade
All go vegan
Is it all hot air?
Stop The War?
Cow pats going up in smoke
What about the petrol in your car?
It’s men, it’s whites
It’s the rich, it’s just corruption
Going round in circles
On the same TV channels
Stock footage
Automate dubbed narration
Nihilists despair
As boys all grow their hair
Enough of yesteryear
When will it be time for something new?
They’ll burn the books again
Recode the internet
Introduce a new format
5 minutes fame
And then all is forgot
Not seeking approval
It’s not for attention
This is just what I do
Sending me visions to contradict
As if I’ll eat my words
Fed illusions that it wont remain this way
When's it coming on?
It's been like this my whole life
For all we create dangerously
The culture conserved will rule the day
And still I rebel.

Cops with guns

Cops with guns
Oh, such fun
Down the range
Is that so strange?

Folks get shot
Looks like a tough lot
Are they all black?
Face up to facts

White guys get shot
The news not so hot
As when they shoot to kill
Race crime fulfilled

Cops with guns
In their hands
The first to shoot
It’s shifting sands

What’s the story
Mad dog and glory
Cops with guns
Cowboys get their fun
Bite the bullet
Where’s that damned trigger ?
They’ve just gotta pull it
Why not kill dat .....

Black and white
Advance the knight
It’s not just chess
With a bullet in the chest
Gran Torino
Who the hero?
Cops with guns
Their idea of fun?

The Warren Cup

In homoerotic charge
As Michelangelo to David
Lilt of the Latin tongue
That describes the muscled form

Drink from the lovers mouth
Tasting their lips wine
Brazen imagery
Naked to the eye

A slave at the chambers entrance
Beauty sat upon the lap
Mastery to show the youth
With a guiding hand

Men of action to the thrust
Wrestled limbs entwined
To feast hungry on the flesh
Drunk of the poison chalice

What secrets do they hide?
Expression on the face
Drawn to the exhibition
Observed by concealed eye
Turning slowly around
Shame faced as blush upon the vine

To stand the test of time
Like to the scented garden
The unknown craftsmen
Take an unapplauded bow
Hearts weighed in interpretation
Of their misplaced reaction

A kiss of innocence
Betrayed by soft caress
The hook of obsession
Forever to embarrass
Pulled by thread of the tale
Wound by the Kindly Ones

A classicist to some
To play on the twin pipes
But warning ever to beware
Of the grape that’s under ripe
The taste like the rising blood
Drunk on The Warren Cup


Condemned unto the end
The capital offence
The creak of the pulley
Raising the madam up

A splinter from the wood
That holds the braced neck
Awaiting the falling blade
The thud of the rolling head

Criminal for their pains
Long walk around the courtyard
The anticipation of the crowd
Raised heart beats to the scaffold

Subjugation to the lash
The biting of the birch
Taste of the cat
Flogged with its 9 tails

The fated punishment
Corruption judicial
Lives cut short in the spectacle
Of the final judgement
Mortal thoughts
For their penalty

Not so long ago
Paying the closures debt
Shaven of head
Stooped form with shackled wrist

Severed in the basket
Dilated pupils wide in pain
Raised up by the executioner
In a grim salute
Blushing cheeks receive a slap
The body flailing about
Beyond twenty the minutes
Suffering all the while

The weight of the final cut
A case open now is shut
Fake cry of the false witness
The state should not be allowed to kill


All hope has been crushed
Beneath the mill stone of corruption
The waters that have passed
Drowned out our voices
The wheat and the chaff
Both speak of injustice
Pounded to nothing
We are but childhood ears of the corn

The light of liberty
That shines over Paris
Now blackened like the soot
From the burned out candle flames
Where once was a torch
To illuminate our ways
Only now alienation
And the cry of nationalists

The flag that we lowered
To the pipe of the last post
The gilded lily we praised
With prayers seems forlorn
What will arise from the ashes
From treaty after the war
Have we lost the fight?
To separatists appalled

The betrayers cold kiss
Tears of defeat
The blood of innocence
That pools at our feet
What price for the struggle
War waged to be free
Now we are but one nation
Will they force us to our knees?
Wake up
Smell the coffee
All that glitters
Is not always gold

Millennium cults

I do not care what you think
As you gather in little groups
Trying to claim some power
You invade my privacy
Intrude on my space
You are the kind of people
I freely despise

Like ideological warfare
You try to make others conform
You call yourself the ‘community’
But it’s you I choose to scorn
There is no outside
How can you be ‘in’
Crass value systems
With me you’ll never win

You try to control
Spread false accusation
Assume you know me
When all you’ve got is a name
Seek to isolate
You don’t even seem to realise
That yours is the crime of hate

Have any of you even tried
Talking to the ones you say are on the outside?
You call foul jeers
Whilst I sit trying to ignore you
When I’m out and about
You melt away
You haven’t got the balls
To meet with me face to face

You invade private emails
As if you have a right
As if every penny I spend
Should be in the public domain
It's not paranoia
When you freely discuss
Transfers I make between accounts
It's criminal invasion of privacy
And you do it in plain sight
As if this is the 'rights' of 'christ'
I dont give a shit about your faith
I just want you out
Of my face

You offer me nothing
But disrespect
Calling the shots
And you think you are safe
Your approach towards me could lead
To blood in the street
I’ve dealt with this for five years
Nothing you do has changed me one bit
I don’t want to be in with you
I don’t even empathise with you

I have no idea what you are all about
What you are trying to achieve
With your harassment
You drop names I do not know
Try to project airs of authority
And your motive doesn’t matter
Caught in the act
Why don’t you leave me alone?
I don’t even want to know
And that’s the facts

Dunking Do Nots

Some people are defined
By what they do not do
Better be remembered
For what you do

Abstinence so long
I no longer recall the point
It’s just another habit
In which I’m caught

Do what you do
And do it well
Simple things
With practice tells

No one does extraordinary things
Without doing the ordinary
Extraordinarily well
Life a rehearsal
Take it from the top again

It doesn’t really matter
What you do not do
Keep on trying
For perfections true

Some people ever defined
By what they do not do
They call it a virtue
Their pride untrue
Do what you do
And strive to do it well
It doesn’t even matter
If it never sells


People who don’t go out to work everyday?
Belligerent ,layabout, scum!
They must all be on drugs
Drink themselves to sleep
Decadent, libertine, bums.
We should all declare war
On those benefit spongers
Force square pegs into round holes
Remove safety nets
Leave them to beg on the streets
Scroungers, best become passers by
Leave them without a pot to piss in
No hand outs
Not even pennies for a cup of tea
Drive them insane with our jeers
Strip them of all they own
Give their clothes to a good christian charity
And leave them cold and naked, despised.
We all know they should pull their socks up
Work a god fearing day for minimal wage
Parasites, feeding off mothers tits
Mount a witch hunt
Call them every name under the sun
Do them in
Who cares?
I bet they wank all day
Watching other peoples kids go to school
And the good people going to work
Whilst they sit on their arse
Making up excuses.
The welfare state,
It should be banned
Enabling deviants to thrive.

I am disabled
It’s why I get support payments
I’ve been on benefits 30 years
There must be some reason
So you’d think
You cannot see my emotional scars
Cannot rationalise away my trauma
I even make a minor contribution
Cultural pearls before swine
In the business of winning
A good honest consumer
Keeping others in business
From the fruits of my humble creations
Leave your abusive thoughts to yourself
I get by, despite my health.
(In other words, Fuck Off you Fascist Bastards!)


When you awoke from your cell
Could you remember dentistry?
That’s where they sent you
After drugging your food

Resin caps, hollow teeth
You’ll never think to remove it
Implanted electronic tags
Micro devices

Like the running man
Trying to find a way out
All roads are closed
All routes return here

You think it can’t happen
Because there’s human rights
But you’re the naive
No one offers a light
Why can’t you sire children
Is the truth out of sight?

An alien abduction
Of those who rebel
Private ambulances
Deliver to an empty cell
Doesn’t matter if your innocent
The best of us fell

What’s got under your skin?
You just cannot win
What’s the plate in your chest for?
In this age of implants.
Have you heard of eugenics
Do you think the fascists can’t?

God of poo too.

The god of poo, sends voices to their ears
The god of poo, leaves them all in fear
The god of poo, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
The god of poo, I’m never drawing near.

The god of poo, hypnosis to your dreams
The god of poo, you know it when you scream
The god of poo, where do they put the wire?
The god of poo, just when will they retire?

The god of poo, like Radio Gaga
It’s all they hear, this Land is looking LaLa
The god of poo, a sub dominants dream
If they catch you listening they’ll bring in the looney team

The god of poo, they’ll say anything for it to go way
Just switch it off and every morning they will pray
The god of poo, lead their thoughts where you may
The god of poo, technophobic, ooh I say

The god of poo, sends voices to their ears
Hypnotises confessions, they’ll say they’ll do a deal
The god of poo, the one to really fear
They’ll send you to a quack who can’t even really heal

Put you in the frame, because they say your face is the one that fits
The god of poo, getting on your tits
The god of poo, with an all seeing eye
The god of poo, are thoughts fed by an AI?
The god of poo could auto suggest you have a fit
The god of poo, it’s a load of shit


Quality of life
By restricted attitudes

Hidden deficits
Do you think that I am less?
You judge my worth
Only by the things I cannot do

Trauma leaves its hidden scars
Some try to trigger
Think they have right to harass
As if their abuse will change the past

I hear the mockers
That think I should be in a ward
Just because I do not work
In ways which they applaud

Enable me
To rise on broken wings
Include me
And the community is the one to win
I make allowances for your ignorance
A human being just like any else

Empower me
Build bridges
Not a wall
Social constructs
On which I rise or fall

It takes two
It’s not all down to me
Exclusions prejudice
That adds a social element
To my disability

Those who cannot see
That I long to be free
Assert self worth
And live accepted
With a right to respect
And liberty


Orpheus in the underworld
A poets song of grief
Requiems lament
For his stollen love

Charming the three headed beast
A paean for his coin
To travel over the Styx
Into deaths realm beyond

Hades ever ruled
By the darkest spirit
Dragging voices down
Into depths of despair

Following his lyrics
The heart longed for the most
She who ascends stairway to heaven
Returning from deaths door

But the troubadour turning back
To stare upon the vision
The object of desire
Melts away just like a mirage

No marriage of kindred souls
More like reflections in the mirror
Like unto narcissus’ pool
Alone unto the last

The furies wept their tears
At the minstrels verse
Cross your heart
Off with their heads
Alas for love lays dead

Fire from heaven

Dionysus breaks the chains
In realms of delirium
Drunk upon the grape
With promises to be free

The brain it’s hemispheres
Is that where lies the struggle?
Conflicted duality
Neurotics to their muddle

Apollonian reason
Sat hunched like the thinker
Chin wrested on the fist
Vacillations rationality

We dance toward liberty
Weaving a spell to break the bonds
But Echo ever calls
To return Psyche to domination

Prometheus steals the fire
Raging in his hubris
The gods their nemesis
The chains encircling our limbs

Do the shackles ever break?
Manacles of the spirit
We seek to fly beyond the bounds
That bind the mind to servility
Hypnos blights our dreams
Fond illusions, psychology

The price of excess
The wisdom of it’s road
The promise to be free
That ever returns us to dependency
Flying high like Icarus
Heed the warning of the old
Wise as Silenus
A fathers tear
Shed in their knowledge
The fall that is foretold
The youth forever to their folly
They forget the old

Also were once the young


There’s a wire listening in
To everything i do or say
No respect for privacy
The ‘community’ taking turns at monitoring

They’ve a key to my front door
Damaging property
Leaving little messages
I wish they’d put out the bins

The police live in my flats
They sow rumour that I am a problem
No regard for disability
Or fundamental rights

Civil law is violated
There’s no way they can justify
I’m not even a criminal
There’s no warrant of which I’m aware
They say they’ve sold me out
I don’t know what they are talking about

Local government agencies
Attack my reputation
I’m sent to Coventry
False claims from medical personnel
I get fed fake news to try to delude
TV full of filtered over dubs

There’s no mechanism I can invoke
To protect from abuse of power
As they hack my every move
And try to exploit and destroy my work
When my website is down
It’s caused by hidden hands
The only response that I can give
Is the government are full of shit

Promise keepers?

Tinpot dictators
Targeting those who cannot work
Social construct disablement
Yet they keep waging their war
Trying to label
To assume some control
Dance to the rhythm
Of their conservative drum
Tag team harassment
Try to force to conform
They only are civil
When you bow down to their lash
I’m not in a work group
I am addicted to nothing
They can’t find an angle
To make me their slave
There’s those who are claiming
Only real men are free
I’m not doffing my cap
Nor bending my knee
They say they’ve a techno god
With an eye all seeing
Self fulfilling fallacy
Shacked of mind
They proclaim themselves giants
Stewards of the culture
But their just little boys
Who can only stand up for themselves
Within little gangs
It’s the creative ones they hate the most
The market will tame us
Or so they suppose
They’ve never offered an in
Besides I’d refuse


The gas mans a coming
He’s sure to give your home a scan
Co-opted to provide intel
Put out your roaches in a can

The postman came a knocking
Poked his nose around my door
How do they communicate
With neighbourly cops,
who knows the score?

There’s scanners in ambulances
What do you think all their tech is for?
TA needs to train some medics
To check the hidden mics under your floor
Back doors in your OS
Phone camera tracking where you look

Location one, for investigations
Situationist in a set up
They’ll claim its for your protection
Tell the lads that you fessed up
Plants within the football team
You’ve no sporting chance to lift the cup

Another hour of counselling
Digging for some dirt
Trained in interrogation
Why do they all like to flirt?
Divorced from consensus reality
What future relationship will we have?
Delusions fed to the TV
Edited artificial intelligence avatars

School boys into spies
The ones willing to sell out their friends
They’ll end up in a shit job
But the hoodwinks never end
They even work the junky
Cut some slack, watch where they send

They’ll force search results
To your computer screen
Direct you to meet ups
Paranoid society
And the only thing for which you’re guilty
Is at school you never were one to kiss up

You place faith in civil rights
The truth is we have none
Surveillance society
Facial recognition in the crowd
Be thankful for human error
What algorithms will allow
The nazis have taken over
A new age technological as the last


The churchmen spread
Their foul disease
To bring folks to their knees

Religious schools
Deluded students
Faith in here after
Where critical thinking?

The priesthood lay false claims
To power
Instruct the faithful
Like sheep herded to submit

Inculcated guilt
Hated dogma

Despise the ideology
But not the people
Stuck in traditions
The faint, needy

No moral virtue
Greater than reason
Find your ethics
In rationality

The pulpits empty
The bible scorned
There is no apocalypse
Of which forewarned

No hope to find
In childhood fables
They who blindly follow
In their ignorance

The churches tombs
Their foul disease
Rise to your feet
Get off your knees

Camilla Parker Bowels

Camilla likes to use royal jelly
When she slides down the cenotaph
It’s as hard as Prince Charles willy
When he shakes it in the bath

Charlie likes to wear a kilt
Tosses the caber for a laugh
Ties her wrists with finest tartan
Bondage royal in fine scarfs

What’s he got under his sporran?
Is he wearing any pants?
The Union Jack raised on a pole
A golden rain upon us ants

What do they do in English gardens
Plucking flowers for loved ones
I hear they like to have a threesome
But not in french, unless he’s the first to come

Charlie’s arse fits on a golden throne
He strains a bit
To free his bowels
Footman like to wipe his bum
There’s some who kiss his regal ring

Camilla uses royal jelly
A lubricant above all else
Charlie likes to stick it in
He is her one and only king


The police are profiling victims
Claiming a moral high ground
Criminalising those they can
Using rumour to undermine
They say we shouldn’t name
Those by whom we were abused
That they have an imperative
To keep negligence under wraps
They spend tax payers money
Trying to detract
All for one and one for all
Men’s movement protecting the abusers
They use technology
To try to delude
All they seek is a bloody label
With which they can assume control
The system is totally corrupt
They want to avoid issuing compensation
They’re getting in the way
Of civil litigation
What they don’t want the public to know
Is that child protection isn’t working
If you make a complaint
They just turn up the heat
They put child abuse images on the net
And then claimed it was to entrap
This is the reality
Their new deals a load of crap
Plants in the survivors movement
Sold out by a counsellor
Those willing to collude
Social engineer homelessness
Keeping us all down
It’s been this way my whole life
Staging interventions
Into ‘issues’ they fabricate
A culture of denial
And its us victims they suppress


There’s a wire listening in
To everything i do or say
No respect for privacy
The ‘community’ taking turns at monitoring

They’ve a key to my front door
Damaging property
Leaving little messages
I wish they’d put out the bins

The police live in my flats
They sow rumour that I am a problem
No regard for disability
Or fundamental rights
This a story of corruption
Their methods of control

Civil law is violated
There’s no way they can justify
I’m not even a criminal
There’s no warrant of which I’m aware
They say they’ve sold me out
I don’t know what they are talking about

Local government agencies
Attack my reputation
I’m sent to Coventry
False claims from medical personnel
I get fed fake news to try to delude
TV full of filtered over dubs

There’s no mechanism I. can invoke
To protect from abuse of power
As they hack my every move
And try to exploit and destroy my work
When my website is down
It’s caused by hidden hands
The only response that I can give
Is the government are full of shit

The sacrament

I hear the sacrament
Is made from Jesus’ cum
When they’re all down on their knees
The priesthood sticks it up their bums

Jesus was a cuckold
To Mary Magdalene
It’s not writ in the bible
Because that book is totally insane

Jesus was a felcher
He sucked his disciples bums
When they had a daisy chain
It trickled on his tongue

I hear the sacrament
Is made from Jesus’ cum
He never put it in a virgin
Unless it was his mum

You know its all absurd
What they call the holy word
Kissing each other’s bottoms
It’s how they clean their turds

Was jesus homosexual?
We all like to get us some
I’m an atheist
So I’ll take anyone
They offer us conversion therapy
Does god know that I’m a bi one ?

You know the sacrament
Is really the Christs’ cum
He had a few disciples
And he stuck it up their bums

The devil

Their god that art the devil
Prayed to by both thief and king
Served by the people of the lie
That they declare as the one truth
Making false witness
Spread rumour against the innocent

Their churches testament
To corrupt servility
Raising up a cross
To their own hypocrisy
Justifying their war
By inculcating with original guilt

Those that know its name
Persecuted by the demiurge
A history writ in blood
Engineered to failure
Prostrate before cold statues
Forced to bended knee

Their god is just the devil
Trying to chain mans soul
Their path with footprints in the sand
They say a homecoming
Altars built by architects
Testimony to their insanity

But look on the words of their bible
And see through to the blasphemy
For they speak words of the devil
And their god just isn’t there
You see they are so holy
That’s why they exclude and ostracise

Madness that they spread
Trying to convert
God that art the devil
I’ll see your followers in hell
A curse on your sick thinking
My right to disagree


Moloch sucking the life blood
From cenotaph concrete hard ons
Cut ups wired to contradict
Beneath a burning nations flag
Where rent boys court favours
For an anal holy grail
And the prophets on the street signs
Direct to buses not in service
Where the only howl
Is the screams of the homeless
Jumping off Londons burning bridge
And zen poets laugh aloud
At dancing Wu Li masters
Forever on your tail
Destined to be cremated like the chaff
Of forgotten publishing houses
Where each generations labour
Is consumed by a cleansing fire
And only William Marshals nose
Smells the smoke the youth inhales
Directed by unseen hands
And recollections of radio days
Where memory repeats on loops
Like a green revolutionary going round and round
Spinning tops of inception
And cocks forever ejaculate
In their silent YES!


White tights and ballet shoes
Legs stretch at the bar
Keeping you on your toes
The red flags rising star

Trans Siberian express
Delivered from wrong side of the tracks
Not quite a Russian bear
There was no turning back

The White Crow Nureyev
Stood out from the crowd
And challenged the Kremlin
Dancing beyond what they allowed

Destined to defect
Asylum from the west
Liberty crown of the french
Sweet garlands for his chest

A hero in his freedom
Choosing his own side
With flowers of adoration
Known both far and wide

Tragic end for this champion
The wreath tied with red ribbon
A shooting star to the passion
His light lives ever on

Good guys

Good guys always win
Saturday film matinee club
Zoro putting on his mask
Like a phantom stranger
Ice cream cones the only sin

Waiting for red curtains
The opening scene
Until the credits roll
Cinema paradiso

The torch shining the way
To a ticket numbered seat
Recall when there were ashtrays
Sticky fingers shouldn’t touch

Jump cut edits
On celluloid
Shushed to whispers
With a hiss

Can batman save the day
Lit signal in dark sky
The banana splits
Sun glasses in their cars

You know whilst we were sat there
There was someone watching over us
Until the final credits roll
Cos good guys always win


If you ask me why
They put me in
I really do not know
There was a set up
That much is true
It takes many voices
To mount a flame war
I was at my peak
No crime
No drugs
No drink
I stood trial for terror
On the flimsiest of evidence
And the case was never fully heard
When I was in,
security from the premiers
We’re on my case
And even beat me up
In a lonely cell
There was a Tory
With a blue rosette
A minute before the set up fight
The length I served was disproportionate
The way they treated me inhumane
It was only a month after the human rights case
That went on for over a year
And mysteriously timed out
If you ask me why
Teams are still looking in
I do not know
There’s nothing that I’ve done
They’ve been on my case
For nearly 20 years
And a bit
The decade before
The ward is also now almost a decade ago
I guess someone doesn’t like
My creativity
The duty solicitor
Openly head banged over the video link
During trial
The human rights group
That sent a witness
Said it was freemasonry
And they couldn’t get involved
That it went above their heads
When I have always been against the order
It looks like someone did a deal
Lots of people didn’t like
That I stay sober in defiance
Of their bullshit god
And you know
Painting by numbers
Were stalking me from clubs
And Played a vicious hand

Pop idols

Do you think we all buy
The pop star dream
Another printed T shirt
On the look out for a scream?

Do you believe what they sell us
That the market is free?
How do they hire a PR consultant
Or a publicist see?

They say we are democracy
A market capitalists hope
Bow down to the dollar
Buy the presidents shoe shine boy
Some fresh wax for their cloth

They play paranoia
With civil rights
A social inequality
Injustice where we never win the fight

Why don’t you give up?
Kids only follow the fantasy
Rags to riches
Divorced from reality
Media idolatry
Life’s not game show TV

The neo liberals sell
Self realisation
How many have fell?
It takes resources
That you don’t have
The millionaires club
Are all promoting themselves


I have my therapy on skype
Is it legal to look in?
Privacy rights
Edits that could put me in the bin?

I listen to their questions
Ever mindful of a third eye
A slow interview technique
Leaves me to sigh
There’s professional ethics
But there could be a deal for a lie

Do they have just one client?
The local authority has tried to do me in
They’ve got all the power
False perspectives could be their sin

Do I have rights over the footage?
The data they mirror
It’s not an original idea
To discredit with a jump cut edit

They could overdub me
Digitally masked to lip sync
It can look a bit lofi
Cos video calls can really stink
It would only take a commentary
To put me in the drink

I watched as posters on buses
Promoted women that I’ve known
All from my support system
A bit of a big coincidence
All who could witness
That I was as sane as they come

Am I whipped by the party?
I don’t think much of politics
But I know who’d sell out
In a power play
I’m mindful of my boundaries
Just have a nice day


Surveillance capitalism
In the market for big data
Phones generate intel
When you surf they aggregate ya

Owners of service provision
A new class war
Economic mechanisms
Leading to behavioural control

Did you find a new chat room?
To share your private thoughts
Monopoly of communications
Zoom your way to video evidence

The new imperative
Puppet masters web for strings
Back doored, drop a hint
The long arm of the law
Blurring of the boundaries
No room for privacy

Calculated inevitability
Sophistication to the tech
Do you have a choice
With the products into which you buy?
Suppliers want certainty
Mining your experiences

Find a new platform
Slave auctions dating game
Trojan horses for the masters
That try to rule over our lives
Do you have a stake in the distribution
Of the data you generate?
Now we all look like painted whores
To pimps at the back door


Does it embrace all?
Liberal credentials
But must the extremes be forced to conform?

The censors burn books
Wreck reputations
Destroy followings
Isolate the offensive

The claim of pluralism
Whilst they exclude
Academics interpret
Flowers of evil, soul food
The right to offend
Free speech it’s own good

A sole survivor
When they declare war
No room for opinion
Closing cell doors
Who’s on the out side?

They claim a thought crime
Anything that doesn’t fit
Terror incitement
You know it’s bullshit
No ambiguity
From the barb wire fence where they sit

Cutting us off
Virtual insanity
Who is the facist ?
Who promotes liberty
Right to self expression
To affiliate
Right to belief
Freedom in privacy
So why are the nazis
Sat on my line?


Contingency in reality
Too many factors to quantify
There’s no magic formula
Can guarantee success in life

Some say it takes hard work
Only something like 13% of business really make it
All those investors
Those who grafted for a good idea

Over 40% of marriages
End up in the bin
Relationships might not be the answer
Can you depend on him?

They say all clouds
Have silver linings
If you question
Solutions will come
You may find life has more answers
From just bathing in the sun

Everyone wants rules
To get ahead in the game
So many claim authority
But a lot have shit for brains
Ask how many with a university degree
End up in debt, serving coffee?

Talent’s no guarantee
Rags to riches fantasy
Of course if someone helps you
You may stand a sporting chance

Some gather in little groups
To claim that it’s their strength
If it don’t work out
They’ll say you didn’t go to their lengths

There’s no magic formula
Much is contingent and takes some luck
The young all look to follow
Those who tell them they’ve got it made
They’ll sell them an angle
You know they’re on the take
Money is freedom
The power to success
Remember its not all your fault
If you get in a bloody mess


Back in alcohol treatment
And that was only 30 years ago
Teaching me nothing about how to live
Let alone the nature of addiction

They said rely on peer support
When they didn’t know how to do it too
Wreckage along the roadside
Not equipped for the long haul

They put the greatest of emphasis
On recovery being spiritual
A crutch worth nothing at all
Because they had no real answers
They defined as insanity
Anything that contradicts their ideology

Take stock in inventory
Repent of all your wrongs
Make amends to those you harmed
Redemption find through prayer
They’ve built a house of cards
From evangelical reform

All a load of lies
Nothing really there
Recovery takes big bollocks
You just have to bite the bullet
No need to be ashamed
It’s no real sacrifice

Why am I still sober?
It’s just a habit that I’m in
When I face emotional distress
I don’t seek relief within a bottle
It’s nothing to do with ego
Or a case of self will
If it were I’d be in the drink
Because I’m always up for a good riot
They make me an outsider
Because I don’t do the things they say
You see their bloody programme
Just gets in the way

Bloody sacrifice

Don’t want to be a christian
A thing most vile in humility
Don’t want the yoke of religion
To put it’s weight upon my back

Watch just what they do

A nest of hypocrites

Their’s the cult of sin
Original of guilt
Guided by delusions
From prayer to a god that simply isn’t there

They call their way the truth
That their road is the one less traveled
Saying that they’re free
Living by a lie
Where they’re just like slaves
On their bended knee

Serving moral virtues
That don’t live up to the world
Ethics we can derive ourselves
In our humanity
Living for the liberty
Of all in equality

Don’t want to be a Christian
Believing in their foul book
Married in one body
Fighting their futile fight
Rigidity, control
Conformists to a role

False redemption
That is tragic
No one lives forever
Use that to motivate
In the final judgement
Their love leads to much hate

Life has no given meaning
Make of it what you will
No true north that guides us
Fond illusions idolising still
Not looking for a saviour
There’s not that much that I’ve done wrong

It’s not just that god isn’t there
The ethos that they follow
Is to all unfair
Blind ideology
Dogma that is wrote
When I see their shackles
I want to tear the blinkers off
Ours a pagan nation
Make the sacrifice
A curse on all the churches
I’d rather slit the priesthood’s
Bloody throat.


False positivity
Just plain don’t want to feel
Emotional rigidity
It’s time to get bloody real

Swept beneath the carpet
Hiding fragility
Time to face the light
Show some agility

Acceptance of our feelings
Sign of resilience
Living authenticity
The rhythm of life’s dance

Heart monitor on a screen
The peaks go up and down
Riding on the waves
Flat linings under ground

Surfing on the crest
Fluidly to flow
Life an oscillation
Undulations how it goes

Pushing down our pain
Suppressing all our fears
You’re judging it as sin
My grief you cannot hear
We all one day will die
Courage shows a tear

See me
Being me
Don’t go with your rigidity.


Plundered from your iCloud
Schedule tells them your next move
They’ll create a situation
To try to draw you out

Even when you’re legal
They want to question your accounts
Move a little money
They’re the ones that spread the doubts

Back doors you’d think illegal
No warrant that they’ve signed
Man of their suspicions
See how they’re act is timed

They’ll fabricate a problem
To put you under the magnifying glass
Co-opted like they’re undercover
All they want is the price from selling out your arse

The mailman always delivers
There’s another side to his role
The priesthood ever listens
For a lead to sell your soul

Sitting on the line when you make the call
Another interview
Are you really that big a fool?
On the lookout for any dirt
A stickler to every rule
They’re lurking in the net
To try to catch out the fatal cool
They’ve got your router
And it’s address
Tell me is it a goal?
And which one calls the press?


Love in a silent way
So hard it seems to voice
Fumbling with expression
Somehow lost for choice

Cliches come
And cliches go
Shuffling words on cards
This is how it feels to me
Each phrase falls short
It’s hard

When inspiration strikes me
Flowing from the heart
Spontaneous I weave a spell
I think of you
It starts

Like sparklers
On bonfire night
Ever trying to write your name
An excitement in the light
Like a guiding star
Traced across the dark nights sky
Signed within a heart

I launch just like a rocket
When I hear your voice
Ignition of the spirit
You always light my fuse
Feeling that I might burst apart
Streaking towards the moon

Love has many faces
Many seasons to the heart
I count my blessings where they’re found
A feeling when we part
Ever ready to greet you once more
You must of seen it from the start
They ask me if it is enough
In humility I respond
I give you words of a song
That will not depart

Green glades

Jack in the green
willow the whisp
Where you walk amongst the trees
The spirits of the magic wood
Speak to me of distant dreams

Where a fairy godmother
Waives her star tipped wand
Sprinkling glitter golden
Across the path where tread your feet

You weave a spell
With flowing hair
The rhythm of your hips
like the bee to honey
I thirst for flowers lips

Fond thoughts
Heart opening
Like the forest glade
Within I see you dancing
As I whisper words only for your ear

The breeze could cary tidings
Projections on the air
Where the sylph are hiding
The leaves adorn their hair

Cool drops of rain
On a summers day
Fingers softly drumming
On the window pane
Calling to spirits in the wood
Where they know our names
Heralds of seasons rising up
To greet you with a truth to say


Sometimes it feels when my hope is sinking
That I don’t have much of anything
But even as I’m thinking
I realise that I have you

Lonely nights in solitude
I spend with a blank sheet
Trying to tell you what I feel
How you make my heart miss a beat

The sun comes up within your smile
A new dawn for which I sit in wait
Colour painted across the sky
The breeze whispers of good fate

I searched the shadows for a sign
I looked everywhere to find
The thing that I was seeking
In the years that I was blind

There’s a feel of gratitude
In just knowing you
All those futile searches
The tears from which I grew

Sometimes there’s only darkness
A mind vexed by experience
But now a light shines on me
In knowing I have you

Slow suicide

Suicide for the masses
The entropy against life
Faced with the decay
Our historic decline

Rain forests shrinking
The end of many species
That arose from the primal soup
Earning the right to be

The reflection in the eyes
Of a mother chimpanzee
Looking on her infant
Suckling at the breast

Sensing an ending
Freedom of the wild
Mankind’s long shadow
Blotting all else out

The fight for survival
The spark of consciousness
Ubiquity of indifference
Faith in all out greed
The road to extinction
Corporate path to death

Limited resources
That we mismanage
Bow down to the profit
In selling tomorrow out
Cutting down the trees
Destabilised habitat
The cry of chimpanzees
Whilst our fires are burning out


Dreams fade
Like the passing clouds
Melting with the sunlight
Of a summers sky

Like autumns chill
On the evening air
Hopes cool
Seasons we must come to bare

Winter comes
Even to those that are dear to the light
All turns to grey
Facing the longest night

Joys brief
Like fleeting glimpses to be fulfilled
We try to hold on
But candle flames will burn out still

Waxen tears

Melting like the frozen heart
Deaths grip
Ever seeks life from the start

Dreams fade
Like the passing clouds
Recall the heart beat
The rhythm playing loud
Flushed cheeks
The memories kiss that they allowed

Pooh sticks

The Tao of pooh
An empty head
Of a little mind
Not so well read

Power of the small
Just like piglet
Squeeze through the holes
Of traps that they’ve set

Beware the honey
That’s easily found
You could get stuck in
What goes around

Tiggers are bouncy
Till they get caught in a tree
There’s a moral
To the story for all to see

Look out for rabbit
Who’s telling porkers
Kanga in a pouch
Safe as wise owl

A little brain
Can go a long way
An empty mind
Doesn’t care for what they all say

Playing pooh sticks
Atop the bridge
Forever trying to stay afloat
Beside the wild wild wood

If you find yourself
Stuck in a hole
Call on somebody else
A saviours role

What’s the big idea
A bear of such little brain
On the look out for honey
The traps remain
A clean sheet
With much to gain
Always recall
The power of the small


Forever covetous
Perhaps too greedy
A life of want
Won’t spare the needy

There’s wrecked lives
Left out in the road
The rich mans crime
Compassion showed

There’s knives they draw
Behind your back
Thieving hands
Make sure you’ll lack

They’ll lend you tomorrow
Sell out today
Leave you in debt
There is one way

Interest rates
Keep you on your toes
They’re the ones who reap
Whilst others try to sow

Keeping up with the Joneses
Whilst they’re looking down their noses
Russian roulette
Twice as fair
Shoot yourself in the foot
The rich don’t care


You see there’s sparse justice
For the poor
The rich and the powerful
Live above the law

Fit and upright
Or so they say
Redemption is something
You’ll not see one day

There’s those who take
From all our labours
Living their lies
Greased palms court favours

Inherit the world
With all its sins
Cards stacked against us
You just cant win

There’s cell doors closed
On those who cannot.afford
Corruption of lawyers
No sign of the lord
One thing you'll discover
Everybody has a price

Fat cats grow richer
The games not fair
Compassionate hearts
Forever rare
Bow down to the power
Do what you’re told
That’s the story
Of the school teachers of old
You may live to question
The lies they sold


Journey into sound
Turn the knobs around
Playing of the keys
A techno symphony

Low frequency oscillating
Of filter resonance
Whistles like a laser
In the throb of trance

Beats that break the silence
Bass accents for the floor
Programming the leads
To punch through a little more

Shifting up an octave
Arpeggio advance
In concentric loops
Where the notes all dance

Voiced by oscillators
Modulation moves around
Adjustments to the envelope
Shaping the sound

Lost in synthesis
Doodle through the night
Trying to write a sequence
To sit within the track
Be sure to save your edits
Cos there’s no turning back


Journey into sound
Turn the knobs around
Playing of the keys
A techno symphony

Low frequency oscillating
Of filter resonance
Whistles like a laser
In the throb of trance

Beats that break the silence
Bass accents for the floor
Programming the leads
To punch through a little more

Shifting up an octave
Arpeggio advance
In concentric loops
Where the notes all dance

Voiced by oscillators
Modulation moves around
Adjustments to the envelope
Shaping the sound

Lost in synthesis
Doodle through the night
Trying to write a sequence
To sit within the track
Be sure to save your edits
Cos there’s no turning back

Crow Talk

They said it must be murder
Saw them talking to the crows
There beside the red barn
That’s how the story goes

Some folks are scared of anything
A stranger in the town
Gets the tongues a wagging
They’ll put anybody down

The face fits for the trial
And Kafka knew it would
When people get to judging
They’ll say that ones got the look

False accusations
Some have got a grudge
The court rooms now in session
Who says you shouldn’t judge?

Old crow he’s a trickster
You can hear it in his laugh
The preacher wants them clean
Could use an acid bath

They left an amber turd
Right there in the bed
What’s a man to do?
Wipe their arse with a clean sheet?
Make a phone call to the press men
Another flash in the pan that they’ll repeat

They say it must be murder
Talking to the crows
The story of the red barn
Where the rumours sowed
There’s danger in those eyes
The tensions sure to show
Character actor fit for a narrative
It’s just the way it goes

In the black

Suddenly I see
New land on the horizon
The promise to be free
Power in the rising

The sun fills up the sky
Dawning of new era
Now’s the time to try
To break out from the chains

The waiting in the wings
Listening for the prompt
Evolving as we win
The right to take the floor

The hope of liberation
Heart beats in the chest
New realisation
Of the choice with which we’re blessed

Growing in our freedom
The light of dreams may come
Celebrations reasons
The battles that we won

Raising of the fist
Where the spirit soars
All we ever wanted
Just a little more
Now I’m in the black
And there’s no looking back

Dry clean only

The electric cool aid acid kid
Put them to the test
Is it just the way they dress?
How do they look after a fall?

Sent to the dry cleaners
Has it lost its shape?
Quality a quantity
All those days gone by
How did I stand up
To the time of trial?

They think we’re idiots
Say the face don’t fit
Take a look what’s on the inside
Before judgements wrong decide

Just how do I tick?
Do you think that I am thick?
Don’t confuse a route map
With the lived journey
You think decades of abstainance
Are but an idle boast

Platitudes to attitudes
You know it’s empty words
The fooled and the faithful
Dogmas all we heard
Do you think that I can’t take it?
Did I never suffer it at all?

Sent to the cleaners
And coming up for air
Still the squeaky clean
Perhaps I’ll put colour in my hair
Don’t conform to false expectation
Don’t go living by their lies
There’s those who’d bring you down
Who said that life was fare?


Refresh me with your lips return
Oasis in the dunes
Like so many mirages before
Parched mouth the pool to thirst

The sensual world
Felt with the stroke
Of trembling finger tips
Smoothing the fair cheeks
Living colour
Hair entwined

Suggestive poise
The virgin whores
Thrusting of the thought
Provoking false confessions
A portrait to the lack
Of loves sacred flame

With poppy sleep
Mop fevered brow
Still jealous of the touch
Sought through out my dreams
Ripe pomegranates
Flesh to glistening seed

The obelisk
Raising the stone
Erect the pedestal
Perch for sculpted form
Martyrs blood
To fraught wings of the dove

Her sweet body perfumed
Fair and firm
To nestle at the neck
Curvaceous to the bite
The altar of the passions
Where burns the candle flame

Devils advocate

Free speech in decline
Censors tame our thoughts
No room to disagree
Trading in extremes

The right to offend
And to be offended
Calling a cease fire
Where the flame wars ended

Provocative remarks
Rekindling the sparks
Embers in the ash
Where argument rages

Give the devil his due
No voice should be oppressed
Liberty to defend
The right to contradict

Prejudice is not just a word
It's a bloody attitude
You can't control the way some think
Give them rope, then they'll sink

The light of discourse
Exposes falsehoods shadows
Only in dialogue
Are fault lines revealed

The right to disagree
With me as much as you
You cannot incite
What was not already there
If you want to catch out the devil
You must first be his biggest advocate

The message

Is the art of conversation dead?
You scan your phone
Something else in your head
Multitasking not the same
I want your full attention
Not a cluttered brain
You’re always replying to some texts
Don’t you know , it drives me insane

I mention a topic
You do not know
Straight to Wikipedia
That’s where you go
I listen as you recite some facts
But the moments not coming back
You could of asked me a question
But of course instead
With a stream of data
Is all I’m fed

I like intimacy
You think that’s a sext
Another horizontal line
Leeds to your bed
On your back
Like the living dead
I want someone to talk to
Think of other subjects instead

You say that you’re connected
But you’re always in another place
I guess you’re going to feel rejected
If I say from technology I need some space
All you ever talk about is what’s on your screen
Shallow waters in which you swim
The selfie you took last week
Or the latest video that you streamed
You only communicate one thing
As you await for your phone to ring

My words don’t ever seem to reach through
As you answer every text that they send to you
Do you ever stop to talk ?
Taking a quiet walk
You don’t even look me in the eye
As I’m saying a last goodbye
This is my message and it means one thing
Why don’t you switch off that fucking thing?

Yesterday’s news

Discarded narratives
Like last nights evening edition news
Photos framed for a hook
Hack journalism set to confuse

The paper boys fingers
Blackened by ink
Smearing the letter box
With guilty identification prints

The latest story
A scandal to scoop
Themes keep returning
Life stuck in a loop

Paparazzi flash
A poses latest vogue
Locked and loaded
Lenses set to shoot

Points of view
Fading to grey
Folded on the train carriage
Memory discards away

Temporary distractions
Half digested facts
Divided in columns
Moments won’t come back

Discarded narratives
The point that we loose
So many words
Wasting away
A forgotten edit
Yesterday’s news


Perfect alibi
Or so you thought
How many years for you to prepare
During my childhood that you stole

Some call it attempted murder of the soul
I wouldn’t put it past you
After all there was the fall
And Humpty Dumpty didn’t say it all

Poisoned meals, the toxins slow
Vengeance on your wife’s father
Two wrongs almost make a right
Except you were just as bad come the night
You had to have your way
The drinks you spiked

You headed off the Indians at the pass
Invested in my escape routes
Infected their ideology
Just greasing palms, you didn’t give a hoot
Minty chocolate chip ice cream
Your sexual preferences in plain sight

You always offered bribes
The police retirement fund
I think you even got away with murder
But I can never prove it
I’m even living in the area
That gave you the key

A polymath to some
Always the eclectic
A dominant director
Some tortures electric
I remember the flicking fingers at my eyes
You laughed how it would desensitise
Every one has a price
The web of your lies

Frogs into princes
A new age cover up
In bed with the supports
An existential fuck up
Ever wanting an iron in each fire
Iron John, stollen wills on which to retire
Just what does it mean
This ‘organised’ crime
What’s your poison
Powdering their nose

Grand designs for the net
Trawling for little fish
Just a guilt trip that they get
Bait for blackmail
Force the next generation to comply
They had a plan for that
Before it hit your homes
Try to get the hook in
The shamed to their silence
Blame the architects
This judgements final
No more Innocent parties
Or do you thought
You said it would entrap
More of your crap
I was just another childhood polaroid
For their machine

You cast a long shadow
An oh so social psychopath
People look the other way
Who’s this then , in on the deal
You liked to form connections
For your chain
‘Such a very good fellow’
Paedophilic just the same


Life like a mansion
It’s many rooms
Alive with each guest
Some depart too soon

Life’s many rooms
A brass knocker at the door
Greetings reception
Polished floors

In the kitchen
The scullery maid
Heat of the hearth
Where bread is made